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2019 Eco Wrap Up

As we race towards the end of 2019, we are taking a breath to reflect on our year; the environmental wins, the good green times, the climate crisis stumbles and all the bits in between.

Minimising our personal impacts on our planet is a darn hefty job, isn't it. David Attenborough makes it sound easy though - "live life, just don't waste" is his latest plea with the people, the young folk especially (speaking of young folk, how is that Greta Thunberg going? She's a ripper). This message sounds pretty simple hey. And while listening to the comforting and familiar tone of this impressive and noble warrior can instill a level of 'everything will be ok'... well, *spoiler alert*, things out there in the environment are quite frankly, not ok.

We're seeing more and more 'historic' events, flash floods, wild catastrophic fires (infact right now as I type, the east coast of Australia is on fire), rising sea levels, warming waters, mass animal extinctions and migrations... ok ok, I'll stop now. And sure, it's easy to pass the buck and say it's not my responsibility, the 'others' can do it, you know, those in power, those who can create really significant systemic changes. And sure, they *do* have a huge role to play here. But so do we, as individuals, as small businesses, as medium businesses.

Here at SuperFeast HQ, we're deeply committed to being earth friendly and doing the best we can; we continue to be committed to creating an ecosystem within our working environment and our offering to the community, that is created on a long-term philosophy. That means thinking about is 'x' business practice appropriate in 1 year? What about 10? And 50 years? It's what Mase (founder of SuperFeast) constantly reminds us of: is 'x' health practice sustainable? Can you be doing it in 10 years time? Really think about that, permeate in that question. If the answer is no, or even unsure, then chances are it's time to adjust your actions / behaviours / choices accordingly. This is the same philosophy we have behind the business too. With this long-term mindset at the forefront, it certainly means that some of our business decisions may seem inappropriate or not... "business-y" enough. But rest assured, we have nature in mind and the longevity of mother earth in all of our thinking.

So we continue to work on strategies internally to better our practices - yes, to ensure our customer service is next level, yes, to make sure the education resources we provide are epic and yes, of course, to give you guys access to the most potent, health-benefiting, out-of-this-world herbs. But another area we work on behind the scenes are our 'impact on the environment' actions.

Environmental Updates

I'll make this update short and sweet, those following at home will already know about our 2019 half-yearly update. You can also check out the overall picture over here at Our Eco Journey which has all the details of companies we are working with and the full list of our impacts and plans.

Let me know what you think too, contact me at :) Maybe you want to share some wins your business is having? We'd love to hear.

    •  Always, always number 1. The herbs we provide to you are deeply health-benefitting. Our staunch belief is that healthier, more vital and vibrant individuals are less of a stress on the earth; they use less resources, consume less, are more mindful and aware and are more independent health-wise. This is, and always will be, our biggest eco impact
    • We now have 6 waste streams at our new HQ (clear soft plastics, coloured soft plastic, compost, recycling, batteries/globes etc and landfill)
    • All pallet orders are now successfully sent out with reusable velcro straps
    • We are looking forward to installing our brand new Subpods to maximise our compost use at the start of 2020
    • We are 100% solar powered at our new HQ
    • In 2020, we will begin the big project of investigating how to offset our carbon footprint
    • We still haven't had luck finding a responsible kraft bag replacement, but trust me, we are deep, deep down the rabbit hole in research and trial mode. An exciting solution may be with us in the first quarter of 2020
    • Flights: we always choose the carbon offset option. Our mate Jen Kyna, Sustainability Advisor for the Virgin Airlines Group says: carbon offsetting your flights does a world of good and the best thing you can do when you fly. Buy carbon offset units to reduce the impact of greenhouse gases released as a result of your air travel. Offset units support projects that reduce or remove emissions from the atmosphere, such as renewable energy, energy efficiency projects and reforestation.

      **Now just a note on plastics.** 

      The implications regarding human health and plastics are fast becoming more and more dire. And the state of our single-use, consumerism Western ways, is quite frankly, out of control. BUT, plastic is also a gift. The steps forward we have made as a race have been incredibly dependent on plastic and it has given us so many extraordinary gifts. What we are trying hard to refine here at SuperFeast HQ, is the use of 'single-use' or virgin plastics. E.g. those plastics that are used once only and thrown away (and as we now know, 'away' is not anywhere!)

      Some final thoughts

      • Ask questions. It holds people accountable and at the very least, gets them thinking that there may be another way
      • Follow inspiring IG accounts like Sarah Wilson and Kate, the Plastic Free Mermaid
      • Make taking tupperware and your own cup / jar to shops as the norm, make it cool and accessible. Others will see how easy it is and maybe you'll inspire them
      • The ripple-effect is super powerful
      • Check out this useful resource on if your bank is supporting fossil fuels and the banks that aren't (taken from 1 Million Women)
      • Spread the good word of our herbs, they'll turn everyone you know into vibrant, earth-loving folk


      Mase wandering in the wild terrain in China, near our herb farms


      Mase wandering in the wild terrain in China, near our herb farms

      As always, thanks for the ongoing support from our SuperFeast community. At the end of the day, we are a tonic herb business! But a gutsy, environmental-loving herb business. And the emails and calls we get, the positive comments on our socials regarding our transparency in this area is really heart-warming. So keep it up :) I'm also personally very excited to be heading to Newkind, an annual social justice conference early 2020, ready to receive all the latest downloads on how we can continue to all help change the world (and hopefully bring back some inspiring stories to SuperFeast HQ). If you're going too, get in touch :)!

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