An Invitation: Join us for #30daysofJING 2021

by Mason Taylor June 18, 2021 1 min read

An Invitation: Join us for #30daysofJING 2021

Another year is rolling around, which means it's time again for our annual, global #30daysofJING. Will you be joining us?



Today I’d love to talk to you about our global #30daysofJING challenge. This year, we are kicking off from July 1st.

Every year we take a 30 day period to give some love to our adrenals and Kidney Water system. The first step is to add in Jing herbs. Getting a 250g bag is ideal. It’s seriously transformational when you are able to take a double dose of JING daily and feel the magical regeneration that these Jing herbs can bring to our Kidneys and our levels of JING.

This is especially evident if you are able to get off or lower the dose of caffeine during the 30 days. If you have caffeine regularly, you will be AMAZED at what happens when you take a break while taking regular Jing herbs.


This challenge/process has altered the way hundreds of people relate to their core energy levels, and shift from relying on external stimulus to give them energy daily, to becoming kinetically aware of the fact that they have the ability to cultivate and build their own energy from deep inside their organs, and that they don’t need to rely on external things to give them energy (although we may CHOOSE to do so our of enjoyment or indulgence).

I hope you join us for the challenge, even if you just want to ease your way in. There’s no right or wrong way, and you can absolutely choose your own adventure.


First easy step: download our epic PDF kit, it covers the ins and outs and all your FAQs. We hope you join us! x



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