Autumn - Lung Metal Season with Tahnee & Mason Taylor

by Alexandra Anttilla March 22, 2021 1 min read




As we arrive in these early days of Autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere, we notice the subtle changes in nature taking place around us. The air seems faintly cooler, days are getting shorter, the harvests of sweet potatoes, turnips, and pumpkins begin to appear in abundance. Like the Earth herself, ever so slightly contracting, we find ourselves coming down from the Yang, moving towards the Ying and yearning for a time of introspection.

In Taoism, Autumn is the season associated with the Metal element and the Lungs. The Lungs (also known as The Seat of Wisdom) hold an energy of poignancy and letting go of what is no longer needed. This transformative season is a time to go within, observe thoughts and experiences, focus on breathwork, release what is no longer serving, and let discernment distill into wisdom as we move towards Winter. In this intimate and compact conversation, Tahnee and Mason share what Autumn, Metal time, the season of the Lung means to them, and the Taoist tradition.


Tahnee and Mason discuss:

  • Honouring the transition of seasons for good immunity.
  • Connecting with the seasons through nature.
  • Contraction and introspection.
  • Breathwork/breathing practices.
  • The Lungs and our skin.
  • The Lung and Large Intestine relationship.
  • Lung/Metal energy and the pandemic.
  • Strengthening Qi energy and building immunity.
  • Exercises for Lung and upper body strength.
  • Lung Foods.
  • Qi and Lung herbs.


QI Blend
Turkey Tail


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