Eucommia Bark Farm - SuperFeast Adventures in China

by Farley Douglas March 29, 2019 1 min read

Eucommia Bark Farm - SuperFeast Adventures in China

Eucommia Bark Farm

SuperFeast Eucommia Bark is grown in one of the most magical and pristine places on earth (remember Avatar, the movie? At the Avatar Mountains!) This farm is buzzing with life and shows a an absolutely robust ecosystem. Our trees must be 8 years old before a harvest. The tree has a mucosal membrane below the bark and if you cut into this you will damage the tree and harm its ability to reproduce - skilled farmers like Mr Lee (he's been harvesting Eucommia Bark for decades) do not do this, and these are the harvesters we work with.


Tune in here to see Mason and Mr Lee harvest some fresh eucommia bark and the sustainable, ancient practices involved.

We had to include this Jing herb in ourJING blend, it was a no brainer. But we love this herb so much, we have it as a single tonic too. This potent Yang Jing herb will fire up your kidney stores, help support a strong healthy immunity, endurance and fertility and a strong digestion. In particular, eucommia is all about the bones, the tendons, the skeletal system, connective tissue and providing strength and flexibility.

See how the bark looks like fascia?! So cool. We love Eucommia Bark in ourAdrenal Health Restoration elixir, a beautiful coffee replacement. Check out ourEucommia Bark here.

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