He Shou Wu: Di Tao Sourcing Practices

by Farley Douglas March 25, 2019 1 min read

He Shou Wu: Di Tao Sourcing Practices

Today watch as Mason (founder of SuperFeast) visits the SuperFeast He Shou Wu farm in China. We want to bring you guys straight to the source, we want you to see how wild and healthy these eco systems are. We want you to trust where you are getting your tonic herbs from. This stuff is sourced according to ancient Taoist principles; herbs harvested from their spiritual homeland.


We put He Shou Wu in our epic JING blend, which you guys love so much. In the below video Mason talks you through the He Shou Wu plant, about what to look for in a healthy root and how we prepare the herb.


Surrounded by wilderness. Zero fertilisers, zero pesticides.

But plenty of weeds ;P

He Shou Wu is a beautiful endocrine system balancer. It is restorative and regenerative and gives that boost to your kidney essence. This powerful adaptogen will bring balance to your sex hormones and nervous system. He Shou Wu is a potent Yin tonic herb that replenishes the kidney stores and supports the adrenals.

 The fresh He Shou Wu plant

He Shou Wu is one of the stars in our JING blend. If you want to read more about Jing and how our JING blend will help you regenerate your energy stores, check out this article. We love our JING straight up in hot water :)

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