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How To Use The Tonics And Mushies Sitting In Your Cupboard

One of the realities of the modern health scene is that you sometimes purchase products and then they just sit there, gathering dust in the cupboard when they should be in your belly building your immunity, energy and health; and we must accept that this can EVEN happen with our beloved SuperFeast herbs. But that’s ok, we’re getting them out right now. 

The first step behind this is the remember the intention of why you have chosen to purchase these herbs and what you intend for them to do for you. 

Maybe this will help... 

We include the herbs in our diet because we are committed to our health right now. We are not waiting to get sick, we are not waiting for our immunity to fail and only then start to look at our health, because it can often be too late. So we take tonic herbs everyday. We use medicinal mushrooms and tonics to ensure that we are doing what is necessary to feed our immune system preventatively, arming us against the pulls of disease that surround us. The herbs at SuperFeast are adaptogenic, meaning that when they are consumed everyday they accumulate unique benefits that enable your body to dance around stress in the system that causes illness and feelings of anxiety. Finally, the tonics are a beautiful nutritional source and support for you organs, and when used consistently actually tone the organs (hellllooooo vitality), which is an action is lacking in the Western diet. 

So this is why we take the tonics and medicinal mushrooms most, if not everyday. If you have some herbs lying around and don’t know how to use them, this guide will help you blow the dust off that packet and get them into your belly now that you are realigned with the intention: 

1. Simply put the powder in your mouth

This is somewhat of the “hardcore” way to approach usage, however placing a teaspoon of the herbs in the mouth will act as a quick and easy way to get your daily dose, all while bringing your relationship to the flavours and feelings of the herb deeper. This is especially useful when traveling. 

2. Add them to you smoothie or juice

Many of you create some kind of smoothie or juice everyday, whether its a green, superfood, fruit or protein smoothie etc. Whatever you’re making, simply take a spoon of your favourite herbs and add them in. The herbs have all have full-spectrum extraction (unique to SuperFeast) so you don’t have to worry about extracting them any more; just add them in.

3. Add to soups, broths, dressings etc.

You can get covert and ninja with adding your medicinal mushies and tonics to meals, especially if you’re wanting to introduce them to the family. Our extracts are potent, meaning even small amounts will contribute health to those taking them, that way you don’t need to add so much that flavours are altered (even though we intentionally do this because we love their flavour). 

*Mason’s Mushrooms is especially delicious in miso soups.

4. Make a hot herbal tonic

This is the most beneficial way the have your herbs, that is, when you make a drink purely intended to deliver the medicine of the herbs into you system. This can be easier than you think. You can:

  1. Add hot water or tea, honey, herbs and coconut oil to a blender (with any other flavours/spices you like), blend and drink.
  2. Add herbs to your favourite healthy hot chocolate recipe.
  3. Add your herbs to the coffee you are drinking (coffee is a a herbal elixir anyway, you should balance the stimulating herb (coffee) with a healthy anti-stimulant (reishi, he shou wu, chaga)

Remember, our herbs can’t be damaged by heat, so you are free to blend them up hot and add to your dishes while cooking. 

So go forth, take herbs and prosper. We hope that this gives you great direction and intention in taking SuperFeast herbs. We sincerely love them and have experienced an immense enrichment and empowerment through their beautiful medicine, and we wish to support you in experiencing the same. 



Monica said:

This was very helpful, thank you


Valerie said:

Thank you Mason, this is indeed most helpful.


Polia said:

Thank you <3 This answered all my questions about to take these mushies.

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