JING Challenge: 30 Days To Restore Core Energy #30daysofjing

by Mason Taylor December 06, 2017 3 mins read


Get off stimulants and caffeine and get on the JING!

The #30daysofJING Challenge is an opportunity for rejuvenating the energy within the Kidneys and adrenals so we can begin to, once again, feel the power and strength that we knew so well in our youth (can I get a hell yeah for those youthful feelings!)


Sign up to the Challenge here, get your free Starter Kit and feel the restoration!



Jing Essence (as opposed to the SuperFeast JING blend) is a Daoist term describing the primordial energy that you are born with, and it lives in your Kidneys. The amount of Jing energy you have indicates:

  • the span of your life,
  • your ability to heal / recover and
  • whether you can sustain yourself each and every day without needing to reach for stimulants like coffee as a substitute for energy.


When one’s lifestyle is not excessive and is maintained at a sustainable pace, one’s Jing is strong and HINT: you want your Jing strong! Head over here to read How You Can Cultivate Your Jing. If the candle is being burnt at both ends, however (common in the west, hello normal life), then Jing will be leaked as exhaustion sets in. We have an entire podcast episode loving up on Jing energy, tune in. 


When the Kidney organ system is deficient, we experience fatigue and lethargy, two things that lead to premature ageing and, in general, lower levels of personal performance. These symptoms of adrenal stress (aka leaking Jing) are rampant in the Western lifestyle and we intend to begin restoring the core energy over 30 days so that you can stop leaking and begin building your Jing.



Leaking Jing essence from the Kidneys


"When we keep Jing within our body, our body can be vigorous. If a person cares for the Cavity of Jing [a space within the lower abdomen], and does not hurt it recklessly, it is very easy to enjoy a life of great longevity. Without Jing energy, we cannot live.” - Master Park

Our intention is to start building back this core energy over the #30dayJING Challenge. The heart of this challenge is the JING blend (check it out here). This is a combination of six premium Jing herbs revered by the Daoists that have been used for thousands of years to:  

* restore the Kidney and adrenal function
* build long-term energy
* reduce fatigue and tiredness from the body
* improve hormonal function and libido
* and strengthen the body

Here's the challenge...

It's so simple;


Include these wonderful Jing herbs in your diet every day for 30 days and you’ll start pouring the energy back into your kidneys.


Looking for an even BIGGER regenerative boost?!

For those of you wanting to go next level, then you’ll be getting off all caffeine for the duration too.  


(Look, we love coffee as much as the next person! So tune in to this article we have here on How To Make Your Coffee Healthy here).

Here’s the breakdown:

1. The one thing you need to do is add one dose of JING blend into your everyday life. No fasting or changing diet necessary, just add in that potent JING blend

2. How much? One teaspoon per day (you can start off with 1/4 teaspoon) and build up to two heaped teaspoons a day (if you're vibing it)

3. For those that want to join us in getting the full regenerative experience, we suggest getting off all stimulants for 30 days at the same time. That means coffee, cacao (chocolate), caffeinated tea, green tea, earl grey, matcha etc will all be curbed as we give our adrenals some space while we nourish them with Jing herbs.

And voila, that's it! The intention is to build our core energy and replenish Kidney / adrenal function. Feel free to add anything else to the 30-day challenge that you feel will nourish you personally (kidney detox, no booze, exercise, energy cultivation exercises, meditation practices etc. It even might be a nice time to start your very own unique personal practice, we've got our tips here.

"When Jing is strong, vitality and youthfulness remain. Strong Jing energy in the kidneys, so the Chinese say, will lead to a long and vigorous life, while a loss of Jing will result in physical and mental degeneration,” Ron Teeguarden.

The 30 Days of JING can be started at any time you are feeling you need to replenish your core energy. And don't forget to tag us @superfeast and hashtag #30daysofJING so we can follow along! Need some delicious ideas? Try here, here and here :)

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