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Schizandra and Detox Go Hand In Hand

Feeling like your liver needs some loving, needing a gentle detox? Schizandra (schisandra) may help.

Feeling like your liver needs some loving, needing a gentle detox? Schiz may help.

One of the core elements of our long term health is the capacity to detoxify and cleanse the body, and it is one of the key intentions that our SuperFeast community have when approaching tonic herbalism. So we have some direction for you, in the way of a wonderful herb (a berry).

    Quick Profile: Schizandra
    • Pharmaceutical name: Fructus Schizandrae
    • Treasures: Jing, Qi and Shen
    • Taste: Sour and sweet with salty pungent and bitter overtones
    • Organ associations: Enters all 12 meridians

    Schizandra (schisandra) is one of the herbs we recommend for everyone to have on hand and in the diet, there’s only about 5% of people that don’t really vibe with it longterm that we’ve found. Mostly it becomes an instant favourite ally in the pursuit of epic health. The toxic build-up that comes from daily metabolic function and the accumulation from the increasing levels of waste in our environment, thanks to corporations and economies prioritising themselves over the landscape and human degradation, is a serious problem for us in the modern age, and why schizandra has come into such relevance today.


    Like many Liver-loving and detox herbs, schizandra doesn't have any nasty side effects and makes it possible to cleanse the body of toxins before they do any permanent or long-lasting damage, thanks to an upgrade of function in the Liver system. From the perspective of the ancient herbalists, this embodied detoxification is more broadly viewed as a smooth flow of Qi through the Liver system. The restoration of foundational Jing energy schizandra provides helps build what’s needed in the Kidneys so that basic physiological function can occur, including detoxification.


    A Berry Good Option for Men

    The salty flavor of the berry enters the Kidney Water system and nourishes the Yin through increasing the “water of the genital organs”. It's famed for:

    • promoting the production of semen,
    • aiding in the prevention of premature ejaculation,
    • stimulating sexual appetite and
    • increasing men's staying power.

    Because of this, it is a major ingredient of men's sexual tonics in Asian herbalism. Women benefit to a similar degree. The herb is said to increase circulation and sensitivity of the female genitals. The continuous use of Schizandra is famous for increasing the “female elixir” (vaginal secretions during intercourse). This is all the building of Jing energy in the Kidneys, and the major source of the fame around schizandra being such a potent youth preserving and beautifying herb. You can read more about just how sexyfying schiz is, here.


    Schizandra is however mostly famed for being a potent regenerator of the Liver system. Part of the source of this is that in the generating cycle of the organs, Kidney Water is the mother of the Liver Wood, and when it is full it will overflow to its child, the Liver.


    Schizandra really shines by aiding the Liver in removing toxins. A couple of months of integrating this amazing adaptogen into your morning lemon water (you can also try adding MSM for that added detox kick) will be giving your Liver a deep flush. Ongoing the full spectrum benefits of this tonic herb come out swinging when you integrate it into your daily life.


    Studies have been undertaken to show that Schizandra can improve vision by improving the function of the nervous systems ability to analyse peripheral data.


    Women in China have historically held schizandra in the highest regard due to its beauty enhancing qualities. Both men and women have used it for centuries to promote vigor and alertness. 


    “Schizandra develops the primary energies of life and is thus of great use to anyone who consumes it. Schizandra generates vitality and radiant beauty when used regularly for some time. It is a safe and powerful tonic herb that is mildly calming and possesses pain alleviating properties. If used for one hundred days successively, Schizandra is said to purify the blood, sharpen the mind, improve memory, rejuvenate the kidney energy (especially the sexual functions in both men and women), and cause the skin to become radiantly beautiful.” - Ron Teeugarden. 


    The schizandra berry is in the SuperFeast apothecary for this very reason. This five-flavour berry-

    • Detoxifies and tones the Liver
    • Regenerates sexual fluids and vigour
    • Sharpens concentration, memory and alertness
    • Promotes and enhances beauty (especially in the skin)
    • Increases adaptability
    • Protects the adrenals from excessive stress
    • Improves function of cellular membranes
    • Balances/regulates the central nervous system
    • Reduces inflammation

    Schizandra is primarily used to beautify the skin and to protect it from the aging effects of the elements. It is said to be youth preserving and rejuvenating allowing people to remain youthful in their physiology and appearance. 


    It is a pinnacle tonic herb used to sharpen the mind, alertness, and memory. 


    Schizandra is one of the few herbs that tones ALL major organ systems

    If you are interested in taking your detox a little deeper, we have a full article on the body's detoxification systems. We run you through all elements of the body and how we are detoxing all the time, literally as you read this article now. Along with tips for each organ and other herbs to help you on your journey.
    Plus for those with skin issues, this wonder berry helps the skin to detox, and shine from the inside out. Tahnee (my partner and GM at SuperFeast) hosted a great episode of our podcast on skin issues and Healing Chronic Skin Conditions, tune in here for more. This is why it's revered as one of the greatest beauty tonics in the Orient.

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