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Must-Have Herbs for Spring

posted 2020 Sep by

A really interesting one today community. Mason talks about which tonic herbs are your ally during Spring.

Shifting into the rising Yang energy of Spring takes a gentle approach; one that sees us prioritising being grounded in the transition times between seasons. This Spring season takes us into the Wood energy and that points to there being a lot of Liver Qi; the Liver Wood is DOMINATING right now.

So, which herbs are your must-haves for Spring? Liver herbs. This is the perfect time to support your Liver system. Tune into the video below to get the full download on which specific herbs will support your health during Spring.


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Enjoy xx




So once we have gone through the change of season, once we've grounded, and then we suddenly feel we're able to enter into the new season, that's rising up and around to us right now, it's Spring. And so I've definitely felt like I went through that grounding period and my energy was naturally able to alter over into that rising Yang, and that wood, that Liver season. So a lot of Qi in the Liver that Liver Wood's dominating right now. And so when I feel that I'm starting to enter into that space, I get on the Liver herb's to ensure that I'm supporting that organ system and supporting that Yin Yang Qi that has the quality of wood and is therefore dominated by the Liver wood in that season.


So for me, it's one of the key times where I feel a lot of intention and I know exactly what I want to be doing with my tonic herbal system. I want to make sure that I'm smoothly entering into that Spring time energy. And so that is why it might be for maybe a week, sometimes four weeks, that I'm feeling really drawn to these Liver herbs. I'm always starting my day with Beauty Blend. This is the Liver-Yin formula. It's how I formulated it. It's a no-brainer, or Liver or hearter kind of a formula because those four herbs, you know, the Pearl, the Schizandra, the longan, the goji, they have been used to bring beautification to the body. However, you know, that's why it kind of has a superficial name, beauty blend.


However, what it's really about is in making sure that that Liver Yin and that ply, that bamboo pliability, that flexibility, you know, in our body is really, like bamboo. We can really be nice and flexible. but then also that's combined with that Liver Yang strength. Right? And so you kind of think about like the blood vessel, cause the Liver is managing the distribution and the flow of blood through the body. And so that through the channels, the passages in which the blood is flowing, the Liver Yang, the Liver, you know, that Yang energy is managing the strength of those vessels and those passages. So the blood can get to the depth of the body and hold its composure and really get it down. But if we don't have any of that pliability in the body as well, that bend, then it moves through too fast. And that's when we have winds damage come up in the body and eruptions in the skin. And, you know, we don't have smooth skin like that's why the Liver herbs.


So, you know, especially the Liver Yin Herbs, that's why it's the Beauty Blend, brings, make sure that you can have that strength in the passage, but then we bring pliability so it can flow and the blood flows and cools down. And it's why it's such a beautifying time. These Liver Yin herbs, like the Beauty Blend at the moment, They're so cleansing to the blood. A little bit cooling to the blood and making sure that the blood is able to flow through smoothly. Make sure the Liver can actually store lots of blood, cleanse it, clean it, and make sure that freshness has been delivered to the entire body.


It's such a renewing time. And Beauty Blend is the one that I'm really getting on. I'm just doing it with a bit of lemon, hot water, touch of honey, maybe some MSM, that sulphur and a big spoon of Beauty Blend. And we're mixing that up and having that as a nice shot in the morning. That brings that pliability to me. And you can see in Spring, it's an erratic time, right. And so you can see that all of a sudden wind is coming from different directions here. There's Northerlies coming, but it's changing directions all the time. It's an erratic time. So you want to make sure that you're in the flow of that creative erraticness and, you know, you want to make sure that you are there in your Liver energy, so that you don't get, basically you don't get sick because that's what happens when you're out of step with nature. If you want to be feeling that real, that bamboo strength, right. That real like, you know, strength in your system. Right. You know, that you're not able to be shaken by all this wind. You know, you imagine like a Black Cockatoo, just like sitting on top of a Banksia and the winds just caning in. And, and it's just there ,just going with the flow. Nice and strong wind can't get in.


It's 'Cause that Liver Yang is kind of flowing. It's an analogy. I don't know where the Liver Yang with that black cockatoos is actually flowing But that's what I imagine. And so those are the Yang Liver Herbs, you know, to get in step with this season. So the eucommia bark and the deer antlers of that real , you know, that strong, that, you know, that wiry strength that ensures that the blood vessels are really, are nice and held up in their integrity. And then, you know, the beauty blend brings that pliability. So the blood flows and like, you know, it has that bubbling brook kind of energy to it bringing aliveness to the body. And we just start to do this through the seasons. Year after year, we get better and better year after year. And as we do that, we get in step with nature.


That's how our, we use our Tonic Herbal system. Let your instincts guide you, try it out, start slow, see what works for you. What doesn't work. Remember this isn't a clinic. We're not healing anything. We're just trying to get into flow with the Qi of nature, just so that you know, when we're 80 and 90, we've stayed in that flow. We haven't worked against the grain of nature. Therefore, we're nice and healthy. Have fun. I'm going to continue to enjoy my Beauty Blend shots in the morning. And I'm on the deer antlers still It's like, I've just been drawn to it. Let your instinct draw you in. And when you feel it's time to stop, sometimes you think, Oh, I gotta be Beauty Blend all season, all Spring. That's not the case. Let yourself just feel when it's time. You'll you just won't feel like it anymore. It's when you, like, you don't feel like a food, like I've done Beauty Blend for two weeks. I just don't feel like it. So its not happening naturally. Cool. You can put that aside and then move into a different area of your herbal practise.