Join us on this wild ride, where you'll find the latest on medicinal mushrooms, their magic, healing and tradition and how to create, concoct and master some epic tonic herb recipes. We talk about how these mushrooms are our friends for life and why we want you to have your own unique and magical relationship with these herbs. You'll read into how to best integrate these herbs into your daily life and how to examine your daily flow and create your own personal practice. We dive deep into the Taoist traditions and how these herbs have been used for centuries for longevity and wellbeing. Whether you are just starting out in your health journey, or you are a bona fide tonic herbalist, you will find ideas to weave into your own life as we navigate our way through this crazy dance we call life. So go and make yourself your favourite tonic drink, kick back and enjoy this magical world of medicinal mushrooms and tonic herbs.


Chaga Mushroom, The Anti-Ageing Powerhouse

by Mason Taylor 3 mins read March 11, 2019

Used for thousands of years, chaga is revered for being the most adaptogenic substance on...
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Do you have a leaky brain?

by Dan Sipple 12 mins read February 25, 2019

So you’ve heard of leaky gut right? You know, the whole idea that contents inside our...
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Nootropics - What Are They?

by Sophia Richmond-Manno 10 mins read February 19, 2019

A quick Google search will enlighten you to the fact that the word ‘nootropic’ was...
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Neural Nectar and Its Incredible Nootropic Benefits

by Farley Douglas 9 mins read February 15, 2019

Bringing stimulation to the brain is a huge topic right now and with good reason;...
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Coffee: How To Make It Healthy

by Farley Douglas 7 mins read February 12, 2019

The way we see it, if you’re going to include a herb like coffee in...
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Miron Ultraviolet Glass: The Highest Quality Glass In The World

by Farley Douglas 5 mins read February 11, 2019

At SuperFeast, you know we have your best health intentions at heart. We only source...
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Reishi Mushroom and Its Incredible Benefits

by Farley Douglas 10 mins read January 25, 2019

Reishi is one of the most revered medicines in history. Known as Ling zhi in...
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Reishi: Will Take Your Meditation to the Next Level

by Farley Douglas 5 mins read January 18, 2019

While the physiological benefits of incorporating this beautiful mushroom into your life are endless, it's the lesser tangible effects...
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SuperFeast and Responsible Businessing - Our Pledge for 2019

by Tahnee McCrossin 4 mins read December 30, 2018

We have already committed a lot of time and energy to making SuperFeast environmentally 'lighter',...
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Personal Practice, The Art Of Creating Your Unique Practice

by Farley Douglas 6 mins read December 18, 2018

Your practice gives you grounding, it can provide an anchor when the seas are rough,...
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De-Stress, Want To Know How To Lower Your Stress? Here's 51 Ways

by Farley Douglas 2 mins read December 06, 2018

The current landscape demands us to work, work, work. To go harder, faster. More is...
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Santa is a Mushroom - The Shamanic Origins of Christmas

by Tahnee McCrossin 2 mins read December 03, 2018

Have you ever wondered how on Earth we ended up with a man dressed in...
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Sleep: Our Top 10 Tips

by Farley Douglas 4 mins read November 05, 2018

Sure, we all know how important sleep is, right? The research continues to grow demonstrating...
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Zombie Fungus - A Mushie Halloween Tale with SuperFeast

by Tahnee McCrossin 5 mins read October 30, 2018

At SuperFeast we love a good zombie story as much as the next guy. So...
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Detoxification Guide - A Look At The Body’s Detox Channels

by Sophia Richmond-Manno 7 mins read October 24, 2018

Detoxification, we’ve all heard the term but do we really understand the concept? Well, before...
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Medicinal Mushrooms: The 8 Most Powerful & Potent Mushrooms

by Tahnee McCrossin 7 mins read October 12, 2018

Read about how medicinal mushrooms are intelligent immune boosters, gut healers, stress busters & hormone...
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Transitioning from Winter to Spring

by Farley Douglas 3 mins read October 10, 2018

Ever struggle with the seasonal shifts? Mood changes, allergies, just feeling a! Don't worry,...
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Tonic Drinks... How To Create The Most Epic Elixirs

by Sophia Richmond-Manno 4 mins read September 17, 2018

Alright, so you’ve perused the SuperFeast website, selected your tonic herbies, they’ve arrived and now you’re...
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Tonic Herbs, What Are They? Everything You Need To Know

by Sophia Richmond-Manno 5 mins read August 29, 2018

Tonic herbs. Are you scratching your head, unsure what a tonic herb is? How does...
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Stress, What Is It and What is it Doing in Your Body?

by Sophia Richmond-Manno 6 mins read August 24, 2018

Stressssss…. We’ve all heard of it and we’ve all experienced it, but what is actually...
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Skin - The SuperFeast Take on Eczema and Psoriasis

by Tahnee McCrossin 4 mins read August 17, 2018

Learning to love the skin you’re in can be tough when your skin is red...
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Brain Health & Neuroprotective Tips You Need To Know About

by Tahnee McCrossin 10 mins read May 28, 2018

We tend to take for granted what we do know about the brain, but dive...
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Di Tao: Sourcing From The Spiritual Homeland

by Tahnee McCrossin 7 mins read April 28, 2018

Di Tao might sound like a mouthful, something foreign and oriental and sure, it kinda...
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The Taoist Brains: Who Are The Tao & What Is Their Philosophy?

by Tahnee McCrossin 9 mins read March 17, 2018

Intrigued about Taoism? You know, that philosophy we always bang on about here at SuperFeast...
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Neural Nectar Welcome to the SuperFeast Family

by Mason Taylor 8 mins read March 01, 2018

Neural Nectar is a combination of ancient adaptogenic and nootropic herbs, specifically blended to enhance...
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Pets + Medicinal Mushrooms = HELL YES

by Tahnee McCrossin 2 mins read February 16, 2018

Animals love mushies too! One of our fave FAQs at SuperFeast HQ is "can I give...
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Medicinal Mushrooms In Your Pet's Diet? Yes! (Interview)

by Tahnee McCrossin 7 mins read February 16, 2018

A little known fact about the medicinal mushrooms is that that are also amazing for...
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Medicinal Mushrooms Are So Hot Right Now, 5 Reasons Why

by Mason Taylor 8 mins read February 01, 2018

2018, dubbed as the year of the mushroom in the global health scene. If you...
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by Tahnee McCrossin 3 mins read January 17, 2018

At Superfeast HQ we’re all about the radiance, the glow and nourishing the body, while...
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Schizandra and The 7 Sexy Benefits of this Wonder-Berry

by Tahnee McCrossin 4 mins read January 10, 2018

At SuperFeast we are having a love affair with schizandra… do you know her? She’s...
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