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We're passionate about shining a light on the lifestyle and environmental factors that play a major role in cultivating a healthy and potently firing grey matter. We've got some epic brain optimising adaptogens in our apothecary. Coined 'nootropics', these tonic herbs can enhance the performance and longevity of your brain. We love taking them daily - the use of these herbs are especially key in these modern times, as we face such high levels of pressure being put on our minds through multiple stimuli. These herbs are super safe and have been used for centuries; our ancient Taoist friends would use these herbs specifically to promote cerebral circulation and function, as well as to enhance emotional and mental wellbeing. So, if you're interested in enhancing your mental performance, increasing your memory, focus and concentration, preventing the onset of mental ageing, nourishing your neurons and grey matter AND getting educated about brain optimisation, then you're at the right place.

Lainie Chait podcast

Epilepsy and Loving your Diagnosis with Lainie Chait (EP#140)

by Alexandra Anttilla November 03, 2021

Comedian, performer, & author Lainie Chait joins Mason on the podcast to discuss her holistic...
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Addiction, Influencing & Orthorexia with Vanessa Fitzgerald (EP#113)

by Alexandra Anttilla April 14, 2021

Today on the podcast, Mason chats to holistic health coach and Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner Vanessa...
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Mental Health and Adaptogens with Naturopath Monica Shepherd (EP #112)

by Alexandra Anttilla April 07, 2021

We hope you all tune in for today's podcast as Mason sits down with mental...
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Ultimate Brain Health Combo: QI Blend and Neural Nectar

by Mason Taylor 4 mins read March 01, 2020

Tonic herbalism is this beautiful foundational system, and within this system, we can have particular...
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Health Benefits of Nootropic Lion's Mane Mushroom

by Dan Sipple 6 mins read October 22, 2019

Nootropics are a hot topic right now and have absolutely permeated the West in the last...
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The Incredible Health Benefits of Tremella Mushroom

by Farley D 7 mins read May 23, 2019

According to Swedish botanist Linnaeus of the 18th century, tremella was known as “sky fall”... it...
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Do you have a leaky brain?

by Dan Sipple 12 mins read February 25, 2019

So you’ve heard of leaky gut right? You know, the whole idea that contents inside our...
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Nootropics - What Are They?

by Sophia Richmond-Manno 10 mins read February 19, 2019

A quick Google search will enlighten you to the fact that the word ‘nootropic’ was...
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Neural Nectar and Its Incredible Nootropic Benefits

by Farley D 7 mins read February 15, 2019

Bringing stimulation to the brain is a huge topic right now and with good reason;...
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Brain Optimisation and Neurodegeneration with Jo Grabyn (EP#9)

Brain Optimisation and Neurodegeneration with Jo Grabyn (EP#9)

by Farley D November 05, 2018

Keeping the brain nourished, free from toxicity and active is one of the keys to...
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Brain Health & Neuroprotective Tips You Need To Know About

by Tahnee McCrossin 10 mins read May 02, 2018

We tend to take for granted what we do know about the brain, but dive...
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The Daoist Brains: Who Are The Dao & What Is Their Philosophy?

by Tahnee McCrossin 9 mins read March 17, 2018

Intrigued about Daoism? You know, that philosophy we always bang on about here at SuperFeast...
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Neural Nectar Welcome to the SuperFeast Family

by Mason Taylor 8 mins read March 10, 2018

Neural Nectar is a combination of ancient adaptogenic and nootropic herbs, specifically blended to enhance...
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