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We live and breath the SuperFeast Way, born from the foundations of Di Tao traditions. This ancient philosophy means we only source our adaptogenic tonic herbs from their spiritual homeland. But Di Tao is a living and breathing culture - whether it’s the sourcing of our herbs, our warehouse operations, the team's work-life balance, how our team live each and every day, our collective awareness and love for Mother Earth or our crazy passion for living a long and healthy life, the Taoist way is ever-present. Being mindful, going slower, being connected to nature, her seasons and her rhythms, we want to share our mindful practices and ideas with the broader community. You'll find podcast episodes on composting, articles on our collective environmental journey, our favourite books to take your own personal culture to the next level, movement practices and how to forge your own personal routines to live a rich and energetic life.


Courage & Empathy In The Face of Change with Catherine Ingram (podcast #73)

by Sophia Richmond-Manno June 30, 2020

Catherine Ingram joins Tahnee on the podcast today. Catherine Ingram is an international dharma teacher...
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Go Local, Think Global with Helena Norberg-Hodge (podcast #71)

by Sophia Richmond-Manno June 16, 2020

Tahnee welcomes Helena Norberg-Hodge to the podcast today. Helena is a pioneer of the New...
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Integral Anatomy for Modern Somanauts with Gil Hedley (podcast #69)

by Sophia Richmond-Manno June 02, 2020

Gil Hedley joins Tahnee on the podcast today. Gil is an anatomist and self proclaimed...
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Your Top FAQs Answered

by Farley D 1 min read May 27, 2020

We love our tonic herb community - you guys are ever-curious and inquisitive about the...
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Part VII: Put Yourself in the Way of Beauty

by Tahnee McCrossin 5 mins read May 27, 2020

Time again, for the latest heart-warming installment from GM Tahnee... read on.
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Preconception Practices & The Family Culture with Mason & Tahnee From SuperFeast (podcast #66)

by Sophia Richmond-Manno May 12, 2020

Join Tahnee and Mason as they share a beautiful, gentle conversation around reproductive health, the family culture...
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Part VI: Have We Actually Slowed Down?

by Tahnee McCrossin 9 mins read May 05, 2020

have read so many pieces on how this is the new slow. The time of...
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Top Tips To Care For Your Herbs

by Farley D 4 mins read April 30, 2020

Have your herbs gone a bit clumpy? Maybe your kraft bag has ripped? Maybe you've...
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Part IV: The Sun Will Rise

by Tahnee McCrossin 6 mins read March 31, 2020

In the Taoist tradition, health and illness arise from the relationship between Yin and Yang....
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Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga with Anatomist and Yogi Paul Grilley (podcast #59)

by Sophia Richmond-Manno March 24, 2020

Tahnee speaks with her beloved Yin Yoga teacher Paul Grilley on the pod today. Paul...
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Schizandra: The Magical Berry with Mason and Tahnee From SuperFeast (podcast #57)

by Sophia Richmond-Manno March 10, 2020

Mason Taylor and Tahnee McCrossin, our lord and lady of SuperFeast, are back at it on...
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Ayurveda and Yoga - The Healing Arts with Myra Lewin from Hale Pule (podcast #55)

Ayurveda and Yoga - The Healing Arts with Myra Lewin from Hale Pule (podcast #55)

by Sophia Richmond-Manno February 25, 2020

Tahnee is joined on the pod today by the wonderful Myra Lewin. Myra is a...
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What is The SuperFeast Way?

by SuperFeast Team 3 mins read February 14, 2020

SuperFeast is Australia's leading purveyor of high quality tonic, adaptogenic herbs and medicinal mushrooms.
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Qi - The Transformational Force with Mason & Tahnee From SuperFeast (episode #53)

Qi - The Transformational Force with Mason & Tahnee From SuperFeast (episode #53)

by Sophia Richmond-Manno February 11, 2020

Mason and Tahnee come together on the podcast today to take a dive deep into...
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SuperFeast Crew: Our Fave Herbs

by Farley D 6 mins read January 13, 2020

We get asked heaps at HQ "...but which herbs do *you* take?" Today the crew...
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2019 Eco Wrap Up

2019 Eco Wrap Up

by Farley D 5 mins read December 18, 2019

As we race towards the end of 2019, we are taking a breath to reflect...
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Herbal Handbook at your fingertips

by Farley D 2 mins read October 16, 2019

The Herbal Handbook is essentially a little bible of extraordinary goodness (although maybe we're bias...)...
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Cordyceps and How Its Potency Became Discovered

by Mason Taylor 3 mins read August 30, 2019

You might have heard how beneficial cordyceps is for your stamina and overall health, but...
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Miron Jars: How To Clean Off Labels and Repurpose

by Farley D 1 min read August 12, 2019

So you're a herb fiend. You've got tonnes of old miron glass jars lying around....
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Environmental Half Yearly Update

by Farley D 10 mins read June 28, 2019

Our biggest and most significant way we do this, is infact at the very core...
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Poria Medicinal Mushroom - See Mason Harvesting A Fresh One in China!

by Farley D 1 min read April 01, 2019

Poria is a gorgeous Qi tonic, it will help tone your lungs and spleen and...
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Eucommia Bark: See Where Your Herb Comes From

by Farley D 1 min read March 29, 2019

Eucommia bark is a potent Yang Jing herb that will fire up your kidney stores, help support...
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Deer Antler Farm - SuperFeast Adventures in China

by Farley D 1 min read March 27, 2019

Catch Mason in far north-east China, as he treks through the SuperFeast Deer Antler farm,...
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He Shou Wu: Di Tao Sourcing Practices

He Shou Wu: Di Tao Sourcing Practices

by Farley D 1 min read March 25, 2019

Today watch as Mason (founder of SuperFeast) visits the SuperFeast He Shou Wu farm in China....
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Chaga Sourcing: Wild, Potent and Di Tao

by Farley D 1 min read March 21, 2019

Join Mason (founder of SuperFeast) below as he walks through Changbai Mountain, where SuperFeast Chaga...
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Reishi Farm - SuperFeast Adventures in China

by Farley D 1 min read March 18, 2019

Mason (founder of SuperFeast) recently took an expedition to China, straight to the source. Check out...
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Schizandra Farm - SuperFeast At The Source in China

by Farley D 2 mins read March 18, 2019

Our fave little schiz-berry works wonders for the skin, hormones, vitality, mental acuity and sharpness,...
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Miron Ultraviolet Glass: The Highest Quality Glass In The World

by Farley D 5 mins read February 11, 2019

At SuperFeast, you know we have your best health intentions at heart. We only source...
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Composting and Sustainability with Andrew Hayim de Vries (Podcast #15)

Composting and Sustainability with Andrew Hayim de Vries (Podcast #15)

by Farley D January 15, 2019

Are you interested in the environment? Are you an eco-warrior? Or maybe you've cottoned on...
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SuperFeast and Responsible Businessing - Our Pledge for 2019

by Tahnee McCrossin 4 mins read December 30, 2018

We have already committed a lot of time and energy to making SuperFeast environmentally 'lighter',...
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