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We live and breath the SuperFeast Way, born from the foundations of Di Tao traditions. This ancient philosophy means we only source our adaptogenic tonic herbs from their spiritual homeland. But Di Tao is a living and breathing culture - whether it’s the sourcing of our herbs, our warehouse operations, the team's work-life balance, how our team live each and every day, our collective awareness and love for Mother Earth or our crazy passion for living a long and healthy life, the Taoist way is ever-present. Being mindful, going slower, being connected to nature, her seasons and her rhythms, we want to share our mindful practices and ideas with the broader community. You'll find podcast episodes on composting, articles on our collective environmental journey, our favourite books to take your own personal culture to the next level, movement practices and how to forge your own personal routines to live a rich and energetic life.


Herbal Handbook at your fingertips

by Farley Douglas 2 mins read October 16, 2019

The Herbal Handbook is essentially a little bible of extraordinary goodness (although maybe we're bias...)...
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Cordyceps and How Its Potency Became Discovered

by Mason Taylor 3 mins read August 30, 2019

You might have heard how beneficial cordyceps is for your stamina and overall health, but...
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Miron Jars: How To Clean Off Labels and Repurpose!

by Farley Douglas 1 min read August 12, 2019

So you're a herb fiend. You've got tonnes of old miron glass jars lying around....
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Environmental Half Yearly Update

by Farley Douglas 10 mins read June 28, 2019

We've got a big, environmentally-minded heart, and we know business (big or small) must play...
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Poria Medicinal Mushroom - See Mason Harvesting A Fresh One in China!

by Farley Douglas 1 min read April 01, 2019

Poria is a gorgeous Qi tonic, it will help tone your lungs and spleen and...
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Eucommia Bark: See Where Your Herb Comes From

by Farley Douglas 1 min read March 29, 2019

Eucommia bark is a potent Yang Jing herb that will fire up your kidney stores, help support...
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Deer Antler Farm - SuperFeast Adventures in China

by Farley Douglas 1 min read March 27, 2019

Catch Mason in far north-east China, as he treks through the SuperFeast Deer Antler farm,...
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He Shou Wu: Di Tao Sourcing Practices

He Shou Wu: Di Tao Sourcing Practices

by Farley Douglas 1 min read March 25, 2019

Today watch as Mason (founder of SuperFeast) visits the SuperFeast He Shou Wu farm in China....
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Chaga Sourcing: Wild, Potent and Di Tao

by Farley Douglas 1 min read March 21, 2019

Join Mason (founder of SuperFeast) below as he walks through Changbai Mountain, where SuperFeast Chaga...
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Reishi Farm - SuperFeast Adventures in China

by Farley Douglas 1 min read March 18, 2019

Mason (founder of SuperFeast) recently took an expedition to China, straight to the source. Check out...
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Schizandra Farm - SuperFeast At The Source in China

by Farley Douglas 1 min read March 18, 2019

Our fave little schiz-berry works wonders for the skin, hormones, vitality, mental acuity and sharpness,...
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Miron Ultraviolet Glass: The Highest Quality Glass In The World

by Farley Douglas 5 mins read February 11, 2019

At SuperFeast, you know we have your best health intentions at heart. We only source...
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Composting and Sustainability with Andrew Hayim de Vries (Podcast #15)

Composting and Sustainability with Andrew Hayim de Vries (Podcast #15)

by Farley Douglas January 15, 2019

Are you interested in the environment? Are you an eco-warrior? Or maybe you've cottoned on...
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SuperFeast and Responsible Businessing - Our Pledge for 2019

by Tahnee McCrossin 4 mins read December 30, 2018

We have already committed a lot of time and energy to making SuperFeast environmentally 'lighter',...
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Personal Practice, The Art Of Creating Your Unique Practice

by Farley Douglas 6 mins read December 18, 2018

Your practice gives you grounding, it can provide an anchor when the seas are rough,...
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SuperFeast 101: All your FAQ's Answered (PODCAST#7)

SuperFeast 101: All your FAQ's Answered (PODCAST#7)

by Farley Douglas October 23, 2018

In today's session, Mason dives deep into all the most common FAQ's we get here...
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Di Tao: Sourcing From The Spiritual Homeland

by Tahnee McCrossin 7 mins read April 28, 2018

Di Tao might sound like a mouthful, something foreign and oriental and sure, it kinda...
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China-Sourced Herbs: You're Damn Right I Source My Herbs From China

by Mason Taylor 10 mins read December 28, 2017

We’re super proud about where were source our herbs from and the fact that we...
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Books! My Top 3 Tonic Herb Books You're Going To Love

by Mason Taylor 4 mins read November 28, 2017

The world of tonic herbs stole my heart many years ago. After growing up in...
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