We're obsessed with our own health and building our immunity and overall vitality. The herbs are one part of this life-long journey. But there is so much more. If you are looking for exponential levels of health, where you are able to participate wholly and fully in this dance we call life, there are several areas you need to set up strong foundations for. We're talking good water, sleep hygiene practices, movement that suits your unique constitution, nutrition, life purpose and connection to community, your own personal practice, being in nature and getting your hands dirty, living a conscious and aware life, being mindful of your tread on the earth... Weaving in elements of all these foundations truly is the key to a well and fulfilling life. We've got podcasts and articles, recipes and courses to share with you as you dive deep into your lifestyle practices. Can't wait for you to join us.


Mind & Body Peak Performance with James Newbury (EP#106)

by Alexandra Anttilla February 24, 2021

Today on the podcast, Mason's joined by CrossFit legend, 4 x Australia's fittest man, Iron...
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Your Microbiome & Gut Dysbiosis with Jason Hawrelak (EP#105)

by Alexandra Anttilla February 17, 2021

Mason sits down for a chat with the super knowledgable Dr. Jason Hawrelak and delves...
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Healing Through The Energetics of Food with Andrew Sterman (EP#104)

by Alexandra Anttilla February 10, 2021

Today on the SuperFeast podcast, Tahnee is joined by Chinese dietary coach/practitioner, herbalist, Qigong teacher,...
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The Importance Of Sleep For Healthy Hun & Qi with Jost Sauer (EP#102)

by Alexandra Anttilla January 27, 2021

Today on the SuperFeast podcast, we have lifestyle medicine man, acupuncturist, author, Qi practitioner of...
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Schizandra and Detox Go Hand In Hand

by Mason Taylor 4 mins read December 04, 2020

Feeling like your liver needs some loving, needing a gentle detox? Schizandra (schisandra) may help....
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THREE Gorgeous Meditations For You

by Farley D 1 min read October 30, 2020

What a treat we have for you guys. Tahnee (SuperFeast mumma) shares three guided meditations,...
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Awaken your spirit - SHEN blend

by Farley D 3 mins read October 30, 2020

The newest kid on the SuperFeast block is the long-awaited SHEN blend. The third Essence...
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Spring, The Forgotten Season?!

by Farley D 5 mins read October 09, 2020

You guys have been loving our Spring series. Tune in to today's episode for a...
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Liver Frustrated & Angry? This could be why

by Farley D 1 min read October 09, 2020

We're moving into a lovely, yet erratic Spring season here in Australia and Mason is...
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Must-Have Herbs for Spring

by Farley D 6 mins read September 18, 2020

A really interesting one today community. Mason talks about which tonic herbs are your ally...
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How To Transition Between Seasons

by Farley D 5 mins read September 17, 2020

At SuperFeast, we follow the Daoist philosophy, an ancient tradition that, among many things, highly...
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A Message To Your 90-yo Self

by Farley D 5 mins read September 17, 2020

We're all about staying in the present, but today, we want you thinking about your...
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Clay - A Core Herb For Your Diet

by Farley D 7 mins read September 11, 2020

A very vital, Superior herb - clay. It is a herb that has been used...
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Building Biology & 5G with Nicole Bijlsma (EP#78)

by Sophia Richmond-Manno August 04, 2020

Mason welcomes Nicole Bijlsma on the podcast today. Nicole is building biologist who single handedly established the building...
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Remembering Your Wild Self With Claire Dunn (EP#75)

by Sophia Richmond-Manno July 14, 2020

Claire Dunn joins Tahnee on the podcast today. Claire is an author, journalist, educator and barefoot...
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Going Plastic Free with Kate Nelson The Plastic Free Mermaid (EP#74)

by Sophia Richmond-Manno July 07, 2020

Kate Nelson aka The Plastic Free Mermaid joins Mason on the podcast today. Kate eliminated...
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Courage & Empathy In The Face of Change with Catherine Ingram (EP#73)

by Sophia Richmond-Manno June 30, 2020

Catherine Ingram joins Tahnee on the podcast today. Catherine Ingram is an international dharma teacher...
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Part VIII: Compassion and Hard Conversations

by Tahnee McCrossin 6 mins read June 16, 2020

We have been responding slowly, deeply working through what we see, think, feel, and know (and...
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Check in with your 80 year old self...

by Farley D 1 min read June 10, 2020

Check in with your 80 year old self. How do you feel? How do you...
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Integral Anatomy for Modern Somanauts with Gil Hedley (EP#69)

by Sophia Richmond-Manno June 02, 2020

Gil Hedley joins Tahnee on the podcast today. Gil is an anatomist and self proclaimed...
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Your Top FAQs Answered

by Farley D 1 min read May 27, 2020

We love our tonic herb community - you guys are ever-curious and inquisitive about the...
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Optimising Your Gut Bacteria with Dan Sipple (EP#68)

by Sophia Richmond-Manno May 26, 2020

Functional Naturopath Dan Sipple is back on the show with Mason today to discuss the...
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Do You Dislike A Herb's Flavour?

by Farley D 2 mins read May 22, 2020

Sometimes, you might find you really don't like the taste of a tonic herb...
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Feeling dusty? Try this recipe!

by Farley D May 22, 2020

Overindulged? Had a few rosés, biodynamic vinos, or home brewed beer?!? This recipe is for...
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Plants For The People with Herbalist Erin Lovell Verinder (EP#67)

by Sophia Richmond-Manno May 19, 2020

Tahnee speaks with Herbalist, Nutritionist and Energetic Healer, Erin Lovell Verinder on the podcast today. Walking...
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I'm New To SuperFeast

by Farley D 5 mins read May 14, 2020

Hear from Mason (founder of SuperFeast) in the below video talking about: the magic of...
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Preconception Practices & The Family Culture with Mason & Tahnee From SuperFeast (EP#66)

by Sophia Richmond-Manno May 12, 2020

Join Tahnee and Mason as they share a beautiful, gentle conversation around reproductive health, the family culture...
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Part VI: Have We Actually Slowed Down?

by Tahnee McCrossin 9 mins read May 05, 2020

have read so many pieces on how this is the new slow. The time of...
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The Power of Recovery with CrossFit Champion James Newbury (EP#65)

by Sophia Richmond-Manno May 05, 2020

Today we've got CrossFit Champ James Newbury on the show. James is passionate about longevity...
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Top Tips To Care For Your Herbs

by Farley D 4 mins read April 30, 2020

Have your herbs gone a bit clumpy? Maybe your kraft bag has ripped? Maybe you've...
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