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We keep on stressing (pardon the pun) about it here - we are huge on slowing down. On taking time to breathe, get back to basics, feel and just be. The effects of stress are not worth it. We live in the real world; in a go go go world, full of distractions, heavy work loads, family commitments and the rest. In a world that quite frankly, can be stressful! Stress leads to a deficiency in the kidney organ system and we can experience fatigue and lethargy, two things that lead to premature ageing. These ‘symptoms’ of adrenal stress (aka leaking Jing) are rampant in the Western lifestyle. Enter: adaptogenic tonic herbs. They increase our body’s resilience and capacity to process and respond to stressors. When they are consumed every day, adaptogens (including tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms) accumulate unique benefits that enable your body to dance around stress in the system.


Male Preconception with Peter Kington (EP#126)

by Alexandra Anttilla July 14, 2021

Acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner Peter Kington discusses all aspects of male preconception, fertility, erectile dysfunction,...
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Psychedelic Assisted Therapies & Mental Health with Tania de Jong (EP#124)

by Alexandra Anttilla June 30, 2021

Mason chats to Mind Medicine Australia co-founder Tania de Jong about the bright future for...
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SuperFeast Ashwagandha Capsules

by Sophia Richmond-Manno April 12, 2021

SuperFeast Ashwagandha capsules are here! Ashwagandha is a beloved Ayurvedic rasayana (tonic herb) used for...
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Mental Health and Adaptogens with Naturopath Monica Shepherd (EP #112)

by Alexandra Anttilla April 07, 2021

We hope you all tune in for today's podcast as Mason sits down with mental...
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Jing: The Key To Restoring Your Body's Core Energy

Jing: The Key To Restoring Your Body's Core Energy

by Mason Taylor 1 min read March 22, 2021

Here at SuperFeast we don't muck around with our health, and that is why we...
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Spiritual Awakening & Biohacking with Dr. Molly Maloof (EP#108)

by Alexandra Anttilla March 09, 2021

Mason sits down for a chat with the innovative and ever inspiring Dr. Molly Maloof...
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Mind & Body Peak Performance with James Newbury (EP#106)

by Alexandra Anttilla February 23, 2021

Today on the podcast, Mason's joined by CrossFit legend, 4 x Australia's fittest man, Iron...
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THREE Gorgeous Meditations For You

by Farley D 1 min read October 30, 2020

What a treat we have for you guys. Tahnee (SuperFeast mumma) shares three guided meditations,...
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Healing Heat: Infrared Saunas with Sebastian Mierau (EP#84)

by Sophia Richmond-Manno September 15, 2020

Mason is joined by his best mate and CEO of Clearlight Sauna's (Australia & Europe)...
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What Is Your Poo Telling You? with Sarah Greenfield (EP#72)

by Sophia Richmond-Manno June 23, 2020

Mason welcomes Sarah Greenfield onto the podcast today to wax lyrical on the wonders of poo!...
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Part VI: Have We Actually Slowed Down?

by Tahnee McCrossin 9 mins read May 05, 2020

have read so many pieces on how this is the new slow. The time of...
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Body Literacy & The Menstrual Cycle with Nicole Jardim (EP#64)

by Sophia Richmond-Manno April 28, 2020

Tahnee is joined by Nicole Jardim on the Women's Series today to wax lyrical on...
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Transforming Anxiety into Action with Sarah Wilson (EP#61)

by Sophia Richmond-Manno April 07, 2020

Sarah Wilson is on the pod with Tahnee today and just quietly the whole SF...
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Always Need Energy? This May Be Why Nothing Works

by Mason Taylor 7 mins read February 28, 2020

You're asking - I want more energy! First of all, you think about the fact...
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QI Blend for Energy and Vitality

by Farley D 14 mins read February 24, 2020

Diving into the world of Qi today. Especially the QI formula, packed with the most...
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Maximising Your Human Potential with Dr Molly Maloof (EP#47)

Maximising Your Human Potential with Dr Molly Maloof (EP#47)

by Sophia Richmond-Manno December 03, 2019

Today Mason chats to Dr Molly Maloof. Dr. Molly is a physician, technologist and entrepreneur...
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JING Blend: Our Favourite Adrenal Tonic

by Mason Taylor 6 mins read September 12, 2019

Our specially formulated JING blend is one of our bread and butter creations. JING combines...
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Cordyceps CS-4, the non-threatening relative of Zombie Fungus...

by Mason Taylor 2 mins read August 20, 2019

Cordyceps: Energy improvement by building power and stamina, better blood oxygenation, supporting immunity, increased athletic...
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Cordyceps Sinesis Health Benfits - Why is cordyceps mushroom good for you

by Sophia Richmond-Manno 11 mins read July 12, 2019

Cordyceps is a medicinal mushroom revered for its powerful adaptogenic qualities.  In the Taoist tradition...
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Adrenal Fatigue with Sage Dammers & Dan Sipple (EP#26)

Adrenal Fatigue with Sage Dammers & Dan Sipple (EP#26)

by Sophia Richmond-Manno April 15, 2019

In today's podcast the terrific trio, Mason, Dan and Sage, come together to talk all...
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Ashwagandha - Your New Best Friend To Beat Stress

by Farley D 4 mins read April 08, 2019

In particular, ashwagandha (also known as Withania somnifera) has shown to be extremely beneficial to...
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Ashwagandha with Sage Dammers (EP#22)

Ashwagandha with Sage Dammers (EP#22)

by Farley D March 16, 2019

The countless benefits of this calming adaptogen range from dialling down the stress response, nourishing...
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Reishi: Will Take Your Meditation to the Next Level

by Farley D 5 mins read January 18, 2019

While the physiological benefits of incorporating this beautiful mushroom into your life are endless, it's the lesser tangible effects...
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De-Stress, Want To Know How To Lower Your Stress? Here's 51 Ways

by Farley D 2 mins read December 06, 2018

The current landscape demands us to work, work, work. To go harder, faster. More is...
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Sleep: Our Top 10 Tips

by Farley D 4 mins read November 05, 2018

Sure, we all know how important sleep is, right? The research continues to grow demonstrating...
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Jing Energy (EP#2)

Jing Energy (EP#2)

by Alex Dadak September 24, 2018

Join Mason as we take a deep dive into the mysterious and vitally important energy...
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Stress, What Is It and What is it Doing in Your Body?

by Sophia Richmond-Manno 6 mins read August 24, 2018

Stressssss…. We’ve all heard of it and we’ve all experienced it, but what is actually...
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JING Challenge: 30 Days To Restore Core Energy #30daysofjing

by Mason Taylor 3 mins read December 06, 2017

The #30daysofJING Challenge is an opportunity for rejuvenating the energy within the kidneys and adrenals...
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Medicinal Mushrooms: THE Food Trend of 2018!

by Tahnee McCrossin 4 mins read December 01, 2017

At SuperFeast we see medicinal mushrooms as ancient foods, and medicines, that have been a...
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Adrenals and Kidney Health - Breathing and Movement

by SuperFeast Team 1 min read September 26, 2017

So by now, you guys know how passionate we are about Jing energy (I mean...
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