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The 30 Days JING Challenge

I'm kind of tempted to do an infomercial for you about how 30 days on JING will give you 2 little rock-hard 6 packs on your lower back where your kidneys are because these herbs make your kidneys ripped! But, I'll resist the temptations. 

Basically what's happening is for the 30 days of September we're banding together and getting on the JING (our awesome Jing herbs blend) as a community; hard! We intend that by the end of September we will have a new reference point for feeling our foundational energy growing and overflowing. And you know what else, we want to do all of this while curbing the use of ANY stimulants so that we can really give our adrenals some breathing room to build a strong base of stamina, power and function (we're looking at you hormones, get ready to get balanced).

So come and join us in curbing the:

  1. Coffee
  2. Cacao
  3. Caffeinated tea, and;
  4. Anything else you wish to have a rest from!...
...And adding in the JING herbs daily. 

We'll be sharing loads of tips and recipes to support this kidney nourishing month over on our Instagram and Facebook page (and you can also follow mine and Tahnee's for extra inspo @masonjtaylor & @tahneemccrossin). 

Our intention is for us to tone, cleanse and nourish our kidneys together as a community, to feel what it is like to take a break from the things that "perk us up" in the short term (like coffee) and instead build our own embodied capacity to energise ourselves throughout the day as we thrive in life. 

If you've already got your JING, awesome, if not you quickly grab some (I recommend 250g for best effect) and join us as we curb the stimulants and get on the JING every damn day. 

And just a warning, when your Jing is full your libido gets a nice little upgrade, juuuuuuust sayin'.

I'll be journeying along with you gang so I'll speak to you over September and have a blast as you tone your kidneys like never before. 

In love for kidney essence, 



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