Ultimate Brain Health Combo: QI Blend and Neural Nectar

March 01, 2020 4 mins read


Tonic herbalism is this beautiful foundational system, and within this system, we can have particular intentions - One of these primary intentions is to keep our brain highly functioning; we want our mind and brain focused, the nuanced ability to remember, to recall, and to be witty (not asking for much are we?!)


 In this video Mason covers:

  • The core intention in modern tonic herbalism

  • Optimising brain function

  • The process of herbal usage to procure wit, memory and recall

  • Why you need to start with developing Jing to create foundations for superior brain activity 

  • Why adaptogenic herbal nootropics are a key feature in the diet for those focused on superior mental health. 
  • Why we must transition from our supporting herbs, being Jing, to the animating herbs, Qi.
  • Why nootropics aren't enough to ensure long term mental health/ and that you need supporting herbs for longevity in this.




Feeling called to jump in the QI blend and Neural Nectar train now?! And if you are wanting to dive deeper into the magic that is your brain, we've got some pretty cool tips here in our Neuroprotective Tips You Need To Know About.




So as always, tonic herbalism is this system, and within this system we can have particular intentions like we want our mind and our brain, our focus, the nuanced ability to remember and recall and be witty, and that's what I aspire to. I want wit wit wit. And however, there's nuance, we want it to be as simple as just like yes, you just take Neural Nectar and you have all these things. But I want to make sure that you understand the ins and outs and combinations and what happens with like the treasure blends, like the Jing, toning the treasure of Jing and Qi, ...you know, really focus on toning the treasure of Qi.


So they can be foundational focuses within your diet, but then how do you really make sure that you continue to go forth in potentiating your mental acuity? Well Jing, the kidneys are governing the brain, the sea of marrow. And so we need to start with the Jing and make sure that we are not exhausted and living excessively, so that you have the potential and foundation for that memory and that recall and that focus and that sharpness to be rocking.


Now, so you might be on like the JING formula with the Neural Nectar there as well. The Neural Nectar, yes, it does have like herb's that are classified like the mucuna and the rhodiola, nourishing a bit of that Jing, directly associated to the brain, they're nootropic, and so it's working on the brain tissue, the nervous system, really working on the circulation via the ginkgo, getting up in there through the brain.


However, Neural Nectar, it's one of those blends, as a nootropic, it's maybe not quite a staple. It's pretty strong. Maybe you wanna be having that on days, maybe just a week here and there and you feel you're off. Maybe days when you know you really need to be mentally on. But then how do we support that and make sure that we keep the momentum and my mind going in the direction where we can make all these connections and keep it really sharp?


Once you get to the point where Jing is really established and stable within your diet, Qi is what animates our thought process. It's the potential for thought and our ability to not get fatigued within our mind, within our mental function, which we all recognise. And it's one of the reasons why Neural Nectar is like, that's the staple.


When you have a day when you're on an exam or something like that, when you have meetings all day and clients and you need to stay sharp. It would have been perfect for me this morning, putting Neural Nectar into a hot chocolate or a coffee or just on chai or something like that, when I had a lot of these say videos to make, because I need to be recalling a lot, and I need to be jumping over in other directions. I need to be making connections through the tonic herbal apothecary that we have in the system we have here. So that would be a really good day for me to do a very, it's very sustainable nootropic mental medicine, this Neural Nectar.


But QI as a staple, ensuring we since start like cultivating Qi. So we're almost, daily we have Qi to burn through and utilise. It becomes a really great support for ensuring that we have enough daily Qi to keep our thought process really rocking. And so if you are experiencing, we explained what happened, the Jing there. It's like when you actually don't have the potential. When you have that potential and you just are becoming fatigued towards the end of the day, you can't quite run the marathon and finish the marathon with gusto when it comes to your mental acuity, try the QI, in combination with the Neural Nectar and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at what you find, and please let me know how you go.

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