Herbs, Steaming and Massage with Laura Clemmons (Podcast #27)

April 23, 2019 2 mins read

Herbs, Steaming and Massage with Laura Clemmons (Podcast #27)

Today Tahnee chats with Laura Clemmons, a woman who brings intuition, love, compassion and a great passion for herbs to the discussion. The ladies talk about becoming your own healer, which can be extremely empowering. The ancient practices of massage, using herbs and vaginal steaming are explored, along with how women tend to bloom after utilising these intuitive practices in their journeys. The ladies share their herbal experiences, noting that herbs have their own personality and often reveal themselves to us, when we need them. Laura is a big believer in honouring your moon time as a sacred time and having ritual (it could be as simple as lighting a candle and setting an intention). We know you are gong to love today's incredibly gentle and intuitive convo.


You will hear about:

  • How regular womb massaging increases circulation and overall health
  • According to TCM - excess worry and anxiety leads to poor digestion
  • According to TCM - fear leads to blocked kidney channel and fertility issues
  • How a uterus repositioning can prove profound health benefits
  • Laura's own uterine massage technique and how to do it
  • Plants are so much more than their chemical constituents; they have spirit and personality
  • Vaginal steaming is a beautiful self care ritual; utilising steam as a support for infections, UTI's, irregular menses etc as a healing tool
  • Women can hold emotions, anxieties, fears in the womb - digestion stops working, painful periods ensue
  • Old stagnant blood can become stuck in the womb and built up; vaginal steaming can have a positive impact on clearing this
  • Setting up mini alters around the house can be that gentle reminder for you to reconnect / take some time for yourself / take a breathe / practice self care


Who is Laura Clemmons?

Laura Elvira Clemmons is a certified herbalist and graduate of the Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies. Laura concentrates on female reproductive health. Her work attends to physical, psychological and spiritual issues, being that these systems are integrated and inseparable. Laura believes that caring for the reproductive system is one of the most important things that we can do, being that it is literally the gateway through which spirits are drawn from the ethers into this world. She studied under Dr. Gu Ding in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Shen Nong Center in Philadelphia, PA, and Mayan Traditional Healing Practices and Uterine Care with Ms. Beatrice Waight, Belize, Ann Drucker, Boulder, CO and Rosita Arvigo, Belize. She held an apprenticeship with Linda White Dove in herbal medicine; an apprenticeship with Claudia Rosewolf in traditional North American indigenous healing practices; and an apprenticeship with Pei Fen Yan in Chinese Medicine in Boulder, Colorado.  She believes that all medical modalities are lifelong learning processes and that the more education one has increases the tools in one’s tool box. Along with a finely tuned sense of intuition she combines these healing techniques to create a healing protocol for her clients.



Email Laura: Stregagardens@gmail.com
Call Laura: +1 720-380-9916
Laura's website
Mantak Chia
Stephen Harrod Buhner
Miss Beatrice Waight
Vaginal Steaming article


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