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                SuperFeast Blends

                Our unique, premium quality tonic herb blends are specially crafted from wild-crafted herbs and medicinal mushrooms to support the body's organs and treasures Jing, Qi and Shen and to provide great benefits at an affordable price.

                Immunity/Gut Health: Mason's Mushrooms

                Adrenals/Stress: JING

                Skin Health/Gentle Detox: Beauty Blend

                Brain Function and Performance: Neural Nectar

                Neural Nectar Powdered Extract Blend

                Neural Nectar+ ENHANCES BRAIN & NEURAL FUNCTION + Neural Nectar is a unique combination of tonic herb nootropics specially designed for enhancing brain and neural function for modern life. This well-rounded blend is designed to deliver superior focus, mental energy, memory retention and recall. These carefully selected herbs have been used for thousands of years for enhancing cerebral circulation, neurological immunity, cognitive ability and as fortification...

                Mason's Mushrooms Powdered Extract Blend

                Mason's Mushrooms Powdered Extract Blend + POTENT FULL-SPECTRUM MEDICINAL MUSHROOM BENEFITS+ A specialty blend of eight of the world’s greatest and most powerful medicinal mushrooms. If you’re looking to upgrade your immune system and restore gut health, this is the blend for you. Medicinal mushrooms are adaptogenic herbs revered in the ancient herbal traditions for their ability to build immunity,...


                JING+ KIDNEY & ADRENALS + JING is a premium quality formula designed to support and restore the adrenals and nourish the Kidney essence. For when exhaustion is not an option. JING combines the most revered Jing herbs of the Taoist system into a powerful tonic that helps to cultivate an abundance of energy that is the foundation of all functions...

                Beauty Blend

                Beauty Blend+ BEAUTY + VITALITY + This is an ancient beauty formula with a modern twist. If you’re wanting to radiate beauty from the inside out, then this is the blend for you. Beauty Blend is a combination of tonic herbs that have been used by Taoists for millennia to cultivate inner radiance and beauty. The ancient herbs knows collectively...