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                Welcoming to the SuperFeast family...Neural Nectar, Tremella, Turkey Tail, and Shiitake.

                Neural Nectar Powdered Extract Blend

                Neural Nectar+ ENHANCES BRAIN & NEURAL FUNCTION + Neural Nectar is a unique combination of tonic herb nootropics specially designed for enhancing brain and neural function for modern life. This well-rounded blend is designed to deliver superior focus, mental energy, memory retention and recall. These carefully selected herbs have been used for thousands of years for enhancing cerebral circulation, neurological immunity, cognitive ability and as fortification...

                Wild-Crafted Shiitake Extract

                Wild-Crafted Shiitake Mushroom Powdered Extract + THE ELIXIR OF LIFE + Shiitake (Lentinufa erodes) is the nutritional and medicinal powerhouse of the fungi kingdom. Japanese elders know shiitake as the “elixir of life” and have used it traditionally both as a nutritious addition to meals and as a treatment for many ailments, especially immune deficiencies. As a herb, it is revered in...

                Wild-Crafted Tremella Extract

                Wild-Crafted Tremella Mushroom Powdered Extract + The Dessert Mushroom + Tremella (Tremella fuciformis) is a medicinal mushroom that we call the ‘dessert mushroom’ due to its beautiful, slightly sweet vanilla flavour. For thousands of years, this herb has been used by the noble men and women of the Orient as a youth-preserving tonic and for a healthy, radiant complexion. The Taoists observed...

                Wild-Crafted Turkey Tail Extract

                Wild-Crafted Turkey Tail Mushroom Powdered Extract Turkey tail (Trametes versicolor) has been a favourite immune-boosting mushroom of herbalists for thousands of years. Known as a potent herb on nearly every continent, it has been used traditionally for boosting Qi (Chi) and vitality, toning the liver, improve thymus health, building strong bones and muscles and to help improve overall gut health. As...