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Golden Ticket 2021

It's our Wonka-Esque
Ticket Time!


Hello my lovely community,

Welcome my friends. Welcome to my herbacious factory.

Mason Wonka Taylor here and I have a spectacular announcement today! We are giving away an ENORMOUS prize pool for you to win! From today, if you purchase any SuperFeast herbs, you have a very good chance of finding a ticket, maybe gold, silver OR bronze! There's a total of 45 tickets to be found, so you've got a great chance. Head here to start buying!

If you find a golden ticket, you're up for a prize of more than $900 worth of goodies, including Chocolates from Loco Love, candles from Northern Light and beautiful natural beauty products from Cannabella.

Our silver and bronze tickets include a whole bunch of Dao Dollars to use, so now is the best time to join our SuperLove Rewards Club (where you can use your Dao Dollars on future SuperFeast herbs). Join here! Free and easy.

Ohhh we are feeling delighted and excited to be sharing this Willy Wonka-esque escapade with you. And why? Because we love our community. Plus it's SuperFeast's 10th birthday this year, so we are celebrating hard!

Quick details:

⬩ From today until - Friday 14th 8pm AEST
⬩ Your chance to win one of 45 tickets
⬩ Golden ticket prize valued at over $900 RRP!
⬩ Available world-wide!

Now time is a precious thing. Never waste it. Get to buying your fave herbs now!

Love to you all, Mase Wonka xx