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Here at SuperFeast we specialise in tonic herbs, including medicinal mushrooms. Based in the gorgeous Byron Bay, Australia, our SuperFeast culture is heavily influenced by the philosophies that were laid down by the ancient Daoist herbal masters. Throughout this lineage these potent herbs were used daily in the diet, to create and carry forward robust and long lasting health and vitality. Our aim and deep desire at SuperFeast is to see these beautiful tonic herbs reach as many kitchens and bellies as we can across Australia and the world. Tonic herbs have been intelligently designed by nature to nourish, tone and restore the organ systems of the human body.

Our herbs are grown in their natural wild environments and harvested as per the Di Tao (link), a practice deeply rooted in tradition and respect for the herb and the land it grows on. This practice ensures that the energetic signature that is instilled in the herb by the rhythms of its environment is captured and retained so it can be passed on to the consumer. This results in a product that is both full spectrum and Beyond Organic.


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We have made these blends to make tonic herbalism EASY Mason’s Mushrooms is for your gut health and immunity. Try it. Jing is for your adrenals - feeling stressed? Try it. Beauty Blend makes you shiny from the inside, out. Try it. Neural Nectar is to help get energy to your brain for performance! Try it. Ultimate Combo's: (do we need to include recipes here?) Ultimate Health: Mason's + JING (this combo has got all your bases covered) Hormone Balance: JING and schizandra Stress Less - JING and reishi Ultimate Beauty - schizandra and tremella Ultimate Immunity - Masonss and astragalus Ultimate Brain Power - JING and Neural Nectar

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Individual herbs and their explanations (ritual)

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Shortened intro to tonic herbs

Shortened intro to tonic herbs, super easy to digest, but a but more richer. Tonic herbs as a lifestyle. Tonic herbs are crucial to us in the West

How Do Tonic Herbs Work?

How do these herbs actually work - they are adaptogenic, talk about compounds like beta-glucans, triterpans and the schiz one etc, but these herbs were identified over 2000 years ago as being superior and you need the entire chemical and energetic profile of the herbs. Not individual compounds, we don't isolate. That's why we source very specifically. INFOGRAPHIC BEGIN All our tonic herbs are produced to the highest quality using state of the art technology that allows the extract liquids to be carefully dehydrated into a micro fine powder that will dissolve back into any liquid or warm water. SuperFeast Tonic Herbs Are: Safe for daily use Adaptogenic Right for you - any herb will work, there is no wrong answer Not heat sensitive, they LOVE heat Not culinary mushrooms INFOGRAPHIC END

So Why Are SuperFeast Products So Rad?

Di Tao

We only source the finest, most potent and robust herbal extracts nature can provide, these are the herbs we take ourselves and share with our families, friends and you our beloved customer.

To do this we go straight to the source, the areas where the tradition of tonic herbalism and lore are established and deeply rooted. We source via the Di Tao, an ancient practice that loosely translates to sourcing something from its “spiritual homeland”, a method that results in a product that is both full spectrum and Beyond Organic. We source wild and semi-wild crafted tonic herbs (this includes medicinal mushrooms) from the pristine mountain regions of China and surrounds.


Jing, Qi, Shen, we use Daoist terminology. These herbs are tonic herbs because they build these Three Treasures. Work on the 5 major organs. Why they are so effective is they tone the major organs. The organs are getting food daily so they are doing their job more effectively. That's why these herbs are full spectrum and they can be included in your lifestyle forever. Talk about toning NS, vagus nerve, the immune system, the endocrine system. Check out the immune combo - boom. Check out the immune combo. Etc. The herbs work synergistically together. Ancient use has always used them together. Deeper into Jing, Chi Shen, nervous system, endocrine system.


We are committed to the longevity of both our health and our planet. That's why we are Earth First. Our commitments to helping Earth regain her health and vitality include:

  • We post out all our tonic herbs to you, plastic-free
  • We sell products in beautiful, reusable Miron glasses, please repurpose them
  • We are committed to working towards a plastic-free business model
  • We are part of the local community composting system with Compost Central
  • We have strong recycling systems in the warehouse and office at SuperFeast headquarters
  • We recycle all our soft plastics
  • We are currently researching compostable packaging


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