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Beauty Bible: Discover Your Inner and Outer Radiance, The SuperFeast Way.

Interested in natural beauty tips? Want to learn how to use SuperFeast tonic herbs in DIY beauty recipes? Feeling like you need a little more radiance in your life? Then this free downloadable bible is for you!

Discover your inner & outer radiance, the SuperFeast way

Ancient Daoists followed the path to longevity & immortality. We love their practices & beliefs for a long, beautiful, healthy life. We hope to inspire you to look at beauty a little deeper & invite you to walk the adaptogenic tonic herbal path for longevity, vitality & optimal health. Beauty from the inside out.


At SuperFeast HQ, much of our community have a specific interest in wanting to feel more vital, have clearer skin, soothe inflammation, support strong nails and tips for lustrous and healthy hair. And we love sharing how to get that glowing feeling.  

We explore the ancient philosophies behind beauty herbs and dive into why the Daoists revered long hair for its role in supporting and enhancing their quest for longevity - by acting as an antenna to better capture the energy (Qi) of the environment. 

We share eight areas for you to focus on if you have symptoms relating to skin. Plus according to the Daoist traditions, our skin is actually an extension of the Lung channel. But what does this actually mean if you experience blemishes, psoriasis and other skin issues? Download the Beauty Bible to dive right in

You'll get our view on healthy, shining, bright eyes. Hint: the eyes are an extension of the liver meridian, so a healthy, supported, nourished liver will really support the health of your eyes.

Of course, we share all our favourite tonic herbs and adaptogens for that inner and outer radiance. If this sounds like you, download the SuperFeast Beauty Bible here<3




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