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Our story

Janesse’s Story

  • Six months into the birth of SuperFeast, Mason’s mother Janesse suffered a debilitating stroke. The months following involved emergency care, rehabilitation and the slow adjustment to a new way of life.

    SuperFeast would never have existed without Janesse.

    To this day we ensure that the charitable spirit and love for life that Janesse has is always preserved in SuperFeast’s business operations and message. Janesse remains an ongoing
  • inspiration to all of us at SuperFeast - she is still recovering but maintains a zest for life and a great sense of humour, and is a daily consumer of SuperFeast’s offerings.

    After his mum’s aneurysm, Mason made a conscious decision to become thoroughly dedicated to SuperFeast and its mission to prevent as much degeneration and illness as humanly possible while promoting flourishing health. It was with this new energy that the tonic herbs and mushrooms were included in the SuperFeast range.

“She convinced me to start the company and follow my passion; she also thought of the name and gave us our first little bit of capital”. Mason Taylor.

Mason Taylor

“To this day SuperFeast is 100% family owned and we pride ourselves on being a family business. This allows us to move forward with the same grassroots values that were presented on day one”.

- Mason Taylor.
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The SuperFeast Way

Are you new to SuperFeast? Not sure where to start? Join Mason (founder of SuperFeast) as he welcomes you to the SuperFeast family.