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Eucommia Bark Powdered Extract


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Brand SuperFeast

Eucommia Bark Powdered Extract

Eucommia Bark (Eucommia ulmoides) is an adaptogenic tonic herb known in the Traditional Chinese Medicine system for its ability to replenish the expansive kidney energy that assists the body in generating strength, stamina, power and a healthy constitution systemically Eucommia Bark is in fact the primary herb in Chinese tonic herbalism for building a strong, sturdy, flexible skeletal structure and is used to help strengthen the bones, ligaments and tendons.

Other names: Du Zhong, rubber tree, Eucommia ulmoides

About SuperFeast Wild Eucommia Powdered Extract:

Our Wild Eucommia Bark is harvested from it’s natural home in China’s Chiang Bai Mountains... (see our article on Di Tao for why we source our herbs from China). It is a dual-extracted 10:1 powder, that is carefully dried to maintain the active constituents of the herb.

Origin: China


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