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Reclaiming Pureness and Sovereign Living with Jessika Le Corre (EP#96)

Tahnee returns today on the Women's Series to bring you this multi-dimensional conversation with ...

November 20 2020

60 min read


Clay - A Core Herb For Your Diet

A very vital, Superior herb - clay. It is a herb that has been used for thousands of years.


September 11 2020

7 min read


3 Ingredients Only! Delicious Tremella Recipe

Join Mason as he delights his own senses, making this super simple, yet very epic, Tremella mushr...

September 10 2020

1 min read


Feeling dusty? Try this recipe!

Overindulged? Had a few rosés, biodynamic vinos, or home brewed beer?!? This recipe is for you!


May 22 2020

0 min read


Tomato & Basil Quinoa Salad Feat. Lion's Mane Medicinal Mushroom

This salad is vegan, refined sugar- and gluten-free. Fresh, light and super tasty, did we mention...

April 20 2020

1 min read


Qi Choccie + Tea (Recipes)

QI is the newest kid on the SuperFeast apothecary block and my, how we love this delicious blend.

January 20 2020

1 min read

Cordyceps: the 4 things it WON'T do!

Cordyceps: the 4 things it WON'T do!

We're loving hard on cordyceps and it's epic health benefits it can have for us. Today we have a ...

tonic herbalism

August 21 2019

2 min read


Beauty Bible: Discover Your Inner and Outer Radiance, The SuperFeast Way.

Interested in natural beauty tips? Want to learn how to use SuperFeast tonic herbs in DIY beauty ...

beauty and skin

August 13 2019

1 min read

Magical Mermaid Latte

Magical Mermaid Latte

Tremella’s antioxidant levels are also believed to enhance the body’s own antioxidant production,...

August 25 2018

0 min read