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Reclaiming Pureness and Sovereign Living with Jessika Le Corre (EP#96)

posted 2020 Nov by

Tahnee returns today on the Women's Series to bring you this multi-dimensional, discerning conversation with the ethereal Jessika Le Corre; foundress of the divine skincare company Feather Eagle Sky, author, herbalist, mama to three beautiful children, and overall incredible sovereign being.

Raised completely immersed in nature, within the realms of both highly religious and native spirituality. Jessika is a woman who stands deeply connected to mother earth, keeping one foot in the natural world and one foot in the spirit world.

"I think one of my greatest purposes is sharing that great spirit is everywhere and that the plants are alive in there. The earth is alive and how can you protect her if you don't even know how her? How can you protect that which you don't know, which you're never in"? - Jessika Le Corre


Tahnee and Jessika discuss:

  • The spirit world in its all-encompassing divine forms; from religions of the world to Mother Nature and Great Spirit.
  • The intention, envisioning, manifestation, and hard work that goes into everything Jessika does, from birthing/owning a successful skincare company to living her dream life and being a present mama.
  • The story of Feather Eagle Sky, and the ceremony that is woven into the creation process of these potent plant-based products, helping women all over the world reclaim their beauty.
  • Using ceremony, meditation, and Mother Nature as portals of sacred space to come back to the true expression of ourselves as women.
  • Parenting; laying a conscious, love based foundation for children where they can live in the natural world, learn how to care for the earth and connect with the spirit of who they are.
  • The importance of self-examination when it comes to belief systems. Are our beliefs based on direct experience and personal understanding, or just something that we've been conditioned to believe?
  • Sovereign living & getting back to what truly matters, as the ultimate act of peaceful protest.
  • The space for true leadership in the world at present; leaders who value the importance of caring for the earth, all living beings & promote unity.
  • Jessika's personal experience of living in a small Mexican village, where she and her family have created a life they thrive in, and are able  to support their community.

 Who is Jessika Le Corre?

Jessika Le Corre is the creatrix of Feather Eagle Sky, a well-respected pure organic skincare line that aims to reconnect us to the magic of the plant kingdom, the mother of three children, Feather, Eagle, and Sky, and an author (Moonbow, Nocturnal Outpost). Her work is deeply rooted in ancestral wisdom and ceremony. Jessika studied skincare, herbs, flower remedies, essential oils, and works with plant medicines with a seasoned Shaman. She incorporates the multidimensional aspects of life into everything she does, with an emphasis on the health of the whole (mind, body, spirit).


Feather Eagle Sky website
Feather Eagle Sky Facebook
Feather Eagle Sky Instagram
Jessika's personal Instagram
Moonbow Book

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Check Out The Transcript Here:


Tahnee: (00:00)

Hi, everyone. Thanks for joining us on the SuperFeast Podcast. Today I'm here with Jessika Le Corre. I'm very excited to be speaking to her. She's the foundress of Feather Eagle Sky, which this stunning skincare company based out of New Mexico in the US. And she's also mama to three beautiful children who have given her the name of the company, which is great. And she's just this incredible woman. I've been following her on social media for a few years, and her poetry, the way that she mothers, the way that she loves her partner, and the way that she loves herself has been a real inspiration to me as I've kind of navigated my parenting journey. And I'm so stoked to have you here today with us, Jessika, thanks for taking the time.


Jessika Le Corre: (00:44)

Thank you beautiful, thank you for having me, it's an honour.


Tahnee: (00:47)

Yeah, it's such a great opportunity to get some of your wisdom captured because I think you share so much of yourself online through your words and your beautiful imagery. And just the stories you tell that I'm sure there's a lot of you that you keep for yourself as well.


Tahnee: (01:04)

I guess I would be really interested to hear a little bit about your journey, like your childhood and into your teens and 20s. And you seem to embody this real strength and feminine grace and wisdom. But I wonder if it's always been that way for you or whether you kind of had a bit of a journey to get where you are now, is there anything you can share for us?


Jessika Le Corre: (01:25)

Oh, [crosstalk 00:01:27].


Tahnee: (01:28)

Start right in the deep end.


Jessika Le Corre: (01:29)

It's definitely been a journey.


Tahnee: (01:32)



Jessika Le Corre: (01:34)

I was always extremely connected to the natural world, the earth because I grew up way, way, way high up in the mountains in a very, very small village, just surrounded by the sky and endless meadows and mountains and trees, and mountain lions and bears and eagles. My dad is quite the wild man, and my mom is extremely religious. And I was raised actually to be a preacher, and extremely deeply connected to kind of that religious world of sharing just the fundamentalist and propaganda of it all, and kind of purging all of that in my life. And also, then my dad was like the great spirit, extremely native in his beliefs and very one with the earth.


Jessika Le Corre: (02:40)

And actually, it was the greatest childhood I could ever ask for because I was raised with so much love. And my parents are still together at 50 years, George and Georgia.


Tahnee: (02:54)

Oh, cute.


Jessika Le Corre: (02:55)

Yeah. Both very, very amazing and very different, but somehow have the deepest love for each other that has been one of the greatest examples for me in my life. But just that freedom that my father offered me and his deep connection with the earth, and the way that he never judged me and the way that I was able to just be so free in nature. Like I would never come home to after school, I would walk to school just across the dirt road. And then I would just be free after that, running up into the mountains and reading books under trees and writing and watching the stars at night.


Jessika Le Corre: (03:39)

And so it was an amazing place to give birth to all of my visions, and to actually have my deep epiphany at like 11 that I was one with God, and I didn't need to do anything to gain that approval or that there's nothing you can do to gain that kind of love that it's beckoning us. It's the universe, great spirit is always offering through every moment, through the sunrise and the sunset, and the trees and the hummingbirds and the flowers and all the plants. A window, an opportunity for you to have a glimpse of all of that beauty, and all of that wisdom. And so I'm grateful that I had my mother because she gave me the discipline I needed because I literally was travelling to other countries and was like a missionary and I had a lot of discipline, let's just say.


Jessika Le Corre: (04:43)

And I've studied the Bible extensively and read it over six times. And I've been able to merge with every religion in the world, through my travels of India and everywhere. I really knew innately as a young girl that I was already there with the divine, it was all good. And so growing up, though I did have to kind of purge all those beliefs because I believe it's necessary that anyone should examine themselves and their thoughts and observe them and see what's yours? What is your direct experience, not just something that you've been conditioned or taught to believe?


Jessika Le Corre: (05:33)

I'm glad that I had the extreme willpower, and immense wildness to do that because my mom is extremely strong. She's a very powerful woman. She's a total queen. But it was wonderful to have my dad at the same time who just saw that I had already gotten it. So that's my journey as a child. Well, I've had two brothers in my life and I'm the baby. So it was wonderful to kind of just be the girl and the baby actually, because they kind of put all the energy on the other kids and I got to be free.


Tahnee: (06:16)

I've heard that so much from the third children. Just kind of disappear a little bit.


Jessika Le Corre: (06:22)

Except not with my Sky. My little baby Sky who's six. He's the youngest, and oh my goodness, I feel like he gets all my attention.


Tahnee: (06:30)

He's such a big energy, even just through social media. He seems like it.


Jessika Le Corre: (06:34)

Oh, he is [crosstalk 00:06:35].


Tahnee: (06:35)

A bit of a star.


Jessika Le Corre: (06:38)

He is a star. He's like a little Erwan.


Tahnee: (06:41)

Yeah, like daddy.


Jessika Le Corre: (06:42)

Really. They are mini each other’s, little twins.


Tahnee: (06:45)

That's very cute. It's not [crosstalk 00:06:48]. Sorry.


Jessika Le Corre: (06:48)

Full of love.


Tahnee: (06:49)



Jessika Le Corre: (06:50)

No, he's so full of love, and he needs so much love. And he's like a triple Cancer.


Tahnee: (06:54)

Oh, gosh!


Jessika Le Corre: (06:56)

Oh, yeah.


Tahnee: (06:57)

Squishy centre.


Jessika Le Corre: (06:58)

Yes, exactly.


Tahnee: (07:01)

It sounds like you were raised in this really, kind of almost extreme juxtaposition of your father's wildness and where you lived. And then your mother's strength and will and I guess, pushing you into this missionary work, which is quite an unusual experience, I think for a young person to be involved in.


Jessika Le Corre: (07:22)

Oh, yeah. No, I feel like I'm 400 years old.


Tahnee: (07:26)

Yeah, because it sounds like you grew up pretty early, in some ways.


Jessika Le Corre: (07:30)

Oh, yeah.


Tahnee: (07:33)

And is that something with your kids? Are you more conscious of a childhood? Or was it something you don't really ... Are you happy? Not to say that you can't really change anything anyway. But like-


Jessika Le Corre: (07:42)



Tahnee: (07:43)

... is there a sense of you're preserving your children's innocence a little bit more? Or are you kind of just letting nature unfold? Is there something there with you?


Jessika Le Corre: (07:57)

We're extremely open with our children and we very much believe in letting our children become who they are, and show us who they are. But we lay the foundation for a lot of principles, there's a lot of universal principles that we really make sure our children are given. But as far as religion and all those things, I don't put any of those things on my kids at all. And I don't ... Politics, any of it, none of it, I am extremely, very much deeply trying to give them in my opinion, the greatest gift which is just being and living in the natural world and being deeply connected and in ceremony with plants and with great spirit and just allowing them to show us who they are. I don't want to put my agenda on them or Erwan's agenda. We don't have one. It's just that they become and always remain strong, healthy and free and wildly wise.


Jessika Le Corre: (09:12)

And they are, they're extremely wise children. They speak French, English, Spanish. They've been all over the world. They are just so Earth children. They're so grounded, so solid and so wise, that they're kind of my favourite people to hang out with. I would rather hang out with them than any other people because they really get it. They're so clean. They're so healthy.


Jessika Le Corre: (09:44)

Their mind is so clean. It's not tainted by like just the amount of ... The world is obsessed with gadgets, TVs, video games and they're so distracted. And my children spend every day climbing, barefoot, running, jumping, swimming, fishing, playing in the rain with kids with buckets. And speaking Spanish while they're here in the jungle. It's extraordinary and with lots of animals too, there's so many beautiful animals here. And so I just love that they get to have that. And that's the kind of life I want them to have because there's so many people who are protesting and marching and yet, do they know what they're protesting and marching for? Whereas, my children's life and their connection with the earth is their protest? You know what I mean? Is their march.


Tahnee: (10:47)

Yeah, it almost like the most ultimate act of rebellion is to disconnect from all of it, and to go back to what matters, right?


Jessika Le Corre: (10:55)

Yeah, exactly. And [crosstalk 00:10:57].


Tahnee: (10:58)

Oh, sorry.


Jessika Le Corre: (10:59)

You go.


Tahnee: (10:59)

Oh. I was going to say, "You go." Because you're normally based in New Mexico. So you're down in Mexico, Mexico. So is this something [crosstalk 00:11:08].


Jessika Le Corre: (11:08)

Oh, yeah. I'm a real Mexican.


Tahnee: (11:10)



Jessika Le Corre: (11:11)

Yeah. New Mexican, Mexican.


Tahnee: (11:11)

You seem like you're really comfortable there every time I see footage of you there.


Jessika Le Corre: (11:17)

Oh, God! I love it. There is nothing like the Mexico culture. They are so happy. Every day, we walk down from our little sky house temple kind of tree house thing that's perched very high up in the mountain. And it's a climb, we have to climb up and down all day long. People have no idea how much we move.


Jessika Le Corre: (11:47)

I just can't tell you how happy I am to see this, to be in this little community because it's a small fishing village down the coast of Puerto Vallarta. So it's only available by boats. There's no roads, there's no cars here. And so you are really deeply in tune with nature here. There is no sounds and nothing, it's just pure. All the elements that you could imagine. And then there's this beautiful community that's catching fish for dinner, and everybody shares and everybody's so happy. And sometimes we drink Mescal. And most of the time, we're just eating tonnes of fruits and incredible [foreign language 00:12:31]. And they're so happy and we dance. I danced all night last night. It's just amazing. I just love these people. They really get it. They smile from their hearts. And there's just so much beauty and they understand hard work and simplicity. And they're so genuine.


Jessika Le Corre: (12:56)

I just can't imagine my kids having to grow up, even though New Mexico is so unbelievable. I'm just grateful that my kids get to have another culture, another-


Tahnee: (13:09)

Yeah, experience.


Jessika Le Corre: (13:10)

... way of being and seeing life and really being at home with it and having dear friends who they go stay the night out. It's incredible. I'm so grateful.


Tahnee: (13:23)

And I think that sense of when you're a child, if you're talking about later on being able to do that inquiring into what's mine and what isn't when you've been exposed to multiple ways of thinking and multiple ways of being, it gives you ... You're less myopic, I guess, in your worldview. So you're able to filter through what you really resonate with and what delights you. And I think that's where so many as kids go to school, they've spent 12 years in an institution, and then they're left to work out what they want to do with their lives.


Jessika Le Corre: (13:52)

I know, I can't even imagine. Our kids have an incredible Mystra, a teacher here, Carrie. She is from Mexico City. And she is an amazing teacher. And so they have their sessions with her every day for their school. And it's the cutest thing ever, all in Spanish. And then they'll have their math tutor and blah, blah, blah, and their music and everything and it's just, to me that is so much better than just sending my child to some school where I actually don't know these people at all. I don't even know what that ... That's great that they think they're teaching a lot of history, which they're not even really teaching history but ...


Tahnee: (14:38)

Their history.


Jessika Le Corre: (14:40)

Right, exactly. And school is important, I definitely believe school's important because of just the discipline that it does create in your children and in you as an adult, you do need to be educated and to learn things and it's very important. But the way that you learn is also just as important. My kids are sitting right outside looking at the trees and guacamayo are flying by and they can hear the ocean. And they're eating something healthy while they're doing their school. And then they run down the mountain to go get in the ocean after school, I just can't. I would never want to send them, I feel like I would be sending them to prison in some way.


Tahnee: (15:26)

Yeah. I can relate to that feeling.


Jessika Le Corre: (15:28)

To have to go sit for eight hours would just be [oh 00:15:31]. And I know because I have done it the other way. When Feather was a little girl, she went to Montessori starting at age three, Gentle Nudge, and she was there for like six hours. And yet she really loves school, she loves school because she's so social. She's such a social girl. But we were spending like 30,000 a year on school for kindergarten.


Tahnee: (16:00)

Yeah. It's wild.


Jessika Le Corre: (16:01)

[crosstalk 00:16:01]. And they're kind of teaching them about nature, but it's not the same, it's just not the same. And now that money that we work hard for whatever, gets to go to beautiful families that actually really need the money and who really invest so much energy into our kids because that's their livelihood. And that means so much to me to support this community. And especially in these crazy times that this world is in. I really want to.


Jessika Le Corre: (16:38)

I love living here because we don't own, we don't have any furniture but like a bed and whatever. We don't spend any of our money on silly stupid stuff such as ... Which, not that it's bad or anything, but just materialism is ridiculous. And I'm giving my children an experience instead. I'm giving them real-life experience. And while we get to support these incredible people who honestly, if they weren't getting a job from us, they don't make anything literally, they don't make anything.


Tahnee: (17:20)



Jessika Le Corre: (17:21)

Their daily allowance is like maybe $3, $5. That's nothing.


Tahnee: (17:27)

It's crazy just the disparity in economics.


Jessika Le Corre: (17:33)

And so when these people are actually making a really good wage, and they feel so valued, they really do put so much into your children. And it's a blessing all around because then it's something that's working out for us and for them. And we have lots of things like that in this community, we have so many different people who do stuff for us, and we just have for them and then they're so happy because tourism right now is not really a big thing because of the whole ... So anyway that we get to support these people, and they bless us with their beauty, to me is just the greatest thing that could be happening right now.


Tahnee: (18:16)

Yeah, it's a really beautiful time, I think to step out of the states as well.


Jessika Le Corre: (18:21)

No, it really is. I know that there's so much good that I love about America, there's so much beautiful, good that I loved about America. But it's honestly not the world that I grew up in when I was young. And I could care less to spend my whole life talking about these dweebs in office that can't even direct their own step much less then world right now or-


Tahnee: (18:52)

Yeah, exactly.


Jessika Le Corre: (18:54)

And they do not have the same principles that I have. They don't share any of the same principles I have. And I don't want to give my children that and I actually do not want to feed my children that kind of corruption as if it's important. Because no, I'm sorry, I don't want my kids voting for any of those people. Why would I?


Tahnee: (19:14)



Jessika Le Corre: (19:14)

Bring me someone who is a true leader who's actually going to care about all of mankind, who cares about the earth, and the pollution, who cares about really what's going on. Instead of just all of the hate and fear and the division. It's disgusting.


Tahnee: (19:30)

Well, that was the word that kept popping into my head to some was like leadership and how we don't have a model or as in culturally, I suppose, we don't really have a model for what leadership represents anymore because it's just been tarnished by-


Jessika Le Corre: (19:44)

That's a joke. That's just like a TV show. It's ridiculous.


Tahnee: (19:47)

It's drama.


Jessika Le Corre: (19:49)

Yeah. That's not leadership. Mexico gets a very bad rap for the corruption that goes on in Mexico. And yeah, there's a lot of corruption in Mexico, and all over the world but at least [crosstalk 00:20:01]. At least people know, it's the Narcos, they know it's bad, whatever. And they're not pretending to be anything that they're not. Whereas I believe people are totally delusional about America and the political scene is a joke. What a mafia that is.


Tahnee: (20:20)



Jessika Le Corre: (20:20)

And they're all liars. So whatever, I really think that when you live so deeply connected to the earth, and you are truly outside all day long, or sitting and meditating and doing your work, and it's so clear and evident what's going on in the world. And yet, you can't ... It's like nature doesn't allow for phone me. It doesn't allow for that kind of make believe. It's very clear like, "Ew that's yuck." This is spectacular.


Tahnee: (21:02)

I wonder because your work is with plants. And you've obviously been raised in the wild, and you've chosen to really spend time in sort of wild places. But has there been a period of your life where you've, I guess, lived in the cities and tried to fit into the culture? Or have you always I guess, not to say that you live on the edges, but tried to ... Well, I think it's unusual for us people to make the decision you guys make [crosstalk 00:21:29].


Jessika Le Corre: (21:30)

Well, okay, so I probably am the most natury kind of lady you'll meet, in the sense of, I moved to New York City for like three months. I was 24, and I was dating this very amazing, unbelievable at the Smithsonian painter, ridiculous. But I couldn't see the sky, and the pollution and the noise was just so upsetting for my nervous system and for me because I love to lay on the earth and watch the stars at night. And I just didn't grow up in any way like that. And so, even though I've tried to ... I've done modelling in my life. And I've dated some of the biggest celebrities that we won't name.


Jessika Le Corre: (22:30)

And I've tried. There's been a few times that I've tried to live in different cities and stuff, and it just really wasn't for me, I could just really feel a difference in my health and how my clarity and everything was foggy. It was not the same as what I know, I deserve and need and what I wanted to give myself, which was all of this.


Jessika Le Corre: (23:04)

And so, and even though there's so many great things that can come out of cities, and I'm not saying that they're bad but I'm a purist in a lot of ways. I think they're the cause of a lot of the pain that we experience on this earth, too many people mass together and these big disgusting cities, and you're just domesticated, you're just an animal, you go from door to door from box to box. You're never ever having a quiet moment, your phone is ringing all the time, someone's messaging you, you got to do this.


Jessika Le Corre: (23:44)

And then you put up all these appointments to go do your yoga class, so you can find some stillness, or some introspection or whatever. And yet, you're thinking about whatever your latte or something. You're not even being. You're not even quiet. And then it becomes then the thing of socialising too much, and you can socialise too much. You don't always need to be with anyone, you need to be with yourself, you need to have alone times. And I value that as a mom, especially because I get so much time to myself in like where I'm just sitting watching hummingbirds and talking with the hogs and that feeds my soul. And whereas the city feels like it's just taking from me, it's like it's talking from me.


Tahnee: (24:45)

So how do you balance out things like social media and a business? And obviously, Erwan's a world famous MOVNAT creator and trainer and all of these things. How do you guys balance out those demands of the world, I guess, on your-


Jessika Le Corre: (25:03)

I feel really blessed because we love what we do.


Tahnee: (25:08)



Jessika Le Corre: (25:09)

So it doesn't feel like I'm actually doing anything for Instagram or doing anything for my business because it's just my life.


Tahnee: (25:17)

Mm-hmm (affirmative).


Jessika Le Corre: (25:18)

So I feel like it's just a part of it. And luckily, we get to share all this beauty with so many people. So I feel like it's almost like an obligation to share and represent what it means to be so connected to the plant world and all that beauty and to share all that.


Jessika Le Corre: (25:47)

The truth is, is that I don't care about Instagram at all. I don't care who likes me, at all I don't. I care that maybe one person might see something that I've written, or some little diamond gem that I've shared or might get a product when they've been using chemicals forever, and might actually order one of my products and be like, "Oh my God, this is like heaven on my skin." Because it literally is. And it's not because of me, it's because of Mother Earth. Oh my goodness, the gift she gives when you've been so processed yourself basically through so many different chemicals and crappy foods, and the noise of TV and all of that. When you actually feel the vibrations of the plants on you, it's so real that you can't not see it or experience it.


Tahnee: (26:48)

Mm-hmm (affirmative).


Jessika Le Corre: (26:50)

And so for me, and that's just like one example. But for Erwan and I, we have spurts of sharing. Sometimes I'll share here and there and it's always positive. I'm extremely a positive lady.


Tahnee: (27:08)

Yeah, I love that.


Jessika Le Corre: (27:10)

I love life. I love life so much. I literally wake up, and the first words out of my mouth are, "Thank you," every day because I love life. I love life, so much I can't even describe and I feel like the world needs just that extra, just someone being like it's beautiful guys, just try to see from a different perspective, try to open your eyes in a different way because it is phenomenal. Life is phenomenal.


Jessika Le Corre: (27:38)

And so, it helps that I already have the zest for life. So sharing is easy. And also, I have two days a week where I work on my business, whatever that is emails and whatever podcasts may come up, or making a new product or just making my products. I have two days a week where I do that and the rest is just me, is me having my unbelievable daily experiences with great spirit. And that's just phenomenal and Erwan is unbelievable. I could not ask for a better husband, a better partner, a better lover, a better father. He really was formed and created in a very divine way. He is exceptional. He really values me as a woman as the mom. We don't have any control like stuff in our marriage of like, there's no asking if I can go have an hour to myself or whatever. You know what I mean?


Tahnee: (28:55)



Jessika Le Corre: (28:58)

It's given every day because that's how much we value each other. He does endless training for his stuff that we rarely talk about because we are actually always training and preparing to be the best we can be. And so he goes off and he's floating in some pool up in the jungle somewhere doing his breath-hold.


Tahnee: (29:22)

Yeah, he's got an amazing capacity for breath.


Jessika Le Corre: (29:25)

All done, he just started that. It's unbelievable. He really is ridiculous, and I'm not trying to praise him unnecessarily. He deserves it. He is phenomenal. And him as a dad. Everything of Erwan just seeps into our children. It's not like he's trying and now here's some time kids and we're going to spend an hour together and go to a park. He's like, they're with us climbing on our backs while we're running down the mountain.


Jessika Le Corre: (29:58)

And then they have the beautiful, incredible nanny. Yahaida who's here and we've always had someone to kind of be with us and have that time to go. I think children also need not just you and their dad, they need another person who they can go and do stuff with. And I'm so glad that we get to support Yahaida and her family. And she takes them for a few hours every day. And then I go and I float endlessly in the sea or right because I'm working on another book.


Tahnee: (30:36)

Oh, great.


Jessika Le Corre: (30:37)

Yeah, so it all sounds really dreamy. Sounds like oh my God, they're living the life. And that's unbelievably so wow, they're so lucky. But no one realises the amount of intention, envisioning and manifestation work that goes into everything that we do. Erwan and I are extremely intentional, we are always on the same page, and we work really hard. But we know how to do it with a lot of fun. So-


Tahnee: (31:10)

Well, that was something I noticed from him like that he's made a post saying that he'd chosen to not travel as much with MovNat and to hand over, to train some of his people so that he could be with you guys more and it felt like there was just a lot of intention in that decision making around priorities and where his energy was best invested, which is with your children and your family while you're mothering.


Jessika Le Corre: (31:33)

Absolutely. Oh, God. He could be spending every day of his life promoting MovNat and natural movement and he could be travelling all the time. And that's if he needed to do that, well then that would be what he decided to do. But that's not what we wanted and his business is so successful already and does so great. And Danny and everybody who works for him and all his master instructors are phenomenal and I'm so glad that he was able to build that up like that, which he did on purpose because we are multidimensional beings, we are not just Feather Eagle Sky, we are not just MovNat: Natural Movement, we are constantly every single day improving, becoming all the things and different facets that we are. We're not just one thing. You know what I mean?


Tahnee: (32:27)

Yeah, totally.


Jessika Le Corre: (32:28)

So it's so great that Erwan was able to do that and that he values honesty as a man to and money the term money and how much people place on money. It's amazing that his intention has actually blessed us even more abundantly because just our very life together is the ultimate example of what we are doing, which is natural movement, which is MovNat, which is Feather Eagle Sky, which is actually really working with the plants and holding ceremony with unbelievable tribes. And living it, not just talking about it, not just doing endless Instagram videos of how we walk, or where we walk and this blah, blah, blah, this technique or that technique, and that's great. But if that's all I was going to do every day and live for every single day is that video that I got a post of me doing this movement. I feel like I would lose my passion. It would just not be for me. If I'm trying to so much get viewers and likes it just, it's not my thing and it's not his thing.


Jessika Le Corre: (33:47)

I feel like we just get so blessed because we actually know how to move through it with some grace, instead of being so self-obsessed. And man, there are some incredible teachers out there on Instagram and some incredible people who have a lot of wisdom, but, that's their whole life, that's all they do.


Tahnee: (34:10)

Also, it's always one of those things that I think about and talk about with my partner is it's all going to go away one day.


Jessika Le Corre: (34:16)

Hey, exactly.


Tahnee: (34:18)

And if that's all you have, if that's your life, what's left at the end of the day? And you have to have cultivate other values and other things to invest your time and energy in, I think.


Jessika Le Corre: (34:29)

Absolutely, and also spiritually speaking. You can feed endlessly the physical and share the physical. But that's what we're trying to share. And I think that's one of my greatest purpose is sharing that great spirit is everywhere and that the plants are alive in there. The earth is alive and how can you protect her if you don't even know how her. How can you protect that which you don't know, which you're never in?


Jessika Le Corre: (35:04)

It's so great to talk about it and have that kind of like mental context of, "Oh, it's so romantic the earth and I love the earth and blah, blah, blah." That's cute.


Tahnee: (35:16)

What does that mean exactly?


Jessika Le Corre: (35:17)

Exactly. You have to have some real sincerity with what you are sharing. And it comes out, it really does come out because I'm always amazed to randomly calls me up or messages me or emails me or wants to do an article or whatever. And they're like, "Oh, I was captured by your genuineness, your-


Tahnee: (35:48)



Jessika Le Corre: (35:50)

Yeah, your authenticity of it. And I really appreciate that because I try so hard at not trying to be in my most real.


Tahnee: (36:03)

Yeah. Well, it is there, it's this sort of element of consciousness around constantly shedding the layers of projection or assumption or even culture or whatever, you just have to constantly be on to doing the work, I think. And that's when you talk about ceremony, you talk about meditation, you talk about stillness, floating in the ocean, like these are all ways we come back to ourselves to remember who we really are. And then it's just trying to preserve that. You say RECLAIM PURENESS is your kind of tagline for your company. But I think that's such a statement around coming back to that pure expression of ourselves.


Jessika Le Corre: (36:37)

Amazing that that beautiful ... Those words came to me in one of my ceremonies with the Shipibo in Peru way out in the jungle, years and years ago, that beautiful just reclaim pureness, and it was exactly it. It was like, "Come on, guys, get back to her. Get back to really being you. Who are you? Do you even know how beautiful you are because if you really knew how much you contain, that you contain the universe inside of you in your heart, your heart is the most unbelievable, extremely intelligent, it is the temple of where everything of who you truly are resides. And when you go into your heart, and when you actually connect truly to your truest highest self, then the wisdom that unfolds and the layers of shedding that go with that. And all of the preconceived projections of who you think you are, what the world wants you to be or blah, blah, blah. It's like they dissolve. And you're just there with your beauty and your heartbeat."


Jessika Le Corre: (38:01)

That's actually why I like to float in the ocean every day is because I just listen to my heart and it's so beautiful. I'm glad that you got that.


Tahnee: (38:12)

Yeah, I do that too. And it's-


Jessika Le Corre: (38:14)

Oh, that's beautiful.


Tahnee: (38:16)

Well, I teach yoga. And sometimes I ask people to breathe with their heartbeat. And they're like, "I can't hear it." And I'm like, "Wow," because it's something I think it must have happened a decade ago, something that it's just with me, if I get still straightaway. It's like the most dominant part of my experience. And it's just regulates my breath. Yes, this little thing.


Jessika Le Corre: (38:37)

Well, that's why you're so beautiful.


Tahnee: (38:40)

Well, thanks.


Jessika Le Corre: (38:41)

And so full of goodness.


Tahnee: (38:43)

Now, I'm curious about when you talk about plants and ceremonially seeds because I know, it's such a big part of your life and how you kind of create ritual and I guess marking the passing of time and life and all these things. And I feel like I've done ... Obviously, you work with plant medicines, but you also work with herbs, you work with plants in your skincare.


Jessika Le Corre: (39:08)

Mm-hmm (affirmative).


Tahnee: (39:09)

You guys also kind of work with ... You're not vegetarians, you eat wild meats, and from what I understand anyway, this is [crosstalk 00:39:16].


Jessika Le Corre: (39:16)



Tahnee: (39:19)

Kind of real because this is one of the things I find really challenging about the ... I'm doing inverted commas, but you can't see them like spiritual communities. Is how it's like this kind of ... And I know the vegans are going to hate me for saying this, but it's the vegans and these kind of movements, I guess, that are like, "Oh, it's bad for the earth if we eat meat, or it's bad for the earth if we do this, or blah, blah, blah." And it's like my experience is the complete opposite on a plant medicine journey. I had this epiphany that like I was a vegetarian at the time and was like, "No, meat is food and it's energy and it's Chi or Prana or whatever you want to call it."


Jessika Le Corre: (39:56)

Absolutely, 100%.


Tahnee: (39:58)

Yeah, and I had this like little relationship with this piece of meat in the fridge at the place where I was staying, and I just thought that was just such an epiphany for me. And the more that I've worked through that conditioning and unravelled it, I've felt so much more connected, and so much more spiritual, all of those things. And I find that [crosstalk 00:40:19].


Jessika Le Corre: (40:19)

Absolutely because there's no more compartment anymore. Exactly, you're not fragmented, you're not also putting judgement on yourself because in all of those trends and diets, and they all are almost like a religion for people because they start putting all of these things of you're a good person, you're a bad person, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. No, that meat is life. And if it came from the wild, and if it's healthy meat, it is going to and if it was coming from the sun, and the animals and the grass and the grains and everything that caused that beautiful piece of wild meat to be on your plate that you need because your brain is made of fat, you need fat, your body needs that wildlife in you. Not only are you helping the earth, but you're helping yourself and your relationship with that. The sustainability in it, the gratitude in it, the receiving of it, and just the vital forces that are in it is so necessary for you to have a whole health. To have whole health, you need that.


Jessika Le Corre: (41:35)

And it is very good for the planet. That's the saddest thing. You can domesticate a million avocados and send a million gallons of coconut water in plastic bottles all over the earth, how is that beneficial, just because it's not meat, that is so sad. They have it all mixed up and so confused. And yet, it's usually because they think that that's what they should be doing because of all the virtue signalling that happens on Instagram and all those things, and Facebook and everywhere. And instead, when you listen to the innate wisdom of yourself. And when you live with honour and gratitude for everything, whether it's the mango, the wild deer, or the banana or whatever the fish from the sea that Erwan, and all this community and I eat, you're doing something that is so beautiful, and the honouring of it is the highest. And so you do, you get everything beautiful from that, and you are healthy, and you're helping the earth in that way.


Jessika Le Corre: (42:45)

But when you live in this just very fear and judgemental existence of judging others for what they do or what they don't do. And that's not to sound condescending, or self-righteous or anything, but you're at a level of where is your beauty truly? Where is your understanding of life, if it's all based in judgement ?


Tahnee: (43:15)

And that's so much this time, I think-


Jessika Le Corre: (43:19)

And that's why you don't feel good, exactly. That's why people don't feel good in their diets. That's why they don't look great, even though they think they're doing this diet, but the fear around food, the fear around everything. And also what the validation that people need through all of their health diets and blah, blah, blah. It's just so sad.


Jessika Le Corre: (43:39)

When you go and you use it. You hang out with people who are very tribal, or from a different way of life than you who are literally up in the mountains sitting in little huts, and they're barefoot and they're squatting and they're not posting every day about their squat session of 20 minutes, come on.


Tahnee: (44:01)

This is how they cook.


Jessika Le Corre: (44:03)

This is just life. There's not one that is not eating some wild element of fish or elk or pork or whatever they're eating-


Tahnee: (44:17)

Because yeah, for sure.


Jessika Le Corre: (44:17)

Exactly. Chicken or even cow, they're getting their milk from that cow. They're loving on that cow and when it's time to eat that meat. They are sad but they give gratitude, and they do it in the most respectful way that it's just absolutely living in ceremony. Whereas, look, people spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on crap package crap that they don't know. There's no life in it. There's nothing in it. It's from a gross factory where mega abuse has happened. And it's loaded with gross hormones and it's just disgusting. Everything about it is disgusting. So of course that's bad, that's absolutely disgusting. And who would want to stand for that?


Jessika Le Corre: (45:04)

And so I see how they get on to that, the whole vegan thing or the vegetarian thing, it's usually a moral compass that they're trying to figure out within themselves. But when you just live deeply connected with the earth, and you listen to the earth, and you listen to your innate wisdom, you're going to enjoy that beautiful dinner that may have some chicken or may have some fish, and it is going to give you the life that you need, and the aura and the beauty and the luminosity that you need to really thrive.


Tahnee: (45:38)

And that's such a ... I think, I guess, what I see so much with people that we speak to is this they've started on these diets, they felt good for a little period of time, which we always put down to kind of like a cleansing period, and then they start to deteriorate. And then they're going, "Well, but I'm vegan and I'm this." And it's like to come back to that radiance that you want, you'd need to now rebuild your body with healthy tissue. And that comes through proteins and through quality fats.


Jessika Le Corre: (46:10)

Exactly, 100%. [crosstalk 00:46:10]. And so that cleansing period is great to go and do your cleansing, which is most of the time why they start in the first place is because they're not feeling good, and so they're changing their diet for that reason. But then once you've established that, and then your body is going to tell you, "Okay, I am so ready for that steak now truly."


Tahnee: (46:29)

Yeah, I had that.


Jessika Le Corre: (46:31)

It's like what are you doing to me?


Tahnee: (46:31)

I was like walking down the street-


Jessika Le Corre: (46:32)

It's like please give it to me. I need it.


Tahnee: (46:33)

... it's like give me blood. I was like, "Whoa! That's interesting."


Jessika Le Corre: (46:38)

No, it's real. And that is also your animal self, like really needing that. And your spiritual self needs it. It's just the same as all of the isms. And I always tell them, people always ask me, "Well, what religion are you? Who do you follow and blah, blah, blah," and I'm like, "Wow, I don't follow anyone. And my Great Spirit is the divine is who I follow every day. And it's in everything from my orchid plant, to the sunset, to swimming in the ocean to sungazing. I'm not into isms. I'm not into all of that organisation stuff. I am into being dancing in all circles, and in none, being able to be my own experience and to experience my own dialogue with the universe."


Tahnee: (47:29)

I love that so much. I think that's such a ... Because it becomes a personal responsibility and a personal kind of act of sovereignty to put aside all of the cultural paradigms and conditions and step into what's really true for me, and what's my truest expression? And then can I allow that everyone else can have their own version of that without-


Jessika Le Corre: (47:51)

Absolutely, 100%. And I think that that's why there's a lot of people who, you wouldn't believe, like they stop me, they think I'm into some Kundalini teacher, they think I'm this Buddhist lady or whatever. I would say, I'm all of those things, but not in the way that you actually think. But the Kundalini is definitely ... I am definitely not that. I am using it right now, every day.


Tahnee: (48:27)



Jessika Le Corre: (48:28)

[crosstalk 00:48:28] things higher. But it's not because of any practise that I've done. Even though when I was younger, I studied. You cannot imagine what I studied, and I do love Buddhism immensely, but I don't need any man-made guy to be my guru when I am my own guru. God is my guru, the divine is everywhere. I don't need to follow anyone, because the message of whatever I need is always going to come from within. And that's where you want. You are your teacher, you're your greatest teacher. My children are my greatest teachers. Oh, my goodness.


Tahnee: (49:06)

They came from within you, so it's the same really.


Jessika Le Corre: (49:08)

Yeah, exactly. And that's the same with the political world right now not to talk about that, but people are so desperate for a leader. When will you lead yourself? When will you be your own leader? When will you listen to the unbelievable wisdom that comes out of your own hearts when it's not tainted by everybody else, and all their opinions and all of their supposed like going to fix the world if you eat this way, or you're going to blah, blah, blah if you do this. There's no one way. There's no one herb that will give you everlasting life or immortality, it's everything. It's the whole process and it's this selection and the elimination of everything.


Jessika Le Corre: (50:01)

And sometimes the greatest gift you could ever give yourself is to just stop listening to everybody and everything and to just start listening to yourself.


Tahnee: (50:14)

And so in terms of herbs and things, I know you work with them.


Jessika Le Corre: (50:20)

Oh, God. I love plants more than you could imagine. I love herbs.


Tahnee: (50:24)

Yeah, [crosstalk 00:50:24]. You're like, "I'm taking this tea and it's like all these nine brilliant herbs and I'm like yes. And it's stuff-


Jessika Le Corre: (50:32)

You know it's amazing because they just come to me in my head and as a little girl, I'm so Virgo too. I really do think that all that is, it is astronomy and astrology are real because we are [crosstalk 00:50:46].


Tahnee: (50:46)

Oh, for sure.


Jessika Le Corre: (50:47)

So it's definitely. And for me, it's like I was a natural alchemist of plants. Even as a young little girl, I was always inviting my friends over and I would be smashing cabbage and rose petals and telling them to drink and I would be putting them in champagne glasses, and I'd be like, "And your skin is going to glow."


Jessika Le Corre: (51:13)

And so no, I just listened to myself. I also look at what I eat always. I look at what's maybe causing some breakout or something. Some of the oils in Mexico are not that great oils, they're bad oils.


Tahnee: (51:34)

Yeah, for sure.


Jessika Le Corre: (51:35)

So I was eating too many to start tostadas last time and my neck kind of broke out. And I love tostadas and salsas.


Tahnee: (51:43)

Good problem to have.


Jessika Le Corre: (51:47)

Yeah. And so I just made a wonderful concoction of red clover and burdock and echinacea and Oregon grapefruit and gotu kola and my skin instantly just cleared up because everything is from within. Everything is from within but if you listen, the plants will talk to you. And if you work with them too, if you're like, "I feel I have some extremely dedicated dear best friends in my plant allies." I love dandelion. I just love dandelion and burdock and I love for my skin echinacea and for all of it, I just love dandelion and burdock. I just love them and echinacea and for my feminine self, I really love Damiana, and He Shou Wu, and American Ginseng, and those are all in Egyptian Blue Lotus. Oh, my goodness.


Jessika Le Corre: (52:43)

And I've shared some of these property blends. And then I always notice bigger-


Tahnee: (52:51)



Jessika Le Corre: (52:51)

... people who follow me and they put together my little thing, it cracks me up.


Tahnee: (52:56)

Yeah, that's just [crosstalk 00:52:58] we like.


Jessika Le Corre: (53:00)

But I'm a natural herbalist. Even though I am an herbalist, I'm a natural one. I was always a natural one, it was just I was always connected to the plants. And then I use some very sacred plants that I don't talk about very, very much because they're more for protection and because I try to also respects that relationship that I have with the plants of not just, I don't like to overly promote plants, because to me, people have no connection with the plant. And so I always say to start, just go sit in your yard, if you're not feeling good, or if you're working on something within yourself, if you just sit in your yard, hopefully, a garden somewhere or something if you have access to it.


Jessika Le Corre: (53:44)

But that plant eventually if you sit there long enough and you're with the intention of seeing which plant you need for that moment, that plant's going to pop out. And sometimes it's so obvious, it's right there in front of you, whether it's aloe or whether it's echinacea or whether it's [crosstalk 00:54:05] wild rose or nettle. Oh my god, I love nettle. I love nettle so much.


Tahnee: (54:11)

I love nettles too.


Jessika Le Corre: (54:12)

Oh, I'm going to love everything. And my house here is loaded. I have more plants than anyone could ever imagine in here in this jungle. It's just like my dream.


Tahnee: (54:17)



Jessika Le Corre: (54:19)

I think that's why I live here too. Because New Mexico, despite the enormous amount of medicine that is just laced in all of that land, surrounded by 20 different pueblos that are continuing in their traditional seeds and song and dance and I feel so blessed in that way and it is home, it will always be my home, home. It's like my blood.


Jessika Le Corre: (54:43)

But the jungle and it doesn't matter what jungle, the jungle is so alive. It's so alive and I need that green and I just love to just be in the dirt all day and planting and watching them grow.


Tahnee: (54:57)

Things grow so fast if they're satisfied [crosstalk 00:55:00].


Jessika Le Corre: (55:00)

And then I'm walking, I can pick whichever plant I want while I'm walking and bring it home and root it, and I'm so excited about my vanilla growing right now.


Tahnee: (55:06)

Oh, that's beautiful, yeah.


Jessika Le Corre: (55:08)

So it's been a blessing to me to use plants and to give them and share them with the world. And that's really why I created Feather Eagle Sky was not to have like a business or something. But actually, I really did it just to help women feel and look and experience that kind of potency and that brilliance on them. That's going to give them extraordinary beauty without makeup and all that other crap.


Tahnee: (55:40)



Jessika Le Corre: (55:41)

You become more luminous, you become more beautiful because these plants are alive. And they're so cellular, and they get into you and they just lace you with all their love and all their wisdom, and they open your heart and they calm you and they inspire you, and they protect you. And this is just like your basic plants. If you could just smell a rose every day. Oh, my goodness, the wisdom of that rose would be the ultimate meditation because it's brilliance is so true to itself. It's so glorious and so full of love. And what a queen. Oh my goodness.


Tahnee: (56:22)

Yeah, just like shameless radiance and beauty.


Jessika Le Corre: (56:26)

Yeah, exactly.


Tahnee: (56:27)

No filter. I think it's so beautiful to offer because you look at what women are exposed to and it's just this kind of bombardment of chemical crap, and like celebrity culture and all of this stuff. And just to say that your beauty is enough, and then to work with nature to enhance what's naturally there.


Jessika Le Corre: (56:54)

100%. I feel so blessed that this little small business that I created forever ago while I was pregnant and giving birth to my son Sky. And then like Eagle, not even a year old, helping me make stuff and Feather, and-


Tahnee: (57:12)



Jessika Le Corre: (57:14)

I feel so blessed that I have never put out ... Like, it's just me who handles everything, and my shipping team. And that's it. I make everything, nobody touches anything, I make it because I do lots of prayers and lots of songs and lots of love. And I'm so grateful that despite the fact that I've never had to sell myself or promote myself by spending loads of money or something to just make my business known. It's travelled across, I send to 22 different countries. It travels across the earth in this unbelievable way. I have women who write to me telling me that when they get their products, they actually dream of me. And it's so beautiful.


Jessika Le Corre: (58:04)

And then I have huge celebrities, like very big celebrities that follow me and use my stuff. And I don't ask for that. It's just what I feel like great spirits, when a product is real, the energy that's in it is real, it's going to shine through. And it doesn't matter what you do, or what you don't do. If it's real, and you're real. And you are, and it's full of love, which I hope that everybody, whatever business you're doing, just love what you do. And it will always shine through.


Jessika Le Corre: (58:40)

So I'm so grateful because this little business of mine has just supported our family in the most amazing way. And it's a blessing to just know that people write me and tell me how just one time they used Arkana, which is one of my favourite face creams for the sunscreen and just to know that it's non-toxic, and then it's out there in the ocean, or it's up in the mountains. We're rinsing off in the rivers or whatever you're doing, or that it's going down your drain but it's not going into the earth in a way that's disgusting or into your bloodstream.


Jessika Le Corre: (59:18)

If you just thought of your body as the earth, the bloodstream just like the rivers of the earth. If you just thought of yourself like that, then you would think of the earth like that. The more that you take care of yourself with beautiful products that are actually genuinely clean and true ingredients, the more that the earth will benefit.


Jessika Le Corre: (59:40)

I don't know why it's so hard for these women who are so conditioned and constantly the media and false beauty, is truly false beauty because there is nothing that you could do to be more beautiful than you already are. The less that you put on, the more that you come through. And the more that you start loving you, and just adorning yourself with rose oil or sandalwood or neroli. Oh my God! There are so many amazing ones.


Jessika Le Corre: (01:00:13)

You will start to feel more beautiful. You will start to see your skin start sparkling and shimmering and shining because that other stuff that you're putting on your skin is dead. There's no life in it. It's like bug spray. You're putting it on you. It's tainting you and it's going into your lymph nodes, and it's going into your body and everywhere. And it's just like [inaudible 01:00:38]. It's yuck.


Tahnee: (01:00:42)

It is yuck. And I love that you can use your stuff on kids and it's just like there's no fear.


Jessika Le Corre: (01:00:47)



Tahnee: (01:00:48)

[crosstalk 01:00:48] and you can go in the ocean or the river.


Jessika Le Corre: (01:00:49)

It's for everyone. I know, someone, a very big celebrity. Really beautiful woman reached out to me via email a couple of like a month ago, maybe, and told me that Arkana totally took away her little girl's dermatitis. And I was just like [crosstalk 01:01:08]. She goes like, "Just in two days," and I was so happy just that is everything to me. If that is like what I'm out doing, then any labour or love that I put into it is worth everything because I feel like I'm a spokesperson for the beautiful earth. I don't feel like I'm a spokeswoman for maybe it's Maybelline or blah, blah, blah.


Jessika Le Corre: (01:01:32)

Maybe you're just that great. And you're that beautiful and the earth just helps you to remember and to wash off all of that stuff that's constantly telling you that you're not enough that you're not beautiful, that you actually need this concealer this foundation, this eye shadow, this eyeliner, this mascara, this eyebrow pencil, this lip liner, this blah, blah, blah. Then you need all the stuff and all the gloss and everything that goes into your hair to keep it straight. And oh, heaven forbid that one little hair, go flying in the wind.


Jessika Le Corre: (01:02:07)

Oh, man, when you let the earth touch you. And when you feel her beauty bless you, you will always be so beautiful because you will age and you will age because we all age. There's no denying it, but you will age with more grace and more beauty. And you will really embody and your aura will just be glowing. And that is the attraction that you want. That kind of luminosity that sparkles because it's so pure because it's so clean because it's Mother Earth.


Tahnee: (01:02:43)

Reclaimed your pureness.


Jessika Le Corre: (01:02:44)

Exactly. I never get bored with my eight years, I never get bored with my business. And there's moments like sometimes products don't come in at the right time. I seek out extremely old farms for some of the people I partner with, like my Corsican immortelle and a place I love and I go and visit all as much as possible when we can and I love every ingredient that I use.


Jessika Le Corre: (01:03:18)

I've actually experienced, been in that farm, picked, found there's no like ... I'm just not buying products from Mountain Rose or wherever and putting some essential oils in it, and that's it. This is real whole plant medicine. This is like real love from the earth and it takes me hours to make. I spend whole days just blending and doing my stuff and sitting in quiet and sitting by the stream and talking to the plants and whispering, "Go give all those beautiful girls all that love," and so it comes through.


Tahnee: (01:03:58)

It sure does.


Jessika Le Corre: (01:03:58)

And sometimes you will get a person who has been so used to the other products that they're like, "I don't know." And it's okay because you can't please everybody, but for the most part, for eight years, I've been doing just fine. And those that know it and experience it get it. You know what I mean?


Tahnee: (01:04:25)

Totally. And I think people sometimes just aren't ready for a certain experience. We work with herbs that people ingest and sometimes, for whatever reason, they just don't ... The first time I ever sought Reishi I had a spiritual awakening. I was meditating with her and we had this whole relationship, it was just divine and He Shou Wu as well was one of those herbs for me.


Jessika Le Corre: (01:04:52)

Oh, that is amazing.


Tahnee: (01:04:52)

Wow, Australia just banned it. We're not allowed to sell it anymore. I'm so annoyed.


Jessika Le Corre: (01:04:57)

Are you kidding?


Tahnee: (01:04:58)

I'm not kidding. Anyway, that's a story for [crosstalk 01:05:01].


Jessika Le Corre: (01:05:00)

Well, and on that note, I will just say that get ready world, if you actually care about what's going on in this world, then you will really start defending the things that are actually healing your body and helping you because right now there is some big agenda going on that wants to keep promoting horrible vaccines and stuff, and mandating that you do this and that you don't do that.


Jessika Le Corre: (01:05:25)

Small businesses are barely getting by but Walmart and Costco and the big [crosstalk 01:05:31] are doing just fine. So just think about that. And awaken yourself to the fact that there is a whole thing going on. But the more that you just keep calling in the plants and giving them love and respecting them. I really pray that a big raising will happen soon, I pray.


Tahnee: (01:05:54)

Well, this is the thing, the more people support businesses like yours and ours, where they start to do their own work to cultivate this same through the heart that we're talking about then the better chance we have, I think, to get through all of this.


Jessika Le Corre: (01:06:11)

Absolutely. And also just continuing to talk about it and to [crosstalk 01:06:15]. I don't care what's going on in the world, one way or another Mother Earth at the end of the day-


Tahnee: (01:06:22)

She's in charge?


Jessika Le Corre: (01:06:22)

Yes. She's going to conquer any of us. She could bring us down in a second. We celebrated yesterday, a year of the flood that happened here in this village that I live in. And a massive flood came last year, and it [crosstalk 01:06:41].


Tahnee: (01:06:41)

For it, yeah.


Jessika Le Corre: (01:06:42)

Yes, it was very bad what happened to so many different people, but yet their resiliency. And my whole point of that is, is that Mother Earth is unbelievably powerful.


Tahnee: (01:06:57)

Mm-hmm (affirmative).


Jessika Le Corre: (01:06:58)

She can wipe you out in a second. And so hopefully, we are creating children and mothering children that love the earth, because they are our next generation, they are the next generation. And the more that you get them away from those video games from that TV, from that artificial crap. And you get them in contact with the divine, the powerful, the beautiful, the sacred, then everything will come into a much more happy equilibrium. Much better harmony than what's going on. But that's also good. It's good for the world to wake up a little and hopefully they do.


Tahnee: (01:07:39)

That seems like a really great place to leave it because that's the sort of message that is really important right now. But I really hope that if you're listening, you jump on Jessika's website, and have a look at her products, place an order. It's I'll put the links to all of Jessika's social media, her website, her partner's book. I just wanted to ask you, Jessika if there's anything you wanted anyone to kind of know, any other places they should go to find you? Anything like that or?


Jessika Le Corre: (01:08:11)

I have a new book coming out as soon as I feel it's ready. But it's called Nocturnal Outpost.


Tahnee: (01:08:20)

Oh, beautiful. Is it a partner to Moonbow or is it kind of like a-


Jessika Le Corre: (01:08:28)

No, it's basically my life story with a lot of the dark things that I actually never share with anyone. Like how I've saved my life from scorpions, or how I went through major initiations and many different spiritual ways to be at this point in my life, and to be able to share all of that beauty with everybody. That there is always ... Nocturnal Outpost is about how there is so many different dimensions that we, as humans can tap into, and within ourselves, and that we are every day experiencing even through the bad and through some painful things and through whatever darkness and that there's always, always if you have extreme willpower, and genuine discipline and great courage. And if you're able to see through all those bells, then you get to experience such unbelievable beauty too. And it's all worth it. Everything is worth it all because you don't grow and you don't shine and you don't sparkle if you've never been in that mud.


Tahnee: (01:09:45)

Yeah, for sure. I think that's such an important thing to talk about because we live in Byron Bay in Australia, and that can be a bit of like love and light stuff.


Jessika Le Corre: (01:09:55)

Yes, so I know you live in a very powerful land. Oh, my goodness.


Tahnee: (01:09:58)

We do, yeah.


Jessika Le Corre: (01:10:01)



Tahnee: (01:10:01)

And I mean I'm so grateful for where we live. But sometimes I'm challenged by the [crosstalk 01:10:04].


Jessika Le Corre: (01:10:04)

Yup, 100%. As a girl who's grown up in a lot of ceremony and an incredible amazing native friends, and I've seen and witnessed a lot so, so grateful for all the people who keep sharing all that love from their land and everything. And you guys are doing a phenomenal job with your products. I can't believe how many great products you have. I was digging and wow!


Tahnee: (01:10:33)



Jessika Le Corre: (01:10:34)

I will be ordering from you too.


Tahnee: (01:10:35)

Well, let me know. I can always-


Jessika Le Corre: (01:10:37)

My husband loves Reishi by the way. He actually uses it for his breath-hold, he loves Reishi.


Tahnee: (01:10:42)

Yeah, it's-


Jessika Le Corre: (01:10:44)

It's the great oxygenator.


Tahnee: (01:10:49)

I don't think I would be who I am if I hadn't found Reishi.


Jessika Le Corre: (01:10:53)

Oh, no. Well, the mushrooms in general. I love medicinal. And the other medicinal mushroom.


Tahnee: (01:10:59)

And magic.


Jessika Le Corre: (01:10:59)

Mm-hmm (affirmative).


Tahnee: (01:11:01)

Yeah, we have a lot of really beautiful, special mushrooms in this area, too. So it's an abundant place to live. We're very blessed.


Jessika Le Corre: (01:11:11)

Yes, one of my favourite ceremonies of many of the different master plants that I've done in my many, many years of life. Mushrooms are one of my greatest.


Tahnee: (01:11:22)

Up there, yeah.


Jessika Le Corre: (01:11:23)

Yeah, I just love mushrooms. [crosstalk 01:11:26]. Oh, well, thank you so much beautiful-


Tahnee: (01:11:28)

Thank you Jessika.


Jessika Le Corre: (01:11:30)

... and your beautiful little baby probably is so excited to see her mom.


Tahnee: (01:11:33)

Yes. We actually have this amazing little village situation going on where we have [crosstalk 01:11:38].


Jessika Le Corre: (01:11:38)

Oh, that's the best.


Tahnee: (01:11:40)

Yeah, so I don't see my daughter from 7:00 AM till dark, basically.


Jessika Le Corre: (01:11:44)

Oh, I'm so happy for you. That's so great. That's what they need. You are a wise woman.


Tahnee: (01:11:49)

Yeah, we're really-


Jessika Le Corre: (01:11:50)

I can tell by your voice and stuff, you're a wise lady.


Tahnee: (01:11:55)

Well, in becoming, but yeah. But thank you so much.


Jessika Le Corre: (01:11:59)

Always aspiring.


Tahnee: (01:12:00)

Yeah, totally. It's a never ending process. But thanks for sharing your wisdom. I really-


Jessika Le Corre: (01:12:04)

Oh, thank you. All my love.


Tahnee: (01:12:06)

It's actually my birthday, so it's been nice to chat to you today.


Jessika Le Corre: (01:12:10)

Oh, my goodness. Happy birthday on the full moon.


Tahnee: (01:12:14)

I know.


Jessika Le Corre: (01:12:15)

And so far bringing in all the blessings-


Tahnee: (01:12:17)

I was born on a full moon.


Jessika Le Corre: (01:12:18)

... you gorgeous Libra.


Tahnee: (01:12:21)

The last time it was a full moon on my birthday was ... I knew, I got this little download that I was going to be pregnant. And I was [crosstalk 01:12:28] four months later and so I'm interested to see what this one brings.


Jessika Le Corre: (01:12:33)

Yes. My daughter, I was celebrating her today because she is an October girl.


Tahnee: (01:12:39)

Oh, is she? Okay.


Jessika Le Corre: (01:12:40)

Yes. She's so special and oh, so wise. And just the justice in her is always there.


Tahnee: (01:12:50)

Yeah, I have that too. We're Libra and kind of-


Jessika Le Corre: (01:12:51)

Yeah. She's like [crosstalk 01:12:51].


Tahnee: (01:12:51)



Jessika Le Corre: (01:12:56)

Exactly. So I was like, "It's full moon tonight and it's October and you've got an October birthday coming up and we're bringing in October with a full moon." Oh, that is so beautiful.


Tahnee: (01:13:07)



Jessika Le Corre: (01:13:07)

Happiest birthday to you.


Tahnee: (01:13:09)

Thank you so much.


Jessika Le Corre: (01:13:09)

You angel.


Tahnee: (01:13:10)

And to your beautiful daughter.


Jessika Le Corre: (01:13:11)

Get off the phone with me and go do something.


Tahnee: (01:13:12)

Well, I'm going to the Sunshine.