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About SuperFeast

Tonic Herbs with Integrity. Since 2011.

Our Vision & Intention

Evolutionary Purpose

To dramatically reduce disease and degeneration; creating superhumans who may enter the realm of elderhood.

We are creating a health revolution through the lineage of the ancient Taoist tonic herb tradition. Our impact is deepened through the support and education of our community on their healing and herbal journey.

We offer the most revered tonic herbs, medicinal mushrooms and adaptogens, sourced traditionally for maximum health cultivation.

Tonic herbalism is approachable. It is a medicine of the people. It is simple. It is not convoluted and it is not owned by an institution of medicine that insists upon overly complicated language and reductionist understanding of the body.

  • At SuperFeast, our ultimate intention is to stand for sovereignty, sustainability and longevity in all we do. We think about health differently. We aren't interested in fads, and we turn to nature for guidance and healing. We believe that health starts in the home and that vitality is everyone's birthright. Plants and fungi are allies on our journey towards our utmost potential. We love tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms. We take them every day. We fell in love with them, they transformed us, and we’ve made it our mission to share them with the world.
    Our vision is to improve the health, healing and happiness of people and the planet. We achieve this through the sharing of intentionally formulated herbal offerings that elevate the human spirit.

    The core philosophy of tonic herbalism is to harmonise and strengthen the body and cultivate life force and vitality. Tonic herbalism is designed to prevent illness, degeneration and to contribute to people being able to explore their physical, mental and spiritual potential.
  • We practise this ancient art of Taoist Tonic Herbalism, sharing the most potent herbs and medicinal mushrooms available and we continue to be students of the masters who have walked before us, constantly remaining humble and curious. We operate in reverence to the ancient wisdom, inspired by nature, that remains so relevant in modern life.

    Through ancient wisdom, we inspire people to connect to nature and themselves. We believe the body and nature have an innate capacity to heal and thrive.

    We take pride in our sourcing, our team, our community, and our wider contribution. We stand passionately in the belief that a business is an ecosystem, and we always want to leave those we meet and the places we visit or source from, better than we found them.

SuperFeast Virtues

  • Reverence
    We show deep reverence and respect for the tradition of our lineage and the herbs we share, the community we serve and the team we belong to. We understand the sacredness and inherent wisdom within each individual and the natural world.

    Liver Hun
    We unify and align to the vision that Superfeast is expressing, charged with the task of grounding the dream into tangible reality as a coherent team.

    We naturally infuse our roles with our own sense of purpose and authentic self expression. This magic alignment brings forth joy and a unique spark that we freely share with our team, customers and stakeholders, creating a ripple effect of inspiration.
  • Zhi
    We have the will and desire to evolve, perform and have impact as we wisely animate our roles and responsibilities with full ownership.

    The Balance
    We have the capacity to hold the yin and the yang. We value both boundaries and adaptability, tension and ease and the harmony they create together.

    We actively strive to find the gold in every challenge and the gift in every tension. We evolve ourselves and the organisation through this alchemical process from within.