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Meet Juliet Allen - Our Ambassador of the Month!

We are so excited to welcome Australia’s leading sexologist Juliet Allen as our first SuperFeast ambassador. Juliet is a powerhouse; strong, beautiful and passionate, she embodies the integrity and commitment to her path that we are so drawn to at SuperFeast.

Find out Juliet's top secrets and rituals she uses to nourish an abundant libido and cultivate a transcendent, irresistible energy.

We are so excited to welcome our first SuperFeast ambassador to the site - Juliet Allen. Juliet is a powerhouse; strong, beautiful and passionate, she embodies the integrity and commitment to her path that we are so drawn to at SuperFeast.

Her work as Australia’s leading sexologist spans all things sex, pleasure and relationships.

Juliet is a Sexologist, Sexuality Coach, Tantra Practitioner, author and avid herb nerd. With a reputation for her bold and straight-to-the-point manner, Juliet facilitates coaching sessions, educative workshops, and transformative online courses and runs one of our fave Instagram accounts @juliet_allen.

She has a profound understanding that health and happiness in these arenas requires a multidimensional approach and her work is deeply inspired by the ancient teachings of the East - hence her love for tonic herbs!

Today she walks us through her secrets and rituals to nourish an abundant libido and cultivate a transcendent, irresistible energy.

We hope you enjoy this interview! Look out for more ambassador profiles and interviews coming soon!

Over to Juliet:
Tell us a little bit about yourself, and what you do? 
I'm a sexologist and sexuality coach - in a nutshell I spend my days empowering and supporting people to enjoy great sex every day! My mission is to open up more conversations about sex and bring holistic sex education into the lives of everybody, young and old. I work with clients 1:1, have written an eBook, and run workshops about sex and Tantra.

How were you introduced to SuperFeast tonic herbs? 
I was on Mason's podcast and he gave me a run down on how the herbs can boost libido and overall vitality - I was sold and have been using them ever since!

The really deep benefits of tonic herbalism are found in the ritual of consuming them daily over a period of time. How do you weave SuperFeast tonic herbs into your daily routine, and what have you noticed has shifted for you, physically, mentally and energetically? 
I put the herbs into my morning hot elixir, which is either a Turmeric latte, or a hot cacao. It's been heating up the last few days so I've been adding the herbs into my smoothie bowls, or spooning the mushies into soups. There's SO MANY ways to use the herbs!! Since using Mason's Mushrooms and Jing I have noticed a huge increase in my energy levels, especially when I wake up in the morning, I've also noticed that my sex drive has been really strong (didn't think it could get any stronger, but apparently it can haha!).

Why do you consider it healthy to have a strong sex drive/ strong libido? 
Our sexual energy is our life force energy! Without life force we often move through life feeling numb and disconnected from our body. Sex is a healthy, natural and beautiful part of life and a great way to connect with ourselves, and with others!

How may diet affect the libido? 
Well our diet directly affects our energy levels, our mental health, our zest for living! And without all of these things our libido can drop and we can literally feel cut off from our sexual energy. So diet hugely affects our libido and it's so important that we eat fresh organic produce, alongside awesome herbs.

Have you noticed any benefits since taking adaptogens and SuperFeast tonic herbs? 
Yes, I've noticed increased energy levels throughout the day, and an increase in my libido.

Can you give us any words of advice on increasing our libido? 
My biggest piece of advice is to deal with any 'stuff' that gets in the way of you desiring intimacy and sex - in other words, move through any shame and guilt   that surrounds this area of your life and deal with any negative belief systems that hold you back from fully embracing your sexuality and sensuality. Eat well. Exercise. Surround yourself with amazing people. All the usual stuff that contributes to living a colourful life. Oh and always honour your truth, whatever that may be.  
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