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Results: When Will I See Them?

So you've invested in yourself, your health, and now have some gorgeous SuperFeast herbs ready to take you to the next level. Naturally you're wondering; When will I see results?

Short answer: 

We can't tell you the exact time frame, each of us is such a unique being. 

Long answer: 

There are a few factors we need to take into account here, starting with your definition of 'results.' The meaning of the word 'results' itself can be super subjective and a little ambiguous (but keep reading, I promise, I will get to the magic numbers).

Here at SuperFeast HQ, results cover a huge range of things and this list is supported by the thousands of happy customers who write into us (some of their results listed below), with their personal experiences. We're talking:


  • Clear head.
  • No cold/flu.
  • Rocking libido.
  • Lowered anxiety.
  • Clearer skin.
  • Brain is firing.
  • Lowered blood pressure.
  • Help with coffee addiction.
  • Feeling grounded.
  • More in touch with self.
  • Lessened incontinence.
  • Feelings of restoration.
  • Improved hormone levels.
  • Less painful periods.
  • Lessening of nerve tingles and numbness.
  • Quicker recovery from movement.
  • Heart rhythm stabilisation.
  • Cognitive skills and memory improving.
  • Breathing patterns balanced.


The list goes on... As the saying goes- 'herbs are for healing'. 

Your constitutional sensitivity, current health condition and your own level of internal awareness will also play a key role in the time frame you experience results.

Honestly, you may feel changes pretty immediately- (from that very first tonic you make) to a couple of months of consistent herb-taking (before you notice a deeper shift). But, I know you are really wanting some concrete answers here, so some slightly more tangible advice, we suggest taking the herbs regularly for at least 30-100 days to really allow the medicinal properties to exert their magic.



Long Term Use

This is where the real magic can happen. Please remember, we are all about a small daily dose  of herbs, taken daily, for a long period - in accordance with the Taoist philosophy. The medicinal benefits of our tonic herbs will accumulate over time. Obviously our herbs can be used medicinally at higher doses, but we suggest taking them in therapeutic doses whilst consulting a qualified healthcare practitioner with herbal experience. As we said above, each individual is so different and requires their own unique and personalised health care plan. Anyway, back to the tonic herbal way - intentional herbal ingestion for the activation of our latent potential. 


Traditionally speaking, 100 days of consistent use is the sweet spot for constitutional shifts to occur (this is of course, along with the suite of lifestyle factors we are always banging on about. Namely water quality, sleep, movement, good thoughts, personal practice, community and nutrition). 

After 200 days of consistent use and practice, it is said that these shifts can unfold within the bone marrow and muscular skeletal structure (bones and muscles).


Even longer term use, we're talking enhancements in Kidney Yin and Lung function. The Taoists linked these elements with preserving youth. And, traditionally speaking, when deep health is established in this manner, an individual is in prime position to expand upon their own personal culture, to introspectively examine their inner self, deepen their personal practice and begin to truly understand their spiritual existence, resulting in development of Shen.


And another little tip when taking the herbs for maximum results, we are really passionate about having an intent during your herb-taking practices, so take a moment to get clear and really acknowledge why you are taking which herb to create space for the magic to unfold in a way that is unique to your uniqueness. Can you take the herbs in combination? Absolutely. Read more here, about how your herbs work collaboratively.

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