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I Am Gaia: Nourishing Women's Blend And The Amazing Health Benefits

The I Am Gaia blend is a magical combination of revered and potent women's herbs that are blood-building, support women's health, and holistically nourish the entire system.

What is I Am Gaia?

The SuperFeast I Am Gaia blend celebrates all women of all ages. A collection of the Orient’s most potent and adored tonic herbs, those traditionally used to invigorate and sustain feminine health:

  • Angelica Root (Angelica sinensis / dong quai)
  • Asparagus root (Asparagus cochinchinensis)
  • Rehmannia Root (Rehmannia glutinosa)
  • Poria Mushroom (Poria cocos)
  • White Peony (Paeonia lactiflora)
  • Schisandra Berry (Schisandra chinensis)
  • Goji Berry (Lycium barbarum)
  • Jujube Fruit (Ziziphus)

I Am Gaia is a longevity formula, designed to rejuvenate a woman's body by empowering her innate vital nature and has been carefully crafted to offer general support to all the major and minor organ systems of a woman’s body.

The Herbal Formula

I Am Gaia is comprised of herbs that offer both major actions and those that offer support. You can think of I Am Gaia as your tonic herb multivitamin; a nurturing and nourishing blend that will enhance and work with your existing health rituals.

Major and Direct Action:             
Angelica Root                               
Asparagus root                                      
Rehmannia Root        
Poria Mushroom

Supporting and Minor Action:
White Peony
Schisandra Berry 
Goji Berry
Jujube Fruit

Why, I Am Gaia?

The name stems from an acknowledgment that women are unified with the living energy of this Earth (Gaia), and that a cascade of blossoming health is only possible when a woman (or man) is connected with the elements of this Mother planet we call home.

There are many factors and practices that contribute to this state of health. SuperFeast founder Mason has specifically crafted this blend to support women via tonic herbalism, to enable women to move into further harmony with their innate nature of health.

The concept of this blend also pairs with our Earth First ethos to support the preservation and regeneration of our Mother, Gaia. Our intention is to simply contribute to the overall vital health of a woman’s body (like how we try to live day to day, contributing to the overall health of the planet). This blend tends to the foundational roots of a woman's health, aiming to support her on the journey back to herself. Offering deep nourishment to her body, mind, and spirit. Tonifying her organs on both a physical and energetic level. 

Top 5 Benefits of I Am Gaia

As a nourishing and extremely gentle blend, I Am Gaia is working on many levels of the body and the systems, aiming to be an overall tonic to help maintain a flourishing of health. These areas include building and moving of the blood via the Liver, Spleen and Kidneys, regulating hormones, menstruation, fertility, increasing lubrication and maintaining an open, expressive heart. 

Blood Health and I Am Gaia

Within the tradition of Classical Chinese Medicine, women are said to be governed by Blood. When working to establish and maintain the vital health of a woman's body, it is imperative that a woman’s lifestyle tends to, and nurtures her Blood.  

The I Am Gaia blend has been carefully formulated to include tonic herbs famed for their ability to build blood (namely angelica root head and stem, rehmannia, goji and white peony) and move Blood (particularly angelica root tips and poria), preventing or helping any blood stagnation through the Liver, Spleen, Kidneys and Heart. (A note: when we use capitals, we are referring to the entire organ system referred to in classical Chinese medicine, rather than the single organ). Via the actions on these foundational organ systems, the I Am Gaia blend encourages women to not only maintain her health, but to flourish in it because by supporting all the organs, she will have higher quality, invigoration and movement of the Blood.

This blend is wonderful for building up red blood cells and increasing blood volume, with the overall ability to bring harmony to the blood, its elements and its movement. The specific actions of white peony act to cleanse the blood, while its cooling effects regulate the liver function, ensuring blood flow is nice and strong - what a beautiful overall blood health tonic.

Being such a great blood tonic, I Am Gaia is perfect to support the building back of blood after a woman's monthly bleed. If bleeding is particularly heavy, have a break from I Am Gaia during that time and start up again once you have finished for the month.

Qi and I Am Gaia

Aiding the cultivation of Qi (our life force energy) broadens a woman’s capacity to experience exuberant health long term. The herbs in this blend assist to fortify a woman’s foundational strength (Kidney Yin Jing and Blood), increase her vitality via the optimisation of her immune system and restore her capacity to metabolise water, creating a natural flow through the liver that allows her radiance to shine from within; this then provides the foundations for strong Qi flow and cultivation.

In particular, we love the properties of asparagus root to provide a moistening and tonifying effect on the Lungs - this increases the ability of the Lungs to extract Qi energy from the air we breath. (To take this point a little further, this means we can better breathe and remove toxins from our respiratory tract, which in this modern day, is super important). Schisandra and goji further support this tonification that leads to strong Qi being transformed via the breath, along with more vibrant skin, in which the Lungs govern. 

Poria mushroom is a beautiful Qi herb too and is said to improve the flow of water through the body (great for those who struggle with retaining water). And via its actions on the Spleen, poria regulates energy production and waste elimination. Here, the transformation of ingested food is converted to Qi energy and used to build, regulate, animate and fuel the body. 

The purpose of this function is to ensure that the proper organ function is occurring so the body may derive ample Qi to vitalise the body for all actions and regulations we require day to day. When this is not present, and we are running on stress, we don't have the proper amount of Qi and must pull resources from our Kidney Jing; which is ideally left in place to support our slow and graceful ageing.

Hormone Balance and I Am Gaia

Women’s health is a multifaceted entity, one that requires a multifaceted approach, but by consuming herbs that support the regulation of hormonal and menstrual function, sexual fluids and lubrication, fertility and hormone balance is much more likely to ensue. Fertile soil, just like a fertile body, offers a sound medium for birth. Whether that be the birth of a physical child, the birth of vibrant health, an idea, a creative project or a zest for life. Therefore to embolden a woman’s capacity to thrive within her vital nature, her fertility must be nurtured, through diet, herbs and other lifestyle practices. The I Am Gaia blend offers this herbal support, to both the physical and energetic structures imperative to a woman’s reproductive health.

Getting into specific actions, we see asparagus root as a remedy for impotence and frigidity, especially when this is a result of Yin deficiency. Angelica root (especially when grown Dì Dào (地道) and harvested consciously as ours is) is a famed gynaecological regulator and is used traditionally to support long term menstrual health, fertility and all stages of menopause through its regulation of the hormones generally. Coming up next, rehmannia nourishes Yin Jing, an action that strengthens reproductive functions and fertility, and is supported by goji and schisandra in doing so. Due to its potent Blood building properties rehmannia, warm in nature, helps to warm the uterine channel, while assisting to clear disharmonies in menstruation and fertility; it is supported heavily by angelica in this. Plus white peony is famed for its magical ability to reduce menstrual cramping, via its ability to relax smooth muscle. Although this is a secondary action of the blend, it is often enough if symptoms are light or easily resolved.

The peony's cooling and clearing of the liver, along with the cleansing and tonifying that the goji and schisandra provide for the various layers and phases of Liver function assist the body to restore and increase efficacy of hormonal regulation via the Liver.

As with hormones at all times, if you restore core health, the body is less stressed and may switch further and further from the non-health generating state of long term sympathetic, towards more and more parasympathetic states where sex hormones production and utilisation is prioritised by the body.

Mood Stabilisation and I Am Gaia

This collection of nourishing herbs have been used to tonify and support all elements of women's health. Particularly beneficial for bringing lightness to the heart, these herbs have been known for their ability to support Shen. If you want to dive a little deeper into Shen; have a listen to this podcast which is a deep dive into Shen and SuperFeast's SHEN blend. 

As one of the most prized Shen (spirit) tonics asparagus root is said to open the heart centre; an action which helps to bring forth the virtues of the heart; love, patience, peace of mind. Asparagus root facilitates a “birds eye view” of life to unfold, allowing one to rise above life’s fluctuations. In fact, it was said that those who took asparagus root for extended periods of time would feel so light that they could fly. Notes written in the 4th century (Bao Pu Zi, the master embracing simplicity) shared taking this particular herb for 100 consecutive days, may also significantly improve stamina and vitality. Plus rehmannia works to further stabilise Shen, enabling the collective trio of asparagus root, poria and schizandra to be effective in their actions as Shen tonics. Poria too, lends itself to remedying a weak spirit, traditionally used to alleviate pain below the heart, which is often linked with emotional outbursts such as rage, fright and fear palpitations. In short- the I Am Gaia blend can assist women to create the space to become embodied, develop her spirit and awaken to her true and unique nature.

Immunity and I Am Gaia

Poria is one of the major herbs in this blend, so you are getting a nice hit of immune-boosting compounds. Poria has been used as an immune tonic for centuries in the Orient and is becoming validated for its action on immunity in contemporary literature. In particular, the polysaccharides and triterpenes appear to enhance immune stimulators, whilst decreasing the secretion of immune suppressors. Angelica root boasts an anti-inflammatory punch, which further supports a robust immune system- while goji berry has been shown to have potent immunostimulatory effects.  

SuperFeast I Am Gaia

SuperFeast I Am Gaia is:

  • 100% pure herbs (no additives or nasties, just like the entire SuperFeast apothecary)
  • The eight individual herbs are all sourced Dì Dào (地道), from their natural environment in pristine, rural areas in China including:
    • Angelica Root
      • Sourced from the Gansu and Inner Mongolia regions of China
      • Harvested from the wild soil in which it loves to grow
      • A single water extract of the herb body (root) is used.
    • Asparagus root
      • Sourced from the Guangxi, Sichuan and Guizhou regions of China
      • Harvested from the wild soil in which it loves to grow
      • A single water extract of the herb body (root) is used.
    • Rehmannia Root
      • Sourced from the Henan, Shanxi regions of China
      • Harvested from the wild soil in which it loves to grow
      • A single water extract of the herb body (root) is used.
    • Poria Mushroom
      • Poria is sourced from the Yunan and Hunan regions of China
      • Harvested on wild Duan Wood Pine
      • A single water extract of the herb body (fruiting) is used
      • See vision live as we harvest fresh SuperFeast Poria
    • White Peony
      • Sourced from the Anhui, Zhejiang and Sichuan regions of China
      • Harvested from the wild soil in which it loves to grow
      • A dual extraction of the herb body (root) is used.
    • Schisandra Berry
      • Sourced from the Chang Bai Mountain region of China
      • Harvested from the wild soil in which it loves to grow
      • A dual extraction of the herb body (berry) is used
      • See where your SuperFeast Schizandra comes from here.
    • Goji Berry
      • Sourced from the Ningxia Zhongning districts of China
      • Harvested from the wild soil in which it loves to grow
      • A single water extraction of the herb body (berry) is used.
    • Jujube Fruit
      • Sourced from Xinjiang, Shandong and Shaanxi regions of China
      • Harvested from the wild soil in which it loves to grow
      • A single water extraction of the herb body (fruit) is used.


You can find SuperFeast's I Am Gaia blend here in our online store.


I Am Gaia pairs well with...

Pairing I Am Gaia with a lifestyle and practices that is working towards the intentions of the blend is going to open up a whole new level of potential. You can enhance the effects of the blend, or even feel into whether the blend is right for you as an every day tonic, perhaps just a few times a week or possibly not for you at this time, by tuning into those practices that pair well with the blend.

  • A gentle personal practice that is concentrating on nourishing the body, mind and soul through movement. The blend can also pair well with a strong Yang movement practice by ensuring you're being nourished while pushing yourself physically.
  • Establishing boundaries in your lifestyle that provide space to consistently recover and maintain a base level of nourishment.
  • Warmed and cooked foods that are easy to digest and build blood.
  • Western herbal tea blends such as nettle, yellow dock, chaste berry / vitex, oat straw.
  • Thorough hydration to support the upkeep of fluids (including sexual fluids).
  • Women's sexual cultivation practices such as jade eggs. 
  • Vaginal steaming.
  • Journalling and list making to ensure you are getting ideas, ponderings, worries, things to do and planning out of the head and onto paper so you may be more present and parasympathetic through your day. 
  • Gentle movement practices like Yin yoga, Qi Gong etc that nourish the fascial channels and assist the smooth flow of Qi through the body.
  • Stillness practice / meditation to further cultivate the stillness of Yin within and work with the blend's Shen herbs to tonify the mind and unify it with the body.
  • Organ / abdominal massage such as Chi Ne Tsang.

    I Am Gaia and the Traditions

    This blend of herbs also lends itself as somewhat of a longevity blend (The Taoists really loved immortality, read more here). Rehmannia is said to be the Kidney's own food and is celebrated as one of the most effective longevity herbs. For thousands of years rehmannia was used in longevity formulas for it’s rejuvenating and life-extending qualities. And white peony is one of China’s primary anti-aging herbs, used to promote beauty. It is said that a woman who consumes the herb consistently will “become as beautiful as the peony flower itself”. Like all tonic herbs, long term use of these herbs, has traditionally been said to add vigour to the body and extend life.

    But above all, these carefully chosen herbs all have been traditionally used to support and nourish women. In fact, white peony is one of the most prized regulatory women’s tonics of the Orient, along with angelica. White peony is a highly regarded tonic for menstrual health as it assists in hormonal and menstrual regulation, liver tonification and blood purification. The specific combination of white peony, with angelica and rehmannia in the I Am Gaia blend, enhances these actions, especially in regards to Blood building and hormonal regulation.


      A Note To Our Men Friends

      Women are governed by blood, while men are governed by Qi and yes, while the name and intention behind this blend is to support the feminine, this blend is absolutely appropriate for men too.


      There are times when this blend will be beneficial for men: for those who are on a cooling, raw food diet, who may be balding, with cracked feet and dry skin - these types of symptoms tend to suggest a Blood deficiency. And as we have discussed, this blend is brilliant for moving stagnant blood and building it. For these types of ailments in men, the I Am Gaia blend may be very beneficial.

      A Final Note

      I Am Gaia is:

      • Nourishing and very gentle
      • A tonic herbal multivitamin for women
      • Perfect for women of all ages (teens to elderly)
      • Can be thought of as your women's multivitamin
      • Builds and nourishes blood
      • Can support healthy hormone balance
      • Can be beneficial for menstrual challenges
      • Nourishes your heart and Shen


      As a formula, the I Am Gaia blend is not intended to treat or clear individual symptoms, rather to create overall harmony within the system as a whole. The blend includes blood invigorating herbs, so best to lower your dose, or cease taking if you are experiencing a heavy menstrual bleed. This blend is warming, so would not be appropriate for this with a super hot menopause experience. 


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