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Yinn Body

In conversation with Rosie Rees from Yinn Body, a holistic sexual wellness brand designed to enhance what nature provides. They create high-quality, all-natural body oil, lubricants and pleasure wands to help you surrender to your sexual essence. 

How did the concept of Yinn Body come about, and what inspired you to create this platform?

Originally birthed by leading Sexologist Juliet Allen in 2021, I brought Yinn in 2022 after I fell in love with the quality, smell and texture of the products. The essence of the product blew me away. As the owner of Yoni Pleasure Palace, it was a no brainer to bring on a lubricant brand. I had wanted to create a lubricant for years so when this opportunity came along from Juliet it was truly meant to be. 


How do you incorporate tonic herbs into your daily routine, and what benefits have you noticed from using them?

I swap coffee for a JING three times a week. I love to pair it with honey and frothy oatmilk and I feel like it’s amazing for my adrenals and hormone balancing especially during PMS. I have also started taking Ashwagandha and Reishi tablets.


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What are you doing, small or large, in your daily life to help cultivate sovereignty of mind/body/spirit for yourself, your community or the planet?

To cultivate sovereignty for myself, I sip a cup of hot lemon water in the morning slowly while I mediate or read. This is a change I’ve made this year because I used to wake up and hop straight on my phone, getting into the work grind. This makes me feel clearer, stronger, calmer and in an overall better mood as I start my day and go to the gym. I feel like I can get more done at a calmer pace.

I also took a month in a half off alcohol, while I love a good drink I experienced noticeable positive changes during a period of sobriety and will be doing 100 days alcohol free later on in the year. I also try to limit my coffee in take or consume high quality pod and adding terpenes.

I focus on filling up my own cup before serving others.

My businesses packaging is completing eco-friendly; everything from biodegradable Heropack bags, tape, recycled plastic in products.

I love to host sexually empowering events for my community and open up a space for women to talk openly in our Facebook groups or directly to me once a week on our ‘Ask Rosie’ post.


Can you share any specific tonic herb blends or formulas that you find particularly effective or impactful?

I put some schisandra powder in my smoothies if I’m craving energy and I love the zingy flavour. I notice a real change to my energy levels throughout the day. 


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How do you see tonic herbalism fitting into the larger picture of holistic health and wellness?

I have spiritual teachers, I like to call them parents. I listen to their podcasts, read their books and learn from their teachings. I have the mindset that I can always learn and grow more. I’m a self proclaimed self help junkie since my Dad gave me ‘The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People’ at 14 and I’ve been on a spiritual self help journey ever since. I love Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within, that was a real turning point in my life and I attended his event Date With Destiny a week long event on the Gold Coast. I love to learn but I also know how important it is to switch off from learning and just sit still in silence and let it soak in. I’ve learnt the importance of walking without a phone, driving in the car without a podcast and knowing the balance between learning and creating space. 


What advice would you give to someone who is new to the world of tonic herbalism and is interested in incorporating it into their own life?

Make it taste good so you can incorporate it into your life. Add honey, nut milk, bee pollen, cacao. Also put your supplements where you can see them so they’re convenient to grab.


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What's next for Yinn Body, and what do you hope to achieve with this platform in the coming years?

I’m so excited to release a thick and moisturising  anal lubricant, widen our range of sex toys including our new Hera rose quartz pleasure wand and the Aura which is to be released soon.

We also have a beautiful scented Yinn Body candle in the works. 


How can people learn more about Yinn Body and connect with your community?

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