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SuperFeast's Story

Tonic Herbs with Integrity. Est 2011.

“The best part about supporting a family owned business is getting to know the family, to trust that you share their values, ethics and vision. A genuine passion for tonic herbalism and desire to educate others on taking an empowered approach to their health is one of the things that makes the SuperFeast herbs so special.”

The Preservation of Herbal Traditions

We only source herbs sustainably and with longevity in mind for the ecosystem.

We work closely with small-batch, independent, local farmers and foragers with a deep connection to Dì Dào (地道) sourcing; these folks remember the ancient wisdom and respect the intrinsic nature of the herbs and the lore that surrounds them. These foragers understand the wisdom of leaving the ecology intact and thriving for the future. They know where to grow the herbs to have as little impact on the land as possible while regenerating the soils. 

These factors are integral to all our futures, and we know that participating in eco-minded farming contributes to keeping the integrity of tonic herbalism alive. Through this practice, we are contributing to the preservation of the ancient tonic herb tradition, so future generations have access to the ancient wisdom that has kept humans healthy for millennia.