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Mason Taylor is a health educator, speaker, and podcast host with a special interest in sharing how to navigate this evolving world and the many health paradigms to create a unique and potent health philosophy and approach that helps people to feel safe, balanced and vital in their body.  

He is the founder of SuperFeast, which aims to supply on the best quality tonic herbs, medicinal mushrooms and detoxification products to assist its tribe in finding the best health possible. 

To connect, visit Mason Taylor's website or subscribe to the Mason Taylor Show podcast or join Mason on a Mason Taylor Health Activation Retreat. You can also find him on Facebook and Instagram.


Tahnee McCrossin is SuperFeast's Office Manager and reishi baby mama. She is a student of herbalism, Taoism and Yoga, and founded Yoga for All in Newcastle, NSW. She teaches Yin yoga, practices chi ne tsang abdominal massage and loves to integrate her learnings from all fields. She co-facilitates the Mason Taylor Health Activation Retreats.

To connect, visit Tahnee McCrossin's website or find her on Instagram.