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5G - Is It Harmful To Health? with Damian Donoghue (EP#62)

Damian Donoghue from SuperHealth joins Mason on the podcast today to discuss and the health implications of the 5G network. Damian is extremely well read in the areas of health, wellness, detoxification and environmental pollutants and has a keen interest in finding solutions against harmful EMF exposure. Tune in for a wildly interesting and eye opening chat.

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Damian Donoghue from SuperHealth joins Mason on the podcast today to discuss and the health implications of the 5G network. Damian is extremely well read in the areas of health, wellness, detoxification and environmental pollutants and has a keen interest in finding solutions against harmful EMF exposure. Tune in for a wildly interesting and eye opening chat.

*Note: This episode was recorded before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mason and Damo discuss:

  • The 5G network, what is it?
  • Heavy metal exposure.
  • The 5G network, what is it?
  • Data collection and advertising.
  • Building biology as a preventative tool.
  • Melatonin and it's role within the body.
  • Health sovereignty and cultivating Qi.
  • Building biology as a preventative tool.
  • Using the pineal gland as a navigational tool.
  • The in's and outs of non native EMF exposure.
  • The importance of detoxication and forest bathing.
  • The actions steps you can take to reduce 5G paranoia and anxiety.
  • The importance of distance when protecting against 5G frequencies.
  • Environmental awareness and community based action as drivers for change.
  • The cellular harm 5G can cause and the strategies we can embody to cultivate resilience against it.
  • Simple tips for blocking non native EMF's and blue light in your home.
  • Damian's favourite supplements and lifestyle practices for full body protection and potentiation.


Who is Damian Donoghue ?

Damian has been researching natural ways to heal the body for the last 20 years. After healing himself of an 8 year bout of chronic fatigue, Damian set out to empower others to reach a peak state of health and wellbeing. Damian loves helping people to optimise their health by flooding the body with nutrition from superfoods and tonic herbs and teaching effective detox strategies for removing heavy metals and toxic chemicals.

One of Damian's main areas of focus is helping people to protect themselves from the constant onslaught of the health depleting microwave radiation being emitted from all of our wireless technologies like smart phones, smart meters, WiFi and 5G. 

Damian is extremely passionate about life and helping others and is a proud health crusader fighting for humanity.



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Check Out The Transcript Below:

Mason:   (00:00)

All right Damo, let's do it man. So first time on the pod, it's been about, I think it's been like just under 10 years since I met you, Randwick race course when you were doing extreme superfoods. "All the extreme." I remember you saying when you changed over to SuperHealth you were like, "Man, it's too extreme."


Damian:  (00:22)

It's too extreme, it's way too extreme.


Mason:   (00:25)

That was so good because it goes like that Kirlian electromagnetic ball. Just that Qi, like it was the Dougan, like the style that would suit... Extreme superfoods. ... I've got a bunch of your stuff back in those days and you got me onto the marine phytoplankton and the hydrogens right there back in the day. So man, it's good to be on here chatting now.


Damian:  (00:52)

Yeah. Thanks buddy. A pleasure to be here. Hey.


Mason:  (00:55)

Yeah man. ... So you're over in your place in Perth, we tuned in a little bit, but for everyone, you rock SuperHealth from there. What else are you up to at the moment?


Damian:   (01:07)

So about to release a new range of products. So they've been sitting about eight years now. My product range. So it's been time for a revamp, which I'm super excited about. So they're coming out really soon. But yeah, just really focusing on education, especially the topic we're going to talk about today, is just getting people aware on microwave radiation coming from all our wireless technology. It's probably one of my biggest areas now, more passionate areas because I really just want to educate people and get people switched on and what can we do in this environment now? So that's probably one of my bigger messages at this point of time.


Mason:  (01:46)

Well, I mean I'm stoked to talk to you about it. Because you're well read on it, but I like talking to you about these things because you got a real good outlook on life. You've got a real positive... through all the deep dives into all the ways we've been poisoned and microwaved in our environment. For those of you who are on the audio, the smile's beaming right now, which is on the video... But it's important, because it can be such a deep dark space and I don't know, some people might not have been in this world. Maybe Super Feast podcast is maybe the place you like learning about some of the.. The drawbacks and the microwave stuff.


Mason:  (02:26)

But most people listening have either been down the rabbit hole themselves or know someone that's formed a bit of a dark outlook on life in terms of just being exacerbated by and just overwhelmed by everything that's been thrown at us. So yeah man, I'm super keen because you're super proactive on what we can do about it as well. So let's dive in because it's been a while you've been talking about it, you got and others great Facebook lives about what to do when you're traveling with the wifi and having the building biologist over to your house. So can you just talk to me about when you started tuning into all this and why it's driving your education platform at the moment?


Damian:  (03:08)

For sure. So I think it's very much what you said. You go down these deep dark holes of reality or what a lot call conspiracy and yeah, I just find someone's got to digest this stuff and then someone's got to regurgitate it to the people in a format that they can accept and deal with because as you know, the darker and deeper you go in these holes, the more you uncover and the reality of it all is we're under attack from our environment, from the world we're in. And so really now how do we get strong in that environment? So I think for me, I've studied health for so long and it was all about putting clean food in my mouth. Is it organic food? Am I drinking clean water?


Damian:  (03:56)

And we're doing all these things putting through our mouth. But what about the stuff we can't see? And that's what really started to interest me because you've got people coming to... Like yourself, we've got people coming to us all the time with health problems. But it's like, is it just the water? Is it just the food? Is it just the chemicals they're exposed to? And I really understand that now. It's not. It's a lot to do with the frequencies that we're bathing in daily. And the more I looked into wifi back in the day before 5G came out, I just realised we were bathing in a frequency that is harmful to human health. It's harmful to all life. And then the 5G started coming on the scene the last two years and I dug deeper and deeper and it all seemed like a conspiracy theory. It's like, 5G is going to be coming out, microwaving us all."


Damian:  (04:50)

And yeah, it was something that you think you'd read about on the internet for many years, but now they're rolling this out. And that's why now I really want to focus on what can we do about it? How can we avoid it? How can we protect ourselves? And my biggest message today about 5G is not just getting into a state of fear and going, "Oh my God, these things are harming us. What are we going to do?" And people become helpless and fearful. It's not about that. It's basically diagnosing and acknowledging who is our enemy? What is the enemy? And how can we avoid it? What can we do to protect ourselves? How can we be proactive and take those action steps to either stop 5G, stop the rollout or protect ourselves in a 5G world. And so that'd be my biggest message today is, how can we be proactive about it?


Mason:  (05:46)

When you tuned in, what was it about 5G and in its detrimental effect, what was it specifically that got your interest?


Damian:  (05:56)

I think it was just after suffering with ill health myself. Whatever it was, 10 years go now, 15 years ago.. When I started experiencing chronic fatigue. And it was that having your health taken away from you, you never want to go back there and you do everything you can to stay healthy and be vibrant and to even think that there's a frequency, something we can't smell, taste or see in our environment that's taxing me, taking me back to that state of fatigue or depletion in my body. But that really interested me. And that's when I started reading more and more and realised, "Hold on, this silent frequency that we can't smell, taste or see is there taxing our body." And it was that, it was the realisation of it's not just food and water now, it's, could be the device that I'm holding texting every day. It could be that that's actually taxing my body. So it was wanting to know what can we do about that?


Mason:  (06:54)

How was it taxing the body did you find? Or will it be taxing the body?


Damian:  (06:59)

Yeah, so disturbing your cell metabolism basically. So all your cellular functions in the body are disturbed by these frequencies. So what they're doing is keeping us in a state of fight and flight. Now I'm talking about EMF or electromagnetic fields, but specifically non-native EMF because people say, "Oh, there's EMF coming from the sun, the earth's got EMF coming off it all of the time." Well, yes it does, but we're not focusing on that, we're focusing on non-native EMF. Not native to this earth, which is manmade technology that's emitting these things. And so it was the disturbances it was having on our fertility, the way our energy is produced on the mitochondria in the cell. So it was all of these disturbances coming from the frequencies that were really interesting me more and more.


Mason:  (07:52)

Because we're at that point, it was an interesting one for me this year because I've had mates like yourself who have been onto the 5G. A few years ago, I've had other friends, real mates more on an esoteric kind of space, again for years and years training people how to acknowledge that there is this entity that's going to be entering into our sphere and how do we disassociate somewhat spiritually with this entity and not allow that unwanted relationship to come in. But then, the world didn't really click onto it so much. The majority haven't really clicked onto it so much. And it was probably three months ago when we saw everyone really jumping onto this bandwagon, which was amazing because this rush came. I had this really mixed reaction to it for some reason because from the start of the year, I remember seeing a photo of a football field at the start of the year in February and it had Telstra 5G on it.


Mason:  (08:52)

And that didn't get people's alarm bells going. Maybe the front runners, people who are breaking the ice, but the level of outrage warranted when you look into a little bit of the data. Which is still... The data is still getting verified, but I know there's a lot of very legitimate studies occurring and then maybe you can help me pull up a bunch and we'll put them in the show notes as well so everyone can just calmly go in and just check through this stuff and make sure we all get informed of what's going on. Outside of it, for or against kind of model.


Mason:  (09:31)

It annoyed me the level of emotion and fear and outrage that came at such a late stage when everyone had so much of an opportunity to realise years ago that this was coming. I feel what I got was a lot of people... and you know this is me as well in certain instances. I'm not pointing the finger. We need to acknowledge that you're not awake and aware of the changes and the things that are going on in your environment. You need to be vigilant. And if you're late, and you're too late, maybe cop some of the responsibility that, "Shit maybe we're not going to be able to change or stop the rollout as much as we could have, if we'd got in way earlier." So it was just a wake up call, but as a community we need to be really switched on at these legislative stages of these projects. I don't know what it was like for you up there, whether it was out in the west, if it was the same, like three or four months ago that everyone became aware for the first time and jumped onto it.


Damian:  (10:36)

Well, I think you're exactly right Mase, yeah it was a real last minute explosion. And I really feel it's lack of information. People don't understand the severity of it, which is what I want to communicate today is this is really serious. And it's going to take all of us coming together, and it's not just protecting ourselves, it's standing up and going to the rallies, getting these letters into parliament and saying that we're not happy. Will they have any effect? Probably not. It's such a huge industry, $17 trillion industry, we're probably not going to have any effect. We're probably going to have to see a lot of people who suffer before there's big change and that's when we will all-


Mason:  (11:22)

Yeah, maybe a couple of decades, few decades even. And we're talking about industries to be fair that I'm not allowing any information to come out. I think I'm talking more about just realising the level that we all need to step up on very individual levels.


Damian:  (11:43)

And when you've got... I follow a gentleman called Barrie Trower and we'll put some links in below for your listeners. Barrie Trower was a Royal Navy microwave weapons expert. He specialised in directed energy weapons. Like looking at how can you target an enemy with one of these weapons and just listening to him, he goes through research paper after research paper of all the biological effects of 5G on our environment, on humans. And there's no testing being done, and that's the freaky bit. It's never been tested yet. Somehow it's still rolling out. These groups of scientists from 40 different countries around the world, leading scientists all saying, "No, this cannot happen. We can't allow this to happen." Yet It's still rolling out. So it tells you there's a lot of money involved. So-


Mason:  (12:37)

Huge amounts of money. When you look at the opportunity here, and I definitely think there's... I think we've talked about this a lot. There's probably of course... There's always a particular percentage of psychopaths in the world and people that know these things, and how damaging these things are. And will go ahead if there's some kind of game, whether it's power, mostly power, fiscal or just egoic. But then there's like a lot of people who are in that undertow who just see the fact that this is going to connect the world in a way that it's never been. Something like 5G... That's basically every device is going to be connected. You will never ever not be able to instantly upload something. You're not going to have any drop offs.


Mason:  (13:18)

And so you've got to remember there's a lot of... I don't know if ignorance is the right word, maybe, because you could say, "I'm ignorant to the possible benefits to humanity." So that's fair. But there's also a lot of ignorance in what this is going to do to the human body. And some people can only see that beautiful side of the coin, and then that's going to be very offensive if you bring up the fact that this grail for something that's going to revolutionise, in their world like the medical industry, you know, the way that you know, the, what, you know, like medicine, like the development of technologies to help humanity. That's kind of that shit that you can hide behind really, really easily here. And so I think it's always important on these ones to make sure you know what it's like, you've got to develop a lot of empathy when you're having these kinds of very tricky conversations eh.


Damian:  (14:10)

Yeah, definitely. And yeah, I think you're hitting the nail on the head once again. So just open up. I'd love to just explain 5G, just as a brief. What is 5G? It's the fifth generation solar telecommunications. So we're familiar with 3G and often 4G because we see it on our phones. So anyone who's new to this, you'll see 4G often on your phone next to your reception bars. 4G was what was still current now, and has been for quite some time. And that's the cell towers that we see around the place they are sending out this 4G message. 5G is a whole new game. It's nothing like 3 and 4G, people think it's just another step up. But the deeper you dig, you will realise that it's not. And that's what I wanted to talk about in a moment. But what are they promising? Faster downloads like you said, you can go anywhere, faster downloads, driverless cars, smart homes, walking into your home, everything's intelligent, turns on, all voice activated, your washing machine finishes washing a load and the next thing a notice comes up on your TV screen saying your washing is finished. Or your toast is ready. I mean for God's sake. So these are all the major-


Mason:  (15:33)

The other one that's coming is a fridge that can scan what's going in and out of the fridge at any time and develops a shopping list for you based on your input and recipes you want. All this shit that's like dancing towards the virtual reality realms.


Damian:  (15:52)

Yes. And the whole toothbrush, where you're using electric toothbrush, it does an oral scan and sends the data back to your dentist, so your dentist calls you when you need to have your teeth checked. It's just crazy, and I don't know if you've seen the Samsung phone, I saw an ad for a long time back, but there's a lady laying there with her pregnant belly and she's holding the phone and it's like an ultrasound of the baby and she can see the baby. So she's using this microwave radiation to take a scan of her baby. And so this is the things that they're promising is all this fast technology that's going to speed things up and make things easier for us, so they say.


Mason:  (16:37)

The Jetsons.


Damian:  (16:38)

Yeah, definitely. But at what cost? And that's what this is all about, at what cost? So I just want to give a bit of a brief what the 5G world might look like. I've got some notes here of some things I really want to bring up because I really think we have to understand the severity of it and actually acknowledge that, "Oh my God, this is not just something that's going to wash over and we'll forget about it in five years. This is going to impact all of us. And if not us, it's definitely going to harm our children." The exposure to microwave radiation on a child, they're much more delicate than us. So what does it look like? 5G world? Well, 5G millimeter waves don't travel far, they say roughly about 350 meter radius from a transmitter. Now 4G can easily travel 10 kilometers and so it'll cover a big area. But what's happening with 5G, it's beam forming. So if you pick up a device, you're using your phone, instead of just being in this 4G frequency now, you're getting 5G beaming at you like a laser beam specifically at that device.


Damian:  (17:49)

So it's very accurate on where it's sending its frequency. Now, because of the 350 meter radius, it doesn't go very far. It doesn't do the 10 kilometer coverage so they are going to need small cells everywhere. These small cell transmitters are going to be on lamppost. We've just seen some go up now in Subiaco near the city in Perth. Now what we're looking at is an LED streetlight, but on top is a little aerial. So this is how they're going to them in everywhere, is you get all new street lights, no one will know anything different, you've got bright LED streetlights, but on top there's a transmitter. And so all these transmitters are emitting a field and will be beaming lasers exactly at every device in that area and they're going to need millions of... There's not just one, two or 10 in a suburb, they're going to have them everywhere. And we're going to be saturated with this stuff. And so that's why I really think we've got to become aware of this so we know what to avoid.


Damian:  (18:55)

Now the biggest thing with 5G, there is no safety test done, and that's the scary bit is they're rolling all this out and nothing's been tested for safety on human health. Not only is it harming human health, it's harming all living organisms, plants, trees, insects, animals, aquatic life, microbes in our soil. Now one of the biggest one is the bees. We're seeing it now, you see videos where near a 5G tower, there's bees being wiped out. They're dying, dropping off. Now if we lose our bees, we lose our food. We need the bees to pollinate our food so that we can have fruit and all of these veggies and what have you, all fertilizing and producing food for us. If we don't have bees, we have no food.


Mason:  (19:43)

So, even without this massive rollout, I think it's been pretty widely proven now that there's a dramatic drop in insect populations all around the industrialised world. I'm going to throw this on top of it. And that's like... I was listening to actually a comedian''s podcasts, he sometimes brings up some of these issues this morning and they were just commenting on the fact, you know what the problem is with that boomer generation is that they just weren't quite educated about just very simple things like, "Oh the bug..." And this is a very big generalisation of course. But like, "Hey, the bug populations are dropping." And they're like, "Oh cool. That's convenient." They're like, "What are you talking about? This is something that we all learned in year five. That insects are important." And so that's for sure, been like there's this older generation that's just here and it's going like, "Look, it's not that big of a fucking deal guys. Just relax."


Damian:  (20:45)

Yeah. And if we don't have these insects, we don't have food, right? It's just crazy. But the worst thing about the 5G and the 4G and all this microwave radiation is it's harmful to all living things except mold, fungus, bacteria, and parasites.


Mason:  (21:07)

Where is that data? Is this independent research going on?


Damian:  (21:10)

Yeah, definitely. There's a lot of information on that and Barry Trower talks all about that. So catch this, we've all been injected or a lot of us have been injected as a child with god knows what heavy metals and potentially retroviruses, and-


Mason:  (21:27)

Even if people aren't tuned into that conversation, there's an accumulation of heavy metals as you move along through life anyway, just through life, living and breathing in our industrial world.


Damian:  (21:35)

Yes. And so what they're saying now is these frequencies are going to wake up a lot of these dormant viruses and bring them to life and bacteria thrives in it. So a lot of these bad bacterias will multiply at such a rapid rate, they actually become antibiotic resistant in these fields.


Mason:  (21:56)

Antiviral resistant?


Damian:  (21:58)

Antibiotic resistance.


Mason:  (22:00)

Oh you're talking about the bacterial infections being waken up? Yeah. Right. I thought we're still talking about the retroviruses, sorry.


Damian:  (22:07)

Yeah. So they'll become super bugs and they're saying these retroviruses will wake up and start to thrive. Now, if you get mold near a wifi device, a router, and they've measured mold produces up to 600 times the biotoxins in a wifi field. So you think about it, we're seeing people come to us with gut problems, ill health. And they're living in a home with wifi. Now if they've got mold in their body, the mold is just flourishing. It's being potentiated by these fields. And that's the scary thing is, the parasites and molds and viruses, they all love it and they will thrive. And that's why we're going to see more and more of the Lyme's disease sweep through us.


Mason:  (22:50)

Spirocetes yeah, because they're really stealth. They can just sit there dormant for decades until there's a little bit of a crack, right?


Damian:  (22:58)

Yeah, so they're loving these frequencies and that's the scary thing. Now, the other scary thing is we can't measure it. Right now, a building biologist can come in our home and say, "Right, your phone, your wifi is producing a frequency at such a high level that's basically going to lead you towards being sterile, leukemia, different diseases." Now they can link to the amount of exposure. Even Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, I love him. He's amazing. I don't know if you've heard any of his talks, but-


Mason:  (23:30)

I've only heard of him through you, when we spoke last time.


Damian:  (23:34)

Yeah. German doctor and yeah, he's describing how basically he's gone into homes of women that have got children with autism and he's gone back to where they slept when they were pregnant. They had to go into homes that they've got new people living in them and they started taking measurements of where mum was sleeping. What they found with the mothers that had children with autism, the EMF exposure in that area where they slept was 20 times higher than someone who hasn't had a child with autism. And now definitively saying, he said, "It's definitive, we now can guarantee that if you've got this certain level of exposure of wifi and EMF, your child is going to become autistic," or stuff with autism or however you word that, which he said up to now they could never link it to heavy metals in the brain and all, they couldn't definitively link it, but he said with this measure of wifi, now they can say, "Yes it is." Without an ounce of doubt.


Mason:  (24:40)

What's interesting there, because I'm sure... We'll get the links so people can go down that route and see that connection there. Because of course if you've got that... We can see now, like if these frequencies of interrupting our own indigenous frequencies and about, now if we're electrical beams and we have a collection of Qi and electromagnetic energy on our membranes and our mitochondria instead of producing this energy and how our vital organs have this combined collection of electromagnetic charge in different areas of each major organ. If you're going to throw a new aggressive frequency in there, it doesn't take a genius to know that there's maybe going to be a little bit of interaction there.


Mason:  (25:33)

So the problem is then, that we're relying on people who are, some more credible than others but yet independent people to go and get this data because as you said, no one's testing this stuff. And then you get this back and forth debate, which can go on for a long time and people going, "Well that person didn't do this. It's not a true scientific method, that's anecdotal," and they pick a part. It's like, "Yeah, Yeah." Maybe, not all the time, but there's something there. So if there's something, why isn't that bringing up the hypothesis for us as a collection of humanity to then maybe go up and set these double blind placebo full down the line, "Here's the theory and with no bias," which that's not really possible as we know, physics tells us that you're going to have a personal bias on the outcome anyway.


Mason:  (26:32)

That's what I feel like with these kinds of things it's like we got to keep the conversation going. ... Like is it all a distraction? Is this whole entire thing just made up by one party or another to distract us from one other big thing that's going on. Whether that be the people who are rolling out this technology or the people who are creating the hype and fear around it. It's just like, just shut up and get real and just keep on the cover, let's go back and forth and have a conversation because something's going on here eh?


Damian:  (27:04)

Yeah, that's right. Yeah. No, I agree. And-


Mason:  (27:07)

Man, can you just go back and talk to us about what a building biologist is for people because that kind of industry, and Nicole Isma think is the woman who created building biology as an entire science. For me, it developed a lot of credibility for this whole thing. Because you've had quite a bit of experience with building biologists [crosstalk 00:27:30].


Damian:  (27:29)

Yes. A building biologist will come into your home or your work space and they will bring in instruments like high-frequency meters that can measure non-native EMF. So electromagnetic fields coming from wireless technology, wifi, phones, earphones, smart TVs, all of these devices, they can measure it and they can tell you that this frequency is at a harmful level. They also can go in and teach you how to shield these frequencies. So if you've got a cell tower in the distance and you're living on a high rise apartment, and I have heard of this and your level with the cell tower, they're beaming it out, the frequencies, and it's smashing straight in through the windows and microwaving you. And they've taken measurements in situations like this and it's been horrific. The level of EMF coming in through the windows. So-


Mason:  (28:28)

What you're saying ... Your subconscious programming go like, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, you're hearing something like it's smashing through the window." No, this is a science now and this is the reality, this is happening. And then the next conversation is, is it detrimental? Well that's what everyone we're going down, that deep dive down from now, and if you talk to someone like a building biologist, they will show you some pretty impressive data. And educate you about how it's happening. Sorry, go on.


Damian:  (29:00)

Definitely. And if anyone wants scientific documents on this, we can get all, we can dig all that out and put it in the links below. But they will diagnose the source, where it's coming from and then show you ways of shielding it. So it could be curtains that you're hanging that have got silver woven into them, which helps shield that window so you're not being hit. They may find you've got a smart meter and so it could be mounted on the wall of your house or outside the house. So they may put a metallic plate on the back of that wall and they may encase the meter in a metal box to stop those frequencies coming out and they will walk you through all different techniques of reducing that exposure.


Damian:  (29:44)

Like my friend Ian, she helped me get wifi out of my home a few years ago and it was the best move I ever made. She went through and showed me, "Right, what we can do is put ethernet points in here. You can plug your devices in." All of my devices, my laptop right now, we're all plugged in. There's no wifi, there's no Bluetooth. And so they will help you design a safe home or a safer environment. But this is where the complications come in. The instruments that are required to measure the 5G frequencies, they can't be tested on these 2, 3, $4,000 meters.


Damian:  (30:22)

You need a $250,000 meter and you need probably a degree behind you in that area of how to read these devices. And that's the biggest problem now. And that's really why I want us to talk about all of this because we can't measure it now. We can't say your kids, your family is at risk based on the small cells that are being put out on your lampost. We can't measure that now. Hopefully in the coming years, people will develop things that are much cheaper, but at this point of time we can't. So we're going blind into it. Before-


Mason:  (30:56)

And even like a lot of building biologists, even the price of the instruments and just how... It's not a huge paying industry. They're not the most affluent.


Damian:  (31:08)



Mason:  (31:08)

The biologists. They can't afford it. They can't afford these devices. ... That's not an official thing and I haven't studied the industry, but just from sniffing around.


Damian:  (31:22)

Well that's right. And $250,000, I don't know what business could afford that for what you charge for a visit to a home. So yeah, they're very useful at helping diagnose and locate these harmful frequencies, but now things are going to get a lot different as 5G rolls out, the exposure to the millimeter waves and the biggest concern is we can't measure it now. So ultimately it's like we need distance between us and those transmitters. That's the biggest goal now.


Mason:  (31:56)

In terms of like distance. If it's going to be a 350 meter radius, that's a difficult task. And we have people who are just not realistic of course, they're just going to be, now we're going to be like... I think about like my mum. There's just no way. She's in the city. How am I going to get her away from like... Someone who's got a permanent disability needing to be close to all those resources, so then we arrive at a crossroads. I think it's something that comes up and doesn't get spoken about much is when you go through these stages of going down the rabbit hole, I feel like people don't stop. You mentioned digesting before, you wanted to be someone to digest this and then share it. I really want to...


Mason:  (32:40)

I think that's really good. That's a specific language because quite often when you go down this deep dive and you see people go towards paranoia a little bit quick, it's because they haven't stopped and actually digested. Whether digestion of what's going on looks like, "Hmm. Okay. That's the reality. That's really nice for me to understand that that's what's going on. And I think I'll make sure I get a little bit further in touch with my body, so that I can be aware." That might be one thing or it might be shamefulness or it might be this grief, for what was, or it might be just this other sadness. It might be anxiety.


Mason:  (33:25)

Whatever it is. It's generally going to be something that's there anyway. It's like, we all have our own ways of dealing with that... We can keep on going down any route, but I would love to talk about what you're doing, whether it's getting yourself away from these, even having holidays away from this 5G network, which I really want to talk about forest bathing you're doing, because it's right. But even before we get to like, because that's step, that's what people try to, "Okay shit, there's all this bad stuff happening and it's going to destroy me and oh my God, my kids and what are we doing to the planet..."


Mason:  (34:01)

It's like the global warming or the climate change anxiety that you see kids getting. What's that stage of digestion? This can be quite... I know this isn't so much of a solid conversation, might be a bit lofty to an extent or maybe psychological, but have you just got any recommendations for how you stay afloat and progressive even in those situations? How do you digest it?


Damian:  (34:28)

So we get heading towards the action steps.


Mason:  (34:34)

Yeah, first step of the action step in terms of actually digesting this. How do you... At a mindset level even, how do you stay positive with this?


Damian:  (34:44)

Yeah, and I think it's not for everyone. The more you research all of these topics, the darker it gets. And I know that there's times I just need time out, and get out in the forest to clear my head. Ultimately, I know we're all here for a purpose and I'm pretty sure you and I are pretty solid on our purpose. You know what we're here to do, and I know for myself it's taking in all this stuff, but there's always solutions and I do want to mention one guy's name, which is Ken Roller. He's a great guy for people to follow because he talks about all this eerie stuff that goes very much into solutions.


Damian:  (35:21)

There's always solutions and we've just got to stay focused on them. Taking the time out in nature for me is regrounding myself. You learn some new information and there's been some horrible stuff in the last two years I've uncovered, but it's taking time out to go clear your head and moving forward in a moment. Once we talk about some of these other steps, it's getting a clear mind, cleansing that pineal gland, so we can be divinely guided on how to protect ourselves. And ultimately that's how I do it, is learn about it, digest it, sit with it, when it gets all too much, get out in nature, clear your head, drink some water, get out in the sun, do those things and then come back to it and then basically work on a plan that people can apply to their lives.


Mason:  (36:12)

Yeah. Nice. 100% man. And then I had to throw in for me getting right back into comedy. It was just a few years there when I went down the deep dive. I felt I'd lost a little bit of my own sense of humor and getting back that to jestery kind of feel, it brings a lighthearted reality into the fact that there is a bit of a cosmic joke to this whole thing anyway and the world's going to keep on ticking, no matter what. It's like this is really important to humans and we're doing some really bad shit to the earth. But you know, I was talking to Tahnee about it in terms of how much of a human centric view it is that we're destroying the planet and the planet just goes on... Even have millions and millions and millions of years.


Mason:  (36:58)

It's just going to be like, "Oh gosh, what was that little spec? That back there that..." So that kind of... Definitely the comedy and taking that real macro view really helps me get some breath and yeah ageed. If you can connect back into the natural world, that is going to be the primary practice that fortifies you and the natural world includes love, loving connection, connection to your own spiritual self. These thing, and dancing in through the elements as a way of living. I think that's what we're going to be talking about now. That's what fortifies you, to an extent it's the beginning and then we've got lots of gadgets and shit as well.


Damian:  (37:43)

And Mase, it was when you visited Perth last, when you came over that night and you arrived at that point of doom and gloom for me. And I was like, "Chem trails, this, that... And you were like, "Aah..." I could see you were like, "Far out this dude's way fought up in it all." But you've got to determine who the enemy is, what is the harmful... what is harming us? And that's my process. And I was digging in there and now I know that it's now we plan the steps. But the one thing you said to me that night, and it really motivated me, it actually become a type of some of the talks I did. You said, "Oh, aren't you interested in..." you used the word a moment ago, fortifying your body, like how do we build resilience? And that was your focus.


Damian:  (38:33)

Because you're at that point where that's how you roll in your life right now. We are All still digesting all this. And I was like, "We've got to do this, and we're going to do that and this is happening..." But it was those words that you said... Isn't it important for us to look at how we can fortify our body? How do we build that resilience? And that led me into really delving into where we're going to go now with the conversation is, what can we do about it? What are the biggest things we can do to build that resilience to...


Damian:  (39:05)

And like you and I have been teaching to our communities for the last eight, nine years, that super hero consciousness. We used to joke about being a superhero, but I feel now, now time to develop superhero consciousness is at an all time peak, this is where we've got to do it now. This is where we've got to step up and actually put the cape on and learn to fly. Because if we don't, we're going to melt. We've got to stand up and inspire others. And so, how do we become that superhero? Ultimately how do we do that? And I'd love to delve into that, now if you're ready, we'll start talking about some remedies and ways to protect...


Mason:  (39:50)

Cape is on. I'm ready.


Damian:  (39:55)

So number one thing to separate ourselves from 5G is distance. And this is going to be a hard one for a lot of people, but I want to put this as the biggest priority because if you have an opportunity to move away from city areas, populated areas is where the high density 5G is going to be. If you had that opportunity, I would say take it. And even if you don't think you have that opportunity, plant that seed now and plant that seed and water and water, because I've been watering for the last couple of years working out how I can get further away because it's the populated areas that we're going to see a lot of this 5G, intensity of the 5G. So distance is everything. People say, "Oh, if I use a blue a shield device, orgonite, this thing or stick on my phone, they're all great. But distance is number one. If you can get further away from the source of these frequencies, you are going to be safer.


Damian:  (40:53)

So I just want to plant that seed and ultimately trees block 5G and this is why we're going to see more and more trees getting logged in city areas because the tree's will block that frequency and interfere with the effectiveness of 5G transferring information. So they're going to drop all the trees, which they're doing now, you can Google 5G trees getting cut down. So we know one thing is they block 5G. Now my whole life, I've never been that ocean person, I've been a tree person. And it all makes sense now, because being in the trees is going to be a lot safer place than being in the cement bound city area.


Damian:  (41:32)

Now, not everyone can move, so let's have a look at some other areas, but please plant that seed for yourselves. Work out ways you can maybe get into a more rural location. They're talking about beaming 5G from satellites and when that day comes, there's going to be no safe place for us, but in the interim, let's do everything, fight back now and build the consciousness around each other. Because if we all come together, we're in here, we can take this down, 5G will fall. But, hopefully we can do it before there's too much damage done. So distance number one. Next thing is we need to tap into our inner intelligence, our divine guidance. How do we do that? Through the third eye, our pineal gland.


Damian:  (42:21)

Now I remember someone saying to me, "When cyclone Tracey came through Darwin, there's two things you didn't see in Darwin. None of the native Aboriginal people and no animals. They were all gone." Now, you start thinking, "Well, why did they go and all the other white man, everyone else is just hanging around waiting for the cyclone?" Because the animals are tapped in with their pineal gland, their navigation gland. It's like a grizzly bear. Grizzly bear doesn't just hibernate because he thinks it's time. It's when he knows there's all of a sudden changes in the environment, he knows he's got enough food and then he gets the whisper from his pineal gland to say, "It's time to hibernate." Birds do the same, it's their navigation plan. And what they say is there's studies done that if your pineal gland is calcified, you will have a loss of sense of direction. That's interesting because this navigation gland in animals I truly believe is our navigation gland for ourselves and it gets us out of danger. So cyclone Tracy comes in, there's no Aboriginal people or no animals because they're all gone away now.


Damian:  (43:36)

Their instinct has said, "Get away, get into safety." And that's what I believe we have to tap into now is tapping into that intuition, decalcify that gland and maximize its ability to guide us. Right now I'm guided to get away, get in a more rural area. That's what my heart is telling me every day. How do we do that with our pineal gland? Well, I'm sure you've got some good tips because we've been focusing on decalcifying the body for years. And we both have been around MSM for many years, so I'll just rattle off some things that you can add in on your day-to-day basis to help cleanse that gland. Because if your pineal gland is working, you have better sense of guidance and you will know what to do in times of need, like what we're heading into now.


Damian:  (44:23)

So MSM, great for decalcifying the pineal gland. Boron. Iodine, super important to decalcify and remove the fluoride off your pineal gland. Lemon juice, the citric acid in there, cider vinegar. You've got the malic acid, they all help break up the calcification of the pineal blend. Tamarind fruit, you can have that in a paste or different preparations. That will help decalcify the pineal by removing fluoride off the gland. Getting out in nature, doing... I've started doing a lot more of the Joe Dispenza's listening to his talks and it's all about activating that pineal gland.


Mason:  (45:02)

I've never done any Joe Dispenza stuff, but I feel like I've known so many people and gone over it and done his work in Mexico and doing these meditations. I feel like I have.


Damian:  (45:11)

I had so many friends talk about him and it's only been the last three months I actually sat down and listened to some of his stuff and I was like, "Oh my God. Well this guy, he's onto it."


Mason:  (45:24)

And then, I've got to get back into this. I'll get back to the third eye conversation at some point. I started going down this trippy thing around... Like when you look at the MRI, when you look at the scans and you see that it's just they're the pineal glands, like the soul. That's what they use to test, to really gauge a lot of the time whether there's a brain tumor. I think, I heard that. And that makes sense if it's off center. But it started tripping me out at one point, that level of localised calcification. I started being like how, "How? How the hell can it be that localised?" And so I haven't fall on either side of the fence of whether I think... Because I think our whole environment is like halogen fluoride that goes in and takes in receptors of iodine, which we know is one of the healthiest things possible.


Mason:  (46:17)

All these things are going to contribute. This is just a little fire side like note... But how can it be an endogenous... Maybe it's an endogenous calcification, so, are things entering into our body that is forcing our own biology to calcify that kind of localised gland there or is it somehow... I just don't see how toxicity could be, like that's the only thing in that brain tissue that can actually be grabbed onto. But anyway, as you said, I need to dive back into it because it's been years since I've really gone down that rabbit hole. I'm looking forward to doing that actually, but as you said, decalcification is going to be a key thing anyway, like the MSM, the Boron, citric acid, tamarind paste is such a delicious addition anyway, I can get into it... I can definitely not need anymore excuse to get stuck into that but that decalcification process, where you were talking about going away.


Mason:  (47:18)

I think we're going to go into it and talking about other things that you do for your body to take you away from the susceptibility that you have to these frequencies which are going to be frequencies that are going to take you towards the earth faster for composting basically right, get you in the death span quicker. And anything that's going to make you less susceptible to that gravitational pull and that slowing down and gumming you up is going to be something like it's a step in the fortification step in the right direction. So there's all these things you're talking about. We're working on joints, arteries, capillaries, all over the entire body.


Damian:  (47:53)

Yes. Most definitely. And another thing around the pineal gland, I love Dietrich Klinghardt's work. He talks about-


Mason:  (48:03)



Damian:  (48:05)

Dietrich Klinghardt. He talks about glyphosate actually chelates with the aluminum in our body. From, he says it's all from the aerial spraying of aluminum for geoengineering. And it chelates with the aluminum and carries it straight to the pineal and he goes into depth about that. So that's something else we can share.


Mason:  (48:26)

Does he?


Damian:  (48:27)



Mason:  (48:28)

Yeah, share that with me, because the pathways fascinate me so much. Possible pathways. I don't know what they are yet.


Damian:  (48:34)

Yeah. So cleaning in that air I think is utmost importance just for our inner guidance. And so we know what to do. As you know, as we've got healthier and healthier over years, you know what herb you need, you know that you need to go to a sauna or you know if you need to go out in the bush. And it's following that instinct. Super important to follow that instinct and trust your heart, listen to that gut feeling. But now the biggest area I think we have to move in is heavy metal cleansing because like you said, it's environmental poisons, car fumes, injections going to the body, foods we're eating, there's all kinds of heavy metals accumulating. Now you've got to think about the TV aerial on your roof. What's it made out? Aluminum.


Damian:  (49:22)

What does it do? Receives these frequencies and then transmits them down into your TV and turns it into a picture? Well, the more heavy metals that accumulate within us, the more we become an aerial. And this is what we don't want to be. We don't want to be an antenna. So reducing our heavy metal load is super important. And if you watch that documentary, the 5G apocalypse, they talk about that they, they talk about the accumulation of heavy metals and spraying of the skies is all part of 5G because it's also 5G's surveillance. They can actually see what's going on in everyone's home with all these devices.


Damian:  (50:03)

It's data harvesting, all this information, but if you're full of heavy metals, you're going to show up in a 5G grid wherever you are. And people say, "Oh, why would they want to surveil us?" Well they do, they want to keep us in control because we're waking up, we're becoming conscious, we're realising that, "Hey, things aren't right in this world. We've got to make change." So they don't want us doing that. And when people say they will... The elites of this earth, whoever's got the most money, this is obviously one of their goals. So being heavy metal toxic is going to make you more conductive of these frequencies. So how do-


Mason:  (50:41)

And about that, like that last scene of The Dark Knight where Batman's going after the Joker and he uses that full cell... That device like Morgan Freeman's like you can't use this, I'll quit, and he uses the cell phones to scan and he can see every single human in the entire city and... And I'm like, and at the end of it, he just like Morgan Freeman s the head of this multibillion dollar company but has the ethics to actually destroy it afterwards. I'm like, "Yeah guys. Morgan Freeman isn't running these companies in real life. They want it. They want the surveillance." As you said, that's data. It's not hard. What is the data for? Advertising.


Mason:  (51:24)

It's not... Everyone's like, "Oh my God, I can't believe Facebook's harvesting data and then selling it to other people. That's such an intrusive..." Yeah, what did you expect? Why would this thing exist? How are they going to monetize it? And then once you stop monetizing and you get money invested, you have greedy people investing who want more money, how are you going to do it? You're going to keep on capitalizing on the number one thing, data on humans so you can psychologically either appeal to them or in a sinister sense, really twist them to make them want something that they didn't want before. It's not rocket science.


Damian:  (51:57)

Yes, and I think you're dead on the nail again, Mase, that's exactly what's going on, it's companies want to know what we're doing at 5:00 PM, they want to know what we're doing at 7:00 AM. They want to know what we're consuming. What can they market to us next? I was looking for stock images on my computer yesterday, jump on Instagram today and stock images are rocking up. So it's interconnection of all of this data harvesting so they can market to us. I even have heard of 5G being used when you walk into a shopping center. They beam you with 5G and they can put suggestions in your mind with this technology. So you walk in, being you, all of a sudden you think that'd be a great dress over there to buy your wife or you need one of those new shavers. And there's been, Barry Trower talks about, there has been lawsuits against department stores that have used that technology.


Mason:  (52:53)

Really? How does that work? I've got no idea, no concept how that could work. I know how crazy the world is. I know how crazy it is, but that's another level.


Damian:  (53:04)

Well, he studied the spies in the cold war, he would take them and they'd use microwave directed energy weapons to basically manipulate people, get them to do things. He says basically within 36 hours he can have someone in their custody, they can have someone doing things that they would not normally ever do with microwave frequencies going into the brain that can actually change you and make you do things... They can make you hear things, all kinds of things. He talks all about that. But the department stores is one of the ones he explains and it's just fascinating that they can influence your decision making with this. But let's get back into the heavy metal cleansing. So what are we going to do about heavy metal cleansing? Charcoals, clays, great. But what I want people to understand is these binders passing through your gut are great, but they're only going to absorb heavy metals that are in the gut.


Damian:  (54:07)

A lot of them for us are bound up in the brain. So we've got to look at ways of getting some of these metals out of the brain. And what I'm really getting into now is zeolite but not zeolites that we've always used. I'm looking at water soluble zeolites now, nano zeolites, which I did talk to you about when you visited last time. Zeolites that are super fine particles that can get across the blood brain barrier, go in, grab hold the heavy metals and carry them out of your system. Also, how do we squeeze ourselves? So Dr. Chris Shade is an expert on removing heavy metals from the body. And a lot of his detox protocols are squeezing yourselves, purging out the heavy metals, and then you've got them going to the bloodstream, the blood is then dropping it, filtering it out in the liver and it's dumping it into your GI tract when then the binders come through and collect them. And so it's strategies we've got to start to practice. Look at some of Dr. Chris Shade's work is Quicksilver scientific, he's got some great heavy metal cleanses...


Mason:  (55:14)

What have you integrated in terms of like every day things that you you be doing to like to keep yourselves been squeezed out or maybe are you... I'm sure you have lots of everyday things you're doing, but then are you having pockets of heavier detoxes to keep you kind of rocking, maybe once a year or every quarter?


Damian:  (55:33)

Exactly right. Yes. So you do, possibly it could be a four week process where you heavily purge the metals out of your cells, bind them up and eliminate them. And then we've got your everyday things, which is your charcoals, your clays, your nano zeolites. Another thing I'm using is an ion cleanse. Now there's lots of these cleansing units. You see them in in this shopping malls where the Chinese massage and you see people with their feet in these baths of water. A lot of those units are cheap battery chargers converted into an ion cleanse, but I've got a device that's called ion cleanse by AMD and it's about a $3,000 unit. But Dietrich Klinghardt talks all about this unit. He said, it's not what's going on in the water. It's not your feet being in the water and the ionization process and then toxins being released in the water. It's got nothing to do that. What he observed was for 72 hours after you'd had an iron cleanse, this specific unit, there was an elevation of heavy metals and toxins in your urine and your stools.


Mason:  (56:39)

... Like it was just mobilising heavy metal toxicity.


Damian:  (56:45)

It was dropping your body into rest and digest, and the minute you go into rest and digest, all the pathways open. Now all this non-native EMF in our environment is keeping us in fight or flight. Fight or flight is designed for us to get out of danger real fast, we need to come into rest and digest. And so anything that brings you back in a rest and digest meditation, deep breathing, getting out in the forest, all of these things will activate that parasympathetic dominant nervous state. So you are now building that system that's calm and relaxed and you're opening up pathways to eliminate. So ion cleanse, I bought one myself just because I heard they'd reversed autism in a certain number of kids by just using the ion cleanse. And I was like, "Whoa! They're getting these heavy metals out of the kids' brains and that's why they're functioning better." So devices like that-


Mason:  (57:39)

There must be some kind of other mechanism, unless it's a real heavy, therapeutic influence on taking the nervous system specifically into a parasympathetic state. Maybe, it must be working on some kind of level there. I don't know. I don't really get it but again, how many times do we come back to living life from, from a place where you were consistently resting and digesting? This is where it gets so hard when you're in the beginning of these stages of learning about this stuff because it's so hectic and sometimes people feel like they need to be like Cypher from Matrix and be asked to be plugged back in. I don't want to know this stuff but I can't forget it and now I just look around and... "Yeah, plug me in," and you see and then you think... And other people don't want to hear about it, "Oh my God, what are you talking about? How can you not listen to me?" You become that crazy person or that anxious person.


Mason:  (58:36)

And that in itself is this cosmic giggle that you actually make yourself much more susceptible for having knowing rather than possibly, If you're not taking action steps for having not known. But that's where you need to rest and digest everything you're learning do everything you can to stay... I remember like, I think a few people who heard me talk about Wolfgang, Tanya and Wolfgang that live up in the hinterland. I think that 13 days into battling the fires, I think it's calming, it's calmed down the last two days. So like all the water prayers to them, but Tanya's like for permaculture, we loved going up there... Like springwater and Wolfie is as well... He's a German engineer and he's just... He's not onto us, the obsession we've had with supplements and cleansing. He's just so happy. He's just so relaxed, and we all know these people and we all look around and go, "Gosh, they're going to outlive all of us."


Mason:  (59:34)

They just up that swagger. And even when they do know. And that's a great thing as well when you hear all these things to not get swept up straight away, because that's something I'm really aware when you and I have a conversation, that there's the extremes that people go like, "Pff! Get out of here. This is paranoid shit. Get out of here. ... How dare you put this kind of information out." And then the other extreme is like, "Oh my God," and gobbling it all up without running it through any kind of internal filter.


Mason:  (01:00:02)

And that middle ground that I think we take for granted sometimes that people can say something and you run it through your internal filter and you can identify how much you're willing to take on at that moment and digest. You're not just going to be like a donkey being led by a carrot. You'll take on what's useful and maybe go do a little bit of your own research, so on and so forth. You manage yourself, right? It's something that's going to make you very successful in being a tripper like us. And I went down that route. So yeah man... In terms of practice, you've been running those forest bathing days. And just alone, is incredible.


Damian:  (01:00:48)

So the inspiration probably originated from spending that week in the Byron hinterlands on Tanya and Wolfgang's property that you just spoke about. It was that week of not having any wifi, not having any technology going. Nature spoke to me and I really came home with a strong message that time it was, I just felt this sense of, "I've got to get back, I've got to build community and I've got to purify the people." That was just this message I had in my head. And it was that clarity being out on that land. I'd not experienced no wifi, I hadn't experienced no wifi for years and being out in nature then planted that seed for me. So as I got further and further into researching cannabis, as you know I'm a big fan of cannabis medicine and one of the biggest components of cannabis that makes it so medicinal is the terpenes.


Damian:  (01:01:44)

It's the fragrant molecules in the herb. Now those fragrant molecules determine whether cannabis is going to make you feel sleepy and relaxed or make you feel energised and you want to go hiking. And so I become really fascinated with these fragrant molecules, the terpenes, and started researching them more and more. And then I looked into forest bathing, which was a Japanese practice, originated in the early '80s and what they were doing is sending their busy business people in the technological rich world, sending them out in nature to restore their vitality because they're all just being wiped out. And there was a few people that actually started doing science on it and the Japanese people spend a lot of money on researching the actual science of forest bathing.


Damian:  (01:02:33)

And this is what they observed, if you got out in the forest for say half a day to a day, there was a profound change in your body. Stress hormones went down. Instantly the stress hormones were reduced and once the stress hormones went down, the natural killer cells, some of your white blood cells would be elevated. Now your natural killer cells are what we use to fight cancer. And what they found is not only did the killer cells go up, but depression melted away, anxiety melted away, confusion dropped away and people become more clear and more energised. And they observed, if you spent a day in the forest, you could go back to the city and you could get 30 days, like about a month of these benefits they observed, because they kept taking blood tests and observing the people and finding that their natural killer cells stay elevated, the depression stayed down and it was about a 30-day process that it hung around for.


Damian:  (01:03:37)

And so my whole idea was forest bathing, is getting people out on a monthly basis, getting them off their devices. Now they go into the science of what's happening in the forest. Well, when you're in the forest, you're breathing in all the phytoncides. You know it's like when you're in the forest and you're hunting for medicinal mushrooms and you're looking for your reishi and stuff like that and it's almost like you're in that fairytale kingdom and the nature is talking to you. Well, a lot of that influence is happening from the fragrant molecules you're breathing in, the phytoncides, the terpenes. And you're out in pine forest or conifers and they're all rich in pineen. Pineen is what's known as the terpene that's rich in like your pine cones and pine needles, and it's very stimulating and uplifting. And that particular terpene, people would be familiar with the lemon, you scratch a lemon and you smell the limonene. Lemonade is very uplifting. You smell a lemon and it brings you to life.


Damian:  (01:04:38)

Well, those fragrant molecules are out in the nature, we're submerging ourselves in a forest where the is no non-native EMF microwaving us. Our phones are off and all of a sudden you're breathing in deepering all of these fragrant molecules in and uplifting your state. And we have the most profound weekends now when we do the forest bathing, people come out of there totally rejuvenated. We walk into the forest, I do a little talk and then I give them all two hours to go and lay out, do whatever they want, they can journal, meditate. Most people go to sleep within 10, 20 minutes. You've got 80% of the people are asleep on the yoga mats. Everyone's so exhausted and they're so used to being in this fight or flight, you take them out there, deep breathing and then boom! Instant grounding.


Damian:  (01:05:26)

And so, I think this is a big part of us dealing with this modern day world now is get out in nature at least once a month. Spend a day in the forest. If you can do it weekly, great, if you can do it daily even better. But for the people that are city bound, get away once a month, and go out in nature and soak up those phytoncides. Breathe in the fresh year, observe the stillness of nature and turn that device off the biggest thing... Turn them off.


Mason:  (01:05:56)

Yeah, that's off. And then from there you've opened up all those channels we were talking about, those detoxification channels. That's the fine line... Before we bring it into land, I want to talk about the devices you mentioned, like the organite and the blue shields, just a quick gauge on it. And then also just go into maybe something like the relevance of hydration and then herbs in terms of where they can play in this fortification system. Because everything we're talking about, we got to know... But when you talk to like Tahnee's teacher, Mantak Chia, right? Dawas, every day he's in there doing his microcosmic orbit, during the six healing sounds of the organs, giving himself an organ belly massage, doing his Qigong, Taoist yoga, the food and all that.


Mason:  (01:06:51)

And so, he can say this, which is hard for us in the West when we're like flogging ourselves to say, he's just like, "Well, if wifi is affecting you and 5G and all these things are affecting you, then your Qi is deficient. It's your Qi that's off. These things shouldn't affect you." He's basically like, he's just like your organ function, your Qi function is off, it shouldn't affect you. Now you can be pretty flippant with that. I like it because it's empowering because there's the whole point of all these practices, the bathing and all that and so that our Qi actually creates this force field without [crosstalk 01:07:22] force field.


Mason:  (01:07:25)

But, and there's an extent to which everyone has to know. Yes, you absolutely can and should reclaim your sovereignty. As you said, we've got some big decisions coming up and everyone needs to be, I feel like to get to a place where you're empowered, humanity is going to really come to these huge divides in these big decisions in... the Jetsons' stuff isn't a joke, people are... I was talking to... you know Vitalis, Daniel Vitalis, I was talking to him about it. It's just like this, the nature of people are uploading their consciousness into these worlds. People are meeting in virtual reality. This isn't new? People are already plugged in. People are plugged into virtual reality. But it's going to get really trippy this next decade and these next two decades. So yes, you need to make a huge decision to get in touch with your own sovereignty in your body and realise you've got to work on cultivating your Qi, your vitality and function.


Mason:  (01:08:29)

So I think everything you're talking about is leading towards that, and obviously hydration and the herbs play into that too. And anything else you want to add in, but the devices in terms of that other little bit because there's some... if we've got a full time job and kids, we can't be doing microcosmic orbits all day long and have Qigong for two hours ... You mentioned some of the blocking devices, the curtains and people should tune into that and get into building biology for that. But in terms of these little devices you have, things sticking on our laptop, what's your gauge on all of this? What's your review?


Damian:  (01:09:04)

So just before we jump into that, I'd love to just talk about, because you talked about blocking curtains blocking. There are these canopies that hang over your bed. Now one thing we got to realise is when we sleep, that's when we're in rest and digest. That is our most vulnerable time to non-native EMF is when we sleep. So protecting our home environment, super important. And you can get these canopies that drape over like a mosquito net, will drape over your bed and you'll have one also under your bed, which creates a capsule or a bubble, where you can have a safe environment to sleep. So I think that is key.


Mason:  (01:09:42)

Well dude, you know what, because you know when you sleep, your surface Qi, your Wei Qi. I think everyone talks about this, we talk about it a lot like Astragalus, your mushrooms, you're taking those, you're developing your surface Qi, your weiQi. That's what protects you. That retreats into the inner body when you sleep, to the inner organs, to get recharged. So yeah, as you said, you're vulnerable. The Chinese will say, "Don't have a cold draft on you, because you have nothing protecting you," but then far out you've got the non-native EMF coming in as well at the same time. All right. Send me a link to that one if you don't mind. Maybe we'll put it in the show notes if you've got a resource. I think that's a smart one.


Damian:  (01:10:22)

Yeah, for sure.


Mason:  (01:10:23)

And don't have your phone on in there because it will just bounce around. That's what people don't really... You have your phone on in the middle of that. You might not actually get connection in there if it's blocking off effectively. But even if you're off, the frequency will just bounce in there passing through your body because you had it caged in.


Damian:  (01:10:41)

You're right. And what will happen is because it's not connecting to a tower, it'll kick into overdrive and you get something like 10,000 times the radiation come off your phone in a time of lack of reception. So whenever you're in areas where there's no reception, turn it off because that kicking in the overdrive. So nail on the head again, Mase, exactly what's happened.


Mason:  (01:11:04)

It's all there, it's like riding a bike. And airplane mode eh? Just a quick switch to airplane mode at least.


Damian:  (01:11:10)

Yes. So simple things. So device wise, I've heard people talk about blue shields, they love them. I've got people who are electro hyper sensitive and they swear by them, the organite, all those things are good. I couldn't say definitively get a device like that. I've got... You would have seen it before. This is one of Ken Roller's devices. The plugs in... I've plugged it now. So this emits a scale of field which he explains, you can get from some of the his videos. The field that it creates, it puts you in a bubble, like this is something like a 10 meter bubble, I think it is around this device. So having things he calls this rest shield, things like these I think are a great shield. I think a great-


Mason:  (01:11:58)

For those of you on audio, that was a cool looking and like 20 cm x 20 cm base with an epic like pyramid just sitting on top of it.


Damian:  (01:12:09)

And it's powered as well. So they're running a frequency in there which is amplified out to create this bubble. So I couldn't say I'm 100% about any of the devices, the effectiveness of them, but I'm more into like you said, what can we do? Turn the phone on airplane mode whenever you can. If you've got an iPhone, that's probably different Samsung, if you flick up from the bottom, usually you'll see two blue lights on. One's Bluetooth and one's wifi. They should never be on in my opinion. Most people I get them to flick up and both blue lights are on.


Damian:  (01:12:45)

I've gone into my settings and I turn them off and I never use Bluetooth or wifi. Data is the other one, if you can turn data off as often as possible, that stops all your emails, Facebook, Instagram, all of that sort of thing. But you'll still receive calls and messages. So for people who need to be contacted for their kids or they're caring for someone, then that's what I would do is turn everything off except for being able to receive your calls and messages. Wifi in the home, easy to get-


Mason:  (01:13:18)

That's a long... I just want to reiterate to people as well, you talked about planting the seed before. I feel like that's something, again, as many times as we can say it as possible. These little tips and tricks and little things that we're doing, you're not being asked to do them perfectly and knock it out of the park. And now we're thinking, I've known you for 10 years now, we've both gone back and forth in terms of the intensity at times that we're doing things and then, but it's been a longterm journey and it's going to continue to be. So I think everyone make sure you develop your own relationship for why you're doing these things, but don't get upset at yourself if you realise a year from now, if you've fallen out if you had your phone off airplane mode in your pocket and that just be like, "Cool. Right. On to it." Get in touch with your body and feel the relevance of why you're doing this. Don't just follow that arbitrary rule eh.


Damian:  (01:14:16)

Yeah, totally. And like you said, aeroplane mode, I won't carry a phone on my body anymore unless it's on aeroplane mode, I've seen the radiation coming off them. Once you see visually with a high frequency meter, the level of radiation, you won't put a phone on your body. You won't have wifi in your home. If you do have wifi in your home, the first step you can take today is go home and turn it off when you're not using it. Turn it off when you go to bed, when you're in rest and digest, allow your body to rest, turn that wifi off. Most of them you can press a button on your router and do that. You can watch my video that walks you through how to hook it up to an ethernet, very easy process. So I would say that's-


Mason:  (01:14:59)

That's part of Facebook live you did in the Blue Mountains?


Damian:  (01:15:00)

Yes. Yeah. So I think that's a real simple way because I do that even when I'm traveling, Airbnb, that sort of thing. It's a simple way of reducing that frequency, that 2.4 gigahertz is a horrible frequency for us to be near and switching that off. Another thing is the cordless phones, they are one of the worst. So in the home where you've got the cordless phones and they've got a base station in Europe, they only activate when you pick the handset up. In Australia and America, the base station is always emitting microwave radiation throughout your whole home. They are one of the worst things you can have. So get a corded phone really easy, plug it in and use a corded phone like we did when we were kids.


Damian:  (01:15:44)

Another thing we're going to do is get really good at not using technology, because 5G technology is going to come into every device that we use. So the less technology you use, the less you are going to be beamed by these frequencies. So getting really good at, for instance, any of my Facebook posts or any posts that I do, even in Instagram I will design the copy, the text on my computer, which is plugged in by ethernet, any of my Facebook, anything like that, it's all planned in my computer and sent out from my computer, I respond to messages on here. The only thing I do on my phone is take a call on speaker phone, get it away from me or I will voice message people back on Facebook because it's a quick method of me replying. But get good at not using your device.


Damian:  (01:16:33)

And if you're running a business and you've got a social media platform that depends on you, it's like, go home, sit down in your office, plan time to do this. Plan your posts. Don't be sitting there in a cafe, spending half an hour writing the text. And if you're going to do that, put it on airplane mode, write your text, turn it on and send it. Because otherwise you are sitting here in this bubble of radiation, exposing your brain, your tissues, your reproductive organs. What do we do? People wake up, and the first thing they do they've got it on their chest. Looking at their phone. And turn the blue light down, get onto the orange because the blue light is triggering midday for you when you wake up.


Mason:  (01:17:15)

And that little tip there of just like when you're sitting in the cafe, responding to emails and even just like going on saying what it is... It's like turning it off if I've got a long thing to be to be writing, I can be way more vigilant for that one. Now tell me, I always forget where in settings, I know if you don't know it, I know my mate Sage has got the video. Where do you get to turn the blue light off?


Damian:  (01:17:43)

Awesome. On an iPhone, so we pick up from the bottom, can you see that?


Mason:  (01:17:49)

Mine's flicked from the top, so yeah, flick down. So you've got that airplane mode, the brightness, where put the torch on everyone.


Damian:  (01:17:56)

Brightness, hold that on. You watch mine go from orange to blue. See the blue [inaudible 01:18:01].


Mason:  (01:18:01)

Mine doesn't have that.


Damian:  (01:18:06)

[inaudible 01:18:06].


Mason:  (01:18:12)

I think I've got mine set to... It takes out a little bit of the tinge when it gets to night and I think this is just to get that glare away. But there's a setting somewhere where you can take 100% of the blue light completely and it completely warps your entire iPhone. I've been meaning to do it, I've been a real bad boy, because I'm running the business at night, not wearing my blue blockers, just smashing myself, smashing my melatonin. But I'm kind of like, "Oh, good thing I'm bloody healthy and I'm resistant at least." But that's not the attitude, I'm going to start getting onto it much more.


Damian:  (01:18:44)

Yes. I've just found it's under displays and brightness in your settings. So you're going to hold night shift and I basically set it to go off at 4:00 PM and on at 3:59 PM so for one minute it goes blue, the rest of the day I've got orange. Now, in the world of by hacking, that is not that cool. The factory setting is not that cool. There's a great app that you can get, not app, but it's a program, it's called Iris. So for any of you have... into Jack Kruse, Jack Kruse is a neurosurgeon who's specialised in all of this blue light, how it harms us, he says blue... Light is more important.


Damian:  (01:19:28)

It's probably 60% of health and food and all our herbs and that at 30%, he said light is super important, but Iris is the program you can get which can drop your laptop screen or your device, your phone down through a real deep red and you could read it late at night and you're not getting any of that excitement in the brain. You're not reducing your melatonin production by the pineal gland. So yeah, Iris is a great app for that, reducing the blue light.


Mason:  (01:20:00)

All right, I'm going to get into that because I use iFlux like the rest of the whole world on my device, but anyway I'll try to find Iris like I-R-I-S...


Damian:  (01:20:13)

It will cost you-


Mason:  (01:20:15)

Well let's find the... We'll find the app like if there's other program of the app because it needs something for the phone devices. I feel like that's where it's relevant for everyone getting that one and guys the relevance of this is that, I'm sure every single person, it's amazing how many companies and even super generic companies selling glasses put in little slight tinges into their glasses to create blue blocking but this is relevant because if you mess with your circadian rhythm, if you miss mess with that 24-hour cycle, which correlates to the 24 hour Qi cycle, organ based cycle that you hearing in Taoism a lot, if you start throwing in a daytime kind of bright blue light at nine o'clock at night, you're heavily going to throw off your circadian rhythm and it's one of those, these things are really stealthy.


Mason:  (01:21:10)

It's why it's hard to take them seriously a lot of the time because it's like, well first of all we're used to not feeling super fabulous. And that's what you were saying. Like it's always interesting when you get really parasympathetic, like the forest bathers, you just go to sleep and you go, "Man, that's how I felt." And you have to come to terms with how much you distract yourself. But then they really stealthy and then because something's really slow building and accumulating and stealthy, you can't actually pinpoint, because it wasn't that one thing that screwed you when you get older and degenerate, it was just this huge cocktail.


Mason:  (01:21:47)

That's why everyone here, you got to be smart about which things you start tackling. But go nice and slow and steady, have patience. Because a lot of people just don't have patients with this because it's so, "My God, it's so dire. We're going to die right now." I thought that 10 years ago. I'm sure you have a bunch of times. Guys, get your endurance eh? Because sometimes things come up and you've got to act on very quickly, but not that often. You need just be very slow and steady with this and just design your whole longterm personal culture and household around it.


Damian:  (01:22:18)

Yeah, and just to put it in perspective for people, so they've got a reason to not have blue light. Picture this, you wake up, it's say 7:00 AM you turn your phone on, you've got blue light. Blue light is very much like midday. So the blue light enters your, pupils goes into the eye, triggers your pineal gland. Now instead of producing melatonin, blue light is telling us wake up, right? So we're more likely to produce more cortisol. But it's bypassing all your morning of hormone production because if we wake up, turn on blue light and the body thinks it's midday and it's 7:00 AM. So you've missed all that hormone production. And then like what Mase just said, you can be late at night, your body's getting ready to rest. It thinks the sun's gone. Well, the sun's gone down. So the body's getting ready for that. And then we turn on a blue light screen before we go to bed, midday. And you should be producing melatonin then to help you sleep. So if you're not sleeping, straight away look at this blue light is triggering or stopping the release of melatonin.


Damian:  (01:23:21)

Now melatonin is not only your sleep, it is your immune system, which we're going to need more importantly than anything in the presence of all this non-native EMF. And also it's your anti-aging. So I know there's plenty of women out there that would love to hear this. Melatonin keeps you young. Now the biggest thing that melatonin does that I think is super important is detox the brain. We've got a lymphatic system which drains poisons from our body, but then in the brain we have a glymphatic system. Now for us to drain the heavy metals and toxins from our brain, we need to have melatonin present. And because of all this blue light and all of this microwave radiation, a lot of people are now not producing very much melatonin at all. So when you go to bed and you try and sleep, there's not the melatonin there to help you sleep and it's not there to help detox the brain. So all of these heavy metals and toxins accumulating and staying in the brain because of this process. So getting rid of your blue light and going to a more orange light screen, super important.


Mason:  (01:24:26)

I'll find that video as well, that my mate Sage put up. I think it's over at Addictive Wellness, his Instagram, he's got it on his Instagram TV, but I'll put it in the link anyway. I got to get off that stuff man.


Damian:  (01:24:39)

Yeah, I think it's super important. And as far as blue light blockers go, if anyone wants to invest in glasses, you want to go for red lens ones. Ra Optics make them and they block out everything. And basically when you go out in the sun, sunglasses off, shirt off, getting sun on your body. When we go indoors, we cover up and we put the red lens glasses on. It's totally the opposite of what we've done with the sun. So reversing. Now let's just throw-


Mason:  (01:25:08)

Yeah, that's a giggle, right there. It's like everything you've been told. Complete opposite.


Damian:  (01:25:14)

Opposite. Polar opposite. Now we'll just touch on some suppies that I use regularly that will help fortify your body. So Astaxanthin, this is a brand I use. I'll let out a little secret now.


Mason:  (01:25:29)



Damian:  (01:25:30)

Yeah. So that's 12 milligrams. You can have easily one to two of them a day. So that's one of the most research antioxidants. And I'm super excited cause I've built this now Mase into my revive, my Superfood powder. You'll be getting Astaxanthin in a serving of that now. Now Astaxanthin's very protective on the eyes, it helps you tolerate UV light better. But we always use this when we're flying, x-rays, because it's protecting your cells from the radiation and moving into a more 5G world now, things like this can be super important to help fortify and build that resilience.


Mason:  (01:26:08)

You know what man, I'm kind of spewing, I think my crew just put an order in with Super Health and I forgot that's the one thing I haven't been on for a while. And just in as like a natural sunscreen and internal sunscreen between like Chaga, a really plant antioxidant rich diet and Astaxanthin. It's pretty good, like I notice a significant difference when I'm like... Like when I started taking Astaxanthin and how much sun time I can handle.


Damian:  (01:26:37)

Yes. Yeah. And it gives you a nice little glow to your skin as well, which I know the ladies will love, we'll give you a more tan look.


Mason:  (01:26:46)

I love that.


Damian:  (01:26:46)

So Astaxanthin, mega hydrates the old school one, that's a hydrogen supplement. So once again, we use this when we're flying, x-rays, and why? Because the radiation up there, x-ray's, radiation and what's 5G? It's radiation, it's microwave radiation. So another one, iodine, super-important, this is one of my favorites, the detoxidine that's in glycerin instead of an alcohol. So really good at decalcifying your pineal gland.


Mason:  (01:27:20)

Still amazing iodine eh?


Damian:  (01:27:22)

It is, yeah. So there's other brands that I used to use, but that's been my favorite lately.


Mason:  (01:27:27)

Because it's got... is the flavor a little bit easier to hack since it's in the glycerin?


Damian:  (01:27:32)

Definitely sweeter to taste. But I think it's just not having that drying alcohol effect. You can drop it straight into the mouth if you want. And especially for women, tune into this ladies, if you are pregnant or thinking about conceiving, iodine can improve the IQ of your child. A deficiency will affect it's IQ. So making sure you've got plenty of iodine. And for those who are having trouble falling pregnant, get on iodine, super important and start slow and build up. Once you saturate your tissues with iodine. And this is why I use so much of it. Bacteria, fungus, virus hate iodine. So if we can saturate our tissues with iodine, what are we going to see more of now in this world of microwave radiation, more fungus, bacteria, parasites, so we're looking to fortify our body through saturation of iodine as well.


Mason:  (01:28:29)

And you're going to displace all the bromine, the fluorine, chlorine and all the those halogens that get in there, right?


Damian:  (01:28:37)

Exactly. And most people these days aren't drinking... Well, most of the conscious community aren't drinking tap water, which is great. But bear in mind, oh I know I am, and most people are still showering in fluoridated water and chlorinated water. So we're still absorbing it on a day to day basis. That is your number one product to help defend all those halogens.


Mason:  (01:29:00)

Yeah, iodine. And that was iodine guys, for those of you that were in the audio. Yeah, I'm a huge advocate as well. ... I backed away a little bit from pushing it on people just because I had so many... ou know what it's like, between the natural paths... Some only a pocket like again 2% or 3%, but they're really noisy, and not going, "How dare you tell people that they can dose themselves up with iodine just in case there's hypothyroidism," but there's only a few little contrary indications and little if's and but's there with iodine I agree, most people should have it there in their system. And if you're not sure, go get a naturopath on site and get them to do a little patch test for you or something like that. But where we've been, is it Dr. Brownstein's book? I think that's...


Mason:  (01:29:52)

I'm pretty sure it's Dr. Brownstein, I can't remember his first name, but it's like iodine, whatever. And it was just like a classic little practitioner iodine book. Just like why it's awesome for you, but that busts most of the myths about the daily recommended intake, had been so ridiculously stupidly low. That's like, compared to what you're actually going to get a result with.


Damian:  (01:30:17)

That's right. They say I'm 150 micrograms a day is the amount we need. Whereas I take probably around 6,000 micrograms a day. So I'm not telling everyone-


Mason:  (01:30:31)

Is that about a half a dropper full? Is that how you get that?


Damian:  (01:30:37)

So I do 16 to 20 drops daily and I'm not recommending anyone else do that. That's what I've done, I've built myself up to it, but we can drop in a link to Dr. Edward Group who's the creator of this specific product. He's got an epic iodine talk. So yeah, if you like, we can drop that link in. It's about an hour and he talks all about iodine. I guarantee once you hear it, you'll never stop using it because it used to be our natural antibiotic. That's what they used as an antibiotic. And these days it's like pharmaceuticals. So let's go the natural way. And-


Mason:  (01:31:14)

Yes please.


Damian:  (01:31:16)

Two other things that I don't use regularly, but Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt talks about to protect you from EMF. One is melatonin, not just in a capsule form, you want lyposomal melatonin and the company Quicksilver Scientific, they do a lyposomal melatonin, which I managed to get into the country for a while and I'll tell you what, nothing has ever made me sleep like that product. I took the high strength one and because of the lyposomal delivery you actually get it into the brain. And man I slept, my dreams kicked in and it was just awesome. Like love it. So lyposomal melatonin is one thing that you can do to help protect yourself. And I think he recommends before bed and one through the middle of the day. And then there's another one he talks about, which is a Rosemary extract. I'll see if I can find it. But this specific Rosemary tincture, some sort of extract of the two things he says are number one for your frontline defense against EMF radiation.


Mason:  (01:32:22)

Are you... you can't get it in anymore? It's a contentious one and I know it's not really allowed, right?


Damian:  (01:32:30)

Yeah Mason, they started pulling it up and so the company said we won't send it anymore, but there's got to be ways we can get approval to bring it in for personal use. There's got to be ways, that's why I'm just telling everyone, because I'm sure we can find, there will be a letter or something from a doctor that will allow personal use to come into the country. Maybe not to sell it, but at least for individuals to buy it. But phenomenal. If you're not sleeping, you try that melatonin, switch your phone off and all those devices and deep breathing, get into that rest and digest and you'll sleep better.


Damian:  (01:33:07)

So yeah. Now next to that is the things that you're into. The tonic herbs, it's building that resistance, resilience through tonic herbs, superfoods, anything that's dense in nutrition, and dense in antioxidants, plenty of live foods, lots of fiber. If you're following a plant based, yes, heaps of fiber. But just so we're eliminating and we've got to be eliminating a lot. So these are all things you can do at home. Just more antioxidant rich foods to help build your body into be stronger.


Mason:  (01:33:42)

Yeah. As you said, the immunity's going to be like so important in these next couple of decades. And I think that's a reason like everyone's going gaga! For medicinal mushrooms. It's like # trending, but I think what's stealthily going on underneath, allah the mycelium growing underneath the surface is that people are realizing, they might start with a little sachet of it, they might start taking mushrooms that are grown on grain or whatever it is and they feel a little something. And then once they start getting onto the real shit, they start the immune system. Like all of these things, when something works on allowing you to get into a rest and digest place or when it works on immunity, something really wakes up because it's such a primary line of defense.


Mason:  (01:34:36)

If you're stressed, you're not resting and digesting things, you are going to be able to enter and not be digested and things are going to be able to enter and pass by your phagocytic natural killer cell, Wei Qi layer of immunity and enter into your system. And so that's why I think that all of these things you're talking about, that's it man. And then get onto those big doses of medicinal mushrooms. And then Jack Kruse, I like that you brought him up. I haven't dived into his work so much yet, but whenever I do in and out, he's just such alaric and he's just such a funny, deep. His information is crazy and I like him because he throws these huge theories out there, which though they make the best talking points but he's just a big seafood guy as well.


Mason:  (01:35:24)

He's all like sunlight is number one, lots of naked sunbathing, which is one of those ones that no one's really doing any more. But I feel like it needs to be normalised. Maybe in the privacy of your own home or you know we need more clinics that are based around heliotherapy, sunlight therapy. If there're actual clinics set up where you can have your own little chamber where you can do some naked sunbathing. I think that's going to be really good for everyone. He talks a lot about DHE and DHA and EPA as well. I think he's a big oyster guy. And then the other one water, I think he's... I don't know whether it's his or not... but anyway, just the relevance of staying hydrated. We might be bringing up new conversations for people, but the solutions stay the same. To a huge extent, but the water piece is always going to get underrated a lot of the time, but where are you at with that?


Damian:  (01:36:21)

I would agree, and based on what Jack Kruse is saying, he predicts in the 5G world, the dependence on water is going to become so high because what happens when you put something in the microwave oven, right? It starts to dehydrate it. It's speeding up the movement of all those water molecules and it's dehydrating. And that's what he says is we're going to become, the planet is going to become more dehydrated. So our dependence on water is going to be super important. So yeah, I think 100%. Water and clean water, if we can structure it, energise it, add salt, crystals, whatever you need to do to, bless it. Water has memory, let's do that's do that, super important, I think. Water is without a doubt one of the most important things that we're going to do is get water right. And please not those average Brita filters where you just fill it up with tap water and then stored in the fridge in this container. Get yourself a decent filter, a reverse osmosis or a distiller or something that's going to highly purify your water.


Mason:  (01:37:29)

Yeah man, I'm in the middle of... I've been super conscious of it yet just making sure I don't drag myself down about it, but like you said, haven't got the filter on the whole house yet. ... I think the one I'm getting, it's like three and a half gram and then I'm getting a restructurer for the entire house. So, I'm just in the middle of manifesting funds to get me that. I'm not far off but yeah. Come on. Come on universe. Now I don't like, it works a little bit like that, but I know it doesn't work completely like that, but yeah, that's not far off I'm completely with you, man. You can't... It's just getting to the point where you can handle so much and...


Mason:  (01:38:13)

The human body's really resilient. There's a lot of people that are super sensitive out there, need to get onto it, but the human body's crazy resistant. You might do some bit of damage here and there, but don't you know... This is why it's like don't feel overwhelmed or don't just throw it all away. Just digest a little bit, whatever feels comfortable-ish, maybe a little bit, just a little bit uncomfortable, but then just keep on chugging away, it's chop carry water. That's like, I've been saying it's so much lately. You're going to have to be doing this shit for the rest of your life. Make sure you build this foundation of energy. And so yeah, when it comes to... I could be totally berating myself that, "Oh man, I'm like this. I'm the health guy and I don't have the filter yet. And how can I do that to my daughter?" But hey, you know what? I'm doing other things and I'll keep on trucking and I'll pick up the intensity when the resources are there.


Damian:  (01:39:09)

Yeah, and we're all doing the best we can. Like this journey started through me and yourself many years ago and we've come this far. So we're unloading years and years of progress here on everyone. It start with the simplest things. One thing, it could be just turning your phone on airplane mode at night or just eliminating wifi from your home or turning it off at night, but just start the simple steps because once you do it and from there on, you will never do it that way again. And it's just upgrading everything you ever do. So for anyone who feels overwhelmed to start one thing at a time, super important,


Mason:  (01:39:50)

Man, I love it.


Damian:  (01:39:52)

One other thing I'd just love to plant Mase, I think water fasting, I've only done one water fast myself, a three day one, but I've done a lot of research around it. And it's going to become harder to live in our environment with 5G the presence of that, there's no doubt, it's going to become harder to thrive and to be able to shed toxins and cells, inferior cells from the body should be one of our biggest ways of healing the body. So water fasting is also one of the most powerful ways to decalcify your pineal gland. So people say it when you do a water fast all of a sudden you get connected to the divine, you're spiritually more open. And I think that's because you're cleansing the pineal gland. But what water fasting does is induces autophagy, which is basically the body starts to break down anything that does not belong.


Damian:  (01:40:47)

If you've got cancerous cells in your body, you've got heavy metals, toxins, build up of rubbish, the body will start to grab hold of that and excrete it. And I met a gentleman recently who told me this story, he's is about a 58 year old gentleman. And he said, "I had really bad arthritis." And he said, I started a water fast. He said, day five my urine turned to the color of Coca Cola and straight away I was just like, "Keep talking, keep talking." For the next five days his pee was like Coca Cola. So his body's now kicked into a state where it's like, "Right, everything that does not belong needs to be out." And that's the route it took was through his urine because he's not pooing because you know you're not eating food, but he was urinating because he's drinking so much water.


Damian:  (01:41:40)

He said I had bad arthritis. He said even pulling up my jocks each morning was painful. And he said in those five days my arthritis dropped by 50% which fascinated me because a condition that's taken so many years to accumulate, he's now dropping five days and seen brown liquid leaving his body, just fascinates me. And he did a 14 day water fast and felt brilliant after it. And I think that's something that we need to become familiar with being such a lean fellow. I didn't ever like fasting because I don't want to lose that bit of body fat that I've got. But taking the time to do that cleanse is super important. I think. And you might start with one day water fast, two day, three day and people go up to 30, 40 days which for most people will be like, "Whoa!" But in that time your body drops everything that doesn't belong. And basically you have a rebirthing of yourself, all new cells, your immune system has a reset and I truly believe that's going to be part of us surviving and thriving in a 5G world.


Mason:  (01:42:52)

Yeah, I agree with you man. Likewise, it's something I haven't been doing the last few years, which has felt okay for me. I feel like I've been in a place, it was just been like hustling so hard, just going at it, where for me I was maintaining a real building internally because you've got to watch it with fasting. If you're a depleted person or if you've got real weakness in particular organs you can, you can really smash yourself. But that's not that often. But I think next year if not... Keep up the hardcore cleansing, little daily things for next year. But if I can, going to book myself a little holiday, I have to. At this point, that's where I'm at.


Mason:  (01:43:34)

I've got to book myself a little like a week off or two weeks off and just go and dedicate that because you're right, the water fasting and when I do, I'm going to go and I'm just going to go the luxury of being facilitated. Back in the day, I've had so many times doing the water fast and extended juice fast on my own accord and just keep on going in the world as we do it. But I'm at that point where I love to be held. You know what it's like, I hold so much. I hold so much all the time and if you're someone like, you are in that kind of state, it doesn't have to be expensive. You can do it on the cheap but yeah, go and make sure it's an environment that can really hold you.


Mason:  (01:44:13)

Anyone charging exorbitant amounts of money for a water fast is a charlatan, and then at the same time get a little bit of dry fasting in there. I think there's a lot of Russian research around that being able to like dry fasting, spliced in there. One of the only thing that's actually getting properly getting radioactive material out of the body. You know what they say as well. You throw in the rebounder as apparently one of the things that's actually getting in... And I don't have the data on this, but it just makes sense. You were talking about squeezing the cells before in order to get these at least like you're mobilising toxicity if you're moving.


Mason:  (01:44:53)

And that's one of my greatest hacks, my absolute greatest hacks. It doesn't replace dynamic, functional movement at all times. It doesn't replace me always training my ability to relevantly, up my ability to move through my environment or play with my daughter or whatever. Travel with her. But rebounding man, I love that shit so much and I think that in mobilising toxicity and the getting upside down, that's what I do here, is my little SuperFeasting. The gym is just at rebound rings, get myself upside down and just hold myself there upside down for a couple of minutes and then if I can bang in the infrared sauna and just suck it out.


Damian:  (01:45:35)

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Now that's where it's definitely, but like I say, that whole superhero consciousness that we've been joking about for years around what we do. I think now is the time. This is the time really to step up.


Mason:  (01:45:50)

Yeah. I'm with you in that man. ... I love that. And that's like, I got such a Peter Pan syndrome. I love playing superhero, I love being a super responsible hook version Robin Williams going home and making sure he actually takes the responsibility being an adult as Peter Pan as well, but don't take away that childish nature ever. I can't stand talking to people about this stuff who have lost that childish nature and that ability to still be in a fairy tale. It completely defeats the purpose. I'm like, "Why are you trying to survive then? What are you fighting for? Embody what you're fighting for right now." That's how you protect it. Bit of a rant man, I love it. Dude I think I sent so many people over to a Super Health to get [Astro 01:46:41] block all the time and probably everyone knows about it but I think I've... Maybe some of you know, a lot of people listening have still been they're not on for years and years.


Mason:  (01:46:52)

Damo and I have been mates for a long time as we've said and Damo's had SuperFoods from before like a few years, at least two or three years before I had SuperFeast. And when it was Extreme Super Foods. And doing all these decalcifiers and the super foods and just rocking it over there in Perth and all over Australia. So have you got the zeolites and you've got that good iodine over there and the mega hydrate...


Damian:  (01:47:20)

Yeah, all of those goodies I'm just working on getting the zeolite, the really small particle one so that's coming soon.


Mason:  (01:47:30)

Cool. Guys go check out... And what about your talks, because you mentioned cannabis, you've got a real great conversation around cannabis. Have you got resources there on the website? Or for people that want to tune into your work?


Damian:  (01:47:41)

Yeah, probably mostly on Facebook is all my talking about that, I've put cannabis on the back burner lately because I've seen the importance of what we're talking about today. I think cannabis is great and can help a lot of people with cancer and it can help heal cancer. But in the presence of these frequencies, we're going to need a lot more than cannabis. And that's us sticking together. And, that's one thing I do want to say is for anyone listening, some of the things you can do for all of us is go to the rallies, share the posts on 5G, become part of the groups, send the letters to parliament, get out there. Don't you think that that small group of 80 5G activists are going to do it for us? Because they're not. And a lot of us will end up getting exposed to this radiation because of lack of us standing up for ourselves.


Damian:  (01:48:37)

Like Mason said earlier, we've got to become the sovereign beings that stand up for our right to live a healthy life here. And they are taking away those rights now. So wherever you see anything on Facebook that's got anything to do with fighting back against 5G do it. And we're all conscious beings. We can raise this consciousness together through good nutrition, breath, sunlight, connecting with community, throw the devices away and connect with community. My next goal is to create a space where it's a wifi free environment where we all meet as a community together and we have to stick together. But please don't just scroll through 5G stuff, share it to your page because not enough people know the detrimental effects it's going to have on their health. And I will share plenty of links after this chat today Mase, of people you can follow and get some real hard evidence of you what's to be expected. But 5G apocalypse is a good starting point for people to understand this is serious, let's work together, let's be healthy and let's thrive.


Mason:  (01:49:45)

Man, I love it. Thanks so much for coming and spending all the time and sharing all the resources and the tips and then doing so with a skip in your step as well. I really appreciate that and smiling and all the way. Guys, get over... check the link or Damian Donoghue. Is that...


Damian:  (01:50:02)

Yeah, my Facebook.


Mason:  (01:50:04)

Yeah, you can go check out Damon on Facebook. Otherwise go over and check out Super Health as well. It's a really great company and yeah, just thanks for coming, man.


Damian:  (01:50:12)

Thanks a lot Mase, good to see you brother.


Damian:  (01:50:15)

Yeah, bye.

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