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Dì Dào (地道); Why The Water We Use Is Consciously Chosen

There can be absolutely no compromise on quality when it comes to sourcing all of our herbs. Read on to find out why the water we use to grow our tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms is consciously chosen. 

What is Dì Dào (地道) ? 

One of the most common questions we get from customers new to SuperFeast is, “Why do we source our Mushrooms from China?” The answer is simple and rooted in integrity and hundreds of years of ancient Taoist philosophy; Dì Dào (地道). 

Dì Dào (地道) is the concept of growing herbs in their spiritual and native homeland; The preferred environment, atmospheric energy, pressure, and altitude required to grow and thrive. When tonic herbs and mushrooms are grown Dì Dào (地道), they deliver their intended spiritual intention and potency to the body. Contrastingly when herbs or mushrooms are not grown Dì Dào (地道) and are instead grown on grain, oats, or even wood- away from their natural environment, they inevitably lack quality and their innate energetic potency. 

Dì Dào is the classification given to the highest quality herbs in China and describes the core sourcing philosophy that we practice here at SuperFeast. Since the essence of Taoism is rooted in the Classical Era texts of Chinese Medicine, so too is our sourcing!  

Written over 2000 years ago, the foundational text of Taoist herbalism (and the first Materia Medica known to man) is the Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing (Divine Farmer's Classic); it is here that the Di Dao classification first emerges. Shen Nong (and subsequent authors of classical texts) describe each medicinal herb's ideal province and growing conditions to ensure the greatest potency. If you wish to learn more about our sourcing practices and philosophy, check out our blog ‘Dì Dào (地道): Sourcing From The Spiritual Homeland’ and listen to our podcast episode ‘Superior Dì Dào (地道) Sourcing From China with Mason Taylor’

Why Our Water Is Consciously Chosen 

Central to the upholding of quality is the type of water used in the growing cycle. Only spring, rain, or water from wells is used to grow our herbs. Town (municipal)  water is not used for irrigation at any point in our Dì Dào growing operations. Since water is the most crucial environmental ingredient when growing a herb for quality, the use of wild pure water will result in the pure benefits that these herbs have become famous for.

Once in the facility purified water is used in every process stage. This water is prepared from a drinking source through a combination of filters; nano-filtration, reverse osmosis, electro-deionisation and vapour compression to remove all contaminants, including microorganisms, organic matter, heavy metals, and free residual chlorine.

To this day we are constantly blown away with how effective these Taoist herbs are in helping our community transform their health. We believe that the ingredient that gives our herbs the very special something that we feel when consumed, the ‘je ne sais quoi’, is the untouched, wild water sources that are solely used. We believe that this allows the natural, organic and wild genetics and energetics of the herb to emerge.

Tune in below to hear the Founder of SuperFeast, Mason Taylor dive into the importance of consciously chosen water within the growing process of tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms. 

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