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Does Cordyceps Mushroom Actually Give You Energy?

Do you ever wish you could tap into an endless well of energy? With the ancient wisdom of Taoist/Chinese Medicine and the power of Cordyceps, you can. 

Do you ever wish you could tap into an endless well of energy? With the ancient wisdom of Taoist/Chinese Medicine and the power of Cordyceps, you can. 

Cordyceps, known for its potent vitality-enhancing properties, is traditionally used in Chinese medicine to tonify and strengthen the Lungs, nourish and fortify the Kidneys, and enhance general health and well-being. It is also considered a Jing herb, which refers to the primordial or foundational energy that resides within the Kidneys. 

Jing is where all of our energy comes from; it is the precursor to Qi and the key to a healthy, happy life lived aligned with our heart’s purpose. The quality of Jing we inherit and cultivate over our lifetime determines the lifespan and vitality of one’s life. This is simply the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding our Jing Essence, if you want to dive deeper, we have two articles you should read- Three Treasures: Jing, Qi & Shen’ and Jing - What Is It & How To Cultivate It’


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If you are someone who is not as familiar with traditional medicine, you may be asking - but does cordyceps actually give you energy? - Let’s explain the science. 

The secret lies in its ability to increase the body's production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) - an essential molecule that delivers energy to your muscles and fuels your body. This may improve how your body uses oxygen, particularly during physical activity. Research has shown Cordyceps to have antioxidant activity, enhance Blood flow and increased oxygen absorption and utilisation within the body, factors that all have a positive impact on athletic performance and endurance. 

Studies have shown that participants who consumed Cordyceps saw an increase in their exercise capacity, with some experiencing up to an 11% increase in their VO2 max, a measure of the maximum amount of oxygen one can use during intense exercise. 

Remember, Cordyceps is not only about improving your physical performance. It's about strengthening your capacity for life and energy at its very source - the breath​​. As you incorporate Cordyceps into your life, you're not just nurturing your body; you're supporting harmony between your body systems and bringing about the expression of health by cultivating your Jing and Qi Essence. 

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