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Elders and Tonic Herbs

So what are our fave herbs for our elders? Read on to find out!

Mason, on the eve of his 35th birthday wanted to share with you his thoughts on our elders community and how tonic herbs fit into their lifestyle.

Getting old folks onto herbs is so, so important. Talking about the herbs with elders and grandparents is such an amazing gift; remember tonic herbs are used in the elderly to slow the ageing process, they are used clinically in geriatrics... remember these folk are the most vulnerable medically in our community and therefore stand to gain the most out of the use of tonic herbs.

These adaptogenic tonics are driven towards maintaining dignity and grace in the way we age, and I’m a huge advocate for us all ensuring that the tonic herbs are not only present, but prevalent in the lifestyles of the elders in your life and community.

I had a few of the wiser, elder folks in the community write recently and comment how much they appreciate us talking consistently about how amazing the herbs are for them and their mates as so much of the focus in the adaptogen and mushroom world is targeted to the “trendy,” young, wellness scene (which I love also, I mean why not get on them early and potentiate?). 

I loved hearing this feedback.

Reaffirms the energy I have to keep on driving this message and ensuring these incredible herbs reach those in that demographic. I love so much that there are now thousands of young tonic herb-loving younglings out there now. These humans are advocating HARD for their parents to weave the tonic herbs into their lives; to realise that cultivation of the organs and immunity and Jing and vitality is possible at any age.

There’s somewhat of a correlation here with the aspect of tonic herbs being specialists for healing after an injury, illness, or long stint of being stressed. It’s called convalescence, and at any age it's important, but especially when you reach an elderly age it is paramount that practices and herbs are present to support healing and the creation of new foundations of health so that we don’t walk on 'health egg shells' as we age, becoming more and more susceptible to illness.

All of the tonics are great for the elders, and you can follow your instinct about what you recommend (greater care and inquiry needed when there are lots of medications however), but some of the following are my faves:

Cordyceps the full package. They restore core Kidney energy that is depleted by the time we are advanced in age, they work the Lungs so breathing is deeper and easier. These two mean there’s more energy accessible and more lustre available to enjoy life and continuing to stay vibrant.

QI Blend - this blend aids the digestive Spleen and breathing capacity; these herbs support the replenishing of flesh in the body, especially the muscles. With wasting of the flesh and muscles being a part of ageing, the QI blend can become an absolute staple to help this not to occur.

Deer Antler - especially for older gents, but women also, this herb is MAGIC. Full bone marrow youthening and regenerative energy here. Full sex hormone activation and restoration of libido. This is always healthy and relevant at every stage of life. I give this to my Dad a lot and it really helps. 

I Am Gaia - this is an incredible women’s blend at any age, especially post-menopause transitions/initiations to becoming an elder. Women run on blood, this blend builds it, and regulates and warms the core female organs. It makes life much easier for women, especially older women. 

Mushroom M8 - this blend of mushrooms is just next level immunological, and I created it as a capsule thanks to so many people in the community wanting an easier way to introduce mushrooms to their parents and grandparents. At any age, but especially when older, we need STRONG immunity, and nothing beats mushrooms. They should be a staple in the diet.

That's all from me today folks, as you can see I am channeling part elder haha as I just turned 35!

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