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Holistic Fertility with Dr Amanda Waaldyk (EP#35)

Tahnee and Amanda take a deep dive into the journey of motherhood, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, the cycles of fertility, the east vs west approach to fertility and reproduction, fertility and veganism and a whole lot more.

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In today's podcast Tahnee chats with Dr Amanda Waaldyk. Amanda is a wholistic practitioner specialising in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. A yoga and meditation teacher, hormone expert and energy healer, Amanda applies an integrated approach to health and healing drawing inspiration from her own personal journey.


Tahnee and Amanda take a deep dive into:

  • The spirit of Anjea.
  • The cycles of fertility.
  • Fertility and exercise.
  • Fertility and veganism.
  • Stress and daily survival.
  • The concept of rest and nest.
  • Amanda's fertility and birthing journey.
  • The energetic phases of the female cycle.
  • Women as the embodiment of yin essence.
  • The period as a key indicator of overall health.
  • Endocrine health as a positive feedback system.
  • The east vs west approach to fertility and reproduction.
  • The journey of motherhood, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.
  • The importance of taking the time to pause, listen and create space in the cultivation of health and creativity.
  • The cycles of creation, maintenance and destruction in regards to the evolution of the earth and human kind.


Who is Dr Amanda Waaldyk?

Amanda is the founder and director of Angea Women’s Health clinic, an integrative Chinese medicine practice with a focus on fertility, female endocrinology and supporting Woman through every phase of life. Amanda’s practice is soul meets science, guiding her patients to ultimate health by providing a whole body approach. Amanda is a Doctor of Chinese medicine, yoga and meditation teacher, hormone expert and energy healer. Amanda empowers and educates her clients to reconnect with their inherent body wisdom, navigate their way back to balance (naturally) and live the happiest and most thriving version of their lives.



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