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JING Blend: Our Favourite Adrenal Tonic

Our specially formulated JING blend is one of our bread and butter creations. JING combines the most revered Jing herbs of the Daoist herbal system into a powerful tonic that is designed to restore your foundational energy.

The JING blend remains our primary formula of Daoist herbs for our community seeking to replenish the essence of their body and organs that has been lost from living with stress over a long period, indulging in excess (sex, stimulants etc) and generally leaking core essence through staying too long in the sympathetic nervous system state and living a general Western lifestyle. It is the starting place in tonic herbalism to rebuild and step towards ceasing any premature ageing that has set in, by restoring the core Jing that feeds our bodies.


Jing is our primary essence, we are born with a certain amount and use it throughout our lives. The way we live, the intentions we have, the practices we do or don’t do and the herbs we take, can impact how quick we leak and burn through our Jing, or how slowly and sustainably we use our Jing. Appropriate use of our Jing means ending our lives with our essence intact and being free from excessive degeneration. This is because the Jing essence that is stored in our Kidneys dictates our ability to heal internally, break through pathogenic and sediment-based blockages throughout bodily systems, express our genes throughout our lives as healthily as possible and maintain a robust sexual vigour. When we live a life that leaks our Jing, we begin to sacrifice these attributes of health that are generally possible for all of us.


The Daoists discovered that there are herbs and practices we can partake in that protect our Jing or slow down the process of burning through it. Eventually with consistency, our Jing essence can be built back and we can continue to culture Jing in our Kidneys, which we can draw on in later years to maintain robust health with a strong physical structure and epic libidos throughout our lives. Cultivating Jing is a beautiful (and very important) art to have - check out our How To Cultivate Jing Essence article here.


The herbs in our JING blend are some of the most revered and primary herbs used by the Daoists through antiquity to maintain and restore healthy Jing. They are used to slow the ageing process and ensure ageing is done with grace. With a sustainable lifestyle and Jing herbs, they saw no reason that we would not reach reasonably old ages free from disease, while still going strong. They saw Jing herbs as medicinals to reinforce stamina, power and strength through the body (since the Jing governs the physical structure of sinew and bones), as well as the process of how we generate energy in the body; the more Jing, the more robust athletically you become. They realised that these herbs all had a long term impact on our fertility and sexual vigour, and linked this as an indicator to how the foundations of our health and body was holding up. This was necessary to give us the platform to develop ourselves upon, especially our ability to develop spiritually, for which a strong body that is unified with the mind was necessary. 



Eucommia Bark

This ancient tonic is the primary Yang Jing herb of the Daoist system, and the primary herb used to govern lower-back and knee pain, harden the sinew and bones, strengthen the reproductive system and cultivate foundational essence. In antiquity it was used long term to lighten the body and make one "resistant to old age.” This herb is bringing the major ability to the blend to reinforce the Yang regulatory ability of the Kidney system to maintain strong bones, marrow and sinew (huge aspects to longevity).


A true longevity tonic, the infamous goji berry shares the podium as the primary Yin Jing tonic in the Daoist system, helping especially to replenish the sexual fluids and is a famed fertility Jing herb. It supports the cultivation of Kidney Yin while invigorating and clearing the Liver, building blood, helping the body deal with stress, while protecting our primordial essence. It is used to brighten the eyes and bolster a cheerful spirit.



A superstar of the tonic herb system, this medicinal mushroom is a wonderful replenisher of the Yin Jing essence that is lost from stress or excessive lifestyles, while reinforcing the Yang needed to embody stamina, physical robustness and strength through the system. As a primary Jing tonic it is famed as a sexual tonic, while working wonders on the immune system and Lungs to assist further protection of the body. We love this one so much, we provide it as a single herb.




A beautiful Jing herb with an unmatched ability to reinforce the sexual energy of the body and strengthen sexual function in both men and women, as well as an important indicator that our Jing is strong. This herb is protective of the essence of all major Yin organs and works to cultivate the Jing energy of these organs to ensure we are not leaking our essence from the storehouse of the Kidneys. This well rounded herb ensures that our JING blend remains full spectrum in aiding the body to restore its ability to generate essence in the major organs and efficiently use it once stored in the Kidneys; this is where it earns its reputation as a magical Yang Jing tonic and creates embodied libido.



Known as the kidney’s own food, prepared rehmannia root is an incredibly nutritive herb that builds blood and pours Yin essence into the kidneys to be stored. It is one of the most famous fertility herbs in the Daoist system and considered one of the most life extending herbs one can take. As a blood building tonic it is famed, supporting the body and other major organs that store Jing in staying nourished so that Yin Jing can continue to be stored in the Kidney system.



A beautiful Yin Jing herb to replenish the fluids of the body, when taken over time it supports the body to embody further Yin via the thickening of the stomach and intestines. It helps to protect all the major organs and supplements their essence while toning the function of Qi descending to be stored in the Kidneys as Jing essence; this is pure longevity. It has been used by the Daoists when excessive stress of releasing of sexual fluids has taxed the body and rebuilding and supplementation is needed. It was also given to honeymooners to help them not burn out. 


There you have it folks. Our most loved JING blend. Feel like this is up your alley? Head over to our product page here

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