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Daoist Herbs and Practices For Sexual Vigour With Mason Taylor (EP#160)

Earlier this year, Mason did a live webinar on the topic of Lib*do and how Daoist tonic herbalism serves as a beautiful gateway into the cultivation of lifelong practices that will continue to expand sexual capacity, sexual vigour, and keep our essence burning strong well into our 60's, 70's and 80's. The webinar was so well received; that we've decided to make it an episode on the podcast. Enjoy !

Are you looking to ignite the dulled flame of your sexual essence? Are you feeling depleted and lacking lustre for the day, let alone for having a robust lib*do? Perhaps you're looking to support your sexual vigour so you can continue to thrive, love life, and enjoy sex well into your later years. We're all sexual beings, and having the energy, spirit, and capacity to express ourselves in such a way is the spark that keeps us inspired and in love with life.

Earlier this year, Mason did a live webinar on the topic of Lib*do and how Daoist tonic herbalism serves as a beautiful gateway into the cultivation of lifelong practices that will continue to expand sexual capacity, sexual vigour, and keep our essence burning strong well into our 60's, 70's and 80's. The webinar was so well received; that we've decided to make it an episode on the podcast.

This episode is a holistic, integrated guide to establishing your intention and awareness of where you want your sexual vigour and capacity to be in 10, 20, and 30 years. Mason explains the relationship between Jing (Yin and Yang Jing), foundational energy, the kidneys, and how they are all inextricably woven into our potential for sexual desire and vigour. He also lays down an integrated guide to the Daoist tonic herbs, discussing how specific blends work within the organs to cultivate sexual essence, lasting potential and can work as a support system right through to our elderly years.

Ultimately this is a holistic discussion around how we can use the teachings of Daoism to embody the most sexually robust, unique, love-filled expressions of ourselves! There is also a compact resource guide below with links to everything mentioned (and more) in the webinar, be sure to check it out. 


"So put into place something to ensure you are taking your herbs regularly. Put your boundaries in place to ensure that you have enough time to cultivate your essence and have enough time to really go into that loving place where you know you have the space to take all those experiences that your potential and your sexual essence and lib*do have given you. And you have enough time to sit with it within your heart and let it sink in and make, gain wisdom".


- Mason Taylor



Mason discusses:


  • Yang Jing herbs
  • The quality of lib*do.
  • Foundational energy.
  • Protecting our essence.
  • Spontaneous joy and sex.
  • The Daoist tonic herbs and lib*do
  • The cultivation of Jing, Qi and Shen.
  • Yin Jing- cultivating the waters of life.
  • Good sleep practices for sexual vigour.
  • How adaptogens help to restore lib*do.
  • Jing foundational essence and lib*do.
  • Bonds, boundaries, spleen energy and protecting Jing. 




Mason Taylor

Mason Taylor is the CEO/Founder of SuperFeast and a renowned tonic herbalist. On a soul mission to bring people back to their body and nature while bursting through dogma, he shares passionately and uniquely in his workshops, podcast, and content on how to cultivate healing and potentiation through health sovereignty. An expert in Daoist tonic herbalism, Mason has helped tens of thousands of people globally discover medicinal mushrooms, adaptogenic tonic herbs, and the healing philosophy from which they emerged. Mason is also a budding comedian; bursting the bubble on the “health scene” with his antics.






Products and Books:

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Deer Antler Velvet

JING, QI, SHEN (Three Treasures bundle)

Eucommia bark (primary Yang Jing herb).

Ron Teeguarden - The Ancient Wisdom Of Chinese Tonic Herbs (Book)



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Check Out The Transcript Here:


Mason: (00:00)

Hey, everybody. Just going live here. Welcome. Really excited to be here. Talking about my favourite subject, Taoist herbalism, that focus upon more of a Western-isolated concept, being libido. And we're going to take it into a place that's a little bit more holistic, and something that's more easily to perceive, and something we don't need to quickly go and obtain. That's our endeavour tonight.


Mason: (00:43)

Hello, everybody joining. Thank you everyone for coming along. Paris, hello. Erica, hello. I'm just waiting for everyone to come along. First time we're doing a webinar here at SuperFeast. And I really appreciate you all being nerdy enough like me to come and talk about Taoist herbs and libido and sexual vigour on a Wednesday night. There's lots of things you could be doing on a Wednesday night, and yet here we are.


Mason: (01:13)

I'm going to continue to stall for a little bit, just while we wait for a few other people to come in. And I know we've had a lot of people signing up in order to get access to the recording afterwards. So, just in case anyone's looking at the attendees numbers and feeling sorry for me, there's a lot of people who are going to be just looking out for that recording.


Mason: (01:46)

Paris, yeah, thank you so much. I'm so excited to be here with you. I'm going to wait until... [Yama 00:01:54], hey. I'm going to wait until five past, and then I'm going to hammer in. I'm going to fire into it. Oh, great. Yama, you can listen to that podcast on eating for vitality in some... It is interesting.


Mason: (02:09)

There's a lot of beautiful and interesting concepts to explore today. We really hope to make this extremely digestible, and we want to be looking at libido. We want to be looking at what this sexual essence is, how it relates to the herbs. Well, that's not very pretty there, the little paper mark there. This side's the one. The [Romania 00:02:35], just so you know.


Mason: (02:36)

How does that fit into this intention that I have throughout my life, to have the capacity to have libido? What does it mean when I don't isolate libido and I allow it to work in and integrate with everything else within me? How do I use the herbs with... You can see, a lot of the use of the herbs is... So, if I take Cordyceps, will that give me libido? Because I don't have any libido right now. Such a good intention. Such a pure intention, and so the right place to start. What happens when we flesh that out to an intention that's sustainable to maintain for the next 40 years and 50 years? That's what I find really interesting.


Mason: (03:33)

Everyone who's here, feel free to pop a little something in the comments. I'm waiting to five past, and that's when I'm going to really fire into it. Going to get going. We're going to have time for questions at the end. We've given 15 minutes. I'm feeling quite succinct today. There is a process around libido, and I really want to give it to you today. And it's quite new and fresh, and we're doing it in a webinar.


Mason: (04:01)

By no means is a webinar something we've never done before. This is a way for me to get really raw and deliver things that I haven't potentially delivered before, yet are really solid, and I'm constantly thinking about. But, in the day-to-day life of running the herbal company, there's other things that come up.


Mason: (04:20)

So, this webinar, you special people coming and interacting with me, you're really the fringe, the fringe that is wanting to delve deeper into this philosophy. And so, at the end, perhaps we'll have a little bit more than 15 minutes. We'll see. If you like, I can also take you off mute and you can jump in and throw me a question verbally, or you can just pop them in as we go along, and I'll endeavour to work my way up.


Mason: (04:51)

And I've got [Maddie 00:23:04] here helping me out, and if it's anything that she could help you out with along the way, something that doesn't need me addressing it, she'll jump in and answer that for you.


Mason: (05:05)

So, as I said, I've had a couple hundred people sign up for the webinar, mostly looking to receive that recording afterwards. Those here live, we've got a special journey ahead of us. I'm going to be bouncing off you guys. By all means, put little clarifying questions in as we go along. This is definitely a collaborative experience that we are doing right here, and beyond just being a collaborative experience, what you are all involved in right now.


Mason: (05:42)

In case some of you don't know, I'm Mason Taylor. I'm the CEO of SuperFeast. Most of you will know SuperFeast. Those that don't, we are a Taoist herbal company. We specialise in herbs. A lot of you might know is the medicinal mushrooms, and the adaptogens. We offer those. We have been, for nearly 11 years now, based here in Mullumbimby, close to Byron Bay, in the Byron Bay Shire in the Rainbow Region. I started in Sydney. And what we've got is an opportunity right here, although I do run the company, a huge part of my passion is the education around the depths of where tonic herbalism leads you.


Mason: (06:31)

Tonic herbalism is this beautiful gateway. So many people find themselves coming to these herbs. What are these herbs? The Taoist tradition, ancient Chinese philosophy, it's about coming into harmony with the world around us, coming into harmony with ourselves, being in perception of what harmony means for us in an ongoing manner, so that it's something that we can feel. Okay. Over the next 10 years, you are going to be able to cultivate a feeling sense of aspects of your body, and your organs and your energies, but super palpable.


Mason: (07:15)

It's not something that is in theory. You don't have to have an understanding of intricate hormonal pathways. We don't have to look at libido in an isolated sense in how that relates to our sexual organs that requires us to go and get clinical testing in order to know, is this hormone too low, is this one too high, in order to re regain some kind of balance that leads to what is clinically understood to be libido, or sexual vigour.


Mason: (07:56)

What we are looking to do is get an understanding of what libido is, especially if we... It's a nice dangle. Everyone listening right now, just have a little drop in and get some perception for you uniquely right now, what libido means. We've got men, we've got men and women listening here, and we've got a multitude of people at different stages of life, different age groups. And so, libido is going to mean a lot of different things. A lot of the time, when you're interacting with a business and they're talking about libido, it's going to be problem-solution.


Mason: (08:40)

You don't have libido. You want libido. That means you've got a sexual hunger, maybe anatomically, within your biology. You have the ability to get wet and desire into sexual interaction with yourself and with others. For men, it's the capacity to perhaps... In the beginning, it's maybe the capacity to even get hard, or to desire being with somebody. Or then it might lead to libido being tied up with things like erectile dysfunction, sperm quality, fluid quality in both men and women. There's lots of different intricacies.


Mason: (09:17)

And what we are going to try and not do today is get caught in a problem-solution, which means, "I don't have libido. I want libido. Which herb do I take?" Although, I really don't want to take away the validity of that intention. That's what I mean by tonic herbs being a beautiful gateway, a gateway to perception and engagement, and an understanding and a brewing of what is that intention which I understand right now? Maybe because we come from Western minds, "I want libido. I want more libido, and what do I take in order to give me that libido?" Beautiful place to start.


Mason: (09:59)

Then we're going to go on a journey. And that is the difference. That's the beauty of having tonic herbal philosophy, Taoist philosophy, behind the herbs, because we can facilitate people going, "What is the herb that's going to give me like this flat chat libido? Because shut up, mate, I'm sick of your philosophy. Something that's going to rev my engine." Great. We can definitely have that conversation because that's such a cool one. That's such a beautiful one. And I like the holistic, inclusive nature of tonic herbalism that can meet people where they're at in their individual journeys. And not even like, oh, we're going to bring validity to be like, "Wow," and what a valid intention.


Mason: (10:44)

And then, we get this awareness of, well, and that intention, what does that look like in 10 years? How do we increase the quality of that intention? What we are understanding of libido, and the perception of your libido, do we make sure that you are in direct perception and control of cultivating that libido, outside of just going, "I take deer antler velvet, and that gives me libido, and then I want to have sex after I've taken deer antler velvet." Or, "When I get on Cordyceps regularly for two weeks, I'm really horny, and I've got a lot of capacity, and I want to have a lot of sex, and I really enjoy sex. And then I don't take Cordyceps, I notice a difference."


Mason: (11:30)

What a great place to start. This is why SuperFeast sits itself in a holistic system and philosophy that's based on nature. It's because five years from now, you're going to realise you are looking for greater nuance and personal control, and it might not be as sustainable for you to always be thinking about libido, and thinking, "Oh, libido. Take this. Gives me that." You want to be in control of how that intention for libido integrates with the rest of your system.


Mason: (12:05)

We're going to explore a few of the key organs that are involved in this. In Taoist herbalism, we specifically talk about five organ systems, and they're connected to various elements, although element is a very rough translation there. The whole point of this is, these are elements, metaphors, stories that over the next few days after this, after the next few weeks and years, these are metaphors that are the closest way, the most intimate way for you to start feeling and then being in control of those factors, the capacity for you to build an environment where that thing we call libido is cultivated. There's tonic herbs, these herbs that are gentle. They don't need to be used clinically. They protect life. They cultivate life in us. We can bring them into our diet. We can work with them for decades. We don't need to wait until we are sick before we take them. We can use them right now as a safe entry point to kind of give us some libido, or give us some calmness of the mind, give me a little bit of mood regulation. But then, boom. They can also drag out to be like, "Ooh, these are the herbs that I can work with for decades and ensure that I'm cultivating the environment so that libido is possible." Not only possible, but the quality of that libido is something that is kind of contrary to what most people, especially when you get to the elder years of people in our culture, are experiencing.


Mason: (13:55)

The quality of libido is something that's connected to something so much more than just how horny you are, or how much sex you want, or how much you enjoy sex, although they are absolutely wonderful things that emerge from this practise that we are, that we are, we are undertaking and we are going on about.


Mason: (14:17)

So, in tonic herbalism, there's also an Ayurvedic tradition of tonic herbalism. It's called the rasayanas. And when I really started bringing some colour to this libido conversation was when I was reading about one of the core intentions of taking rasayanas and these adaptogens. And in that tradition, it's with holy basils, the Shilajits, Shatavaris and Ashwagandas, especially.


Mason: (14:44)

And one of the elements was around happiness. And when taking rasayanas, these tonic herbs, long term in the diet, your capacity increases to have spontaneous joy and spontaneous happiness. So, that means the happiness isn't something that we need to go chasing after, or try and constantly create environments where we, let's put it [inaudible 00:15:08], synthetically bring happiness to the equation just because we've noticed, "Oh, hang on. I'm not happy."


Mason: (15:16)

But it demands that we are in direct perception of our body, the environment that cultivates potential. And we're going to go into this. This is where we start talking about gene. And I think there's a few, I really, I recognise here. I know a lot of you, would've heard about Jing. A lot of people listening, maybe you don't understand the concept. We're going to be sending a lot of resources. We haven't got too much time together, so if I go a little bit quickly over some of these concepts, we're going to be sending out an email with lots of resources where you can get a little bit of further perception of what's Jing? I'm going to talk about the heart and the Shen. "Oh, what's that?" I'm going to talk about it right now in the container of cultivating sexual essence, sexual vigour, which gives rise to the potential that we have to have cultivated within us, within our body.


Mason: (16:08)

And we are in direct perception of how, through the design of our lifestyle, through the boundaries that we place up, through our capacity to have bonds, so on and so forth, we know that simmering under the surface is our potential for joy to emerge spontaneously, and for joy to emerge spontaneously. What happens a lot of times in life is we notice that we haven't been happy for a while. And, my gosh, do we not notice in this society. You know what I realise? And guys, so maybe some of you haven't heard me speak. I see a few names of maybe who would've heard me speak before, but this is different for me, speaking in a webinar. I'm normally in a face-to-face kind of capacity. I like bouncing off everyone and seeing their faces. But I kind of can feel myself revving up, and I'm getting there, because we're creating this world that's beyond mental perception and, "Beep boop beep boop. Here are the herbs you take for libido." We're trying not to do that, because that just leads to another to-do list, something that's maybe short term, and maybe good in the beginning to an extent, but doesn't lead to the intention we have for you to be able to cultivate the environment where libido is just so easily expressed.


Mason: (17:31)

So, I'm going to be going in many different directions. I really hope some of you might have a pad and pen, or you're on your computers, or your phones, and you're going to be taking little notes. We are going to be sending the webinar to you afterwards, so you can take further notes.


Mason: (17:46)

But a part of when you are in a talk with myself, is to kick up the feet of your mind to an extent, and really try and take advantage of the opportunity that we are creating, as I'm creating this opportunity for myself. Because I get a lot of personal little downloads and making-sense-ofs when I'm in this space all of a sudden.


Mason: (18:07)

We get a little bit of flow state, and we can start connecting some dots of what is actually necessary in terms of maybe the immediate protocols, and then the conditions that we are going to be placing for ourselves, the boundaries, the must-haves, and the design of our lifestyle, so that we can have an ever-presence of our sexual vigour, and then perhaps bringing greater perception to how sexual vigour, sexual essence, capacity to want sex, enjoy sex, be nourished from sex with yourself.


Mason: (18:38)

And perhaps that's not even with an outcome in mind from that sex. Maybe not even looking at that finish point. Maybe not always been being obsessed with that orgasm point, on achieving something. Perhaps there's a lot of that's going to come out of this. But there is a feeling sense. I want you to all just open yourselves up the opportunity to kick up the mind's feet and go on a little bit of that rollercoaster with me. I often call it that mushroom mycelial roller coaster, where you'll come out, you'll feel something, and your mind will try and be like, "Well, what does that mean? What do I do? What's the list that I make?" But nothing will ever take away the perception. Nothing will ever take away the perception that you have of your own body.


Mason: (19:19)

And then, let's start putting some storytelling onto it, and some metaphor that can keep you and give you some capacity to closely relate to it. The water, the kidney water of your body, and the Jing energy. Nothing will ever take away your direct perception of what these terms are pointing to.


Mason: (19:35)

That's where personal sovereignty comes on board. That's how we end up getting to 20, 30, 40, 50 years down the track and not needing any kind of intervention. Maybe a little, a minimal amount of intervention, in order to maintain extremely healthy libido and sexual vigour.


Mason: (19:52)

Moreso, that directly leads in, and this is where we're going to start talking about where the story begins with libido when we're relating to it. And in a Taoist tonic herbal perspective, which is our Jing energy.


Mason: (20:12)

Our Jing energy, our foundational energy that emerges, especially from us having healthy kidneys, healthy foundations in life, ensuring that we aren't living so excessively that we get to the point where we ignore the fact that we are draining the core resources that we need at the foundational level in order to live a really nice long, healthy life.


Mason: (20:38)

So, a lot of people are doing this because we can get a lot of institutional injection really early in life, which gives us the capacity to ignore the red flags and the alarm bells that something's going on, that you are walking on eggshells, and the environment in which your beautiful, expressive libido can naturally emerge, your joy, your capacity to have longevity in your body, is slowly decreasing.


Mason: (21:03)

And that's what happens a lot of time in the Western world, is we go so far in the grind of our jobs, maybe in the grind of the pursuit for money, excessively the pursuit for money, and perhaps it can even be the excessive pursuit for sexual pleasure, for our excessive need to just work, just got to get into that work grind. What happens when we can, from maybe a more innocent place, where we're not completely in drug and surgery land yet, but it's like, "I can just do coffees. I can just do coffees and ignore the biology of what's going on. I can just dedicate myself to my work, and kind of ignore the fact that I'm not really feeling loving connection to myself. I can just ignore, ignore, ignore, ignore."


Mason: (21:58)

And what happens, and this is what happens with libido a lot of the time, people don't realise, that perhaps what the quality of your sexual vigour and your libido could be. And if you knew how it is a barometer for foundational essence in your Jing energy, which is your potential capacity to ride out a nice long life and not end up degenerating and ageing too early.


Mason: (22:22)

Libido is there as a direct eminence of that capacity. We have to ride out and live that nice long life where we don't age prematurely, we don't have disease states coming in prematurely, or we don't come excessively susceptible to symptomology and disease, and dysfunctional ways of approaching our sexuality from approaching. A lot of people ignore it for a long time.


Mason: (22:54)

And when I used to do the markets, years ago, when I was getting my education of what matters to people up in the northern beaches of Sydney at Frenchs Forest Markets, I would-


Mason: (23:03)

Up in the Northern beaches of Sydney and [inaudible 00:23:02] markets, I would constantly talk about this Jing foundational energy and the way for people I knew, the way for people to turn on the light and be like, this is the way that you will know whether you are on a really nice trajectory or whether you're maybe on trajectory towards leaking that Jing essence is libido. So I'd just kind of throw it out there, a lot of the time girlfriends would be dragging their boyfriends or dragging husbands in, and they'd be kind of a little bit disinterested and I'm like cool. Rather be talking to her and I'd throw out then concepts around in tonic herbalism we often start with the Jing herbs, the herbs to nourish the kidney water so that those foundations of the body. Jing, it's a big beautiful concept and if you drop into your body and feel right now, what is your potential to get to 80 smooth sailing? And this is definitely not putting judgement on if things do come up, we're just getting a feeling sense right now. We're not striving for perfection. Perfect Jing, never nothing ever happening to us. We're not trying to do that, but just because we want to be considerate doesn't mean that we don't drop in right now and start to get a sense of, okay, let's feel Jing right now.


Mason: (24:41)

This is your capacity and potential to get 80 years old, smooth sailing as possible. Smooth sailing, physically ensuring that your knees... Yeah, think about 80 walking up that hill, playing with grandkids perhaps, just playing with any kids, your knees not slowing you down, your hips not getting all tight and stuck, your lower back not getting really stiff and tight that impedes you completely from moving. That emerges from what this concept we're talking about Jing. And another one is foundational energy, your capacity to not get exhausted consistently. So what is your potential right now to get to 80 years old and feel you are more... tighten it up, tighten it up. Remember, we're in a constant harmonising journey. Tightening, tightening, tightening, tightening, tightening to ensure that you are not going into states of exhaustion. Get a feeling of that. That's your Jing.


Mason: (25:41)

Another shade of Jing is how much libido, and I'm going to use the word, but in a real nice grounded, connected to everything else, your desire, that sexual desire, and everyone has different and natural, constitutional Jing and therefore sexual hunger, sexual vigour, what type of sexual engagement. So I'm not talking about it from an elevated, Byron-based sexual scene where everyone's... the kind of the pressure gets put on to always be kinky and just always want... and blah, blah, blah. I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about you and your perception of your libido and the capacity that you have for the continuous expression, spontaneous expression, healthy expression of your libido and desire up until you are 80 years old. Think about it. You might have kids, you might have three kids, whereas it at? You might have a full time job and you might be throwing yourself into it. Where's that at? You might be dealing with some stuff going on within your mind and your emotions. Now feel your libido and the potential you have for that to be growing, cultivated and expressed. Does that libido mean that you need to go out and be with someone else constantly? No, but it does correlate your Jing and your potential and your libido does correlate to your desire to be interacting with yourself centrally. It just does.


Mason: (27:03)

And there's different variations of what that looks like, but everyone drop in right now and feel that libido. It's probably that, the knees and the libido and the exhaustion piece, that's what gives you a real direct... it's correlation, it's a barometer and direct perception of where your Jing is possibly at. Some of you have a really strong constitution for Jing, so you know that even if you are exhausted, you're going to be able to bring it back pretty quick. Some of you perhaps don't have that really strong cultivation, and now in feeling that, don't judge yourself, that's just feeling the reality of what your constitution is. But knowing that no matter what, there is going to be your own personal expression of what that cultivation and expression of libido and sexual vigour is from that environment that ensures that treasure that is Jing is cultivated and protected.


Mason: (28:04)

So we're going to start there. We went there. We went there fast. Someone asked me the other day, it was yesterday. They were like, "What are you going to do when the mushroom fad goes away? And people aren't just interested in mushrooms anymore. So what are you going to do as a business?" And it got me thinking about libido a lot, because a fad is based on taking the scalpel as we do in the west, we take a scalpel to a whole holistic system and we cut one thing out of it and we go, Hey, heady people in the west that have lots of problems and are looking for solutions to those problems. Here's a solution to things that are going on. Fad emerges, people are attracted to it. And then eventually people move on to other fads and other problem solution, ways of approaching life. And I was like, yeah, I've talked about it. I've been talking about it for six years. I will always... I'm smart. In Daoism, I will ride the patterns and waves of the Dao of life and natural attention. I'll ride a wave of people becoming interested in say, medicinal mushrooms or people becoming really interested in libido and looking to adaptogens to restore libido. But I'm also smart enough to not put a scalpel to the entire tradition and then just go and commodify it and try and capitalise on it.


Mason: (29:41)

So as much as I ride wave, I am not going to, what's the wording? I'm going to disassociate myself from the fad because that's not what I'm doing right here. And I bring this up for yourself because you're doing this as well. Right now there's a fad in your life, and perhaps you're aware of libido right now and you want to ride that wave of attention that you're putting on your libido, but you do not want to... I love this. Don't feel sorry for me, guys. I love stalling because I'm actually finding new ways to communicate to you. You want to disassociate yourself with the isolated aspect of going all I'm worried about is libido right now, and realise that you are going to land in a place where this is holistically integrated with everything else that you are doing.


Mason: (30:41)

I see someone's said, "I'm only 23." you feel that you're exhausted all the time. Libido's chronically low. Really good time to be getting onto it. And Rachel, you just said it. We're going to be talking about that, especially when we get to... So right now we're going to start jumping into the kidneys and Jing and where the potential, the seed, the starting place, the potential for us to have libido, sexual vigour and sexual lessons comes from. Do we get stuck there? No. This is the beauty and the colour and the nuance that we're bringing in right here. We're going to continue with the journey. If we were relying on the fad, say of all the beautiful people that signed up and here live and listening into the future, we're ensuring that we ride the wave of intention, but we're not going to get stuck in the fad of yeah, if you want to have libido, you take dear antler and you take Cordyceps.


Mason: (31:40)

We're going to look at where the colouring in starts coming in, because the colouring in is what's relevant for 20 years from now where this talk right here and the subject of what you... the processes you start and the lifestyle you're cultivating and the awareness of where your libido emerges and then where you start wielding it and what other aspects of life you need to ensure are in place from a theoretical Daoist sense that perhaps I would suggest that you might eventually be able to get a perception of how you put those things in place that over the next few decades of your life, you do have that capacity for libido and sexual vigour to emerge without you having to obsess about it and have to become a Daoist sexual art... like guys semen retaining constantly circulating that energy, constantly into tantric art, overtly sexual in order to try and convince myself that my sexuality will always be present. You're going to start a conversation right now of how to integrate it.


Mason: (32:40)

66 years, years old way not too late. Way not too late. Thank you for bringing it up, because wherever you are, it's such a beautiful time for you to start connecting with it. You know why? Because there's no external expectations for what you create. There is no club of, if you can get to this point of feeling the libido that I feel, then you're included and you're good. There is starting to feel and therefore manage in a very business-y sense of where I'm like... an aspect of what I'm feeling right now, what you measure you can grow. So if you start measuring it, but then better, let's take it into a more Daoist sense, and this is how I actually bring it into my business is what you perceive, you can cultivate.


Mason: (33:35)

I love it, Margaret. And I love it. I really love it because look, just because I'm talking about it now, like I'm going to have to see... I'm going to be having a conversation... we're going to have to consistently be having this conversation. For me, I'm ready to have that conversation at 60 and 70, and I'm not taking for granted. I don't know what's going to happen in my life. I'm laying some really good foundations, but right now having these conversations you're going to lay some really good foundations for the next five years of your life and how you relate to that. The beautiful thing is libido, as I said, tied in with Jing, tied in with longevity. That's tied in with bone marrow health. That's tied in with bone health. That ties in for your capacity to cultivate Jing, which means we're going in a direction of ensuring that we are ageing with grace rather than ageing prematurely and deteriorating, and there's no black and white. It's just a path that we take.


Mason: (34:28)

So the path we are going to take now is we're going to look at kidneys and what libido is in relation to Jing and how it emerges, especially from a yin Jing and yang Jing. Then we're going to be looking at what happens when we have that potential, because that's what Jing is, it's potential. So we've got potential for sexual vigour and libido for sexual hunger and potentially creativity around that sexuality. But then we can't stop there because then it gets boring. It gets boring if you just focus on that. Then we start wielding it and bringing some, bringing some colour and bringing some emotion and bringing an emotive nature to it and bringing the capacity for us to integrate wisdom and learning and evolution to what sexuality is for us, and that's when the heart fire organ system in relation to the kidneys starts coming into play.


Mason: (35:25)

Now, of course there's many other factors and maybe some people are here in a Chinese medicine background and they'll be like clinically that's not the way we do it. Clinically we go this organ to that organ to that organ. I'm talking about Daoist herbalism and the approach for 10 years of talking about this. This is the path that it takes and these are the organs that we place momentary focus upon in order to cultivate our own perception, not theoretical, read it in a book, I'm going to follow this ticked off checklist in order to make sure I have good sexual hunger when I'm 60. No. Direct perception, direct sovereignty so that you can create a lifestyle that [inaudible 00:36:11] it and expresses it.


Mason: (36:13)

Would love to see the chat from everybody. Share your comments. Yeah, that's a good point. Feel free everybody. I think every... mostly I believe everybody's happy for you to address everyone in the comments and yeah, you can comment to everyone and that way we can see the entirety of it. Beautiful. Thanks Rachel. That's a really good point.


Mason: (36:40)

Jing energy. I'm not going to cover off most of the lifestyle basics, but in order to have strong libido, we need strong Jing in order to have strong Jing and kidney essence, we look at lifestyle basics and a lot of people get stuck obsessing about this, that's because we have a Western culture that is the antithesis of having a smart, foundational lifestyle and flow that cultivates Jing doesn't leak. And these are the basic elements. If you are ensuring that you are somewhat in flow with the sun going up and the sun going down. So that's in flow with nature. For men, we're on a much more daily rhythm because we're governed by chi. So it's way more important for men to be like up early sweating in that yang energy and then making sure that we're descending appropriately at that time, depending on the time of year with the sun as it starts to come down. That's the first thing. For women, the same absolutely applies. It's just maybe to a lesser extent and more being tuned in with that rhythm of the moon and having greater awareness of that, which leads to a greater foundational capacity to be in rhythm with yourself and in rhythm with nature. So that's one.


Mason: (37:56)

Having a cultivation of a sleep practise. It's like we... you can be taking a lot of things to give you libido, but it's one of those things where if sleep... Jay, I think you brought up sleep early, sleep quality. Yeah. How to cultivate good sleep practises, which isn't something we're going to be necessarily focusing on here right now, but a great thing to just have tucked away in your awareness and putting up on the priority list is everyone always tells in order to ensure that libido is rocking at 60 and 70, just start creating a little bit of awareness in yourself, how to put the boundaries up around that sleep practise. And perhaps a little bit more importance, maybe right now there's lots of things happening at 7:00 at night, 8:00 at night in your life that means you can't possibly be descending at that point, but perhaps just putting a stake in the ground and putting that intention out there that I'm really going to be focusing on that. And it's maybe something that'll happen in the next couple of months. Maybe it's something that happens in the next 10 years, if you're a little bit younger, but be aware that that's coming. That's super important if you want to ensure that you are guarding the kidney so that libido can emerge from them. Ad then we're looking at other foundational essence. The thing like ensuring that we are getting that beautiful exposure to the sun. Ensuring that body is getting that appropriate level of hydration and that we're eating appropriate to our body and appropriate to the seasons. I feel like I have talked a lot about Jing in the past, so I'm going to leave it there, but it is the starting point. And when we are starting out with the cultivation of our libido and sexual vigour, when you have that intention and even if for a minute if you can connect as far as is relevant to you in the future, six months, 10 years, 50 years, whatever's fun for you right now, connect to cultivating that Jing and feeling that it resonates out and is relevant to you in that future point, then it's really effective to start bringing in the herbs.


Mason: (39:52)

You can see the different. All right, just tell me the bloody herbs mate, to give me Jing right now. Need the Jing right now. Cool. If you're there, that's where you're going to go. But the next level of it is, as I just said, that intention setting so that then the herbs come in, it's not what they do. They don't come in and give you libido. It's a fallacy. Some people associate them with that way. I'm stressed out and I chronically can't stop thinking and I'm anxious, so I'm just going to take Reishi mushroom, get in there. Oh my gosh, I feel kind of good. And so Reishi gave that to me. Beautiful place to start. I'm talking about taking it to the next level. Oh my God, I've got no libido. My God, I took dear antler, as I do to my friends. I give my all my dear antler. I'm going to give my friends, especially if they tell me they have low lust for life, which is sexual vigour. They're not getting turned on by life. Oh, I'm not getting turned on by life.


Mason: (40:55)

I'm going to leave that there for you. That can bring up a lot of taboos for people, but that is something that is necessary, for sexuality to be taken out of something that's taboo and needs to be directed to acts of sexuality and be felt as something beautiful and pure that is relevant in many, and all situations of life. Right? Getting turned on by life. That is perhaps a way that maybe you need to be relating to libido right now. So I give all my friends, especially if they're low on lustre and sexual vigour, or even it's just their birthdays, I just I'll give then a little jar of dear antler velvet. It's the one when people are tapped out in the markets. I told you about the girlfriends dragging the boyfriends in and I'd be like, just slide them in. Yeah, if you don't have Jing, your libido's going to be low. So your foundation's low. You start getting Jing herbs into yourself and some lifestyle foundations, get back to the point where that's not an issue and you have the potential for libido, then you're going to go forward and then they'd go off.


Mason: (41:49)

And the guys would come back and then like seriously, often they'd either come back with their girlfriends or say it in that moment. But a lot of them would come back afterwards and be like, "Dude, you serious? Because I'm in my mid twenties and I don't have libido. I find it really hard to get hard or it's just not interested." Or they come and then feel flat and they feel nothing afterwards, and that's a cycle. I mean, and it happens both ways. As a man that's something because it's like, oh great, he just got what he wanted. He's happy. And I didn't get what I wanted and secretly the guy's like, "oh my God. I didn't just get what I wanted," and we're going to get there when we start talking about the heart and that aspect of opening up the colour of what libido is. But they would come back and they'd be like, "I don't have libido, man. What should I do?" And I'd be like, cool. Get you on a protocol of herbs, but what's your intention? Boom. Let's go from there.


Mason: (42:54)

So Jing, yin Jing. The waters of life. When we start getting into herbalism now, the starting point is... perhaps you need to go into clinical diagnosis around yin deficiencies and yang deficiencies. We're trying to stay out of clinic right now. We're trying to stay in generalities and tonic herbal talk so that we can engage with this ourselves. So the general starting point for most people just to see, have you got the yin Jing which means the yin Jing is the water. So that's the kidney water. Do we actually... start filling in. Do you actually have the water? So imagine trying to run a permaculture garden, the potential for that to work is do you actually have water captured somewhere through the property that you can use to let go and create fertility and create ecosystems and irrigate your environment? Do you have the potential? Yin Jing is that potential cultivating the waters. And so that's often a real beautiful starting place. And so the herbs that we start working with in that in instance are the great yin herbs.


Mason: (44:09)

So before it was banned in Australia, it was [inaudible 00:44:12] primary yin Jing herb to bring those waters back. What happens when we build those waters? Then we have the capacity to build blood. Thankfully we have other beautiful yin Jing herbs like Rehmannia, the kidneys' own food. Just known as an absolute beautiful herb for replenishing that which is most sacred to the body, Jing, potential to have a nice long life and building the blood. Because when we have blood, we have capacity and you're going to see that yin Jing aspect of substance, blood... blood's its own somewhat treasure, I guess you could say, but highly correlated to those yin Jing herbs like He shou wu, like Rehmannia, like Goji berry, like Schizandra berry, like Dendrobium. These yin Jing herbs, all in various capacities, are directly correlated to building that blood, that potential, that essence.


Mason: (45:15)

And then you're going to see later when we connect to the heart, from the kidneys to the heart, you're going to see how the heart, the spirit, the essence of who we are, the personality that brings life, the capacity to learn, bring wisdom, grow, maturate, evolve, become elders, get wisdom, that rides on the blood. So without that essence of yin Jing, we don't have the capacity for all of that internal spirit, that real... I might just be horny and now you bring in the spirit, you bring in my personality, you bring in my desire to grow and evolve and to get richer and deeper and more interesting in colour. Wow. All of a sudden I've got more of a lustre for life and more it's a continuation naturally. I'm not looking for just some... not looking to just come and-


Mason: (46:03)

Continuation. Naturally, I'm not looking to just come and get an outcome. I'm looking for it to go further or not. I want to know how that orgasm that I'm seeking in this instance is connected to 10 years from now. And then maybe it becomes less and less seeking. That's the starting point. The Yin Jing, the waters. So then what do we do with those waters? They can get cold. They can get stagnant. What's the other; if we have Yin, we must have Yang.


Mason: (46:31)

And so the Yang Jing herbs, they're the ones that are often known as the aphrodisiacs, like the Cistanche. The Cistanche in your pants. As some of you maybe know, maybe it's like... Who here has had Cistanche? I wonder if anyone here knows that they've had Cistanche. Is anyone taking the current Jing formula from super feast?


Mason: (46:57)

In which case, Cistanche in your pants, Yang Jing herbs. The other one is Horny Goat Weed, another Yang Jing herb. Another one, Deer Antler seen as an extreme aphrodisiac, it's a Yang Jing herb. But the aphrodisiac term is Western, it's isolated. It doesn't capture the full story. This Cistanche in your pants.


Mason: (47:27)

I'm going to share this right now. Hopefully, you can still see my faces, this is what I'm talking about here with Cistanche in your pants. This is a beautiful desert dwelling herb. This is our Cistanche. This is the current... This week I think, harvest of Cistanche that's going on, the desert flower. This is possibly the most aphrodisiac tonic herb that we have in the Yang Jing Daoist herbal system. But, oh my God, when you find out that actually it's not just in isolation an aphrodisiac, in fact... I'm just going to stop there and we'll send you these pictures guys.


Mason: (48:16)

What we're looking at is that works into that system where we have the potential. I'm going just to reply to many here. It has the potential to take our Yin Jing, our waters that are sitting there and bring some Yang and heat to them. And so as cold, still water cold, cold, cold, cold, too cold, too cold, it stops moving, and the Yang Jing starts bringing some movement to the water. And then that water becomes a little bit more, brings a bit of tensegrity to it. And then that water can then evaporate. This is going to come into further clarification when we talk about the heart better, that Yang Jing can bring that evaporation. Then that potential that's sitting there dormant as the Yin Jing, all of a sudden that goes out and gets very active and that active potential starts creating conditions for fertility.


Mason: (49:15)

So then that's when we have the potential for that sprout of potential libido and sexual vigour that starts going out there. If you do get sucked into I'm always just going to start taking Cistanche in your pants because it's a hectic aphrodisiac, and "Oh my God, I took Deer Antler!"


Mason: (49:33)

Oh, I didn't tell you my friend's wives, they call me and they're like, "What did you give him? He is on mate. It's the best."


Mason: (49:41)

And then a week later they're like, "Get him to stop. It's too much. He's always quiet."


Mason: (49:47)

It only happens a couple of times, it only happens every now and then, and then I invite them to come and have a conversation about how to get that a little bit further integrated. But that's the dynamic dance. And if you're bringing Yang, Yang, Yang, then all of a sudden, maybe we evaporate, evaporate, evaporate, evaporate.


Mason: (50:11)

And this is again, this is exacerbated by the heart. When we get into it, then we can become tapped out. So if we are just looking at those more Yang expressions, if we're just coming all the time, if we're just looking for that peak experience all the time... If you start actually getting into a place of feeling, where's my water storage at? Maybe it helps you to actually feel, I can imagine actual water in there. Maybe for you you're undergoing your own unique, direct perception of what that water means, what that capacity means.


Mason: (50:50)

And maybe some of you are really Western oriented and you want to go... Maybe that means, this with this hormone, and that's fun as well as long as you're getting into direct perception. That is actually, there are these warning signs, like if you are heavily not satiated after sex. If guys, if you're coming and then the next day you're absolutely tapped out, you feel you're moody. Perhaps that Yin Jing, Yang Jing aspect is out of balance.


Mason: (51:21)

We're not trying to go and figure that out and analyse that to a particular extent. We're just trying to take that first bite-sized bite to you getting into direct perception and control and understanding. Planting that seed so in 10 years time, you are right on top of this and you're not just left there a victim of circumstance because you don't understand what's going on in your own body. That is the Yin Jing and Yang Jing dynamic. And you can see why I personally get very excited talking about this because it brings sovereignty. It just takes Viagra and that shit out of the equation and all the other equivalence, the need to drug yourself in order to feel something and feel libido. When we bring the heart into it brings in that wielding and that mastery of what that sexuality is without it needing to be excessively linked.


Mason: (52:29)

I'm going to start doing sexy dances. Not that this is a bad thing, no judgement . No, you don't have to go and tell the world that you're sexually activated now. It might be a part of your process if you're needing to go and do that in order to really feel your sexuality and then know that that part of that identification will probably come to a close and then it will become more up close and personal for you in terms of your relationship with your sexuality.


Mason: (52:58)

The Yin before Yang herbs, or could you do both simultaneously? Generally, simultaneously is a nice way to edge into it and go into it. So the Jing formula is why we'd start everyone on Jing. It's a good place to get into it and get that perception and that feeling. Then, there are more Yang herbs, and more Yin herbs that you can have on the periphery and start seeing how they interact with one another, as well as more Yin approaches to sexuality and more Yang approaches to sexuality.


Mason: (53:29)

And I think for each of you, you can go on and explore what would that be for yourself. Perhaps you are needing to ask for a varying approach. Yin is very cultivating, and you're cultivating potential. For women, it's the exact same, but I'm just going to quickly use the example for men. It's often men don't have a cultivation of their sexual perception. So it's like going for 20 minutes, going and being intimate with yourself without a focus on an endpoint and just directly feeling and perceiving that experience. That's cultivating, that's bringing water and storage in and then going out and having a big burst of expression. Or maybe that's coming to ejaculation, or maybe it's using that energy and going and using it for creative endeavours. That's the dynamic there.


Mason: (54:31)

But going in for a Jing formula is a nice, easy approach to start there. And then you can bring in say a Schisandra Berry or the beauty blend to just go, what does it feel like when I cultivate more of that Yin. Beauty blend is a really great one for doing that. And for the Yang, even though Deer Antler is actually a Yin and Yang herb, it's more Yang, right? It's actually a blood herb and a Chi herb and a Shen herb. So it's not just a make you horny herb. It's a powerful one. If you don't have the container to capture that sexuality, you're going to feel it very quickly. And that's why it's an on / off kind of thing, the Deer Antler. But that's a little bit more Yang.


Mason: (55:15)

You'll feel a Yang in there. Cordyceps is another really good one that you can bring in there to experience that Yang. Perhaps Eucommia bark is the other one that you've got in there that. I'm just going to share my screen here. Where are we? Right. That's the Cordyceps there, that's the Schisandra Berry. Beauty, what an incredible herb. Oh, what a herb to cultivate that Yin. So juicy. And then the Deer Antler [inaudible 00:55:49]. For those of you concerned about Deer Antler we'll send out videos of me at the Deer Antler farm explaining the process and especially the deer that we work in, that you can see, they aren't killed. It's a harvest of the Antler every year. And then the Eucommia bark, that is off the rubber tree, a very erect tree. It's the primary Yang Jing herb of tonic herbalism, which is saying something.


Mason: (56:22)

Okay, have a little Jing powder Margaret. Amazing. Keep on taking that Jing. Do you guys see as well? I hope everyone's feeling this. A part of the responsibility of offering the Daoist tonic herbs is then offering general practises and intentions that come around that may support that purpose coming to light. The intention, the health outcome that you've got for maybe coming to Jing and supporting that and bringing it forward, because sometimes perhaps there's too much going on in your life, environmentally, lifestyle wise, for Jing herbs alone to drag it forward. That's why herbs work in a consortium of physical practise, physical cultivation, Chi Gong, sun exposure, hydration, so on and so forth.


Mason: (57:15)

Buying super feast in Europe, tricky, we do send from Australia. Erica, you can get in touch with us on Instagram. You can get in touch with the Australian business and we can talk about what it's like getting into your country. And if it's not right, we can maybe see if there's a brand that we can recommend for you there.


Mason: (57:36)

So that's the potential. Now you can see how a lot of people become obsessed with just cultivating potential and then they don't do anything with that potential. A lot of people get caught in identifying with the fact that, "Oh, great, I have libido now, and that makes me special, and I'm going to create a brand around it and I'm going to get all Instagramy about it. And I'm going to fall into the ideology of Daosit sexual practises and tantra or busting sexual libidos of the West."


Mason: (58:05)

Stopping there in that ideology and dogma is a phase that happens. And maybe some of you don't experience it, but be aware that for a lot of you, it happens heaps for people, especially young people. They get lost in that world because they're feeling so much and they're like, "Oh my God, this is it!"


Mason: (58:22)

That over identification and making of importance of that, which they're perceiving, which can just be so amazing and fabulous. That's a Jing killer. Does it leak Jing ideology? Sometimes, but it more puts this crusty container around the Jing so that we can't use that potential to go and create beautiful things in our lives and in our body. So just watch out for ideology and dogma for that. That's why we like staying interesting and continuing to grow and evolve and integrate many aspects of ourselves while trying to ideally relinquish majority of our ideologies so we can use them, but they can't use us.


Mason: (59:07)

Directly connecting the heart and the kidneys is many channels, many dancing interacting energies. We're purposely not going to go in and start describing the names of all those channels, because we want to make this something that you are perceiving at night when you're sitting there thinking and perceiving night after night, when you're cooking dinner. We want to make it something directly relatable rather than just putting all these Daoist terms on what the channel is that connects these things. But you know that's somewhere you can definitely go, and there's lots of books that we will offer you so you can go and search for this.


Mason: (59:56)

What I'll do now is I'm going to leave questions for you guys as we haven't got too long, and then we'll have a good amount of time to go in and dig into them directly connecting the kidneys and the heart. Many interaction channels and especially around sexuality and bringing that sexual potential to life and bringing colour and evolution and a perpetual motion to it, that comes from this interaction and this relationship to the extent where the heart is considered sometimes and talked about being the upper kidney.


Mason: (01:00:29)

So the heart being the fire and the kidneys being the water, you can see that dynamic dance between bringing heat to the water and bringing some cooling to the fire, how pivotal it is for life. It also shows you that we're talking about harmony here, not just a simple stagnant strategy. And so this is a dynamic dance. So around the heart emerges... You know, if the kidney is emerging, our Jing foundation potential from the heart is emerging. Our Shen. So that's the mind and the quality of our capacity for our mind to rest, think, express our personality. Our Shen can also be seen as that part of us which is infinite, connected to that capacity to have infinite love. When the Shen is really expressed and in harmony, we have a natural propensity or capacity for the cultivation of...


Mason: (01:01:21)

I'm not going to say all these things now and you're like, "I don't feel infinite love all the time. I don't have this infinite gratitude. I'm not feeling always forgiving." Believe me, I'm not, you should see the day I had at work. But you have the potential to take all of the experiences of life and allow them to be lathered in the bum of your Shen and your heart. And have the perfect conditions of warmth and cool coming from that dynamic dance of sexual capacity and libido coming from the kidneys merging with that infinite love. That personality that emerges from your heart, and seeing some wonderful collaborations and expressions that takes away from being something stagnant and goes into balance, to something that now you have perception of a dynamic within you that is constantly tended to. And if you can put up the foundations within your life. So we're going to go next, especially with [inaudible 01:02:23].


Mason: (01:02:23)

If you can understand what is necessary for you to have the foundations within your kidneys, and then understand the nature of how important it is for your heart fire to be nourished and that Chi to be flowing, and the Yin Yang to be flowing, and see they directly impact and dance with one another. And then from there, you can go, wow, there it is. I don't need to go more, more, more. With patience and with time I'm going to cultivate more colour and awareness and relationship with my sexuality, how that relates to love. And you are going to feel more and more colour. That's when you see these 80 year olds that they're just rad. They don't have to prove anything to anyone. You just see them. You're like, all right, you get it, you get it. You're rad. You are an amazing person.


Mason: (01:03:06)

You're just like, you have so much swagger. You're funny. You're not trying to prove anything to anyone. That dynamic between heart and kidneys and libido is often the place where this starts. It's why I wanted to do this webinar. It's such an important starting place and it's such an important, beautiful intention that can be bastardised and has been for so many. "You're wrong for wanting to engage with your sexuality."


Mason: (01:03:35)

Sexuality on its own in isolation might easily get corrupted, but what happens when you have 20, 30 years of that interacting with the heart fire, we get something really special. There's so much I can say to that, but this is where on your journey, perhaps you might see the starting point talking about the kidneys. You might be like, that's me. I'm going to be taking that Jing blend and I'm going to be really working on my sleep. And that's where I'm at. And maybe some of you might be with a low Jing constitution and that's where you're at, and that might need to be a focus for you regularly.


Mason: (01:04:14)

I'm going to really cultivate sleep. I'm going to make sure I'm getting that movement. I'm going to make sure I'm flowing with the energy of the day. If you're a woman, flowing with that vibe of the moon or your own cycle. From realising that in your cycle of various seasons it's appropriate for me to flow through them. We will share with you a link to, I believe it's on IGTV on Instagram video. Perhaps we can download it and embed it as well for those of you that are on Instagram. If you want to look at what I mean by writing those seasons of your cycle and your natural rhythm with the moon. So maybe you're at that place, and Jing herbs, I'm going to be taking the Jing and I'm going to get that [Romania 01:05:01] and get that Cistanche and cultivate that potential.


Mason: (01:05:04)

And then you might get to a point where you feel great. The potential is there, and I feel like I've got my natural rhythms in place, and now I want to bring a lot of colour to that sexual lessons and that sexual vigour. And that's often the Shen. So in between Jing and Shen is of course, the Chi treasure. And Chi can always be there supporting this process. And that's just ensuring that you've got a good breath going on, you've got good diet going on, and you can always be taking Chi herbs and Chi blend in the background. We're not going to focus on it too much, but if anyone was wondering where that happens, Chi is the bridge between earth and heaven. And that's kidneys and heart, right?


Mason: (01:05:50)

So then we go, now I've got that potential. Now I'm really ready to do some wielding and getting some mastery around that. And then when you go into your Shen, this is again a long term personal practise. And Shen goes into where we are mentally. The emergence of the quality of our thoughts, how much we have a propensity to move towards greater gratitude, to greater love, to greater acceptance, to greater infinite love for all.


Mason: (01:06:24)

Which, believe me... I know right now, I'm aware that there's many people who isolate this practise and try and live purely that way, by having relationship with the groundedness of Jing. That will bring the tension, which you want, and the volatility to you grounding in that Shen, and learning what it is for you to [ongoingly 01:06:52] bring that emotional stability and bring that love and bring that gratitude and acceptance, and that peace to your sexual exploration.


Mason: (01:07:03)

Again, it can maybe sound a little bit lofty. I hope it's landing for you guys. That is when those Shen cultivating practises... And perhaps for some of you you've cultivated a lot of that sexual vigour, and that's when we can bring some Shen herbs in. Shen Blend Reishi mushroom. [Abesia 01:07:27] Flower. My God, the Asparagus Root. These Shen herbs. This is where the Daoists go. They don't do it to have sexual potency. They do it to have this propensity to move towards acceptance and gratitude and love.


Mason: (01:07:42)

And you can see where ideology comes in, right? I'm going to follow that guru and just follow the instruction. Love, love, and love, and love, love. No. Your own gritty exploration for what the hell love and gratitude means for you. You don't have the potential and the power and the stamina to undergo that journey for life. The power... I mean, to remain in a relationship and meet those tensions and those challenges and learn how you respond, learn that way that responds where your Shen and your personality leaves and the way that it can come in.


Mason: (01:08:21)

And it's decades and decades and decades and decades. This is what the whole point of where tonic herbalism leads. This is where Daoism leads, to ensuring that we're not so much of an arsehole when we're older. But we're also uniquely ourselves, and that there's a unique expression of love. You know, Amy, whoa, what a unique expression of gratitude coming from Amy and Beck, you know? And Emma and Erica; and Hannah and James. Like whoa, these are people that are really interesting to talk to at a party when they're 70 years old, they're not just spouting something anyone can read in a book about what love and gratitude is. That's what libido is. That's where it goes. That's what it's tied into. And that's the key.


Mason: (01:09:03)

That's where it goes. That's what it's tied into. And that's the connection between the kidneys and between the heart. And I was aware of this, knowing that we've got such a focus on the Jing herbs for a reason, because we have a culture that drains Jing. That's why I put so much focus on eucommia bark. And that's why Jing blend is a huge product for us and Jing herbs or a huge attraction for people, progressing into that Shen blend and bringing in a little bit of that essence of Shen looking at the Polygala, the will builder that's in that Shen blend, it's got that progressive intention, the blends have that progression and that journey in the Super Feast range, going from Jing, bring some chi in, feel it, feel the electricity and the vitality come that gives you the animation and capacity to go on and undergo this journey.


Mason: (01:09:55)

Then you bring the Shen in, perhaps in correlation with your meditative practise, your walks on the beach, just your contemplations about how you reacted to specific situations, you need your sexual essence and your potential to react, and you need your Shen in order to ground that make sense of it grounded. So on and so forth. That polygala in there directly creates that bridge between the kidneys and the heart and that's why I put it in there, the will strengthen the will builder, that's that polygala there and multiple blends at once is [inaudible 01:10:29]. No, it's just about right now, I'm bringing some real specific, weaving in of intentions of a particular path and journey that you can take with the blends. But no, you best to start something like Jing for moving into chi and Shen I'd say so just to be like, "how am I relating to this Jing"?


Mason: (01:10:46)

Is this bringing life to me? Or is it just kind of nice? And if Jing's just, oh, it's just kind of nice. Maybe you've done that cultivation. You've got your foundations in place. Then see what happens. Get some Chi, some chi is going to help you animate that Jing. And then Shen, then make sure you get real. Make sure you got to get, make sure you get rid for your life to transform when you do that, I'm just going to quickly finish on the final organ system, which I'm not going to bring in because it's such a shame if you build all this awareness of what it takes for you to naturally have your Jing present, and then you maintain that connection and that journey around your Shen to be expressed, and you watch, you're making sure that you, it's not too fiery there. You've got enough Jing, water to go in and cool the fire. And you've got enough passion and capacity to, this is the yin fire cruise, be serene, chill out, man. You've got enough that with that fiery expression to go up and bring heat to the kidney water, that's that dynamic relationship. You set that up and you're like, "Wow, I'm flowing. Do I stop now"? No, this is where you put in the real hard yards. And you start going and putting in some stable presences and boundaries in your life to ensure that you have got protection to that relationship in that dynamic, that ensures you are not leaking your Jing and that you've got space to go in and have that contemplative practise that allows your Shen to really take advantage of that power and potential that it comes off the back of that keeping energy.


Mason: (01:12:33)

So you can just become a legend, so you become more of yourself, more interesting an absolute legend, full of love and gratitude, but be aware it's, I think you all know it's a gritty path. It doesn't just become flowers and butterflies straight away, but it's like the real gritty work that leads you to be in an absolute legend and not an asshole at 80 years old, that just projects all your shit on everyone. That's when awareness of what's at the centre of all the organs and the elements, that's the spleen soil, the earth. So the earth, you just imagine this, the earth and your spleen sits at the centre. That's where your capacity to have bonds, to bond with people and have boundaries emerges from a nice, healthy spleen digestion, right? Metabolic fire. That's your digestive system. Now, when you're in your twenties, maybe you don't have to worry about it as much.


Mason: (01:13:34)

When you get to thirties, you want to be starting to moving heavy amounts of soil in your life and in your body. And putting that soil boundary all around that, which you know, is a necessity for you to protect your Jing, that which you need in order to know that you are getting the basics of your health, puts some boundaries that includes creating boundaries around what's a habitual pattern. So put in place something that's going to ensure that you are taking your herbs regularly, put your boundaries in place to ensure that you have enough time to cultivate your own essence and have enough time to really go into that loving place where you know you have the space to take all those experiences that your potential and your sexual essence and libido has given you. And you have enough time to sit with it within your heart and let it sink in and make, gain wisdom.


Mason: (01:14:35)

Imagine what happens if you do that for 40 years, that's what you need to do. If you want that libido at 50 and 60 and 70 and 80. You need those boundaries. And if you have those boundaries being present, then you have the capacity to have strong bonds, bonds and boundaries come from the spleen. And thus ends the exploration of the journey. And that is a template that you can take and make your own and chew on. You don't have to use the Daoist terminology, but it is something for you to perceive. I ideally use my energy. I love bringing a lot of energy to these talks to get you excited about this, go and have a little, write down your key insights.


Mason: (01:15:24)

A lot of the key insights, write them down. Some things will pop out and you'll be able to go and read them a couple of days later, maybe a couple of years later and get those, "Ah, that's right. There's that seed, that seed I planted all those years ago. There it is. Yeah. I get that. I get that now". Because it's not all going to make sense now. So to be patient with yourself, but thus entail, what a beautiful story that you have the capacity to take and get in direct perception of, the dynamic of your water, the yin, storage of water, bringing the yang and the movement and the heating and ah, that water evaporates up and brings fertility to all of that. All those parts of my body, all of a sudden I'm getting turned on by life and then that connection, the heart coming into it. And then that bringing the colour, utilising that sexual potential, that stamina, that vigour and putting colour into life. And then that just funnels into your sexual experiences, your relationship to sexuality, yourself.


Mason: (01:16:20)

It just gives you more and more potential and role for it. It puts perpetual motion to it and then going "My God", every couple of years, I forget about all this. And then I jump back onto it and I cultivate my Jing again. And then I meditate again. I have my personal practise and then I have to go and do it, oh, that's right. I need to put up the soil, put the soil in and around. Remember, you can move the soil around, but that means there's boundaries in your life. That there's just like things that I know that I need, that I'm going to do in order for me to engage with life and the people around me and have bonds with people around me, including myself perpetually for the longest time possible. I'm going to start answering some questions now, and this can bring up a lot.


Mason: (01:17:06)

These are big conversations. I'm going to just have a little quick look at these questions now. And we've got a little bit of time. Paris. Thank you. And thank you, Paris. "Usually I feel despair when I think about this, but today I feel so joyful that I'm working on this at the ripe young age... Yeah. And, I've got a lot from it". Thank you. And what an incredible outcome. I mean, a lot of people don't see this about Super Feast. This is why we vehemently guard this pure intention at this centre of what's becoming a pretty decent business. And a lot of people would say, it's unnecessary for us to go to this extent, a lot of the time, but is for me, is important for me to sleep at night. And because that, I think it's really important, like feeling that despair when we talk about these kinds of things.


Mason: (01:18:03)

No wonder, because we talk about them in isolation, the Western world takes a scalpel to a conversation around love, mindfulness, tries to study mindfulness, purely, which is a great initiative, but on its own void of anything else in a tradition, even in an Eastern tradition that was excessively obsessed with mindfulness on its own. And didn't integrate with all the other areas. That's why Daoist isn't a good launching point, nothing to be subscribed to, but what an amazing outcome to know that normally there's despair, but then there's, oh, but there's something different now, that's because we are talking about restoring a capacity for harmony. And every one of you has the capacity to perceive yourself and your capacity to restore harmony and then be in direct control of that harmonisation, then direct control of putting up that spleen boundary and that soil there, not blocking everyone out the soil can just be there to just soften the blow of people, trying to request your time and take you over here.


Mason: (01:19:10)

Oh no, that's me in control and in direct perception. And I'm going to honour that. And I'm going to experiment for two years. I'm going to go too much of a boundary for two years, and then I'm going to go, "I'm bored of that now, and I'm going to lower it too much". And then I'm going to find my sweet spot and it's going to consistently change. And we get subconsciously anxious and into despair, I think when we think there's one stagnant answer, and this is the only way for me to explore, there not being one stagnant answer. From someone who wishes to pursue Daoist herbalism as a future career path, amazing. Where you recommend studying, building qualifications, access to resources. Daoist herbalism as a career path in itself is interesting. It's an entry, that studying Daoist herbalism as an initiation for really getting in touch. And then you'll integrate using that.


Mason: (01:20:06)

Maybe it goes into other areas. Maybe you later down the track, you get in touch with me and how I started Super Feast. And you want to start offering the herbs. If you want to see like a career tonic herbalist in the act, there's someone who created a company like mine. There's like Ron Teeguarden and his books, "Daoist wisdom", "Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese Tonic Herbs". If you want to see someone that's currently practising clinically from a tonic herbal perspective, Dean Rehmannia Thomas is a guy in Ojai, and he's got an online course around tonic herbalism. We at Super Feast, what we will put in is there's a tonic herbalism 101 course, which is free from Super Feast. Maybe you've done that or not, but that's a really good place to start. And you start diving into that and you start diving into what are these basic entry points of tonic herbalism?


Mason: (01:21:02)

You rip apart Ron Teeguarden's book and Rehmannia has also got a couple tonic herbalism books. And then you start exploring what's the difference between classical Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. So I've explored a little bit of difference between Western isolation mentality and Daoist's mentality, which sees the interaction and interplay of things and talks in a way where we're going to use metaphor and story. So you can feel it and be in direct control. Western isolation will look at that and procure it. Story metaphor bullshit. When you think about it, look at your track record and look at this track record. You are horrible with lifestyle disease in comparison, amazing in managing lifestyle disease. Why? because you get onto it, because you get into perception, "oh, I'm walking on eggshells and I'm exhausted I need to do something about that.


Mason: (01:21:59)

It is going to lead me to excessive states of Jing depletion. Therefore, I'm going to be susceptible to ageing and therefore disease happening". Another way for you to do that is re-listen to the podcast that I've done with Rhonda Chang. And Maddie will put that in the email that goes out. And if you really want to, you can buy her book, "Chinese Medicine Masquerading as Yi", if I ask you why don't you want to study acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, that style of clinical herbalism. And you might go, "Oh, there's something different there in the way that you are talking of about it". Those books will tell you exactly what the difference is. And then you'll realise there's not a hard and fast. You probably know this. There's not a hard and fast career path around being in tonic herbalism, but it leads you to a specialisation that emerges from your own essence.


Mason: (01:22:54)

Thanks, Maddie, thanks for replying there.


Mason: (01:22:57)

Navigating libido life force, navigating grief and heartbreak. Really good question. So grief and heartbreak are often, if not, they're in the realm of the heart. Heartbreak, especially. The grief aspect playing into lung season and what a beautiful opportunity if going into autumn is when we get to grief openly and fully, knowing that there's going to be an end in emergence that comes from that grief process. But heartbreak, the Shen blend a lot of the time, not saying get under the Shen blend, but just so you know, when I developed the Shen blend a huge intention that I poured into that when formulating it was to support those dealing with heartbreak of some sort. And so the focus goes onto the heart and sweetness and starting to get in perception of what brings flow to the heart and that's transformation between the yang Chi fire and the yin Chi fire.


Mason: (01:24:04)

So getting into direct perception of what the yang and the yin of the heart fire really is and how it feels like. So I can say that yang looks like passion and engagement and celebration of life, and that can be felt in various angles, but it needs to be experienced and felt in order to go through that heartbreak process. But then feeling that yin in that yin is that cruise and that serenity and just letting go to life. It really is a cruise control because the chi is up so high in the cavity, there's so much levity there. It's not heavy like down in the kidney. There's so much levity that when you just let go on cruise, everything just flows. But in order to restore the heal from heartbreak, there needs to be a restoration of the heart, heart fire, chi flow.


Mason: (01:24:58)

And that means transforming between the yang and the yin. So feeling those and just being aware of that, that's huge. Shen obviously helps. And then being aware that in order to bring some robustness and power and stamina, which you definitely need stamina to that process, you're going to need Jing to undergo that process. A little bit of lofty, it might have felt like a little bit of an airy response, but in light of what we're talking about, that's how it correlates.


Mason: (01:25:27)

Hannah asked a great question earlier. How do you connect with your different organs that struggle with this? Do you have any advice? Yeah, we haven't got much time, but remember you're not actually connecting to a physical organ and it's quite a fallacy. This is why I do recommend you listen to the Rhonda Chang podcast, I think it's called, it'll be in the email, "Why Chinese medicine is failing us".


Mason: (01:25:52)

That's why you need to say heart fire, because if you say heart, you're going to go in straight into your programming around going, "I need to feel my actual heart". Now we might massage that area and know that we are massaging the area of the physical heart, but know that you are bringing flow to heart fire because trying to just perceive the physical organ is a fallacy, perceiving the heart fire, which ultimately does involve not just the physical organ, but its functions. And as soon as you bring in the word function, that's when it kind of goes out of that isolated area and you start feeling more of its dynamic and it can be a real hurdle. So if you start referring to it, when you are going through that process of referring to heart fire, and then seeing what that story of fire, how that enables you to connect with and feel what that organ system really is.


Mason: (01:26:42)

And you can even get the word organ out of there, because again, it might trick you into thinking and trying to feel a physical organ. Again, not taking away from physically massaging under here to what we know is the liver, but talk about liver wood. Don't think about it in, and don't think about that organ as being the liver, think about liver wood and what it represents in your body. And maybe that's really going to be like the moment that you go, "Ah, yeah". That's it, this is a different language". I'm trying to understand Daoism speak in the Western isolation, thinking about organs language that it's loosely talking about organ systems. [inaudible 01:27:23] liver wood, heart fire. So I think we are going to run out of time. I think send a message to Emma. When you're in the middle of a health crisis, what's the best blend to continue with? In the middle of a health crisis, get your practitioner, get your help and get your practitioner, generally though, something really gentle, like the mushrooms, just the mushrooms, just get on mushrooms.


Mason: (01:27:48)

Like Mason's Mushrooms a little bit is so overall nourishing. I think that's the way to go. And then you can contact us. We're not going to tell you how to treat anything, but we will be with you on how tonic herbs are going to help you there. And then perhaps give some distinctions about how we know how to interact with practitioners and good questions, and then knowing what your plan is and how to support your healing journey with tonic herbs, just in bolstering up your foundations, as you go along, make sure there aren't any direct contraindication to medications and treatments that you're on with the tonic herbs. It doesn't really often happen, but it needs to be a consideration. And then knowing when you're looking and you know, you're going to go into that healing convalescent stage, where you're rebuilding, that's [inaudible 01:28:36] bang, you're going to be on the Jing. You're going to be on the chi. You're going to be on the mushrooms.


Mason: (01:28:41)

Thank you so much, everybody. I had a blast talking to you. I'm so glad. I'm so glad we did this. I've never done this talk before. I haven't done a talk solely on libido. I've been bursting out of my skin to get this out of my head and kidneys and heart fire and spleen earth. And your questions were so good. Not the bad questions, but there were really intentional quality questions. And I really appreciate that. And I love you all. There is for those of you that want to go out and get 10% off a bunch of herbs right now, you can use the code, STAYSEXY10. So that's the STAYSEXY10 is there, which you can go and use if there's any herbs you want to get. Maddie, who's been supporting me here today. She runs our Instagram. If you want to ask any clarifying questions about herbs, that might be right for you, hit her up as well as sending an email to Super Feast, if you like as well, where we'll support you in any which way, and I can't wait to see you next time.

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