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Unlock The Secret To Glowing Skin With Tremella Mushroom

Used by Chinese royalty and spiritual seekers, Tremella mushroom has been revered for centuries for its longevity and youth preserving properties. A beauty to behold in its own right, this tonic herb provides deep moisture to the body and its organ systems. Let's explore how Tremella is the secret to plump, glowing skin.

Yang Guifei, named one of the four most beautiful women in China's history, lived during the Tang dynasty times. A daily dose of tremella mushroom was thought to be the secret behind her beauty and ageless complexion. This hydrating, beautifying herb is packed full of potent antioxidants that create a radiant complexion and bring lubrication (Yin) to our deepest tissues and vital organs.

So let’s dive into how this potent medicinal mushroom is the best skin care ally you didn’t know you needed.

SuperFeast Tremella

Youth Restoring & Skin Health 

This gelatinous and plump mushroom is able to provide moistness and softness to the skin via the lubrication it brings to the fascia (deep tissue) and connective tissue. Tremella has been shown to basically mimic the effects of hyaluronic acid (HA). HA, often referred to as the 'molecule of youth' is a natural substance that is found in the skin. HA is a gelatinous compound that lubricates the bodily organs (think eyes, joints and skin); and is able to hold almost 1000 times its weight in water. Tremella supports this drawing in and holding effect of moisture in the body and is essential for plump, flexible skin. We also know that HA declines as we age, so tremella really is a beautiful adaptogen to take on your longevity journey. 

Antioxidant Power

Antioxidants neutralise free radicals in the body, working to reverse or prevent oxidative stress and damage in the body. Oxidative stress and free radical damage resulting in inflammation, which when speaking to the concept of beauty can eventually lead to a dysfunction within the skin's natural repair systems, which can eventually lead to cell damage and hyperpigmentation of the skin. 

Through a wider lens, free radicals are associated with conditions such as Alzheimer's, chronic diseases and cardiovascular conditions. Tremella's potent ability to scavenge and neutralise free radicals can ensure you are healthy from the inside out and age more ‘gracefully’. Tremella has also been shown to stimulate the production of superoxide dismutase (SOD). SOD is one of the most powerful antioxidants within the body, known for its restorative action in sun damage, ageing and wrinkling of the skin. 

Lung Health 

Through a Taoist lens, tremella is a wonderful Lung tonic, especially for those with a Lung Yin deficiency which can manifest as an excessive dry cough. Tremella can help to lubricate and soothe the Lungs, providing relief of upper respiratory tract inflammation. Through this lubrication of the Lungs, tremella is also working as an immunoprotective tonic as well. 

Continuing to look through a traditional lens, the Lungs are understood to control the skin. So by nourishing and tonifying the Lungs, the health and radiance of the skin will improve. 

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