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SuperFeast Crew: Our Fave Herbs

We get asked heaps at HQ "...but which herbs do *you* take?" Today the crew share their favourite tonic herbs :)


JING blend all day err’ day.

Total life saver, game changer. I’ll have a heaped teaspoon in hot water before my morning coffee or instead of, then another in the early afternoon. Gives a sense of easy maintained energy through out the day. A ‘JING’ in my step!

Mason’s Mushrooms for everything. Mixed with coffee, in smoothies, baked goods, pasta sauce, soups, sauces, stews, you name it, I add it! Versatile taste. My gut health has never been better :) I rarely get sick which is a plus. I call this my foundational health must-have. Absolute staple.

My fave smoothie boosters: Beauty Blend or Neural Nectar. I find their taste complements fruit really well and I’ll put a teaspoon in for my breakfast smoothie depending on what I’m seeing support with.

Cordy Corn = Cordyceps Popcorn. TRUST ME ON THIS. First introduced to this by the SuperFeast Flavour Babe Charlotte and I’ve never looked back. Simply sprinkle on top of stove cooked popcorn, mix, then munch away for your at home movie night.

Astragalus is a new fave that pleasantly surprised me. I will put a heaped spoon full straight into my mouth. I also love adding it to hot tonics to lend an extra bit of sweetness and creaminess.

Tremella = nuff said.

I Am Gaia has been a wonderful support in my quest for balanced hormones and reproductive health. It has been a focus of mine for some time now and to have a blend that speaks directly to that is huge and has been such a god send. She tastes lovely and feels so feminine and nourishing. Love it in hot tonics, usually for a pre-bed time ritual. It accompanies my candle lit journaling, stretching, meditating bed time practice.

 i am gaia

Finally, the  QI blend is a new friend that I’m in love with. Tastes phenomenal and I’ve been adding it to smoothies and hot tonics. Sweet, slightly tangy. We’re still getting to know each other but so far we are homies. Coming in 2020, stay tuned.


Reishi is my best friend, she was the first SuperFeast herb I ever took and has been my trusted sidekick ever since, I love her in my morning brew and in a cuppa before bed. she holds my hand, gives me cuddles, keeps me warm and light and fuzzy and I love her.



I continue to explore these herbs as I would when meeting possible new friends, getting to know them, working out if we're just a good match or a realllly good match. At the moment, I am having Eucommia Bark once or twice daily - I am working on my bone health and having an overall supported and nourished skeletal system. This herb also doubles as my Jing herb for the day, to help support my endocrine system and energy levels.

Chaga has really taken my fancy in the last few months - I can't intellectually tell you why,  but I know I am really enjoying it's dark, earthy flavour and it feels good for me, when it stops feeling good, I'll give it a rest.

Turkey Tail is most other days, I use it for the epic gut support it provides, I remember reading research on it and was blown away.

Old mate Astrag has been a big player for me for several months, it's a beautiful and gentle way to keep up that surface immunity and it tastes gorgeous. I essentially use it as my sweetener in my hot tonic. My fave way to take my herbs are to have them all together, with a spoonful of cacao, or steeped with roasted dandelion and a dash of nut milk.

I've also had lovely relationships with Mason's Mushrooms blend and Ashwagandha... and I look forward to welcoming them back in when the time is right ;) And always, old faithful, Reishi. Whenever I am feeling a little ungrounded, or sleeping habits have been less than ideal, I will give reishi a good run.




I'm back taking large doses of Mason's Mushrooms. I'd been focused on individual mushrooms for ages, and felt great, but it's been really nice to get big tbsp doses of all the mushies in again and feel how well-rounded my systems feel when I do. The only way I can describe it, is my body is able to integrate way faster when I'm on doses like this, as well as my immune system getting a daily upgrade, which is a nice bonus.



It is so hard to pick a favourite!

  • I Am Gaia has been my main support while working to address a blood and Yang deficiency. I love it blended as a hot tonic with some mct coconut oil when I am reaching for that next coffee I know I don't need.
  • A cold Schizandra / Schisandra tonic at start of day has become a new ritual. I started adding Tremella (thanks for the tip Cye!) and it is sooo delish. Taking Schiz to love up my liver because I can be a wee stress pot at times and may have a penchant for natural wine.
  • Shiitake gets added to nearly every meal I cook at home. I also sprinkle on leftovers when reheating. It is the best broth base and defintiely helps with my digestive issues.



I like moving, I think a lot and am driven by a passionate nature, for me my herbal practice is all about supporting my foundations and daily output so I don’t overcook myself. The philosophy behind these herbs is gently teaching me how to do this and it’s a fun ride and curious ride.

I generally flow with whatever resonates intuitively, for a little while this has been a morning combo of Neural Nectar, QI blend and either Schiz or Cordy, this supports my morning movement practice and gets me in the flow.


Throughout the day I’ll get some mushrooms in, Mason’s and Turkey Tail are my go to, lately I’m feeling some additional Chaga to support my sleep cycle so that’s popping in where it pleases. I’ll either do a simple tea or mix into a hot choco.


Before bed it’s a pungent combo of Ashwag and Reishi to mellow out the nervous system. He Shou Wu has been joining the slumber party to nourish the Yin Jing lately, deepening the flavour load to the old taste buds, woof! It aint for the faint hearted but it does the trick.


I’ll have MSM most days and play with whatever takes my fancy in the tonic bar, sometimes that’ll be JING but QI is definitely my favourite.



QI blend is my BF right now - cannot wait to release this one to the world. If you work too much and think too much (HELLO!), and if you've ever suffered from digestive issues, this blend will be your jam. I take it daily in my tea, sometimes twice a day. Building building building my Qi to support my practice and my life.
I Am Gaia is also on regular rotation as I work to build Blood and to nourish my cycle.
Mason’s Mushrooms is a regular in our house, I take it most days, add it to food, give it to toddler Aiya and Goji dog, eat it off the spoon. It's just a great all-rounder to have on hand.


Chaga is a fave for the depth of flavour it brings to sweets (I've made a lot of chocolate birthday cakes lately!) and for it's nourishing effects.

Schizandra (Schisandra) is a faithful for me, a herb I reach for whenever I need some support for my Liver friend. 


  • Astrag, cordy and breathwork help cured my asthma (which I had since a small child)
  • Reishi and chamomile put me straight into a deep sleep every night. I used to always have problems falling asleep
  • Shiitake is the best vege broth


Anyway, remember this guys: any herb is better than none! And, as you can see, combining your herbs together is great! Very safe, the herbs work synergistically. Read more here.

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