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THREE Gorgeous Meditations For You

What a treat we have for you, our SuperFeast community. Below Tahnee shares three divine guided meditations to nurture and support your Shen and Spirit.

After welcoming our newest blend- (SHEN!) to the SuperFeast apothecary, we knew we had to share some meditations to go with this spirited blend.

We filmed Tahnee in a beautiful beach setting, guiding three meditations as the sun rose over the ocean. Below we have provided these meditations in video format.

We hope you enjoy these as much as we did.  


Meditation 1: The Heart Healing Sound

Time required: as little as 4 minutes


Meditation 2: Blowing On The Embers Of The Heart

Time required: around 8 minutes


Meditation 3 : Between Heaven and Earth

Time required: around 8 minutes

If these meditations have wet your appetite for exploring your own personal practice, we have a great resource for you. Check out The Art of Creating Your Personal Practice here to access the many ways you can create your unique practice.
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