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Awaken Your Spirit With SHEN Blend

Calm the mind, Soften the Heart and awaken your spirit with SuperFeast SHEN blend.

The third Essence of the Three Treasures; Shen, the spirit that animates us. SuperFeast SHEN blend sits snugly alongside our JING and QI blends. 

The Three Treasures are a beautiful Taoist concept, describing the three energies, or Essences, all things have. And here at SuperFeast, Mason has carefully crafted three blends, to help cultivate and nourish each of these energies: JING, QI and SHEN blends. Note- we refer to our blends in capitals, SHEN, as opposed to Shen in lower case, which refers to the Essence, the Third Treasure). For a more in depth understanding of the Three Treasures- this article is a brilliant read. 

An Overview: The Three Treasures

Jing: To assist us with graceful ageing
Think your foundational, deep core energy, you are born with it. The wax of the candle.

Qi: To lighten the body; accumulate flow of Qi

Your animation, the day to day energy that flows throughout our body. The flame of the candle

Shen: Crack the spirit through the body

Your virtue, wisdom and spirit. The glow of the flame of the candle. 

Essentially nourishing our Shen Essence allows us to more easily flow through life; we feel a sense of ease during the day and find it easy to sleep deeply and well at night. Brining a greater sense of  overall harmony and calm.

Herbs for a Happy Spirit

The loose translation of Shen, the Third Treasure, is our higher consciousness. For centuries, the herbs within the Shen blend have been used to develop wisdom, virtue and a closer connection to self. Guess which organ Shen lives in? The Heart! Our Shen needs a safe, comfortable and calm place to live and when this happens, when our Shen is present and developed, you remain steady, with a strength to stay calm with all of life's ups and downs.


SuperFeast Shen Blend


We love SHEN blend for:

  • Calming the mind.
  • Nourishing the Heart.
  • Softening the Heart.
  • Developing wisdom and joy.
  • Supports us in being less reactive.
  • Takes the edge off the monkey mind.
  • Cultivates and Supports a mature mind.
  • Assists in developing a playful, joyful self.

SHEN Loves Meditation

We LOVE pairing our SHEN with meditation, or whatever your unique personal practice is. Try taking before or during your practice and see if you notice anything different. Perhaps expansion? Warmth? A deeper-ness. A sense of ease? 



Meet the SHEN Blend herbs

In a Western sense, Shen herbs can have positive effects on our nervous system, immunity and endocrine systems. Traditionally speaking however, Shen herbs directly nourish our compassion, loving nature, generosity and acceptance. These herbs have been very carefully and lovingly picked to create a well balanced and thoughtful blend:

  • Reishi mushroom
  • Asparagus root
  • Albizzia
  • Spirit poria
  • Pearl
  • Polygala
  • Rehmannia
  • Longan
  • Aged citrus
What a glowing line up of herbs!

Honestly, who doesn't want a more joyful, compassionate spirit? Check out SHEN blend here. And remember, cultivating your Shen is a life-long practice, this does not come quickly. So go gently and slowly, remain curious and see where it all takes you. 

If you want a super deep dive into just how amazing this gorgeous blend is, check out SHEN blend, the amazing benefits, here.

As always, please feel free to reach out to us at with any queries, we love supporting you on your tonic herb journey.
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