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Shen, What Is It?

Today we've got Shen, the magical third Treasure of the Three Taoist Treasures on our mind. Known as Jing, Qi and Shen, these Treasures explain the energies that we are made of. 

We're pretty excited here at SuperFeast, as we very recently released our newest addition to our tonic herbal apothecary - SHEN blend.

Arguably the most important of the three Treasure, Taoists so highly revered their Shen. Known as the bridge to that which is more infinite, that which is above and within- Shen is the wisdom that we work towards.

In this video Mason dives into:

  • How Shen is our consciousness, our soul, our mind, our personality
  • How our monkey-minds can block our true spirit and nature
  • How Shen herbs support your Shen Essence
  • How Shen herbs can help us be less of a jerk ;)
  • Plenty more

What lifestyle practices are you already doing that help cultivate your Shen?

For a recap of the Three Treasures, head over to our article here.

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