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Beauty Blend: It's Amazing Health Benefits

Enlivening the body’s detoxification pathways, organ systems and meridian channels, this stunning blend allows the vitality of the hair, skin, nails and fascia to strengthen and flourish. Bringing brightness to the eyes, vitality to the Blood, replenishing the Yin Jing essence and instilling holistic beauty to the entire being. Read on to learn about SuperFeast Beauty Blend

SuperFeast BEAUTY BLEND is a combination of several of the orients most revered tonic herbs, traditionally used to promote both inner and outer radiance. Enlivening the body’s detoxification pathways, organ systems and meridian channels, this stunning blend allows the vitality of the hair, skin, nails and fascia to strengthen and flourish. Bringing brightness to the eyes, vitality to the Blood, replenishing the Yin Jing Essence and instilling holistic beauty to the entire being, this beautifying formula is a true beauty. 

After all true beauty doesn’t come from makeup, rather it is a portrayal of the internal health of the organs. When ones organs are youthful, clean and buoyant, their external representation will personify this.

What is Beauty Blend?

The SuperFeast Beauty Blend was crafted by founder Mason Taylor, essentially as an act of defiance. An act of defiance against the way beauty is portrayed through many of our contemporary social media platforms. Essentially this beauty formula allows you, the modern human, to inquire and gain your own unique distinction of what ‘beauty’ is and what it truly means to you. Our unique radiance blend is comprised of:

  • Goji berry.
  • Longan berry.
  • Oyster pearl.
  • Schisandra berry.

A Quick Brush Up On Tonic Herbs & Adaptogens

Tonic herbs do not force the body to change, but rather work with it to adapt, allowing a measured, nourishing and normalising effect to unfold within the body and its systems.Traditionally consumed daily to promote longevity and prevent illness, these remedies offer nourishment to the vital organs, strengthen essential functions and improve quality of life, without negative side effects. Tonic herbs are further categorised as Yin, Yang, Qi and Blood tonics.

Many of the tonic herbs also fall into a category of foods called 'adaptogens' as they aid the body to modulate one or many of its functions.

For a herb to be classified as an adaptogen it must embody certain characteristics; Its consumption must not cause harm or place additional stress on the body. It must promote healing within the body via a non-specific action, providing support for all of the body’s vital systems, including the nervous system, endocrine system and immune system. It must be adaptive in nature, assisting the body to overcome any physical, psychological or environmental stressors.

The herbs in the SuperFeast BEAUTY BLEND are classified as tonic and embody the characteristics mentioned above, it's the embodiment of true beauty. 

Get To Know The Herbs In The Beauty Blend

Beauty Blend is certainly a sum of its potent parts. The four ingredients (schisandra, goji, longan and pearl) work synergistically to nourish the Liver, cleanse and build the Blood, replenish Yin Essence and promote deep detoxification.

The high antioxidant content of the herbs in this carefully crafted blend act to preserve the protein structures of the skin (collagen and elastin), supplying the potent mineral and phytonutrient nutrition the body requires to rebuild and preserve itself. 

A wonderful Shen tonic, beauty blend encourages you to feel your beauty rather than just project it superficially. 

Schisandra (wu wei zi)

The ancients believed those who use schisandra consistently, remain youthful, both in appearance and physiology; in fact if taken for 100 days consecutively, Schisandra is believed to purify the Blood, bring sharpness to the mind, optimise memory, rejuvenate and astringe Kidney Essence, encouraging healthy sexual function in both men and women. Working to illuminate inner radiance and allow the glow of beauty to surface via the skin.  

Schisandra translates to "five taste fruit", a name that illustrates the herbs capacity to influence the five Yin organs of the body; the Liver, Lungs, Kidneys, Heart and Spleen. Schisandra carries all five tastes, salty, sweet, sour, bitter and pungent, with each taste corresponding to the Essence of an energetic element within the body;  including Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. This bright red berry is adaptogenic, an immune tonic, antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory and hepatoprotective (4). We adore Schisandra, which is why we stock this baby as a single herb. You can find it here.

 SuperFeast Schisandra

Goji (Lycium chinense)

Goji sure has had its time in the sun as a superfood berry and we love this small but mighty powerhouse as much as the next guy. SuperFeast sources goji Dì Dào (地道) , where goji loves to live, from the Ningxia Zhongning districts of China.

Goji is used throughout Asia as potent longevity herb and Blood tonic, to assist the cultivation of Yin Jing, bring strength and vigour to the legs, bring brightness to the eyes and improve vision. As a sexual tonic for both men and women this berry wonder potentiates the sexual fluids, enhancing fertility. Traditionally used to fortify the entire system, goji is believed to protect against disease and provide the energy needed to overcome obstacles.

Goji is said to promote a cheerful spirit. For centuries, the ancient Taoists have used goji to replenish their 'vital essence'; in fact the berry is honoured by local farmers in a two week festival! A cheerful woman statue symbolises the joyful state that the humble goji may bestow upon you.  

    Longan (Dimocarpus longan)

    The longan berry (you may also be familiar with its other name 'dragon eyes') is a powerful Qi tonic used to tone the Blood, increase physical stamina, nourish the heart, rebuild energy, plus it adds lustre and radiance to the skin - yes please.

    Longan is celebrated as a potent sexual tonic for both men and women. The herb is believed to promote peripheral circulation to the hands and feet and bring a deep sense of calm to the entire body system. Longan helps to potentiate the action of other Blood building herbs, helping to deepen feelings of tranquility when combined with Shen tonics.


    Pearl is considered a powerful Shen tonic, meaning the herb may help relieve uneasiness in the heart and mind. Shen (spirit) tonics (like pearl and schisandra) encourage the body to release stress and tension on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels, relieving the burden on our nervous systems. When Shen is disturbed we may experience disturbed sleep, nervousness, fatigue and disconnection. Consistent use of pearl is said to help one harness and maintain energy and vitality while remaining in a tranquil state.

    We love pearl for its ability to pacify Heat in the Liver, treat facial acne, reduce heat and redness in the face, stiffness in the neck and shoulders, and to brighten the eyes. It really is a perfect addition to the Beauty Blend. Extremely high in minerals like calcium, magnesium and iron, pearl has traditionally (and still today) been used in China to support the health of the musculoskeletal system and improve the health of the bones and teeth. Pearl is a potent herb in its own right (one day, we may bring it in to the SuperFeast apothecary as a standalone herb); adaptogenic, anticonvulsant, hepatoprotective and antioxidant-rich (3).

    SuperFeast Beauty Blend

    SupeFeast Beauty Blend

    SuperFeast Beauty Blend

    The herbs in our Beauty Blend are sourced from various regions (see below) of China as per the Dì Dào (地道) (sourcing from their spiritual homeland). The blend also contains a mix of dual-extraction and water extraction for full-spectrum benefits.

    Schisandra Berry

    Sourced from the Chang Bai Mountain region of China.

    Harvested in the wild soil on the land in which it loves to grow.

    A dual extraction of the herb body (berry) is used.

    Goji Berry

    Sourced from the Ningxia Zhongning districts of China.

    Harvested in the wild soil on the land in which it loves to grow.

    A single water extraction of the herb body (berry) is used

    Longan Berry

    Sourced from the Guangxi, Guangdong and Fujian regions of China.

    Harvested in the wild soil on the land in which it loves to grow.

    A single water extraction of the herb body (fruit) is used.


    Sourced from the Zhejiang region of China.

    Harvested in the freshwater lakes in which it loves to grow.

    A super micro-ground powder of the oyster pearl is used.


    Beauty Blend and the Traditions

    The herbs in the Beauty Blend have been used throughout millennia by some of society's most esteemed individuals, these herbs were reserved for emperors, empresses and concubines, those who had a vested interest in living long, robust and youthful lives.

    Collectively, the ingredients in SuperFeast Beauty Blend assist in the smooth flow of Qi through the Liver and Kidneys, helping to mobilise fluids, build Blood, maintain Essence and clear stagnation. These actions support the Liver’s ability to cleanse the Blood, increasing the body’s capacity to eliminate toxins and cultivate vibrancy and lightness.

    Our Beauty Blend offers deep nourishment to the Yin Jing Essence of the body, supporting the function of the Kidneys, Spleen, Heart and Lungs. This allows the body’s foundational energy stores to accumulate and robust physical health and a glowing appearance to shine through the skin. 

    Beauty comes from within, it is not a hypothetical concept, but an actual manifestation and expression. 

    A Special Note On Methylation

    The body employs a process called methylation to assist with the proper functioning of the various metabolic pathways and enzymatic conversions taking place in our cells and organs at any given moment. Methylation is an essential component in the cultivation of vibrant health (1). Methylation controls many of our vital physiological processes including gene expression, detoxification and neurotransmitter creation; essentially methylation helps the body switch things on and off. An impairment in the body’s ability to methylate efficiently can lead to metabolic disorders, decreased immunity and generally lower levels of health (2).

     We mention all of this, because the herbs in the Beauty Blend encourage the body’s detoxification channels supporting the body in its ability to process and release toxins. These actions support the methylation process and can be attributed to the high antioxidant profiles carried by each of the herbs present in the blend.  For those who are still nerding out with us, for example, goji contains the compound betaine which acts as a primary methyl donor.  As we age our innate ability to methylate declines, increasing the degeneration of our neurological and hepatic capacity, along with our genetic expression and potential. Consuming foods high in betaine and other methyl donors, such as goji, encourages the body’s methylation processes to unfold with fluidity. 


    A Final Note

    SuperFeast Beauty Blend is

    • A longevity tonic.
    • Aids detoxification.
    • Is a potent Liver tonic.
    • Assists hormonal balance.
    • Offers potent antioxidant support.
    • Supports all Three Treasures: Jing, Qi, Shen.
    • Supports the health of the hair, skin, nails and fascia.
    • Nourishes the sexual fluids, encouraging sexual potency in both women and men.


    Use with caution when taking Tacrolimus, blood thinners and using medications in which cytochrome P450 2C9 and cytochrome P450 3A4 enzymes are involved. Spleen deficiency with dampness and loose stools/diarrhea, external excess Heat, internal full Heat; high fever, use with caution in pregnancy.



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