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The Incredible Health Benefits of Tremella Mushroom

According to Swedish botanist Linnaeus of the 18th century- tremella was known as 'Sky Fall ' and was thought to originate from fallen star matter. We can't help but agree; Not only does tremella physically resemble astral matter, but it also tastes absolutely magical.

Hydration + Beauty

This youth-restoring mushroom, not only helps the body to slow down the natural signs of ageing, but also actively works to support the body in its fight against the enemies of youth in our modern lifestyle. 


According to Swedish botanist Linnaeus of the 18th century, tremella was known as “sky fall”... it was thought to originate from fallen star matter - and we can't help but agree. It not only physically resembles astral matter, this stuff tastes absolutely magical. For thousands of years, noble men and women of the Orient used tremella  (Tremella fuciformis) as a youth-preserving tonic, to create a healthy, radiant complexion. We are so grateful that this wonderful beautifying tonic herb has graced us with her presence. She is a joy to look at and a major joy to consume. Read on to learn all about the tremella mushroom.


What is Tremella? 

Tremella is an edible fungus and has several other names like Jelly Mushroom, Silver Ear Mushroom and Snow Fungus. It's the mushroom that really, surprises us all. This very gentle-acting medicinal mushroom has long been considered a beauty superfood. Used for centuries, a species of tremella (aka Yellow Butchers Broom) was used in British folk lore for the treatment of chilblains. Another species (aka Silver Ear) was a favourite during the 16th century as a daily tonic for overall vigour and longevity.

This mushroom is a powerhouse in its own right - it's high in antioxidants and a potent anti-inflammatory. Plus it's a prebiotic, a powerful demulcent (soothes the stomach), modulates the immune system and supports healthy cholesterol profiles. We also love this medicinal mushroom for its ability to be eaten straight off the spoon, simply delicious!

Top 5 Benefits of Tremella

This gorgeous-looking adaptogen has incredible beautifying benefits, but read on to see how beneficial it can be for cardiovascular and gut health too. Read on:


1. Skin / Youth-Restoring + Tremella

We need look no further than the actual fresh tremella and the amazing beautifying skin benefits are no surprise. Tremella for skin is a no-brainer. The gelatinous, plump and soft mushroom can provide moistness and softness to the skin, via the lubrication it brings to the fascia (deep tissue) and connective tissue.


Reshetnikov et al. (2000) showed tremella stimulates vascular endothelial cells, essentially bringing support and nourishment to the outer skin. Reviews of decades of research suggested that tremella has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic effects (3) both of which are critical to beautiful, healthy, glowing skin. Plus tremella's rich phytochemical profile further helps it promote a radiant and youthful complexion.


In fact, tremella basically mimics the effects of hyaluronic acid (HA). HA, often referred to as the 'molecule of youth' is a natural substance which is found in the skin. HA is a gelatinous compound that lubricates the bodily organs (think eyes, joints and skin); tremella supports bringing in and holding moisture in the body and is essential for plump, flexible skin. We also know that HA declines as we age, so tremella really is a beautiful adaptogen to take on your longevity journey. 


2. Antioxidant Powerhouse = Tremella

Tremella contains a powerhouse of antioxidants, the star of all molecules. Antioxidants neutralise free radicals in the body, where free radicals are associated with conditions such as Alzheimer's, unhealthy ageing, chronic diseases and cardiovascular events. The beauty of antioxidants is they come in and basically neutralise free radicals. Tremella's potent ability to scavenge rogue free radicals helps you age more gracefully, have more youthful looking skin and stay healthier, longer. Tremella's impressive phytochemical profile continues to be clinically researched for its beautifying effects. 


The antioxidant news gets even better; Tremella has also been shown to stimulate our bodies master internal antioxidant superoxide dismutase (SOD). SOD is the ultimate free radical scavenger. SOD has known restorative action in sun damage, ageing and wrinkling of the skin (4). So tremella really has wonderful benefits for youthful skin, through its positive antioxidant actions. 


3. Cardiovascular + Tremella

Tremella continues to be considered to be one of the best tonics for prevention of
atherosclerosis and plaque formation in Japanese Kampo medicine through its ability to lower lipids profiles within the body.

A study completed on rats examined the effect tremella would have on blood and liver lipid levels. After four weeks, total serum cholesterol was significantly decreased, as was LDL cholesterol. These promising effects suggest tremella could have powerful effects on lowering cholesterol. 


4. Lungs + Tremella

Tremella is an exquisite herb for the lungs. For those with a lung Yin deficiency, especially excessive dry coughing, tremella can be really useful for lubricating and soothing the lungs. Tremella can help soothe and provide relief of upper respiratory tract inflammation. (We wouldn't really promote its use for a wet cough, try SuperFeast Cordyceps instead). Tremella provides nourishment to the lungs, whilst also being an immunoprotective Lung tonic, by moistening and lubricating.


According to the Chinese wisdom, the lungs actually control the skin so by balancing and improving the function of the lungs, any skin issues will be greatly benefitted (connecting the dots here folks, tremella is a beautiful Skin and Lung tonifier).


5. Neuroprotective + Tremella

While we bang on about how beautifying tremella is, it's neuroprotective characteristics are nothing to dismiss. Park et al. (2007) clinically examined tremella and its neuroprotective effects. The results suggested that tremella may be a potent supporting agent during times of neurodegenerative diseases, like Alzheimer's disease. Ju and co. (2007) further supported these findings, exploring the polysaccharides specific to tremella. It was found these polysaccharides promoted synaptic growth of essential brain cells and the researchers suggested tremella may be a therapeutic support for those experiencing Alzheimer's disease.


SuperFeast Tremella

SuperFeast Tremella is:

  • Sourced Dì Dào (地道) from the Fujian Gutian county of China.
  • Harvested on hard broadleaf wood chip.
  • A single water extraction is used of the herbs fruiting body to capture and retain its medicinal potency.
  • Non-standardised. We never standardise any of our herbs or blends. We believe in holism.
  • Non-irradiated, no fillers or colours (like all of the SuperFeast range).
  • 100% pure tremella mushroom, nothing else added.


If you like the sound of a healthy, natural, 100% herb-only, beautifying tonic herb... then tremella will hit the spot. Head over to our product page to see the SuperFeast Tremella range.


Tremella and the Traditions

This gorgeous adaptogen was essentially only available to royalty and those in the very upper class. According to the classic texts, Yang Guifei was one of the four most beautiful women in China's history. She lived during the Tang dynasty times (719-756) and it was thought the secret behind her beauty and ageless complexion was attributed to her daily use of tremella. The ancient wisdom of the Taoist used tremella as a longevity tonic, specifically to preserve youth.


How To Use Tremella

Out of the entire SuperFeast apothecary, our Tremella mushroom would have to be the easiest herb to use. We always recommend with our herbs to start small - try 1/4 teaspoon. Notice how you feel when taking the herb and you have the option to build up, we often like a nice maintenance dose of 1 teaspoon daily to really see shifts within the body and mind. Tremella (like all the SuperFeast herbs) are not sensitive to temperature, this means that it can be added to hot or cold food or drinks. You will receive the full bioavailable benefits; the powder extract is ready to ingest.





A Final Note

SuperFeast Tremella:

  • Hydrates the skin.
  • Supports lung and bronchial health.
  • Provides a healthy antioxidant boost.
  • Gives your digestive system some love.
  • Supports skin elasticity and helps smooth wrinkles.
  • Has neuroprotective properties - look after your grey matter.



No contraindications have reported in medical literature or the ancient Chinese texts concerning the consumption of tremella mushroom. 

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