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Why The Weak Are Crumbling Right Now with Jost Sauer (EP#143)

On the podcast today, with remedy and reason for staying robust and ready for any invasion (microbial or psychological), we have our favourite lifestyle medicine man/Qi practitioner, Jost Sauer; Supercharging us with wisdom and guidance on maintaining sovereignty and strength.


Over the past two years, the world has witnessed an onslaught of lifestyle stress and disruption brought on by a global pandemic and its ripple effects. The mental stability of many has suffered, and we are currently witnessing a mental health implosion like never seen before. On the podcast today, with remedy and reason for staying robust and ready for any invasion (microbial or psychological), we have our favourite lifestyle medicine man/Qi practitioner, Jost Sauer; Supercharging us with wisdom and guidance on maintaining sovereignty and strength. If you're a regular listener of the SuperFeast podcast, your ears have most likely been blessed with Jost's lifestyle elixirs before.


Given the current circumstances, we thought it was time for another injection of Jost's knowledge, guidance, and warrior mindset. This episode carries a potent message of going within, getting back to earth, and taking care of our inner world, our health, and not being sucked into noisy distractions of the outside world. Jost shares his insights on approaching COVID as a personal growth strategy; An opportunity for a new level of growth not yet encountered, and a reason to nourish the body, spirit, and essence. Jost also breaks down simple Daoist instructions on how to get in sync with nature, our organs, protect our Jing, Qi, and Shen, and follow the path of Yin and Yang; So we can maintain sovereignty and strength, no matter how many times we get knocked down. Be sure to tune in for this poignant, powerful conversation.



"If the blood gets weak, we get caught up in politics. If the blood is strong, we feel good within ourselves; And if we feel good within ourselves, we stay detached. That's all it is. So when I talk about detachment, it requires strong blood and strong Jing. Just focus on your Jing, focus on your blood, take your herbs, take your mushrooms, live the lifestyle, and that's really all there is; The rest will come naturally".


- Jost Sauer 



Mason and Jost discuss:


  • Signs of depleted/weak blood and Jing.
  • The best hours for deep rest, and why.
  • Why blood/Qi levels are at an all-time low.
  • How fear triggers weakness within the body.
  • Lifestyle practices to harness and guard Jing.
  • The Metal element Lung-Kidney relationship.
  • The importance of having a spiritual connection.
  • Why we guard the three treasures; Jing, Qi, Shen.
  • Why people are feeling depleted and weak right now.
  • Following the Qi cycle model to strengthen blood/Jing.
  • Why rest and recovery are essential for a robust immune system.
  • Supporting your health/wellbeing through consistency and lifestyle.
  • The body/mind connection and how weak blood/Jing leads to a weak mind.




Who is Jost Sauer?

Jost (aka the lifestyle medicine man) was born in Germany in 1958 and is an acupuncturist, author, Qi practitioner of 40 years, and healthy lifestyle expert. His background includes competitive skiing, body-building, and ironman training. Post-drug addiction and suicidal depression led him to martial arts, TCM, the power and cycle of Qi, and the understanding that a natural rhythmic lifestyle holds the secrets to anti-aging, health, and success. Jost has been using lifestyle therapeutically for his clients for over 20 years. Jost is an expert in Chinese Medicine, which he lectured in for over a decade at the Australian College of Natural Medicine, has been running successful health clinics since 1991, initially specialising in addiction recovery, and has treated tens of thousands of clients. His passion is sharing his ongoing discoveries about making lifestyle your best medicine through his books, blogs, articles, workshops, and retreats (all of which we linked in the resources below).





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Check Out The Transcript Here:


Mason: (00:00)

Okay. Jost, Welcome back, man.


Jost Sauer: (00:03)

Yeah, welcome back. Nice to be back on here again, I think.


Mason: (00:07)

Yeah, I think fourth podcast?


Jost Sauer: (00:11)

Must be.


Mason: (00:11)

Look at this [inaudible 00:00:12] I'm sorry. I'm so excited. Mostly because I know the realms we're going to be touching on. But I'm genuinely excited. I know the pace that you move in and your chemical process is transforming at such a rate that I know I'm going to hear things from you and the way that you've synthesise them based on all this material that's going on in the world. I'm going to hear it completely newly plus some new downloads. I can't wait. Let's jump straight in. How you going at the moment and how you are finding the world and where's your work taking you?


Jost Sauer: (00:50)

Okay, look, I've been working with people for 40 years now. It's 2021, I started in 1981. And so obviously, originally I started in social work. The focus on mental health always was the main focus. So 40 years working with people you come across a lot of stories, and you really observe people's inner world, because you have to dig in. But what I'm experiencing the last year, what I've observed in the last year, I have not observed before. That's obviously something a totally new game that's playing and impacting on people more than all the other ramifications and troubles and tribulations I worked with in the past. Obviously, stress level is going through the roof, and because the question was about how I cope with this, I mean, from a Chinese medicine perspective, stress is a good thing. I mean, when we do tai chi, we stress the body. We need the stress in order to evolve. And so the body is actually designed to unleash forces during stress that otherwise wouldn't come forward. There's obviously a massive growth potential right now, if we know what to do.


Jost Sauer: (02:14)

If you don't know what to do, then it's obviously, it can be a killer. It can really destroy you. And so the key element is here that without a stress factor, that means churning on the organs and churning on the blood, we can't actually produce vital forces. The one thing we can do to the body is to be lazy. Sit around all day, be comfortable, and just waiting for things to happen, and get delivered the action, rather than us actually stimulated to act on stressful situation and needing to get up and dig deep. Especially, dig very, very deep, and unleash forces that otherwise we didn't know we had. There's obviously always a principle of all-growth factors. We get thrown into a situation, we didn't know we could cope with, and suddenly, we discover we got vital forces available to us that before we couldn't. So from a Chinese medicine perspective, that would say, "The universe would never give us a problem if we don't have the potential to cope. The universe would never give us a situation if you don't have the ability to grow from."


Jost Sauer: (03:23)

It's almost like the situation that we're facing, it's like what a martial artist would look at. Is that COVID, the virus, it's a threat, but it tries to invade the body, and we need to fight against it. So in order to fight against it, we will get stronger. It's like a battlefield right now and we need to look at life we are at war. But the war is a little bit tricky because it's not only COVID, the virus, it's also the government and it's also Big Pharma, and it's also people will buy into a belief pattern that are definitely based on some sort of like development from the dogmatic foreign politics and big business. So the enemy is not really direct. Personally, I'm not worried about COVID because I know what to do, but I'm more worried about what the government is going to do.


Mason: (04:31)

I'm curious there because you said in 40 years, you haven't you haven't ever seen anything like this, and with your patients and with people that you're talking to. We talked about cracks showing, big crack showing mental health issues been gone through the roof. I'm curious. There's a few ways to approach this question. Now, what is it about the approach? What is it about that? The virus, the pharmaceutical companies, the media. Why are so many people... Let's say if no one has a challenge that maybe you don't get through it, but you do have the potential if you make the right choices to get through this challenge, why are people stumbling more than ever? What's tripping them up that's leading to so much mental disharmony and how are people going to get back into a flow and meet this battle in staying mentally healthy?


Jost Sauer: (05:25)

The primary reason is, people's core is deficient and weak as never been before. From a Chinese medicine perspective, people's blood and chi level is at an all time low. That's as a result of having lived a life in comfort, too much in comfort, or the life of not needing to work as hard physically. Instead, to hand over to the computer to do the work. So means, getting up and sitting down and straight, alleging all the work done mentally and wire the computer without engaging bodily function, which would produce blood. Blood production is vital in China's medicine, because that's your fuel, that's your Elixer, that's your life. If your blood is strong, you got passion, you got drive. You want to express yourself, and you feel strong. This is the most important thing if the blood is healthy, your Jing is healthy, you feel strong. If your blood is deficient, and your blood is unhealthy, you feel weak. Of course, when you feel weak, you need to be protected, you've got the instinct, I need to get protected.


Jost Sauer: (06:42)

And so over the last 10 years, society has depleted their blood, their Jing and their Chi, and therefore progressively year after year feeling more and more weak. And so people are actually starting to reach a point now where they feel weak just by getting up and all day they feel weak. And having observed people for 40 years, I must say this year is probably the highest number of weak people I've ever seen. I do regular workplace wellness talks. I'd go to companies and I talk about health measurements. And the last few weeks the talks I've been doing in particular last week, I was talking to a company, and there were 60 people in the audience. I've never seen so many weak people in one spot. I'm not judgmental, but I'm observing and I know what to look for. I know the signs of when blood is deficient. I know what to look for when the Jing is deficient. And I look at the face, I look at the way their [inaudible 00:07:41] the posture, the body, and I can see, "My God, these bodies aren't producing enough blood. Not producing enough Jing." If they don't produce enough blood and Jing, your self awareness is tempered by your psychological self profile of being, I am weak.


Jost Sauer: (08:00)

If I feel weak, I am prone to accept the protection from a higher instances. That's why the government obviously now is doing all this fear mongering in order to trigger that weakness, and then obviously people are, "I need to get protected. I need to get protected." If that would have done the same thing, like 2,000 years ago to a village, [inaudible 00:08:25] the Vikings they wouldn't have had a problem. They would have got up and put the sword up and, "Get the fuck out of here. You don't get fuck with us." But if I feel weak, and the fear comes in, obviously, I defeat myself. So obviously, in all ancient cultures, the most important thing is, always nourish your essence. Always nourish the treasures. The Jing, the Chi, the Shen, because that gives you the feeling of being strong. If you feel strong, you will ward off enemy. If someone tries to invade the village, you are ready to attack, you're ready to fight. And obviously, I mean, people would say it was done [inaudible 00:09:17], whatever it is. Over the last 10 years, the lifestyle has led to a high level of lifestyle disease as never before. So we're looking at an enormous number of people dying because of lifestyle disease. But fundamentally, lifestyle disease is the deficiency in the vital forces. And that is really the real problem.


Mason: (09:38)

When you talk about weakness, I can't help but just bring up in my terminology, like a weak mind. And we know the blood is transporting the Shen, our mental acuity to the rest of the body. And I do so to bring up the term "weak mind" because I know that people will think what I'm saying is, if you go and trust the government, you have a weak mind. Or if you go and do ABC, you have a weak mind. But it's not that it's what... You've nailed it. You bought into the fear, and you've got a weakness within yourself that you're not self generating, and you can topple over. And so you reach for a higher power an institution to tell you what to do. I mean I always feel, there's people listening to this that are choosing one road or the other road. I know, people that have beautifully with a strong mind, choosing to do medical interventions, and I know other people that are just freaking out with a weak mind and choosing to do that same thing. And there's a very big difference there. I love the way that you describe that man.


Jost Sauer: (10:41)

I mean, the mind in Chinese medicine is affiliated with the substance, and that is obviously once again, connected to an organ. When we talk stronger mind, we don't really talk stronger mind, we talk strong organ, strong blood, which then means you have a strong mind. It's like, in order to experience power, you need a strong engine. And so the body-mind connection is obviously always number one in Chinese medicine. And so when we're talking about a weak mind, what we mean is, "I got weak blood, I got weak Jing."


Mason: (11:25)

[crosstalk 00:11:25] no will no capacity to have that will take on responsibility for yourself.


Jost Sauer: (11:29)

Yeah. If you if the battery's low, you feel defeated. If you've got lots of Jing, lots of power, lots of blood, and you're wrestling with someone or you go for a run, obviously you're trying to win. But if you come at the end of a marathon, and you're completely depleted, the battery is empty, and then someone tackles you, you would give in to the power invasion and say, "Okay. I can't do it anymore." That's what we see now. On the line is that people can't do it anymore. I hear this all the time now in clinic and when I do my talks, "I can't do this anymore. I had enough. I can't do this anymore." So when the battery is empty-


Mason: (12:16)

Do they just mean life in general or?


Jost Sauer: (12:18)

What they say with that is, "I can't fight against this anymore."


Mason: (12:21)

Yeah, right.


Jost Sauer: (12:22)

I had enough. I can't fight. It's too much fighting. But what it means it's like saying, "If we would have the same problem we have now 30 years ago, it wouldn't have been a problem." 30 years ago, people were still much healthier than what they are now. So 30 years ago, Jing and blood on a communal level was four or five times higher what it's now, if you want to give it a hypothetical figure.


Mason: (12:52)

People that were like a strong piece of German rye bread versus a piece of flabby tip top white bread these days.


Jost Sauer: (13:00)

Yeah, yeah. It's been too long. But the most important thing is obviously, the endless stimulation and lack of sleep. When it comes to what builds blood, every effort will tell you, it's recovery. We work hard, we get stressed, we work hard, we recover. We engage with the stimulus, we work hard we get our best, we recover. That's a principle that all the ancients have been doing. The vikings you fight hard, and then you recover. But recovery is now completely impaired in the western society, because recovery requires a deep, nourishing sleep. And for recovery purposes, the best sleep is before midnight. 9:00 PM go to bed, and then you sleep beautifully till two or three. So you got this six-hour sleep. The sleep before midnight is like four or five times more powerful than the sleep after midnight. That has been established already in the old times from way back. Everyone knows you got be trying to get that sleep before midnight. I still remember back in the early '80s, when I came to Australia, television stopped at 10:30 PM.


Mason: (14:22)

It goes, "Fyiii."


Jost Sauer: (14:24)

Good night everyone. And those of us who stayed up and smoked lots of bongs, we were staring at that ABC symbol for endlessly.


Mason: (14:37)

I've vague memories, vague memories of that little like rainbow.[crosstalk 00:14:41]


Jost Sauer: (14:44)

It was totally hilarious. The way I looked at it. Shit is still the same shit. But what it meant, good night, everyone. Let's go to bed. If you didn't go raging and partying, you actually had your sleep. And then you went to bed and there was no stimulation. But over the last 10 years, that has been dramatically changed. So first of all, television has gotten several channels now so it goes on 24/7, then you got the internet. But the next problem is the smartphone. Obviously, that means people have the phone, the stimulation brought up into the midnight and later. And so the body never actually goes into the recovery mode. There is absolutely no traces anymore for us to recover proper. Therefore, people would say, I just had enough I can't cope anymore. If exercise constantly, if you do like one of those ultra marathons and you do three, four days in a row, after the fourth day, you would say, "I had enough." You need to go home, you need recovery.


Jost Sauer: (16:04)

Recovery is something that has been taken outside the equation of our lifestyle, we don't have that anymore. And so it's just people taking emails home, people working. I mean, we get emails that, when me see that next morning, when we go through the emails like after breakfast when I turn my computer on, I see emails have been sent at 2.00 AM, 1:00 AM and things like that. And especially with all those lockdowns people going working later into the night. And so obviously, all that impacts on the blood. And so the vital force needs to be replenished. If the vital force is not replenished through effective recovery, we're getting weaker. You would never see a martial art fighter in the UFC, before a big fight, having six weeks stay up all night. You never hear that. Never hear that. I live in the martial art world, I love martial art, and that need you to be strong because you don't know what that opponent is about. You don't know what the fight is going to be. You got to be prepared. You don't know the outcome. It's all about being as prepared as possible. You don't go in unprepared, you've got to be totally prepared. And then you're ready for surprises to come forward. Suddenly you discover a strength you didn't know you had.


Jost Sauer: (17:33)

And this strength, this power that suddenly comes through, is stored in your blood, and it's stored in your Jing, and it's stored in your kidney. Your kidney stores the essence. And so therefore, the lifestyle of the fighter, or the female fighter, because there's a lot of incredible female fighters out there now, like women I would not face up to. I wonder, "My god, their power is mind boggling." But when you look at their lifestyle, all of them, early to bed, up early especially before an event in order to get the maximum recovery. And because we are at war now, we got to understand, "Okay, the only choice we have right now is, we're going to just protect and guard our essence." Those government, I mean, I nearly said those government assholes. It's absolutely it's fiery it's what they're doing now.[crosstalk 00:18:37] off their heads. It's complete insanity. They should all be shot. That's it, finished, start new. It's almost like we need a revolution shot at everyone's head and start again. I mean, it happened before in the past. They're crossing the line, they're crossing the line.


Mason: (19:01)

The whole nature. I mean, I remember our last podcast went into sleep as well. And I want to keep on talking about it. Because we're not listening. I know why. I've I haven't. I mean, but I'm kind of like that battlefield. This is what we're looking at. We don't know how long and we don't know what's coming next. I have a lot of friends that when I do talk about it from this combative kind of mindset, and I also kind of have faith and trust in the process and I just simply do. I have, as we both know, there's that yin yang goes, on the Dow and something's going to happen eventually. There's going to be opposite reactions and I love having faith with that. It doesn't mean that I don't also call a spade a spade and acknowledge that there is a huge assault on the natural human right now. And so, the battlefield... And lot of your posts recently that spurred me to kind of get you on again, is just like I might be putting my own terminology into it. How do you maintain your sovereignty and not get knocked over, regardless of your choices through all of this? How do you guard your centre, guard your essence, and remain you and don't get compromised?


Mason: (20:21)

Don't lose this battle essentially. The fact that you've gone up going to sleep, it's such an unlikely battlefield, isn't it?


Jost Sauer: (20:28)



Mason: (20:29)

Because right now we need stamina. We don't know how long this is going to go for. Maybe everyone forgets about it, like next February. Who knows what comes next? Who knows how much corporate interest and pharmaceutical interest goes in trying to the claim ownership over the human body? Who knows regardless of what choices you make, hopefully strong choices, not from fear, how much do you stay an individual. And the first battlefield the fact that you've gone back to sleep, and I feel like something's ringing in me right now. Because I have not been treating it as such. And I can feel I'm like, "Now, this is where you need to start." And I will ask you what other elements you see emerging as going, "These are the basics that you need to be aware of in order to stay within the natural and not fall over into reliance." But I really appreciate you hitting that space again. For the sake of our sweet kidneys and livers.


Jost Sauer: (21:30)

Yes. And spleen. First of all, I always remind myself that being here in the physical is a battle. All the ancient scriptures, the Bhagavad Gita is based on a battlefield, the Taoist look at being in the physical is a battle, is a fight. That's why they're all trained warriors. The sea culture that I've studied quite extensively under, they carry a dagger and a sword with them all the time. So they understand that you've got to be a warrior or a female warrior. And so we are in battle. So the nature of the physical of planet Earth is, it's a battle. It's a battle between good and bad, yin and yang and so you got that constant struggle between one force trying to override the other force. You always have, obviously, from a Taoist perspective is like the source of inspiration. There are two forces, there's a dark force and there's the light force. And depending on how you live, and what you want, you will be guided by that source of inspiration.


Jost Sauer: (22:53)

So if you got sinister motives and incentives, you will be guided by the source of inspiration that comes from a darker source. If you have a well being in mind of all humanity, you affirm with the lighter force, then obviously, your source of inspiration will be the light and you will be guarded accordingly. The support is obviously always behind the scene from either force. So Big Pharma, those people, obviously, their source of inspiration comes from the darker side, where, obviously, us freedom fighters, our source of inspiration comes from the light. So that means we have our connection to the light, they have their connection to the dark. And so behind the scene, those forces will actually move through us in order to act on us. For some reason, this planet Earth, which is considered planet number four, in the constellation of developments towards the journey of the soul towards higher realms, this is always been the planet of war and peace or the battle in order to understand the forces within.


Jost Sauer: (24:06)

For example, they've identify that there's trillions and trillions of viruses in our body and those viruses fight each other all the time. Some of them are good and some of them are bad, and that the battlefield that creates the field of yin and yang, and that creates actually, what that physical makes up to be. And so it is dark and light, wet and dry. And so as a result of that is we got our existence, and that then shapes us somehow. So every morning, I remind myself that that is actually what we're here for, to engage with that field. And that's obviously the yin and the yang and the readiness to prepare to fight. And so then the next thing is that Taoism in particular has given us a lot of instructions, how to deal with that battle, how to fight the battle. So the first thing what they do is obviously they have identified the lifestyle. And the lifestyle is those who follow the path of yin and yang will become invisible to those who try and to control yin and yang.


Jost Sauer: (25:20)

Big Pharma tries to control yin and yang. If you follow the path of yin and yang, you got under the radar. And this is something been said for thousands of years. So what we're experiencing right now has not been here before. It's just like in our lifetime, for the past 40 years, we haven't experienced it to such intensity. But it has been before many times and it's been observed in the history of Taoism and Buddhism all along, which is why obviously, those cultures always dedicate themselves to prayer and worship towards the forces, so that the group forces support them. And if you obviously you don't do that, then you may not have as much support. So obviously very important is to have a spiritual connection. Very, very strong, just be firmly grounded in a spirit of connection every morning to, "Boom. All right, I am a fighter of the light, I am connected to the light, I want the light." And obviously in that moment, it will come through to us. Every time you say, "I am light," bang, it's there.


Jost Sauer: (26:28)

Obviously, if I can neglect that I weaken my position. That means I am on my own and that is not a good idea. I mean, my genetic background is, I'm the Viking. That's my philosophy, the Viking philosophy. The Vikings were enormously grounded and connected to the spirit of belief, that would not go into battle without being spiritually connected. That was their absolute most important thing. I am spiritually connected to my spiritual path, and when I lose my body, I will continue my battle. And that's all the training I've had all along with the Masters I studied under for all those years, that the spiritual of connection is crucial. So if you've got the spiritual connection, that means you actually feel supported. And then you understand deep down, "Okay." It's all part of life what we go through now.


Jost Sauer: (27:23)

So the next thing is that Taoism has given us the instructions about how to nourish this body so we can fight effectively, such that we can keep getting up because what makes a good warrior, a strong warrior is the person who keeps getting up. They get flogged but they get up again. Like Rocky said, "It's not about how hard you can punch, it's about how hard you can get punched." It's about getting up again. That's why all those Rocky movies are great, because he just gets flogged, he gets up again, gets flogged, gets up again. And that's the spirit. That's the spirit that we need. Of course, they're trying to flog us, but that's the nature of the game. If I go into the ring for a sparring session, of course I get flogged. But I also keep getting up.


Mason: (28:26)

That tenacity and that knowing that no matter what happens, I'm never giving up. I'll never going to stop. That connection. And then you come back to lifestyle, which is always amazing. Lifestyle [inaudible 00:28:42] it's always so fun to forget that it comes back to the consistency and lifestyle. That that's the thing that's going... And always when you start getting battered and beaten a little bit and you feel like you're losing your way, you get up, you go right. I'm going to get into my bad habits again. I'm going to like, [crosstalk 00:28:59]


Jost Sauer: (29:06)

That's boom. That's a downward spiral.


Mason: (29:06)

Well, and that's what you reiterate here because what we were talking about is our capacity to stay within our warrior, within our warriors centres, within our natural self with strong blood with a connection to what our own unique spiritual path is, to regardless of what choices you make know that you're not compromising and that you're willing to just get up again and again and again no matter what life throws at you, you never give up and hopefully doing so without deteriorating as you go along. Ideally doing it that way. Again we've talked about sleep. For you, going back into those basics and what's going right now, why are the cracks widening and people being exposed mentally having weak blood and weak bodies and then showing I can't do this anymore. I can't get up anymore. What are we introducing again to the lifestyle? Why don't we just reminding everyone about it, what we need to be doing and what are our staples and what of our flows in order to keep that blood strong?


Jost Sauer: (30:05)

Okay, before we get into that, China's Medicine says that your blood and your Jing is your armour. If I live incorrectly, it's like, I'm going into battle and throw away the armour. I don't need it. So guarding the one is the holy mantra, the highest mantra in Daoism. Guard the one, and the one is your blood, your Jing, your Shen the treasures. Obviously that means I need to understand that this requires a certain life. If I live incorrectly, I will throw away the armour. That means, bullets will enter. The sword will get me, because the attack is obvious. I mean, anyone can see now that we are under attack. So when you get under attack, you're going to put the armour on. So obviously, it's not about choice anymore it's about a necessity. We need to shift in our mindset that it's not about, "Well, I'm going to say up late tonight, whatever." No. You got to put your armour on. Because if I don't follow the rules of Dao, if I don't follow the natural laws, those fuckers will get me. Whatever Bill Gates, whatever those fuckers are, they will get me. But if my blood is strong, he fucking can't get me. It's a promise of all masters, if our Chi is strong they


Jost Sauer: (31:40)

That's why they do all this technique. That's why they're trying to undermine you. They're trying to make you weak. Because if you weaken your blood, they can get into you. It's a war tactic. Dismantling the beautiful castle, dismantle the foundation. First of all, we need to understand we are it's an urgency right now. It's not about a debate anymore. It's like we have no choice. We've got no choice other than nine o'clock, nine thirty, you got to turn off that phone. If you're not, Bill Gates is going to get you and fuck you. And he will. If not, there's going to be Pfizer, or some other fucking spike protein shit going on. Some other moderated gene that's coming next time. They're gonna have a lot of weapons, they haven't even started yet. But it's all part of a process and they will never do anything if our blood is weak. They can't get in. It's been a [inaudible 00:32:46] and it's been forever like that. The strong will always survive. It's how it is. And the strong are the blood and the Jing.


Jost Sauer: (32:56)

So therefore, first of all, we need to switch the mind to, it's not about free of choice anymore. It's about we have no choice. It's because of those big pharma. We got no choice. We don't live in peaceful times anymore. There's rockets throwing everywhere now. And so it's silly to go without putting the armour on. It's totally silly. But when the armour is on they can't pierce yourselves. That's how it is. That's the first thing. The mindset needs to take you from choice to urgency, so I don't have any choice. We are at war, they are after me, they're trying to get me. And if my blood is strong, they can't get me. That's the first thing. So the next thing is obviously, to develop the discipline to ward off to the demands of the physical to be stimulated 24/7. We got to just ward that off and say, "Okay, if I'm stimulated 24/7 I jeopardise my recovery phase. If I jeopardise my recovery, my armour will get weak. My blood will get weak. Jing will get weak, so I got no choice."


Jost Sauer: (34:21)

That means the Chi cycle is in fact, the ultimate model right now because it tells you what to do. The Chi cycle is like the model that will strengthen our blood, our Jing. All along, it's a system to make us strong, so we can live our path, so that we can follow up on our ideas without getting infected or impacted by those who are trying to stop us. And so obviously, that means we need to understand that it's there to support us. Once again, the universe will not give us a challenge without giving us all the possibilities to succeed. It's in old scriptures. Whatever God is, whatever that higher consciousness is it, it will constantly give us challenges, but it has given us also the ability to succeed. So it's within us.


Jost Sauer: (35:23)

It's just like the dark forces like Bill Gates and Big Pharma. They know that. They're really sneaky little shits, because they're undermining you why you believe. So they give you a 24 simulation, they give you all the beautiful gadgets so that you are completely addicted to it 24/7, so you're lost in it, so all your blood gets weak and weak and weak, year by year, so you feel weaker all the time so they can get in and get you. It's not much point demonstrating against those guys, it's more important to build our blood and Chi because then they can't do anything.


Mason: (36:07)

It's a huge point. It's the classic point, make your own bed before you go out and try and change the world. It's never been more palpable. As you're saying, we are on. We are on at the moment in terms of thinking that, "Going out and protesting, fine." A part of really does love that, regardless of what it's for, I really love watching people go and do that. But as you said, that's secondary. To you taking responsibility-


Jost Sauer: (36:42)

That's it. It's secondary. Of course, we need demonstrating. We need to speak up. Of course, we need to speak our truth. But you need to have your armor up, you got to be strong. You got to believe in yourselves. And really just, "Fuck, you can't get me." I mean when I was young, back in the days as an anarchist in Germany, I was facing up against the cops. We were fighting the cops in demonstrations. They came to us with their plastic shields just like Melbourne. They came up with their rubber bullets and their gas bombs. So they're in formation, they matched towards us. And obviously, we learned very quickly, we also need to be armoured. And obviously, I learned all the tricks how to get armoured. And so obviously, then you can actually go face-to-face with that force. Because there is a psychological warfare, fundamental and underlying to that, that is far more impactful and far more sinister. And that psychological warfare wards off, can't get in if your blood is strong.


Jost Sauer: (37:51)

Jing is stored in the kidneys. Jing is just your shield that's like the shield of a strong animal. Like when you look at a tiger, that's Jing. And of psychological warfare of the tiger. And of course, if there's this little mosquito bang warfare goes in. And obviously, but the beauty of that is, we have got all the tools available to get so strong, we got all the tricks, we know everything how to get so strong, stronger than those guys who are trying to screw us. Stronger than Bill Gates. And when I look at those Big Pharma dudes, they don't look strong. If I would have a wrestling match with them, I would flock them on the ground straightaway. They don't have that power. But they have these collective cheers, this psychological warfare, but they're not strong warriors. They're just like, they actually are weak. Imagine as one of those guys, by yourself on a street, it would be a totally different scenario. Look at Bill Gates. Look at him. It's just like if I probably move a little flag on his face, he will break his arm.


Mason: (39:05)

I have this I have this joke. I'm not sure if I'll ever be allowed to do stand up comedy again at this point. I have this joke that I'm with Bill Gates, that when you look at his body, it's so flabby that they call it the antibody. They talk about the fact that when he has sex with his wife imagine all the vaccine sexual innuendos that she has to put up with. But just looking at the fact that, "Oh my God," Bill Gates, the antibody. When he has sex with his wife, he inoculates her and then she has his antibodies in him. He's the human vaccine.


Jost Sauer: (39:52)

Yeah. It's very twisted. I know exactly what you mean. I mean, in order to get into that lifestyle of what they're doing, in order to have that intent, you got to be twisted psychologically in the first place. And then obviously getting evolves this loss force of the source of inspiration in order to keep you going. Obviously, they're going to twist you more and more and more, because they suck out Jing. Dark forces live on Jing. It's like vampires. They live on Jing. So they're sucking you out-


Mason: (40:19)

Can you talk a little bit about that how Jing... With the fear cycle, I assume it's something to do with them. How exactly is that Jing funnelled off and out of somebody?


Jost Sauer: (40:32)

Okay. It's metal element, which is the prime element to armour the Jing. So the metal element is lung. Your lung communicates with the kidney, kidney-lung communicating. Pathologies are the result of kidney-lung not harmonising or kidney-lung not communicating. For example, a lot of pathologies develop because people's inability to breathe correctly. When we breathe in, we take the Chi from the kidney, from the lower path, right up to the lungs, but then we're going to ground it again in the lower path in the lower genitals. And when you look at the whole spectrum of your breath, starting at the sacrum, going right up to the upper chest, so pathology develops, if that ratio that gets smaller and smaller and smaller. It starts initially as the whole range, but then the range gets smaller and smaller and smaller, till people only breathe in the upper region, only the upper region. Now they're not communicating, lung and kidney not communicating anymore. And that obviously when pathology starts to develop.


Jost Sauer: (41:48)

When you have sex, automatically you engage lung and kidney. That's why sex is important. Tantric sex is important because immediately, it rectifies that deficiency in the breathing, and brings the whole ratio and the spectrum of the breathing all the way from the upper to the lower. You got that long, deep, connected breathing again. And then obviously gets rhythmatic, and when it comes to the combination of the orgasm, what happens now you breathe in all the cosmic Chi. And now the body gets flooded with cosmic Chi. That is all instrumental to metal. So the metal element is the prime element that regulates the function of having the ability to connect to this breath correctly. So this is where the protection of the Jing comes in, and the leaking of the Jing. So someone who just breathes with only in the upper region, and never Breathes deeply, most likely suffers from premature ejaculation or has got no patience in sex. So the more you get into deep breathing methods, the better lover you become, it's a fact. And that's why a lot of tantric movements work with the breathing first.


Jost Sauer: (43:09)

The Jing needs to be guarded. So when we have sex we guard the Jing effectively. If you wouldn't guard the Jing and guide the Jing through the body, you would lose the Jing which is means premature ejaculation, you would lose the semen. And then obviously, bang, that's all and done with. You need to de la musica, no good sex. Obviously, that means if you have unhappy sexual experience is because the Jing is not nourished. The Jing was weak, it's that the essence has been lost. It's not a happy experience, if a man gets involved and then loses it straight away. And then obviously, both parties men and women, are not happy. Whereas, a really profound sex experience is where the Jing is hold on to on every level. So you take it through all the body parts, you play with the Jing in all different postures till it comes to the final culmination, and that makes it really, really happy both parties. The result of that is, the happiness is the result of holding on to that Jing.


Jost Sauer: (44:18)

The trick in life is to know how to hold on to that Jing. And so that's where obviously, the metal strategies come into. That's why the Qi cycle is so important, because the Chi cycle always starts at metal time. Metal element is the harnessing of the Jing. We're getting up at a time when metal is in its peak time. So that means, I can now go in and get a grip of the Jing, harness the Jing and then circulate through the whole, body through my practise. So whatever practise I do, if it's Yoga, if it's tai Chi, martial art, it's all the same. First of all, we need to hold on to that Jing. And that's obviously the pranayama breathing technique, all kinds of breathing techniques. What we spoke about last time in depth about the Wim Hof and things like that. That allows me to hold on to the Jing, and then I move it through the body. That means now I have actually got a grip of the Jing. So in order to prevent the Jing leaking, I need to get a grip of the Jing, I need to feel it. So metal is armour, metal is holding on and some holding on. And so that means I'm holding on to the Jing.


Jost Sauer: (45:37)

And obviously, holding on is also affiliated for letting go. So at the same time, I'm letting go. And as I'm letting go, what comes in is the cosmic Chi, because metal is breath. And your breath is directly connected to the cosmic Chi. So if I do the practise straight on waking up, that allows me to hold on to that Jing, but also connects me to the cosmic Chi, and then through the mechanism that is inherent in all of us, which we don't need to understand, we just have to do, the Jing comes in. And once we get a grip of that Jing, it is with us all day. And then we hold on to it, we feel it, we feel the armour is up. And then obviously the next thing is, once we have done that process, the next step is now we're going to have a nourishing meal. A nice substantial nourishing meal. Where we sit down in peace, because we do feel at peace by them. Because we went through all the incredible pathways where every emotion has been looked up and transformed. We feel at peace. And that means we feel good. There's no need to engage with the stimulus of the physical world because we feel so connected to the inner world, that the outer world is irrelevant.


Jost Sauer: (46:56)

So there's no need to go to look at the phone, there's no need to go on Facebook. There's no need because I feel too good. It's like a good drug. That's what good drugs do. You feel good within yourself. And that's what Jing is. Is like a good drug. So I feel good, I don't need the outer. I'm happy. If you got good gear, you don't need the outer world, you're happy. And so that's exactly the same thing. So I feel good. I then eat a substantial meal and as I eat that beautiful substantial meal, of course with lots of good herbs, I always have my Eucommia bark. I do my beautiful porridge, then I have my beautiful porridge sold overnight with seeds lots of seeds and lots of ginger, lots of cinnamon I mean a big pot not a little pot. A huge pot. And then I have a beautiful cup of tea with the Eucommia bark. Because I found it works really well to eat porridge in peace transcended in a deeper state, and then having this dip of Eucommia bark with every bite. And be like, "Whoah," this goes in, goes in, goes in. I feel like, "Whoa," I just want to sit there and just don't move.


Jost Sauer: (48:07)

And then may have a little bit more, and then maybe have a bit of Reishi. Because when I have my breakfast, I usually have little cups. I showed them on the website here. I got my little cups and I got my cup with my Eucommia bark, I got my cup with my Reishi, I've my cup with knowledge of the tongue under the four major. And then I've got them all there. It's like a banquette. What a feast. [inaudible 00:48:40] like a glass of water. I have a couple of Eucommia bark. And while I'm eating I'm sipping a bit of this and I'm sipping a little bit of Reishi. I just go with my feeling. I don't go by, "How much is supposed to be put in there?" I usually always put more in then I sip. And then sometimes I drink the whole out, sometimes I'll leave half behind. I'll just go with how I feel. And same with eating. I can go with how I feel. And then when I eat, then I drink and I'm always, "Ah." Then I just sit back and then I realised, "Ah, it's 2021 and there's other people out there. Oh, there's Bill Gates trying to screw me. Fuck him. Ah, there's like Facebook or whatever. Ah, all right there's emails."


Jost Sauer: (49:27)

It's sort of like I was totally gone, totally in a different world. And obviously I use my Jing practise, I use my metal practise, and I use the tiny syrups, I use the mushrooms. And I use all that. And then obviously that has taken me into the inner world and it makes me strong and happy. And then that's the reference point for the rest of the day. It's far more pleasant to be there then dealing with the outer world which is bullshit. So of course I want to return.


Mason: (49:58)

Oh Man. I feel I've got so much to digest of my own. Really it's nice. One thing I've really remembered today is the gravity of the situation. Just in western civilization, as the technology gets rolled out, the gravity of the situation of staying connected to our essence, and remembering with these little disciplines that we don't, and as you said, we don't have time, there's no there's no choice anymore. There's no time to muck around. If you're ready, if you're doing this, if you're going to be one of these people that goes, "I'm watching this. I'm not going to be able to be knocked over permanently I will get up again and again and again"


Jost Sauer: (50:46)

Yes. Get up again.


Mason: (50:47)

I'm going to [inaudible 00:50:47] on the side, I'm looking for one of those ways where someone needs just to be committed to putting roundup all over everything always. I'm not going to be a weed, you will never get rid of.[crosstalk 00:51:02] I mean, weeds is where it all starts. And then the natural ecosystem always does return.


Jost Sauer: (51:09)

Yeah. That's the whole idea. Because that's the whole idea. It will always continue. This is not the end. We need to understand that this is how life works. But it will continue, it will not be finished. Of course, they always will try to get the old upper hand but they will never get the upper hand. That's not possible. It will always move towards the good. Tao always got the final saying, because we are protected. We are protected. We have given blood and Jing. And those people don't have that. And because they're using chemicals, they're using all these weird shit, I don't even know what it is anymore. Whatever the fuck that is mRNA whatever the bullshit. The body is so complicated, they will never get even close to it. The body is far beyond every one of those scientists. We don't need to understand how the body functions, we need to align the body with the forces then will understand why other feeling? Why that annoying? But we can't put it into words, is not necessary. Because we are healthy we are fit and living correctly is the most important thing right now. And whatever that is that created everything, it is good and it only as good in mind, but it wants to make a strong. That's all it is.


Mason: (52:50)

I love it. I love it. I always love chatting to you mate. I feel like I'm getting the sense I can feel everyone listening to this throughout time and I think it's a good time to let everyone go and digest everything and really get the gravity of the situation. You're the lifestyle medicine man and just really let it sink in and allow you your lifestyle to emerge in relation to protecting your essence and your treasures. And you mentioned, for everyone listening, you're talking to a lot of businesses you're giving talks to people on how to stay healthy and radiant. From business culture perspective and you're also doing, you're doing your own clinic as well still?


Jost Sauer: (53:39)

Yeah. I still got my own clinic. The reason why I'm doing talks at the moment, it's actually is about how to cope with COVID. But not about from the point of view, what is COVID, more like looking, "Okay. How are we going to get stronger as a result of that." I look at COVID as a personal growth strategy. My focus is personal growth. I look at COVID is just other means for another level of growth we haven't had before. And so if I go to the gym, and I've got to put five kilogrammes on the bench press, of course, it's going to not care and going to take me far. But if I going to put 85 kg on the bench press, I can go somewhere. And so that's obviously the situation. But in order to know how to deal with it, I need to be prepared. I go into businesses at the moment because they really truly suffer from all that because just so many people are so scared, and that we really are scared, and because of so much fear, it impacts on their mental health. And as a result of that mental health is now deteriorating rapidly as never before.


Jost Sauer: (54:47)

So my books are out in the UK, so I'm talking to a lot of people in England, and they're observing the same situation that mental health is deteriorating rapidly. And so obviously what also realise is that counselling techniques don't deal with this anymore. Because when you are riddled of fear of COVID, because of the government, you just... Like here in Queensland the CHO is just every day, "Delta is coming. Delta is coming. Delta is coming. You will get infected." I mean this is just part of... And I emailed him anytime and said, "You got to shut up. You're going to cause one too many anxiety problems." Because I've got clients now, who don't leave the house anymore, because they're too scared Delta is around the corner, because the chief health officer said, "Delta is coming." And obviously, but the emails not seem to getting through. So from a psychological perspective, counselling perspective, what they do is completely opposite to what we need, we need encouragement, we need like a Winston Churchill who'll make us strong, not someone who tells you, "You'll all be fucked."


Jost Sauer: (56:03)

So that one works or the businesses suffer from that, because a lot of workers are scared of turning up at work, and then they're too scared of someone around them has got Delta and they're going to get Delta or so are you vaccinated. If you're vaccinated, I could get your spike protein, if you're unvaccinated I'll soon get Delta. So either way, I'm screwed. That means if I got the vaccine, I can't get transmission, but then the other source said, now you'll still transmit, but then you've got a higher viral load if you're not vaccinated. So people have no idea what's going on anymore. And as a result of that if you can't resolve it, trying to resolve a Facebook or Instagram discussion on the vaccine. Try to resolve it.


Mason: (56:54)

Try the Byron Bay community board. I think that's the least humanity and the funniest as well discussions around the vaccines.


Jost Sauer: (57:07)

This is like, "You can't go there." So because we can't resolve it, as a result of that is we got now the highest level of mental health weaknesses before. Because mental health is a part of the five attributes of focus, memory, nourishment, and the ability to perception and reaction. So the five elements make up your mental health. But if you can't get any information anymore you can resolve, and now you're trying to resolve, you're going circles, you're going in loops. And as you go in loops, you are there, where a drug user finish off when they take too many drugs. So that's why we have a mass psychosis now. Everyone now is basically in the same situation, same stage, as someone who has taking a little bit too many drugs. They're trying to resolve and you can't resolve it, you're going in loops.


Jost Sauer: (58:09)

But once you start going in loops, what happens is you weaken your spleen, your earth element. And earth or spleen is transformation and transportation. Transform, transport, move, move, move. But if you can't resolve it's going in circles, you don't move. So if the spleen doesn't move, that means nutrients aren't assimilated and they aren't moved up to the heart to produce blood. So trying to resolve and can't resolve leads to blood deficiency. That's what I observed when I worked with drug users. The whole world is exactly there now, what I've seen in drug rehab. It is the tweaking, too many drugs you're trying to tweak, if you finish you are in psychosis.


Mason: (58:53)

The dopamine hit, like that as well?


Jost Sauer: (58:56)

They can't get it anymore. When I treated psychosis back in the day in my rehabs, all I did, I didn't engage with the psychosis. I tried not to make the client resolve the situation. I just focused on building the spleen by herbs and lifestyle, and practise, and acupuncture. And as you build the spleen, transformation and transportation takes place. Suddenly things are moving again. Suddenly, it's clear. When the spleen starts moving again, mental health is going strong again. Mental health is either weak or strong. We all have mental health, but it's either impaired or it's strong and fundamental to mental health is your spleen. And so mental health is deteriorating over the last year because of people's innate desire trying to resolve the situation. You can see the whole trouble on the internet because people try to resolve what's going on, and they get really, really angry with each other because they can't resolve the debate. And you can't, and that's exactly the psychic war tactic that Bill Gates and those Big Pharma evils are doing. They're basically, "Make everyone loop, loop, loop." And then make everyone's spleen weak, weak, weak. As a result of that your mental health goes weak.


Jost Sauer: (01:00:26)

Now, obviously, businesses suffer. Your business suffers. If your mental health is low, you're not productive. That's why they're realising that the vaccines don't do anything in terms of building mental health. And the campaign makes it worse, it weakens mental health. Obviously, some businesses started looking at alternatives, and that's they approached me, so I go into businesses, because I'm not going looking into what is COVID from a scientific or medical perspective, I look at how it's impacting on your organs? How is the government programme impacting on your organs? How is the whole mass psychosis caused by all these constant mental warfare they're doing? And all we need to do is build your spleen. So I'm doing strategies with businesses. I take everyone through a process. Do this, do that, eat that food, take this mushroom, take that herb, do this breathing technique. And automatically, the spleen gets stronger. And as a result of that is it will start impacting on the other organs, which are affiliated with mental health, and suddenly your mental health gets good again. This is the other thing, that this, whatever they do this Big Pharma dudes, it has a massive impact on your spleen. And that's obviously another aspect we need to look into. That's metal, Jing, and then there's the spleen.


Mason: (01:01:59)

I think we've talked about the spleen, I think on our other podcast with Jost. And we've said it multiple times, if you're out of sync with your organs and with nature, the place to start stepping back in his start standing on the earth and on the soil, which is the spleen.


Jost Sauer: (01:02:18)

Yes. Get back to earth.


Mason: (01:02:24)

Get back to earth. Don't get fancy around going into kidney time and liver time and all that just yet. Just get back in three square meals, consistency.


Jost Sauer: (01:02:35)

I never focus when I work with clients, I never focus on get up at five, I don't follow the organ clock I follow rhythm. And the rhythm, always the Chi cyclic rhythm. So it's about the rhythm, and then the rhythm eventually will move it towards the right time. But that will happen naturally. But the rhythm is always metal, earth, fire, and then water, and then wood. That's how the rhythm works. Because, everything metal is reaction. Every chemical process, everything in your life is dependent on the reaction. Metal is the starting point to everything. What I hear lots is, "My life is so out of control. I don't know where to start." And the Chi cycle says, "Of course, you can start. The start is always metal." It always starts with metal, because metal is your breath. Metal is the change in state, metal is reaction. You can't have anything in life without a reaction. A reaction is prior to something. And if you want change, it means you need to instigate the reaction. And that's metal.


Jost Sauer: (01:03:53)

So we always start getting up to metal. So that means we start getting up to do breathing first, because everything starts with breath. When you look at all the spiritual practises, if it's martial art, Kung Fu, if it's yoga, if it's Tibetan Buddhism, it all comes down to 8,000 years ago, the first practise was breathing. It all comes down to breath and breath is metal. So it all starts with metal. Then from metal, that means you start the day with breathing. You're getting into the breath, you're going into metal, then we'll start to initiate a cycle of reaction that will move you towards betterment. And then you go into earth, and then you go into fire, and then you go into water, and then into wood, and then to sleep. It's just the rhythm which is more important than anything else. And that automatically then, once you follow the rhythm, you will discover the Tao. Like jazz music is all about getting the rhythm and you suddenly know what to do. Get into the rhythm. Like sex when two partners meet and have sex, you and get into the rhythm first. And once you have the rhythm, you discover what do.


Mason: (01:05:02)

It emerges, it's a good exercise to go. Okay, can you tell me, Jost, exactly what time do I get up and what time [inaudible 01:05:09] breathing you're looking from that Western medical, give me the solution versus what you're saying? There's a rhythm. I mean, remind everyone that you've got a book. What is the new book's name I kind of-


Jost Sauer: (01:05:25)

That's The Qi Health Cycle.


Mason: (01:05:28)

That's the Chi Health Cycle.


Jost Sauer: (01:05:29)

The Chi Health Cycle. That's actually now in 11 languages. So that's published in the UK, it's published in Germany, it's published in Italy. It's going really well in Europe. Welbeck Publishing took over that book about two years ago, and they made incredible beautiful job out of it. It's one of those really expensive high class, British publishers who just put like a real lot of effort into that book. It's all beautiful gloss and beautiful symbols in there. And it's beautiful. It's really well presented, a lot of nice pictures, a lot of yin and yangs. And it's all about that real lifestyle. Because Tao says over and over, "It's not our job to understand it." We can't. That's why we don't have to be scared of Big Pharma because what they know about the body is just so minimal to what really goes on. The secrets of life they never will be able to tap into it. They're trying to corrupt it, but they won't win. And the real power is within. And if we align with those forces, and commit ourselves to the light, that information will come through us. And we get stronger.


Mason: (01:06:46)

Yes. I love it. You're my favourite warrior. I selfishly do these podcasts. I come out firing and just I'm like, "Yeah, that's right. Yup, that's right. I remember." So I love it. I really encourage everyone to jump over to your website. We've got all that in your show notes. Is your website the same?


Jost Sauer: (01:07:07)

Yeah, still the same?


Mason: (01:07:11)

Guys, go get after it. Jost Sauer.


Jost Sauer: (01:07:18)

That's correct. J-O-S-T. Jost a Viking name. Viking warrior name. It means hope.


Mason: (01:07:28)

Fill me with hope. All right. Everyone go get [crosstalk 01:07:30] the book that will give you the Chi cycle. Get on your herbs, get some good sleep. And you can work with the Jost as well. I've had a few friends go and do it. And just always incredible. You've been around doing this for so long. I've got so many incredible stories. It's definitely an asset to our community here. So get on it. Love your work, man. Thanks so much for coming.


Jost Sauer: (01:07:56)

Thank you. It's always great fun.


Mason: (01:08:00)

Well, until next time, we'll give it what? Maybe we'll just keep it at a four to six months cycle.


Jost Sauer: (01:08:05)

Yeah. There is always something that goes on in the western world in the physical that needs to be discussing.


Mason: (01:08:12)

Yeah. Maybe next time everyone will start calming down and will digest the intensity-


Jost Sauer: (01:08:19)

Maybe Bill Gates is gone. And the Big Pharma blew up, new communities everywhere.


Mason: (01:08:27)

That's a lot to do in six months. Beautiful. Anything else you want to share with everyone? Or you're good?


Jost Sauer: (01:08:34)

We just have to understand that what we go through right now, it's all part of a bigger picture. If the blood gets weak, we get caught up in the politics. If the blood is strong, we feel good within ourselves. And if we feel good within ourselves, we just stay detached. That's all it is. So when I talk about detachment, it requires strong blood and strong Jing. Just focus on your Jing, focus on your blood, take your herbs, take your mushrooms, live the lifestyle, and that's really all there is and the rest will come naturally.


Mason: (01:09:08)

I love it, mate. All right, catch you next time sending lots of love.


Jost Sauer: (01:09:13)

Yep. I will do that. Okay, [Mason 01:09:16]. Talk to you then. Okay, bye.

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