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Erin Lovell Verinder | Author

Walking the plant path, Erin is a woman in tune with the natural world. On a full hearted mission to educate, assist and up-level how we can all heal with the rhythms of nature, through the bounty of plant medicine and gentle innate interventions to unearth thriving health and wellbeing.

Tell us a bit about your journey in the world thus far? Who are you, what drives you, what are you proud of having accomplished?

I am an Australian trained herbalist, nutritionist with a background in energetic healing, and the author of two plant medicine centric books (Plants for the People, and The Plant Clinic)  I live on Bundjalung land on the east coast of Australia, in the rainbow region of the Byron Bay hinterland in a sweet old, converted church home. This is where I run my online clinic, write books, grow a bountiful garden, and live a slow (as slow as it can get for a double Aries like myself) considered life with my husband and our two sweet senior dogs! I am most definitely driven to be of service, to assist others to heal through and with the power of nature. Most definitely feels like my purpose, walking the plant path.

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How have you found incorporating our herbs into your daily ritual has altered your reality?

Warm (plant) milky tonics are a solid daily ritual for me and working with medicinal mushroom and tonic herbs feels like an incredibly potent way to elevate my warm drink. This is how I weave them into my day, often in the afternoon for a little 3pm pick me up. I feel super fortified and strong taking tonic herbs and mushies and am also obsessed with the malty goodness of Tremella, and often take it straight off the teaspoon!

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What brings you back to yourself and reconnects you with Nature?

I find connecting to my breath is a totally simple and instant way to bring me back to self, and the sweet song of nature brings me back to myself in a profound way each and every time! My home is ultra green filled with plants, ornamental and medicinal, I always keep bowls of fresh produce and fresh herbs in my kitchen with my herbal dispensary nearby and my desk is always housing a plant or two, sitting next to a vase with fresh cut flowers. I find often when I am working 1:1 with clients via the screen, it is ever so grounding to glance at my plants and flowers to bring me back into presence. I spend a lot of time in my garden, where I grow medicinal herbs and food for our little family to enjoy. I always start my day in the garden, take my lunch break in the garden on work days and end my days in the garden!

What are you excited for the future? What inspires you?

Honestly it is such a weird and wild time in the world, the future feels a little uncertain. However I am excited to grow the deep visions I hold within me, as the years unfold I am doing my very best to continue to pursue an intentional life. Nature is truly my biggest inspiration, and I am forever deepening my connection to this great green earth. I am excited to learn more about land regeneration and grow a food forest one sweet day, to watch the beginnings of a garden and age alongside it!


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