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Jost Sauer

Jost (aka the lifestyle medicine man) was born in Germany in 1958 and is an ex-hippie, anarchist and drug runner turned acupuncturist, popular author and healthy lifestyle expert. His background includes competitive skiing, body-building, and ironman training, but after post-drug suicidal depression led him to martial arts and the study of TCM, he discovered the power of Qi, the cycle of Qi of Chinese medicine and that a natural rhythmic lifestyle holds the secrets to anti-ageing, health and success. Jost has been using lifestyle therapeutically for his clients for over 20 years. Jost is an expert in Chinese Medicine, which he lectured in for over a decade at the Australian College of Natural Medicine, he has been running successful health clinics since 1991, initially specialising in addiction recovery, and has treated tens of thousands of clients. His passion is sharing his ongoing discoveries about making lifestyle your best medicine through his books, blogs, articles, workshops and retreats.

Tell us a bit about your journey in the world thus far? Who are you, what drives you, what are you proud of having accomplished?

My story began with a psychedelic drug trip, blitzed through a speed addiction, and morphed into a quest to find the cosmic self. My colourful drug journey ended in suicidal depression but that, in turn, led to the discovery of chi which opened more doors than the drugs ever did. I became an acupuncturist, lecturer in TCM, follower of the spiritual gurus. I accidentally specialised in addiction and, while reverse-engineering drug highs for my radical rehab program, discovered the incredible powers of our organs, and how to activate them with chi and a rhythmic lifestyle.

I developed the Chi Cycle lifestyle, a health-boosting, fat-burning feel-good day plan. It revolves around our organ clock and transforms the day into a series of deeply satisfying rituals. It aligns us with nature’s rhythm so we get nature’s power. We feel in flow, feel inner peace and become activists and ambassadors for peace on earth. This is our duty and our destiny.

Chinese medicine is my profession and purpose, altered states is my passion. Sharing the ‘how-to’ of living in harmony with the forces around us, and being able to keep our cosmic connection strong, drives me. I am proud of my ‘internal fitness’ of understanding and living health, of being in control my emotions and able to turn a symptom around using my chi practice. Also, of having books published that share simple strategies for tapping into our self-healing power and fulfilling our ‘contract with heaven’.  


How have you found incorporating our herbs into your daily ritual has altered your reality? 

My Eucomnia Ritual – Earth Element time.

My day is a series of rituals. Each two hours I shift my awareness to the energy of whichever organ and / or element is dominant. I start at 5am in metal element time and this is pure mystical me / chi time, for breathing, stretching, meditation and bodyweight workout. The herbs enter my day as it shifts to earth element time, 7am to 11am. I’m now tapping into the chi of the stomach, the potential for inner peace and feeling grounded, and I’m also setting things up for feeling good about myself. I have Eucomnia with my ‘mysterious black chi porridge’ breakfast. It is like red wine with dinner, it creates a more full-bodied experience of the state I am seeking. Eucomnia intensifies the grounded vibe (promotes kidney strength), it puts a mystical edge on it and makes life feel a little more magical and less mundane.

My Lion’s Mane Ritual – Earth Element time.

After breakfast, as chi shifts to the spleen, which is about building the day, powering the mind and fuelling productivity, I transition into work mode. Like people have a beer after work to shift states, I have my nootropic brew before work! I mix Lion’s Mane, high quality Guarana and Si Jun Zi Tang (Major Four combo), let it sit for a while to activate, then take a few minutes to drink it slowly and mindfully. I feel it working harmoniously with my spleen energy and its task of carrying purpose up towards the heart, the home of love and meaning. Lion’s Mane supports cognitive function right when our organs are ready for it. Si Jun Zi Tang and Gurarana add the yang feeling of grounded action. This is a brew that works its magic along the meridians and leaves a caffeine buzz in the dust.



My Reishi Ritual – Water Element time.

At 5pm chi moves to the kidneys, the home of our power, potency and longevity, and the controller of the curtain between the seen and unseen worlds. This is when I do my Chen style tai chi and Yuan Yu, a meditation known as ecstatic travel to the stars, followed by music. This is a spiritual time and I enhance the vibe with Reishi, a sacred mushroom. Lingzhi the Chinese name for it, is often translated as ‘spiritual potency’. I prepare it using my special cup, let it sit to activate, drink it mindfully, then begin playing my synthesiser. Reishi carries my spirit forward and enhances the pure joy of music. 



What brings you back to yourself and reconnects you with Nature?

The Chi Cycle aligns me 24/7 with the movement of chi through my body, the earth and the cosmos. It keeps me connected. But, as the spiritual gurus say, life’s a battlefield and we’re going to get thrown every day, physically, emotionally or spiritually. I approach each day like I’m going in to a destiny dojo, I hit the mat, embrace the challenges and see what I’m made of, but I need to be able to return. Every time I move into a chi posture, I’m instantly back ‘home’ and connected to the forces of nature. I can be in the middle of a city or on the beach in my favourite spot, chi always works.


What are you excited for the future? What inspires you?

The Daoist sages inspire me, the dudes of their day. Immortality was their buzzword, chi was their medium and nature their teacher. They turned life into an art form that prevented illness and created cosmic connection. Their advice: become a good person, because then you will naturally do good deeds. This inspires my work, creating and refining a 21st century medicinal and mystical lifestyle. My take on it is that, if your lifestyle makes you feel good, you’re more likely to do good (due to strong cosmic-self connection) and help create harmony on earth. I see great people doing amazing things for each other and the planet, everywhere all the time, so the future is happening now! This too inspires me. 


What are you doing, small or large, in your daily life to help cultivate sovereignty of mind/body/spirit for yourself, your community and/or the planet?

I’m on a daily mission to inspire people to fall in love with their health, treasure their health and live for their health. Because if health comes first, if it is central to everything, we fix ourselves and that fixes the planet. We don’t have to go it alone, we’ve got limitless cosmic power and potential to tap into all around us and within us, and we’ve got magical herbs to help us along the way. A great healing power is in the heart of each of us. Let’s unleash it.


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